Mia li was so please the way he treats her hairy asian hairy pussy

Mia li was so please the way he treats her hairy asian hairy pussy
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My Daughter Getting Pierced It was a silly bet and I told her so. Hell it was a stupid bet and I told her that too! Victoria was going to turn sixteen soon and she wanted me to buy her a car.

Victoria was a fantastic student and almost always got A's but recently her grades had been slipping. Victoria will be sixteen soon after school gets out. I'm thirty-nine and divorced. I got Victoria, the house, and just about everything in the divorce. All my wife wanted was to get out. We have never heard from her mother in the last ten years either. The last girl I dated had body piercings all over.

Her name was Jill and she was twenty-five years old. Jill had both of her nipples pierced, her belly button, and both outer pussy lips. Jill had even shown them to Victoria. Then Jill stuck her tongue out and showed Victoria that piercing too. Jill even explained to Victoria that boys loved her pierced tongue during blowjobs because of the way it rubbed the underside of their cock. Of course Jill looked directly at me when she said that and I turned red. As it turned out Hot beauty waiting in lingerie for an awesome fuck was way too much woman for me and moved on to someone else.

For a couple of months it sure was great to get all of the sex I ever wanted. Jill was one hot and horny girl. Okay back to the bet: Victoria said, "If I get straight A's you will buy me a nice used car! If I don't get straight A's I'll get my body pierced like Jill and run around in the house naked all of the time so that you can see my piercings!" She continued, "You can be right in the room with me when I get it done because you have to give permission.

Oh yeah and I want it all videotaped too. I might never do anything like this again in my life!" I replied, "It's a stupid bet!" Victoria said, "Why? Because you're afraid that you will lose and have to buy me a car!" Honestly I was afraid that I would win. I would give just about anything to see Victoria running around the house naked all of the time.

Jill's piercings were the biggest sexual thrill I ever saw. So I said, "Okay! You're on! It's a bet! Straight A's and you get a nice used car!

Slip up and you get pierced, and pierced, and pierced some big booty bridgette b drools on bbc outdoors while I film it!" In my mind I was praying for her to fail and thinking about one of those new DVD recorders. Victoria smiled, jumped for joy, and kissed me full on the lips. It had been awhile since she had kissed me full on the lips. It excited me a lot more than those pecks on the cheeks. God I had an erection from my thoughts.

I went up to my room to take care of it. I made sure to lock my door too. No need to have my fifteen-year-old daughter catch me jerking off to a fantasy of her naked and pierced. I felt just like a teenage boy again jerking off twice a day thinking about a teenage girl, my own daughter. I knew that it was wrong but I couldn't help myself. I was constantly hard.

It was embarrassing at work. The only relief I got was with my right hand. I thought I was going to wear the damn thing out. That five weeks was the longest time of my life. Victoria didn't help any! She started wearing her sexy negligées around in the evening.

Sex fuck son tbe mom knew exactly what she was doing too! Finally school was over. Two days later Victoria was waiting for me on the porch as I drove into the driveway. She had an envelope in her hands. It was her report card.

It had come in the mail and it was not opened. I followed her into the living room.

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Victoria handed me the envelope and sat on the arm of my favorite chair. I opened the envelope and pulled out the card.

It was very suspenseful, like the final judging of a beauty pageant! I took a deep breath and opened the card. All A's except for one B plus. Victoria seemed happier than if she had won the car!

What! Blonde babe samantha rone blows and rides landlord she planned this? Had she failed on purpose? But why! She must want to get pierced and be naked around the house for me!

Why? All I knew was that I would have to jerk off ten times a day afterwards! Victoria called the piercing studio and made an appointment for her piercings on her birthday. She told me that it would cost six hundred and ten dollars plus I would have to buy a couple of cans of something called H2Ocean which was purified Ocean salt water for piercing aftercare. Holly shit!

A car might have been cheaper. Besides, now I had to buy that DVD camcorder I had been looking at. It was a good one too with a lot of cool features. I better buy it quick and learn to use it properly before the big day. I had five days to wait. Victoria went with me to get the camera.

She talked me into a better digital camera too saying that she would be naked at all times in the house and that I could take as many pictures of her as I wanted too. Wow! She was starting to act like Jill and I really liked the way Jill had acted!

I bought two new cameras, extra rechargeable batteries, and extra discs and memory cards too. On the way home Victoria said, "Now you need to practice with those cameras before the big day on Saturday! I'll just have to model for you then!" I said, "Okay! That's a good idea! I could use a model!" At home Victoria held the door for me as I carried the packages into the house. I went right to the dinning room table where there was more room to spread out and work.

When Victoria joined me she was completely naked! Victoria said, "I figured that I might as well start getting used to this! No sense in waiting until Saturday! Besides you need to practice on the real thing.

Consider it the before pictures!" I swallowed hard and replied, "Okay!" I also had the worst erection that I had in the last six weeks. It was actually uncomfortable!

I needed to do something about it and soon! Victoria backed up and said, "Everything you see before you is virgin!" I just stared at her. Victoria continued, "I have only kissed a couple of boys and one felt me up through my sweater but that is all!

I have been saving myself for you, Daddy!" I just kept staring at her lovely body. Two horny sluts want to make each other squirt continued to talk, "I have never let a boy enter my body, not with his finger, tongue, or his cock! However Jill and I got into some very hot sixty-nines together!" I was startled back into reality, "You and Jill!" Victoria smiled as she replied, "Yes!

She whet both ways and taught me all about sex! That's why I bet the way I did! I want to be just like Jill! I want to be your 'pierced love kitten' like Jill was! That was your pet name for her wasn't it?" I replied, "Yes it was!" Victoria asked, "So I can be your pierced love kitten from now on? I'll never leave you like mom did! I love you!" I looked down at the camcorder and realized that I had just recorded her entire speech. Victoria walked closer, placed her hand on my rock hard cock, and said, "First we need to take care of this.

Jill said that men don't have enough blood to use both of their heads at the same time." Then Victoria led me up to my bedroom, undressed me, and got in the middle of my bed. She was splayed open and very inviting! I honestly didn't even try to resist! As my cock entered my daughter all I could do was moan in delight. It was just like fucking Jill. Victoria had learned very well from that young lady. I just closed my eyes and pretended that Victoria was Jill.

Just as I was about to cum I opened my eyes, looked directly into Victoria's face, and fired shot after shot into her willing body. It was much better than cumming into Jill, this was the girl that I truly loved and she loved me! As we lay there Victoria said, "Thank you Daddy! I really needed that! I was tired of fingering myself ten times a day for relief!" I laughed and said, "Yeah! I know how you feel! I have been jerking off morning, noon, and night for the last week!" Victoria said, "You'd better take a lot of pictures of my body before I get pierced.

Because I'll never be without piercings after Saturday!" I asked, "So just what am I paying for?" Victoria smiled and said, "Tongue, two nipples, belly button, four in my outer pussy lips, and one through the hood of my clit. Jill says that it will make me cum every time I take a step!" I smiled and asked, "You want to cum constantly and go through life with wet panties?" Victoria just smiled and said, "Who's going to wear panties?" So the next four days were devoted to fucking Victoria and taking pictures of every square inch of her naked unpierced body.

Since school was out she had no need to get dressed at all. She did place a robe near the front door just in case someone rang the doorbell. I was being fucked to death and Victoria hadn't even gotten pierced yet.

Saturday morning arrived. The piercing guy had told Victoria to eat a big breakfast because she might not eat for a day or two after getting her tongue pierced. Victoria said that she was given a choice of a girl or a guy to do the piercings. She had picked the guy to enhance the thrill of being naked in front of a stranger. We arrived and Victoria gave her name to the receptionist. I was given some forms to fill out since I was the adult giving permission for my minor daughter to get pierced, wave all medical problems, and got a list of rules to follow afterwards.

We were shown to a door and the receptionist knocked. A tattooed pierced guy opened the door and invited us in. Wow! I was impressed. It was among the cleanest places that I had ever seen other than a hospital operating room. The man introduced himself and then asked our permission to lock the door.

He asked me to try to avoid his face in the pictures with my daughter. Child porn and all! Not a problem! Then he asked Victoria, "So tell me again what you want." Then he started marking a chart outline of a human body. Victoria smiled at him and said, "Tongue, two nipples, belly button, four in my outer pussy lips, and busty teen roughfucked and jizzed in mouth through the hood of my clit." Then she added, "My lover Jill says that it will make me cum every time I take a step!" The man said, "I've heard that before!

On some girls it is more than they want too! On others it helps enhance their sex drive!" Victoria said, "My sex drive doesn't need any more enhancement!" The guy smiled and said, "Don't let anyone touch or make oral contact with your piercings during the healing period! No sex, no sucking, no licking for two weeks! Understand?" Victoria said, "Yes!" Then he looked at me and I said, "Yes I understand!" He explained about germs, bodily fluids, and infection.

He got everything ready as Victoria removed a very simple baggy pull over dress. She had worn it so as not to irritate any of the piercing with tight clothes. She slipped off her shoes and was totally naked. I had been recording it all. Victoria got up on his padded table and waited. The man said, "We can start at either end! If we start down here you can you talk to me until I pierce your tongue!" Victoria said, "Okay! Start with my clit first please!" I watched and recorded as he sterilized her pussy.

I had shaved it bald after breakfast this morning. He placed two marks on the skin over her clit for the placement. He wrapped a rubber band around a tool and positioned it around the two marks squeezing the skin together. Victoria grabbed the edges of the table and held on as I zoomed in to get the large bore needle as he passed it through her skin between the clamps. Victoria let out a soft barbie got fucked by a long dick then relaxed.

The man easily passed a curved foxy britney gets nailed in a gangbang through as he pushed the needle through. Then he screwed a ball on the end and started cleaning Victoria up. He made sure to wash off the marks that he had put there and to swab it with antiseptic.

Next he marked her pussy lips for two posts on each outer lip. He suggested that they be a little to the high side so that a penis could slip into her hole a little lower. He suggested that they be tilted diagonally so as to form two V shapes. Then one by one he clamped her pussy lips and stabbed a fresh sharp needle through each of the four places. I saw Victoria grab the sides of the table but she didn't cry out or ask him to stop. I knew that it hurt but she was now half done. The belly button was basically quick and easy after getting her pussy pierced.

She couldn't see her pussy getting pierced so Victoria paid attention as he sterilized her nipples, marked them, and clamped one. Her eyes got real big when he pushed the needle through her flattened nipple. She watched just as intently for the second nipple too. Last but not least was her tongue. He talked to her for a while about chewing ice chips, taking Motrin, and rinsing her mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash twice a day.

She is to spray the H2Ocean on her tongue just like her other piercings plus after eating, drinking, smoking, and avoid alcohol for a week. Then he mentioned that it could bleed for the first few days. With all that said and done he pierced her tongue. He charged me just six hundred dollars and told me that Victoria had gotten more piercings in one sitting than any other customer so far.

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I have seen lots of people with more than nine piercings. I helped Victoria slip the big dress over her head and took her home. Inside the door she removed it. I smiled! She had promised not to wear clothes in the house. We watched the DVD of her piercings.

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She loved it but her tongue had swollen up. I crushed some ice with a hammer and a towel so she could suck on the chips. That evening I took digital pictures of her new piercings. She took a saltwater bath then pressed a bag of frozen peas into her crotch as she sucked on ice chips.

It was a very quiet and pleasant evening. Victoria sucked liquid Jell-O through a straw while I had a steak dinner. The very next day her bellybutton was fine. Her nipples were not too bad either. In two days the swelling in her pussy lips had gone down.

Her tongue continued to improve but was a much bigger thing with eating, drinking, and talking with a cute little lisp. Victoria was back to normal a week later and jabber away but she still had that cute lisp.

A week after that on a Saturday Victoria begged me to fuck her. She had been super horny from her clit piercing but could hardly do anything to relieve herself. Tickling her clit just didn't do it.

Since I was horny as hell too we made love. It was slow, gentle, and very fulfilling.

We both needed that so much. That evening we made love again. Afterwards Victoria said that her pussy was tender but that she loved the sex. Each day we made love twice and then worked our way up to three times a day. In another week Victoria gave me her first blowjob. She was no where near as good as Jill had been but I gave her an 'A' for effort along with a mouthful of cum. +++++ NOTE: In real life my wife has her nipples, belly button, and her outer pussy lips pierced.

Her nipples hurt like hell to get done because of breastfeeding our two children years ago. It was the scar tissue build up that had made it so hard to pierce her nipples.

Young girls have a much better time of it. Her belly was a cinch and she hardly felt it during or afterwards. The one piercing in each of her outer pussy lips hurt but not as much as her nipples had. However she placed ice in a towel and pressed it against her crotch for three days afterwards. She says that the pain was worth it and I sure love the way she looks. I love her and have for many years. So this story is based partially on a real life experience. The End