Zaya cassidy extra small hottie plowed hard

Zaya cassidy extra small hottie plowed hard
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My little sister I grew up on a farm with only my parents, my little sister, and of course many animals. My mom home schooled us, so we really didn't get to see much beyond the farm.

It got lonely, when I wasn't tending the animals or doing chores, but since I had turned thirteen, I had books and my right hand for masturbating. It began when I watched the animals mating for the first time. My cock got hard and slippery and felt like it needed a release, so I started jerking off as the animals were fucking. I was cleaning the stalls one day when the horses got a little excited and the stallion mounted the mare with his two-foot-long cock and began humping.

I stopped cleaning and dropped my jeans to pump my cock, but was startled by my little sister running into the stall all bug eyed and shocked. It was a little awkward with my jeans around my ankles and my cock in my hand. She saw the horses but gasped when she finally looked at me, and saw what I was doing.

I quickly pulled up my jeans and muscled my erect cock away from sight, but she couldn't stop staring at me. "What were filthy valley girl gets big cock inside her doing with your thing out?" "Look sis, it was a private thing that guys do when they get horny, and you shouldn't have seen that".

"What does horny mean?" "You are too young to understand". "So, explain it to me. I want to know why you were pumping your thingy". "It's not a thingy; it's called a cock".

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"Were you trying to copy what the horses were doing?" "Just drop it. When you're older I'll explain it to you". "What if I go in and ask mom to explain it?" "No way. I will get into trouble so you better keep this quiet".

"I'M GOING RIGHT NOW AND TELLING MOM WHAT YOU WERE DOING". "Okay, let me try and explain it to you, but keep this between us". I gave her the kiddie version as best I could, but arousing amateur teen showing off her private parts had so many questions. "What if I get horny? What do I do, because I don't have a cock to pump?" I don't know why I said it, but I just blurted out: "If you get horny, you can pump my cock".

"Okay then, I think I might be horny". "You are too young to be horny". "I feel a tingle between my legs and my panties feel wet, so I must be horny".

Maybe she was, but my common sense was telling me that this had gone too far. "Just let me pump your cock for a minute, and then I won't ask any more questions". "Check and see if anyone is near the barn, before we do it sis" "All clear". Against my better judgement, I dropped my jeans took out my cock and started pumping.

"Let me do it. I'm the one who is horny". She walked over close to me and grabbed my cock and began pumping it with more enthusiasm than I had expected.

I wanted to check her story about wet panties, so I reached down and put my hand under her skirt and felt for her panties. She was indeed wet and I slid her panties off and began rubbing her little pussy. She told me that it felt good and she began pumping my cock faster. "Slow down a bit so I don't cum too soon". "What does cum mean?" "You're about to find out sis". Just as I said that, my cock erupted and cum flew every which way, including on her face. She was startled but in a good way.

"Wow, that was amazing. Can we do that again?" I had to sit down, so I pulled up a milking stool and sat relaxing after my orgasm.

"Come over here sis". I lifted her skirt and put her on my lap. "You can't ever tell anyone what we did, because we would both be in a heap of trouble". "How come?" "We flose up fuck tube porn would, so drop it". "I can feel your cock moving under me. Does it need more pumping?" "It's because my cock is rubbing against your pussy". "I saw what the animals were doing. Is that what your cock wants to do to my pussy?" "Yes, but we can't.

We would get into serious trouble". "I'm gonna check if anyone is nearby, and if it's clear, I want your cock to pump my pussy". She ran to the door, then came back and sat on my cock.

"All clear.

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You ready?" What the hell, I might as well see what happens. I grabbed her hips and raised her up to position my cock at her pussy entrance. My cock was wet and slippery and so was her pussy. The cock head lodged about an inch inside her and she winced. "Does that hurt?" "Just a little, but you can keep going". As New xxx sex not eh started inching forward, I released my grip on her hips, and she slid down hard fully impaling herself on my cock.

"Ow that stings". "Don't move for a minute; maybe it will feel better then". I could feel my cock throbbing inside her tight pussy, and she started moving up and down. Before she could say anything else, I pumped myself into her hard, and kept it up until I could feel my cum erupting inside her. That was so much better than pumping by hand. I took her by the hips and lifted her off of my cock, and my lap was deluged by cum mixed with blood.

To be continued…………………………