Mature brit in trio gets cumshot after tugjob

Mature brit in trio gets cumshot after tugjob
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A week or 2 go by and things seem all as well at home. My leg is getting better and im almost to the point i can walk and do things on my own again. Its almost been 2 weeks and my mom and I haven't even touched each other and I havent even jacked off or made myself cum since the last time we took a shower together.

Never the less it was a good little break for my dick to have after all the attention its been getting. One afternoon we decided to go eat at our favorite mexican restuarant just down the road. It was a pretty quiet place and there wasnt too many people that went there to eat during the day. We get dressed and get ready to head to the car. I have on some usual basketball shorts and plain shirt and a hat.

My mom comes out her room wearing a skirt that barely covers her ass and thighs that i'd never seen her wear before and a white tanktop that showed a black lace bra underneith it. To say the least it was pretty damn sexy to dress like that just to go eat at a casual place that we been to a thousand times.

"Ready honey?" My mom asks me as she's walking to the door. "Ummmm yup." I answer back with my eyes glued to her outfit. We get the restuarant and walk inside and no suprise theres maybe 2 tables taken. We sit in a section where no one else is sitting and order our drinks and food. Not even 15 minutes later our food comes out and we began eating. Our conversation was normal talking about worldly events and gossiping about the small town things. About 10 minutes have past and we've already finished eating and now just relaxing letting our meal digest.

"I have to go to the bathroom, i'll be right back." My says to me standing up. "Alright mom hurry up." She walks to the bathroom thats across the restaurant and not even 2 minutes later I hear my phone go off.

It was a measage from mom saying, "come here," with a smiley face by it. I started to text her back. "No! Lol. Why?" 30 seconds after my message had send a message with a picture was sent to my phone. It was a picture of her that she had just not took in the mirror of the bathroom with her turned around in the mirror with her skirt pulled up just covering half her ass. My dick jumped a little as i stared at the picture.

A second message came in that just said "well?" I put my phone away and started walking to the bathroom as fast as i could. I get to the door and tap on the womens side. My mom unlocks the door and i walk into the single bathroom they have for women with just one toilet and a sink in it. She quickly closes the door and locks it. "Really mom, you called me to the womens bathroom? Im not gonn pee on you if thats what you wanted." I say joking and smiling at her.

"Thats not what I want." She says back to me. "Well what is it that you want?" "You know what it is." "No mom why dont you tell me?" She walks up to me and gently presses me up against the door and puts her lips up to me ear and softly bites on my ear lobe and whispers to me. "I want that big dick inside my pussy baby. I want you to make me cummm all over it." I couldn't take much more of the dirty talk and her bitting on my ear as it was turning me on a hell of a lot.

Especially now in a public place was even more exciting. My dick grew as much as it could inside my shorts. As my mom looked down to see my dick trying to poke out my shorts she put her fingers on my waistband and pulled down both the shorts and boxers freeing my dick as it sprung up hitting her in the stomach. "Mmmmm does mama turn you on baby?" Asking me with that sexy look and smile.

"A little bit." I say sana lion ka xxxx story sex stories back at her. As my shorts and boxers fall down to my ankles and my mom staring at me dick and lickinv her lips she reaches down and takes a hold of it with one hand.

She starts kissing my neck and works her way down my chest and sexy black whore sucks white dick tube porn until i feel her wett lips right above my dick. As shes kneeling down her legs spread open and her free hot vixen eva lovia gets her pussy serviced starts to roam around the inside of her thighs.

I look back in the long mirror thats on the door and get a perfect reflection of the inside of her skirt that she was wearing. As her lips touch the head of my dick I see her move her black see through panties over to uncover her shaved pussy. I let out a deep moan as i watch her start to rub her wett pussy as she takes the head of my dick in her warm mouth. I grab the back of young slut lily rader has her pussy rammed hard head mimicking her every move.

As she picks the pace up sucking faster her hand starts to move with head rubbing her pussy faster. After a couple of minutes she stands up and gives me a deep kiss. As we're kissing she reaches down and positions me dick to where its in between her legs.

She starts grinding her pussy back and forth the length of my dick. "Mmmmm your sooo wett mom." I whisper to her. "You wanna fuck me baby? You wanna feel this tight pussy around your dick?" Just then she backs off and bends down and licks her juices from my dick and comes back up for another kiss.

"You like the way mama taste baby?" She says with a sexy voice. "It taste amazing." As we finish kissing my mom puts her hand on top of my head and pushes me down to my knee.

Now my face is 2 inches from her pussy and with other hand she re adjust her panties to where i get a up close view. I could smell the sweet aroma of it as it glistens in my face. "Eat mama's pussy baby." Demanding me as she pulls my lips to it. I start flicking my tongue as fast as i can over her clit then work my way to her opening and stick my tongue as deep as i can go.

As im eating her out my hands find there way to her ass and grab and squeeze running them up and down to the bottom of her thighs. "Ohhhhh fuckkkk babyyyy!!!" My mom says as she lets out deeps moans and breathes. She pulls my face in even further almost to where i cant even breathe. A couple minutes go by and i can tell shes getting ready to cumm. She starts to tense up and the breathing gets heavier. "Ohhhhh shitttt sonnnn! Im gonna cumm! Im gonna cumm babe!!" I put both my hands on her ass and pull her in as much as i could.

"Cumm in my mouth mom! Let me taste your cumm." I try to say as my mouth is filled with her pussy. Just then her legs buckle and shes almost fuckin my face as her orgasm starts. Shes almost out of breath as she starts to cummm. "Ohh Fuu! Ohh fuckkk!!! I. Im cummminggg!" I start to feel her liquids pour into my mouth as she starts to squirt and cum hard like she always does.

"Swallow it all babe." She demands It starts to rush in my mouth as i try and swallow as much as i could but i dont let a drop out.

She begins to calm down a little from her orgasm but still in a horny and demanding mood. I start to pull away from her pussy but still holding a little bit of her cum in my mouth to suprise her when shes ready to kiss me.

"Mmmmmmmm fuckkk baby come here." She tells me as im pulling back. I stand up and she comes for a kiss. I open my mouth as wide as her's and let me own juices pour into her mouth. Her eyes widen as she taste more of her cumm than she ever has. She doesnt let up from this kiss and begins swallowing it.

Now that everything in my mouth is gone she gazes at me a smiles. "Damn i didnt expect that. I love it!" She says to me I just smile back not saying a word. "Im sooo wett!

Fix it for me babe. Fuck me now!" My dick is still completly hard and i knew it wasnt gonna take long for me to cumm. "Fuck me from behind." She turns around and puts her ass in my lap. She tries to position herself to where she can see me fucking her in the mirror.

I stand behind her moving my dick to the slit of her pussy. Right before i slide my dick in she stops me. "Hold on babe." "Whats wrong mom?" "I cant see you going inside me." She says to me. "Well what you want me to do?" I ask back. "Record you fucking me with your phone." "Really mom?" "Yes, do it for me. Pleaseeee?" I reach down and grab my phone from my shorts and unlock it. I get to the camera and aim it to where i can see her pussy from behind.

I position my dick right on her opening of it and press record. I ease my dick about 2 inches in. I let out a soft moan then slam the rest of it in without her expecting all of it.

She gives out a yell of excitement and grabs hold of the sink with both of her hands. "Fuuuckkkkk mommmm your sooo wett!!" "Yessss babyyy! Give me full hot girl xxi xxx your dickkk! Fuck meee harderrr!!" I stand behind her pounding her as fast and hard as i could. Everything looked a blurr on my camera as i recorded. I slwowed down a couple times to get my camera to focus on my dick going in her pussy.

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She looked soo hott from behind with her skirt barely covering a portion of her ass and her panties to the side. "Shittt mommm! You feel sooo amazing! You make wanna cummm soo fast!" By this time im sure the people that worked in the restaurant could hear something coming from the bathroom. "Don't cumm yet." My mom says to me as she moves foward and makes my dick slide out.

"I want you to cumm on my pussy." Without hesitation she walks over to the toilet and sits down and spreads her legs wide open. I could see the hole i had left after just fucking her.

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I keep my camera pointing to her pussy as i started squating down. My mom grabs a hold of my dick and guides it as i get closer. The head of it slides in but she doesn't let go. As i started to push my dick in and out her grip tightens. "Mmmmmm mom, that feels soooo good!" "Faster babe! Faster! Dont stop until you cumm." The feeling was overwhelming as i was going in and out with her hand all lubed up with her juices and the feeling of her extremely wett pussy.

"Im gonnna cumm momm! Ohh shit im fixxingg too cummm mommmm!!" As I was about to cumm she lets go of my dick which let it drive all the way inside her and grabs my phone from me and points it towards my dick.

"Let me see you cumm on mama's pussy super nasty hardcore ass fucking by vyxen Before i pull out i release the first shot of cumm right into her.

I grab my dick as its sliding out and start stroking it trying to aim it over her pussy. I start to cumm harder and the second and third shot hit the top of her panties streaming down over her pussy. Between each spasm i have cum pours out over it and down into the toilet. A couple more ropes of cum shoots out covering her whole pussy and the area around xxxxx sany levan sex com. "Mmmmm, i love how my baby cums sooo much." She says with a smile.

Still recording she reaches down with her finger and rubs around in my cum. Bringing it back to her lips she opens her mouth and licks the cumm off. "Yummmy." She says jokingly. "You wanna taste your cumm babe?" I didnt know what to say back to her. "Clean your cumm off mama baby. Lick your cumm and show me how sexy you are." Still recording me with one hand, the other finds my head and she pulls me toward the mess i had just made.

I open my mouth and stick my tongue out making a little cup as i start at the bottom of her slit. Moving my way up to her clit my tongue starts to feel up quick with all the cumm. I pull back a little and look at my mom to show her my own cumm in my mouth then i swallowed it down. It didnt have much of a taste to it and it more on the sweeter side and not the bitter as i have heard before. I continue to lick more off her pussy and up her stomach getting as much as i could.

It was soo much i couldnt believe i had licked most of it up. Just then she stops the recording and looks down at me with her sexy eyes. "Your soooo damn sexyyy babyy!" Saying with the biggest smile.

"Lets pay so we can go home and watch our first video." Saying to me as shes fixing her panties and pulling her skirt back down. She gives me a quick kiss as we walk out the bathroom to pay for our food. We rush to the car and drive home to see what we made.