Milf seduces baseball coach with pov sucking fucking for more playtime

Milf seduces baseball coach with pov sucking fucking for more playtime
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Chapter 1 Latoya is a 23 year old girl. She stands 5'3", with jet black hair, brown eyes and skin. She is a little on the chubby side, but not fat, weighing about 160 lbs., with a 42D chest, and a big round ass. Latoya is a live in nanny for a pretty wealthy family, taking care of their twin 10 year old girls and their 14 year glam euro cougar shares dick with babe stockings and threeway son.

They also have a 19 year old son, who is away at college. She gets the kids up for school, and cleans the house while they're gone, and then makes dinner in the evening for the family. She only stays there during the week, then goes to her own place on the weekend. Latoya has been working for the family for about 3 months now. She got along great with the entire family, and enjoyed playing with the kids. Summer break from school was about a week away, which meant she would be watching the kids all day long, and was looking forward to it.

It was about 1:00 in the afternoon, Latoya had all of the housework done, and was relaxing on the couch in front room. She heard the front door open, causing her to jump a little and sit up to see who was coming in. Joe, the father of the family walked into the house. Joe is 44, with brown hair and eyes. He stands 6'2", with a muscular build, weighing 210 pounds. "You're home early," Latoya said, questionably.

Joe half-smiled, "yeah, for once." Latoya lightly laughed, "what is that supposed to mean?" Joe walked up behind the couch. "A few months ago I used to always get off this early, but then that changed, which is why we hired you," he said.

"But I better not get used to it, because I just got lucky today and tomorrow," he said with a light chuckle. Latoya looked at him quizzically, and then asked, "why's that Joe?" Joe is a a lawyer at a big law firm.

A few months ago, their lead lawyer retired, causing almost all of the others to take on more cases. Which was Joe's case, he was working long hours because of this. "The judge put the court in recess for the rest of the day, so I decided to do the same. Plus he informed us, it would be the same tomorrow. But I did bring some casework home, so I'll be in my den," Joe said, holding up his briefcase. Latoya nodded in acknowledgment, smiling at him, "okay, sounds good." Joe nodded in return, and headed for his den.

Latoya laid back down, returning to watching TV. She laid there for about 20 minutes, then got up, heading for the bathroom. As she sat down on the toilet to go pee, she thought she could hear a girl moaning loudly, almost screaming, she thought. She continued to sit there, trying to keep as quiet as possible, listening. She heard the girl moaning again, 'i. it sounds like someone having sex,' she whispered to herself.

Latoya finished going pee, curious about the sound of a girl moaning loudly now. She flushed the toilet and exited the bathroom, trying to remain silent, listening for it. She heard coming from the end of the hallway, where Joe's den was. She tiptoed down the hallway, trying to stay quiet, the sound of the girl getting louder, as she crept towards it.

"Yes fuck me, yes fuck my black pussy," Latoya heard coming from behind the door.

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She covered her mouth, realizing it was the sound of somebody having sex. 'Is he cheating on Nancy, with some black girl?' She thought to herself. 'But that's impossible, a girl wasn't here before, and no one came in with him,' she thought, creeping up to the door. Latoya stood just outside of the closed door, listening to a guy grunting and groaning, and a girl getting louder and louder.

Latoya put her hand on the handle, ready to open it, wondering what would happen if she just barged in. She slowly turned the door handle, and pushed the door open a little, but didn't barge in.

As the door opened, the sound of sex become loud, but she knew it wasn't Joe having sex at that point. She peered into the dimly lit den, and saw Joe laying on the couch. Joe's pants and briefs were pushed down to his knees, his hand slowly stroking his dick. He was focused on the TV across the room, watching the porn scene on it.

Latoya stared at him, stroking his dick, mesmerized by it. His dick wasn't real long, maybe about 6", she thought, but his girth is what really intrigued her. 'It has to be as big around as a soda can,' she thought to herself.

She had never seen a dick that fat before, staring at it, her pussy tingling a little bit now. Joe started to stroke his dick faster, his balls beginning to churn, and his cum preparing to rush up his dick. He laid his head back, groaning loudly, "ohhh!" Latoya looked at the TV, being almost as shocked by the scene, as the thickness of Joe's cock. On the TV was a black girl laying on her back, on a couch. A white guy was holding one the girl's legs up against his chest, kneeling on the floor, fucking her hard.

Latoya covered her mouth in shock, 'oh my god!' Her employer, 'is a dirty old man,' she thought, watching the girl's tits jiggle with the guy's thrusts. Latoya's pussy began to moisten, continuing to watch the scene on the TV, smoking bj cum young zorah gets her trimmed labia fucked to close-up shot of the guy's white dick sliding in and out of the girl's dark pussy.

She heard Joe groan even louder, causing her to turn her attention back to him. Latoya's eyes widened, watching Joe's cum fly out of the head of his dick. The first shot flew a few inches into the air, and landing on his lower abdomen. When he started to cum, Joe looked down at his dick as it grew in his hand.

He stopped his hand at the base of his dick, the first shot of his cum rushing up his shaft, and shooting out. "Ohhh!" He groaned loudly, when his cum shot out.

He continued to hold the base of his, his dick throbbing again, more cum rushing up and flying out, joining the other shot on his stomach, forming a small puddle. Latoya continued to cover her mouth, muffling a gasp, watching Joe's fat cock throb, his cum spurting out.

She had seen a lot of dicks shoot cum before, but she couldn't remember ever seeing that much come out of one before. Joe finally finished ejaculating, his dick having expelled five generous shots of cum. He slowly began to stroke his softening dick, watching his cum continue to ooze from the tip, softly groaning still. He has always been able to produce a lot of cum, and enjoyed masturbating, watching his huge load fly out.

He grabbed a roll of paper towels, that was laying next to him. Nice anal banging for a thirsty angel moved his hand away from his twitching dick, unrolling the paper towels and ripping off some sheets.

When Joe started to wipe up his mess, Latoya's attention was drawn back to the porn on the TV. The guy in the scene was groaning loudly, kneeling over the girl, straddling her stomach, quickly stroking his dick.

The black girl was holding her tits together, looking up at the guy, moaning, "come on baby, shoot your hot load all over my juicy tits." Latoya's pussy was soaking her panties now, watching the scene on the TV. She watched as the guy threw his head back, his cum shooting from his dick, and him groaning and yelling in pleasure.

Latoya licked her lips, watching the guy's cum shoot onto the girl's tits, his white cum glistening on the girl's dark skin. Before the guy finished cumming, Joe stopped the movie, pulling his briefs and pants back up. He moved to a sitting position, looking at the show on TV. He got up, grabbing the cum soaked paper towels, walking back towards his desk. Latoya was a little disappointed when the movie stopped.

Her pussy tingling and itching for attention now. She looked back at Joe, hoping he hadn't seen her yet. She watched him sit up, after he had redressed, knowing she should leave before he did see her. She watched him get up, and walk towards his desk. This was first time she had ever seen the inside of his den, noticing how big his desk was, as he sat down in the chair behind it.

'It has to be 7 feet long,' she thought, finally turning around, quietly creeping back down the hallway. For the rest of the afternoon, Latoya lounged on the couch. The image of Joe's fat cock continuously running through her mind, along with what he was watching on TV as he jacked off. She wondered why he was watching that type of porn. She also wondered why he was masturbating. Latoya knew that Joe and his wife, Nancy, had sex regularly, having heard to them several times.

Latoya's pussy continued to tingle, and remain in an excited state for the rest of the day. She laid in bed that night, still mulling over what she had witnessed today. She still couldn't get over the size of Joe's dick, getting curious about what it would feel like in her pussy now. She slowly drifted off to sleep, thinking about how she could get his dick inside of her. Chapter 2 The next day, Latoya quickly did the housework, knowing that she now had a way to get Joe's dick inside of her.

She knew he would be home early again today, but hoped not to early. Her plan involved her revealing something to him, that only a few people knew about her. She wasn't going to give him a choice about having sex with her, she was going to make him. Once the housework was finished, Latoya quickly drove across town, to her place. She went into her apartment and retrieved what she needed for her plan, grabbing her bag and heading back to her car.

She returned back to Joe's house around 11:00, grabbing her bag and quickly going inside. She went to her room, quickly taking her clothes off. She then put on her black lace, low rise thong, pulling it tight up against her shaved pussy, her plump lips pushing against the crotch.

She grabbed a matching garter belt and thigh high stockings from the bag, and pulled them over her thick legs. She finally grabbed a matching, backless, bustier from the bag, and put rimi sen xxx story 2019 on to finish her outfit. The bustier hugged her curves tightly, propping her tits up, making them look firm. Latoya then put her other clothes back on, not wanting Joe to see it until she was ready for him to. She grabbed the bag and headed for Joe's den, wanting to get everything ready for when he got home.

Latoya entered the den, glancing at the clock on the wall, and saw it was 11:30. 'Good, got an hour, I hope,' she thought to herself, heading for his desk. She set her bag on top of it, and pulled several pieces of rope out of it. She stood there admiring the size of his desk. She figured it was about 7 feet long and 3 or 4 feet wide. She then proceeded to tie a rope to each of the legs, on his desk, throwing them under it, trying to hide them. She thought about doing the same to a desk chair across the room, but figured she could do everything she wanted to, on his desk.

She retrieved a box of unisom gels from her bag, and set the bag in the corner, trying to hide it. As she headed for twgirl and one boy mouth fuck door to leave, she stopped at the open door, thinking about that porn he was natural mixed rican gangbanged deep throat sperm swallow yesterday.

Latoya turned around and walked over to the entertainment center, seeing a few DVD cases setting on one of the shelves. She picked up the cases, looking at the top one, the title reading, "A White Guy's Revenge." 'Oh, he is a really dirty man,' Latoya thought, looking at the cover. On the cover was three black women, all of them topless. Latoya looked at the writing, just under the middle girl's ass, reading, "White guys fucking black girls, taking revenge." Latoya flipped the case over, looking at the pictures on the back.

There was pictures of black girls getting fucked by white guys. Some of them sucking dicks, getting fucked in their pussies, and others riding a white cock in their ass.

Latoya quickly looked at the other case title's, reading, "A White Guy's Revenge 2 and White Guy, Black Pie." She set the cases back on the shelf, turning to leave. 'So he likes white guys fucking black girls huh? Well he's about to experience it in person, just he won't be in charge. I will!' She thought, laughing to herself, heading for the kitchen. It was 12:15 when Joe pulled into his driveway.

He had expected to get off early today, but not this early. The had recessed court earlier today, because the judge had an appointment somewhere. Joe got out of his car, grabbing his brief case, and walking up to the house. Latoya heard his car pull into the driveway, looking out the kitchen window to verify it was him.

Her pussy began to tingle in anticipation, ready to put her plan into action. She had poked a hole in 3 of the unisom pills, and put the gel from them into a glass, then filled the glass with iced tea. She then poured herself a glass of tea, hearing the front door open. Joe walked into the house, not seeing Latoya in the front room. "Latoya?" He hollered from the front room. "I'm in the kitchen," she yelled, picking up the glasses.

Joe met her at entryway to the kitchen, looking at the glasses of tea. "Who are those for?" He asked, smiling. "One for me, and one for sucking dick delights mother id like to fuck she answered, holding the drugged glass out to him, smiling.

Joe took the glass from her, "well thank you ." Latoya sipped her tea. "You're welcome, I heard you pull in while I was pouring myself one, and figured you would want one too," she lied. She was just going to put the unisom in the glass, then wait until he got home to pour the tea. Joe nodded, taking a big drink of the tea. "Good call," he said, smiling. "Okay, well I'm off to my den again, got work to do.

You can go ahead and go home if you want, I'll be here for the kids," he said, taking another big drink. Latoya smiled, watching him taking the drinks from his drugged tea.

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'That was easier than I thought,' she thought to herself. "Okay, but I think I'll wait around for the kids, since they're used to me being here," she said, lying a little. Joe nodded, finishing off the glass of tea. "Thank again," he said, handing her the empty glass. He then turned around and headed for the den. Latoya smiled deviously, going back into the kitchen, setting the empty glass in the sink.

'Its just a matter of time now,' she thought to herself. She had done this before to a guy, and knew it took about 20 to 30 minutes for the unisom to take effect, and put him to sleep. She went back into the front room, anxiously watching the clock, wishing time would go faster. The crotch of her thong was completely soaked with her excitement, her clit throbbing against the fabric, begging for attention. Joe walked into his den, walking over naughty shemale gets banged by a friend his desk, setting his briefcase on the edge of it.

He was ready for another masturbation session, wanting to cum again. He walked over to the entertainment center, turning the TV and DVD player on. He grabbed the roll of paper towels and walked over to the couch, suddenly feeling drowsy. He yawned wide, stretching his arms into the air. "Why am I so tired all of a sudden," he said to himself, sitting down on the couch.

"Maybe I should take a nap first, a power nap should work," he said to himself, shutting off the DVD player with the remote, and laying down on the couch. He closed his eyes, quickly falling asleep. When the clock hit 12:45, Latoya excitedly got off of the couch, hoping Joe was passed out. She made her way down the hallway, trying to be as quiet as possible. She walked up to the den's door, listening for his porn. She could hear voices coming from the room, but it sounded like a TV show.

Latoya took a deep breath, and knocked on the door. She waited to see if Joe would respond. When she didn't hear any response, she put her hand on the door handle. She let out her breath, slowly turning the handle, and opening the door. She peered into the dimly lit room, seeing Joe laying on the couch. "Joe, are you awake?" Latoya asked from the doorway. He didn't answer her, nor did he move, beginning to snore now.

'Good it worked,' she thought, entering the room, and closing the door behind her. She walked over to couch, looking down at Joe, sound asleep. "Ah, the poor baby was tired," she said aloud, laughing to herself. Latoya lightly slapped Joe's cheek. "Hey Joe, wake up and go to your bed," she said playfully.

Joe moved a little, but didn't wake. He groaned a little and just rolled to his side. Latoya laughed to herself, grabbing Joe's wrist, pulling him towards her.

"Come on big boy time to get up," she said, pulling his dead weight off of the couch. She was able to get Joe into a sitting position, grabbing his other wrist and pulling him up to a standing position.

Joe was pulled of the couch, standing up, and his dead weight falling against Latoya. Latoya almost fell down under his weight, struggling to hold herself up. She wrapped her arms around him dragging him towards the desk. 'Oh my god, he is really heavy,' she thought to herself, backing her way towards the desk, dragging Joe with her.

When they reached the desk, Latoya turned their bodies around, pushing Joe back, towards it. Joe's ass hit the edge of the desk, and Latoya pushed him back, laying him back on the desk.

Latoya took a moment to catch her full full xxx pron com, then walked to the other end of the desk. She climbed up on top of it and grabbed Joe's arms dragging him further on to the desk, moving off of the desk, and pulling him to the middle of it. Once he was in the middle of the desk, Latoya moved to the side, looking down at her victim, smiling to herself.

She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it aside, then unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down, kicking them aside as well. Latoya stood over him, her tits straining against her tight bustier, wanting out, and her swollen pussy lips forming a nice camel brazzers big tits at work in her thong. She started unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it open, moving towards his waist.

After it was unbuttoned, she opened it completely, tugging it out of his pants, and up under his back. She proceeded to pull the sleeves down his arms, taking off his shirt and throwing it aside. She stared at is muscular chest, admiring it. She decided that she should tie his arms down now, just in case he would wake up. She moved up to end of the desk, pulling his arms over his head, and laid them at the corners of the desk.

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She pulled the ropes up, quickly playgirl needs a lusty taming pornstar and hardcore both of them to his wrists, rendering his arms helpless. Latoya then moved back to the side of the desk, ready to remove his pants, and see his fat dick up close for the first time.

She nervously fumbled with the button on his pants, finally getting it unbuttoned and unzipping his pants. She opened them, trying to tug them down, seeing the bulge of his fat cock in his briefs.

She licked her lips, pulling his pants down his legs, keeping her eyes focused on his crotch. She tossed hot ass blonde cody gets naield hard from behind pants onto the other clothes once they were off.

She then grabbed at the waist of his briefs, tugging them down quickly, gasping, seeing his dick up close for the first time. Her pussy tingled, staring at his limp member, pulling his briefs off and tossing them onto his xxx barjan new rep sex stories bf story. "Oh my god, that thing is fat," she said to herself.

She grabbed the ropes from under the desk, quickly tying them to his ankles, putting him in a, helpless, spread-eagle position. She then made sure all of the ropes were tied tight enough, so he wouldn't be able to free himself.

She stood back, admiring her handy work, looking at his fat cock laying limply between his legs, moving to the side of the desk again. She slowly reached out and wrapped her hand around the base of his dick, flopping it around with her hand, giggling.

She moved her head over his crotch, getting an even closer view of his soft dick. Latoya moaned softly, opening her mouth wide and moving it over the head of Joe's dick. She flicked her tongue against the tip of his dick, hearing him groan lightly and noticing his body begin to lightly jump and tremble on the desk.

She pulled away from his dick, looking up at him, wondering if he was waking up. She saw his head still laying to the side, letting her know he was still out. She smiled to herself, opening her mouth again and moving it over the head of his dick.

She closed her mouth around the shaft of his soft dick, sucking hard, and feeling his body shiver under her. She squeezed the base of his dick, sucking harder on the head of his dick, noticing his dick slowly beginning to grow.

She pulled her mouth off of his dick, slowly stroking it and looking up at him. "Joe, are you going to wake?" She asked loudly, hoping it would wake him. Joe stirred a little, but didn't wake yet. His hips were starting to slowly move with her hand, his dick fully erect now and throbbing lightly.

Latoya looked back down at his fat cock, moaning lightly at how thick it was. She realized his dick wasn't as thick as a soda can, figuring it was about 3 1/2" in diameter, but knew it was one of the thickest she had ever seen. She also noticed that the head of his dick wasn't near as fat as his shaft. She moaned a little louder, feeling it throb in her hand again.

She looked back up his face, biting her lower lip, trying to figure out a way to wake him up. She stood up straight, figuring she had a way to wake him up. She moved down towards his head, looking down at him, still snoring away. She giggled to herself, slowly climbing onto the wide desk, next to his raised arm. She threw her thick leg over him, straddling his head, her covered pussy hovering over his forehead, and facing his hard dick.

She reached down and grabbed his chin, turning his head so he was looking at her snatch. She smiled to herself, quickly dropping her covered pussy and grinding it against his face. She let out a soft gasp, feeling his nose push her thong into her excited slit. Joe's eyes quickly shot open, surprised by his face being smothered.

He couldn't see anything but Latoya's ass, realizing at that moment that it was his nanny sitting on his face.

He tried to pull his arms up to push her off, but found them rendered helpless. He then tried to move his legs, finding them tied down as well.

'What the hell is going on here?' He thought to himself. Latoya continued to grind her pussy against Joe's face, using his nose to rub her inflamed clit. She started moaning louder, getting more excited by the second, not knowing he had woken up. "What the fuck are you doing Latoya?" Joe yelled. Latoya jumped at his voice, ceasing her movements. "Oh you're awake finally?" She moaned.

"Hell yeah I'm awake, now get the fuck off of me," he demanded. "Mmm, not until I'm done with you dear," she moaned, slowly starting to move her hips again, grinding her leaking slit against his nose. He tried struggling against his bonds, smelling her excitement up close. "You're fired then, now get off of me and untie me this instant," he yelled in frustration.

"You know Joe, you're talking to much, time to shut you up. Then if you're a good boy, I may release you," she moaned lustily. She lifted her hips up a little, pulling her thong aside, exposing her juicy pussy. Joe was opening his mouth to yell at her more, when she quickly covered it with her pussy just as he started to yell. She let out a long moan, his yelling into her pussy sending vibrations through her body, exciting her even more. "Mmm, yeah eat my black pussy you dirty old man," she moaned, laying across him and grabbing his dick.

Joe didn't know what to do. His hired nanny was sitting on his face, her wet and plump pussy covering his mouth, her juices beginning to fill his mouth.

He knew this was wrong, but he couldn't do anything to stop it right now. He didn't know why she was doing this, but figured she was going to get what she wanted one way or another. So he decided to do what she wanted, and see what happened. He sexy asian pussy eating and sucking reality and blowjob his tongue into her wet folds, seeking out the entrance to her pussy, feeling her hot mouth wrap around the head of his dick, sucking on it.

He let out a long groan of pleasure into her pussy, his hips involuntarily jumping off of the desk. Latoya moaned on his dick, feeling his tongue delve into her folds and enter her pussy. She moved her hand away from his dick, putting both of them on either side of Joe's hips to hold herself up. She then slowly started to move her mouth down onto his dick, wanting to see how much of it she could fit in her mouth.

She got a little over halfway down on it, her tiny mouth being stretched to capacity. Joe let out another groan, feeling anime cartoon blackmail forced creampie tongue massaging the shaft of his dick, and her lips wrapped around it.

It had been years since his wife had sucked his dick, so he was in pure bliss from this girl. He started darting his tongue in and out of her pussy, becoming more excited.

Latoya slowly started to move her head up, moaning and sucking hard on his dick. She started to slowly rock her body, feeling Joe tongue-fuck her. When the head of his dick was just inside of her mouth, she flicked her tongue against the tip, feeling him jump and tremble under her, and his dick throb in her mouth.

She moaned more, then moved her mouth back down his dick, starting a slow and steady rhythm, sucking hard on the way up, and then slowly moving back down on it. 'Oh my fucking God,' Joe said to himself. He could already feel his balls beginning to churn and his cum boil.

Latoya noticed his dick beginning to throb harder and more frequently. She knew he was getting close to shooting his load at that point. She pulled her mouth off of his dick and grabbed the top of his ball sack, just below the base of his dick, with her thumb and forefinger, pulling down on it hard, watching his dick throb and bounce in front of her. Joe groaned loudly into her pussy, feeling her pulling on his ball sack, wanting to cum badly right now.

He felt the sensation to ejaculate slowly fade, feeling her pull harder on his ball sack. He pulled his tongue out of her pussy and started moving it up and down the entire length of her slit, feeling her jump and tremble, and grind her pussy against his tongue harder.

"Mmm yeah Joe, oh God you're going to make me cum," Latoya moaned, letting go of his balls and concentrating on her coming orgasm. Joe groaned into beauty belenda toys both holes on webcam more videos masturbate and webcams pussy, noticing it getting wetter, and her hips moving faster. He latched onto her protruding clit, nibbling at it and flicking his tongue against it.

Latoya forced her pussy harder into his face, her orgasm shooting through her. "Ohh! I'm cumming, you're making me cum, mmm," she exclaimed, grinding her pussy into his face. Joe's face was quickly covered by her leaking juices, running down his cheeks and onto the desk below. He kept sucking on her clit, feeling it throb between his lips, moaning into it. Latoya pushed herself up as she came, feeling the tip of his nose pushing against her puckered butt hole, heightening her orgasm.

"Oh my God, oh my God," she moaned continuously, while she came. Finally Latoya's orgasm began to fade. She fell back forward across Joe, breathing heavily and her body still twitching with aftershocks of her orgasm. "Oh my fucking God I needed that," she whispered breathlessly.

Joe lay, helplessly, underneath of her, his head turned to the side, looking at her thick thigh. He was still trying to figure out why this was happening, and why his nanny was doing this.

He felt Latoya finally push herself off of him, thinking she was done with him now. Latoya moved down Joe's body, and turned herself around to face him, kneeling between his legs and smiling at him deviously. "Someone ready to feel a wet, black pussy on his fat cock," she groaned seductively.

Joe's eyes widened in shock, vigorously shaking his head. "No, we can't, I'm married," he said, almost pleading. "Mmm, I know that, but why are you watching that porn and jacking off then?" She moaned, moving forward until she straddled his hips, and lowered her pussy towards his dick, feeling it push against her slit.

Joe looked at her in more shock, not knowing how to answer that,and wondered how she knew about that. He then looked down at his dick being smothered by her pussy, feeling her heat coursing his shaft.

Latoya lightly giggled, rubbing her pussy against his dick, feeling it throb against her. "What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" She moaned with a laugh. Two naughty amateur girls truly humiliated by their sisters groan escaped Joe, feeling her juices coating his dick, and beginning to run down his ball sack.

He was at a loss, while he knew this was wrong, this was also turning him on to no end. "Plea. please stop," he groaned, but in the back of his mind not wanting her too. Latoya noticed the hesitation in his plead, laying across his chest. "Why should I stop?" She seductively whispered into his ear, lifting her hips up a little and feeling his dick throb against her again.

"Cause it doesn't look like he wants me to stop," she whispered, reaching between them and grabbing his dick, holding it up as she lifted her hips further. Joe was beside himself, knowing she was right. His dick didn't want her to stop, it did want to be in her pussy and cum so badly. Latoya held his dick straight up, lowering her pussy towards it until she felt the head of his dick push against her slit.

She let out a soft moan, moving it to her entrance, and lowering her hips down until it slipped inside of her swollen labia. Joe groaned loudly and tilted his head back, feeling the head of his beginning to penetrate her. "Oh my God you're pussy is so hot," he groaned, knowing he was powerless to stop her, and decided to just go with it.

Latoya let out a louder moan at his words. She slowly lowered her hips, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate to his massive girth. "Mmm, and your dick is so big," she moaned in response. Joe wanted to lift his hips up and bury his dick in her pussy, but could barely move them. He tilted his forward to look at her, looking at her with lust. "Ohh yes," he gasped, feeling her pussy envelope and squeeze his dick.

Latoya pushed herself back up, lowering the rest of the way down onto his dick. She had never felt so full before in her life, feeling his dick stretching her pussy to capacity. She slowly started to grind her hips against his, allowing her pussy time to get used to his dick.

Joe's groans grew louder, feeling the sensitive head of his dick rub against the inside of her pussy. He continued to look at her with lust, watching juicy tits jiggle as she moved. "Oh yeah, ride my dick," he groaned, wanting her to start going up and down on his dick. "Mmm, you want me to ride your fat, white, cock huh?

You want to feel my pussy go up and down on that fat cock," she moaned playfully. Joe nodded quickly, and made his dick throb inside of her. "Oh yes baby, ride my dick, make me cum please," he groaned. Latoya stopped her movements, looking at him sternly. "Who says you get to say what happens here," she said, reaching behind her and grabbing and squeezing his ball sack.

Joe cried out in pain, trying to wiggle free again. He looked up at her with tears in his eyes, once she let go of his balls. "You cum when I say you can, got it?" She asked, almost yelling. Joe quickly nodded, still feeling the pain in his balls. "I. I understand," he slowly answered. "Good, so you had better keep it in your balls until I give you permission," she said softer, putting hands on his chest.

Joe quickly nodded again, looking up at her with a little bit of fear. He had no idea how he was going to be able to keep from cumming, but knew he had to find a way. Latoya smiled at him, slowly lifting her hips up, feeling his dick slowly exit her pussy. "That's a good man, now I'll ride your dick for you," she moaned playfully.

Joe let out a groan, feeling the cool air run across his escaping dick as she lifted up. He wished he had use of his hands at that point, to reach out and grab her hips to get her to go faster. Latoya very slowly lifted her hips up until the head of his dick was just inside of her, and then very slowly lowered herself back down onto his dick. She knew she was driving him crazy, feeling his dick throb inside of her pussy, and his body writhe and twitch under her. "What's the matter, you dirty old man?" She asked with a giggle.

Joe wanted to come right out and tell her what was wrong, and tell her to go faster, but knew it wouldn't do any good. "Nothing," he said, his breathing hastened. Latoya giggled again, knowing exactly what i kept my cheerleader uniform on just for you wrong with him.

She started lifting her hips up again, this time a little faster, letting out a long moan. Joe closed his eyes, feeling the cool air hitting his exposed dick again, sending a chill up his body.

He let out a low groan when she reached the top and paused there, and opened his eyes to look at her. Latoya smiled at her victim, and then suddenly dropped back down onto his dick, her ass slapping against his thighs.

She roughly ground her hips against him lovely hottie in latex dress gets punished hardcore and bondage few times, and then lifted her hips up again.

"Mmm, does he like that?" She moaned loudly, dropping her hips back again, and feeling his dick throb. "Uh huh," Joe groaned and grunted out. Latoya laid across him again, and started rolling her hips, so her pussy would still slide up and down his dick.

"I bet that hard cock wants to cum huh?" She whispered seductively, feeling his dick throb again. Joe could only nod, using all of his willpower to keep from cumming. He could feel his ball sack pulling tight against him, knowing he couldn't hold it back forever. "Plea. please let cum, God I wanna cum," he gasped with a groan. Latoya stopped her movements, breathing into his ear. "Mmm, my dirty old white man wants to cum huh?" She softly whispered.

Joe quickly nodded again, making his dick throb inside of her. "Yes please," he whispered, almost begging. "Mmm, I love hearing you beg," she whispered. She pushed herself back up, and lifted herself up and off of him, moving off of the desk and standing next to it.

She grabbed the base doxy with large tits enjoys sex naturaltits and hardcore his dick, lightly squeezing it. "Let's see you cum old man," she moaned, slowly moving her hand up his shaft. Joe groaned loudly, making his dick throb in her hand. He looked down at his dick, wanting to tell her to go faster, but didn't say anything.

Latoya smiled at him, sliding her hand all the way up his shaft, feeling him shiver as her hand went over his sensitive head. "Well come on, cum for me then," she said playfully, grabbing the base of his dick with her other hand, and slowly moving it up his shaft.

Joe's body started to tremble, while he made his dick throb more, trying to will his cum out. "Plea. please," he groaned. Latoya grabbed his ball sack with her other hand, roughly fondling the tight sack. "They feel full of cum," she moaned, squeezing his dick, just below the head.

Joe looked at her with a pleading look, slowly nodding. He made his dick throb even harder, feeling on the verge of cumming. Latoya roughly started stroking his dick quickly. She released his ball sack, and started lightly slapping it. "Time to get it out of there," she moaned, smiling at him.

Joe threw his head back, feeling himself getting closer to cumming. The slapping of his balls was sending pain spikes through his body, seeming to heighten his excitement, as his body started jerk on the desk.

"Come on you dirty man, cum for your mistress," Latoya said through gritted teeth, slapping his balls harder, her hand a blur on his dick, feeling his dick throbbing more frequently. Joe let out a loud growl, and looked down at his dick when he felt his cum rushing up his dick. "I'm gonna cum," he gritted out. Latoya moved her hand away from his dick, continuing to slap his balls, and watching his dick grow fatter.

"Cum for me you dirty bastard, cum," she moaned loudly. She watched his dick throb and cum come shooting out, flying up and landing on his upper chest. "Oh yeah," she cooed, slapping his balls harder, as his dick continued to spurt its load, every time she slapped them. Watching it forcefully shoot out and land all over his chest and stomach. Joe's body jerked against his restraints every time he shot cum, as the most intense orgasm in a long time coursed through him.

"Ohh," he groaned loudly, lost in a euphoria. Finally his orgasm faded, his body still jerking and writhing on the desk. He looked up at Latoya with, still coming down from his orgasmic high. Latoya stopped slapping his balls when she felt he was done cumming.

She staring at the cum covering his upper body, still amazed at how much he could produce. She looked down at his dick, noticing it was still slightly hard, with some cum still oozing out of the tip.

She softly moaned grabbing his wilting member and sucking on the tip of it, tasting his cum. "Mmm yummy," she moaned, smiling at him. Joe was still weak from his orgasm, lightly smiling at her. He couldn't believe what had just happened, but hasn't felt this much pleasure from sex in a long time. Latoya started licking and sucking up the cum from his body, looking up at him every so often.

After she had cleaned up the mess, she moved to head of the desk, and started untying his wrists. "So am I still fired?" She asked with a sultry smile.

Joe looked up at her and smiled. "After that experience, no I don't think so," he said. "Okay good, because I didn't want to have to use this against you," she said, untying his wrists and removingthe ropes from the desk. Joe looked at her in shock, realizing she could use this against her. Should I continue? Let me know. Constructive criticism please.