Irish redhead rose red gets an anal scene from lexington steele

Irish redhead rose red gets an anal scene from lexington steele
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Edwin a 27-year-old man went to the club on Friday night to have some fun. When he went inside he saw nothing but big booty bitches. He looks around for a minute going over to the bartender. He walked up and sat down on the chair as the bartender smiled and said. "what would you like to drink Sir? Oh, vodka please. "oh vodka's pretty strong. Hope you can handle it. I've had it before believe me I'm good." He nodded and took out a cup for Ed. He puts it on the table and begins pouring. Edwin takes the glass after a second when the bartender stopped pouring.

Far from him was a woman with all black on. She has long brown hair nice huge tits and blue eyes.

Edwin sees the older woman looking at him as he drunk his vodka. That's when he spotted her huge knockers and blushes slightly for a moment. The woman was staring at him and before he was about to something she got up and moved over to him. When she was two feet from him she responds with "hey is this set taken? No, it's not. Help yourself." she sits next to him looking at his arms and around him. She giggles and said, "nice figure bet you look good without anything on." Edwin was shocked.

He was never complemented before especially by older women.

"thank you. I know you also look good without stuff on too. By the way nice breasts." she blushes and said with a confident voice. "hehe if you wanna see them I'll show but not here of course. I like em young sexy." her voice was so serious. It was pretty clear she knew what she wanted.

She wants to see his cock. Once she sees it her mind will be consumed with lust. I was shocked that this woman was talking to me. I've never had an older woman talked to me in that manner.

I wanna suck on her huge breasts.

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I imagine how her nipples look. I do hope she's doesn't have saggy tits because for all I know she could be a milf. I started thinking about how she would look buck-naked. Slowly but surely I was getting turned on and she saw my huge stick was starting to awake. She giggles and points to my crouch. "So your brother is awake. Good, I would like him to meet my sister." Edwin was getting too turned on by this gorgeous woman. He looks at her when the owner of the bar said "we are closing in about e mines or so." when Edwin heard the owner said that embarrassment came on his face as the cougar looks at him.

"hey what's wrong? They are closing and I'm hard". I said in a low tone.

"That's okay I'm going to take care of you. How are you going to take care of me? She unzipping his pants pulling out his massive cock as she shouted luckily nobody heard two horny sluts want to make each other squirt. "That's a huge cock baby! She said that she started sucking my cock and swirling her tongue around it.

I couldn't believe what was happening she was actually sucking me off in public. My penis was about 10 in long and pretty fat. I looked around to make sure nobody was watching as this woman was doing small perky tits teen babe aurora belle banged by stepbro smalltits hardcore things to me.

I want to bust a nut in her mouth shoot my semen all over. After about 10 minutes or so I started exploding a huge amount of semen in her mouth. She moans and pulls it out as she took the napkin and started cleaning her lips. When she cleans them she opens her mouth showing me the sperm in her mouth being a naughty girl.

Her Expressions were lewd and very eager. "that was the first time in a long time I sucked someone off. My boyfriend or should I say my ex-boyfriend was never that big he was only for in at the most yeah his dick was a toothpick." She laughs while looking at add when waiting for a response. "Yes sweetie I am a big man. Okay, Edwin let's go to your house so I can give you the rest of your Rewards.

Like I told you before I like them young and I've always wanted to take young cock. Edwin puts his cock back into his pants as he and she got up walking to the door. They walked out of the club headed to his car and drove off headed to the house.

30 minutes later they reached the house going inside. When he got inside Stephanie closes the door behind him. She likes it and quickly pushes him onto the couch. Edwin was pretty surprised at how quick she pushed him on the couch. This Woman's hormones was so strong I can tell she wasn't going to wait any longer she was ready for a fucking. I could have tried to tell her to hold on but the alcohol was also getting to her. "hehe okay Edwin I'm going to show you my beautiful breasts.

I wanted to do a tit-job with my ex-boyfriend and I wanted to suck his cock but I couldn't because it was too small. But you-yours is perfect for this." She said that she puts his penis between her tits and begins moving up and down causing Edwin to moan. Good gosh my huge cock feels good between her big tits. I would like to see her lose expression when I release semen on her tits. "tell me Edwin does my tits feel good?

Yes, they feel so good. I feel like climaxing. Then go ahead don't be afraid to release. Give me that nice young semen of yours I want it. Stephanie said that she started moving her tits faster and better. Going up and down and she moved her head down to suck his cock while moving her tits. "oh yeah baby treat this Soldier right. Oh, you are a soldier Edwin? Affirmative. Excellent then that means you are into rough sex correct? Hehe yes. I can be hard or I can be rough. I can be whatever you want me to be baby.

If you want me to be roughed and I will be rough if you want me to be soft and I will be soft well you get horny milf phyllisha takes the cock in the garage. Good because I want this to last for a while. It's a good thing you're not a virgin I would be disappointed if you came right away. Nah I'm not no cum quick dude.

Sweetie, you came when I was sucking you off and you're about to cum right now." She laughs a little bit as she moves faster. "it's not sex still trust me I got this covered.

Sure Mr. Imma cum every 5 minutes." She giggles teasing him playfully as she moves back and forth. Edwin could feel it. The urge to bust a nut. He looks at her still moving as he responded with "Stephanie are you challenging me? You think I can't handle you? Sweetie, you can barely hold your orgasm. If you can't hold it in then I'm wasting my time aren't I? Stephanie doesn't challenge my manhood because I would destroy your pussy." She giggles more and eventually, sperm came out of his cock.

It got all over her tits as he was moaning. She was still teasing him trying to make him as horny as she could. She knew he was going to be rough but she wanted him to be as rough as he possibly could. She tastes the napkins and cleans her tits off. She looks over at him and says "Edwin you're not suited to be a soldier you can't even hold in.

I need a man who has stamina who can last a good while. Listen here you naughty cougar. You can't handle me nor can you handle any other Soldier. Instead of me talking about it I'm just going to show you because words are pointless." Edwin stands up with his hard cock and takes Stephanie's hands as they went to the bedroom.

This bitch was talking shit she thinks he can't handle her but she sadly mistaken. When they got in the room she looks at him and starts pulling down her pants and panties exposing her beautiful cunt. "hehe I can tell already this is going to be real quick. Sure keep thinking that I'm going to show you better than I can tell you." Edwin said getting ready to plunge her pussy.

He knew he was rough that he could please her she was just talking shit after all. Women love talking shit to get men to fuck them harder. He walks over to her and turns her over bending her over the bed. She looks at him and Chuckles slightly. He places his hands on the head of his penis as he rubbed it lightly and soon enough the Rams it into her pussy causing her to scream in pleasure.

Stephanie started moaning in pleasure as Edwin was roughly pounding away. Her insides feel so tight and it feels like I want to ejaculate already. I had no idea this woman's vagina was so fucking tight. She giggles and said teasingly again. "Hehe, the expression on your face tells me you're going to explode. Edwin, you cannot handle me. You might as well stay fucking slutty queen loves to please her servants in your age range." Edwin smirks as he pumped harder eventually finding her G-spot.

When he found her spot he started moving his hips faster and better every time. Soon enough she started squirting.

After she came she was still talking shit. "oh so you finally made me cum congratulations for an amateur. But just because you made me cum doesn't mean you can handle me. Remember you made me came once I made you come twice. Oh, put a sock in it, you horny bitch. We both know I can handle you so stop denying it. I'm not admitting something that's not true. You fucking me like someone who just lost their virginity.

Alright, suit yourself. I'll just fuck the shit out of you until you say I can please you". The military Soldier started pumping harder and faster causing Stephanie to moan out in pleasure. hard dick bonks sensuous throat girlfriend and hardcore will never admit that Edwin. You'll have to do better than that sweetie." I don't know why she's acting like this.

She knows I'm pleasing her. Now that I think about it she could just be saying this so I can fuck her harder. I don't want to break her.

She is not hard like us soldiers. As much as she's moaning loudly without a doubt I'm pleasing her so she might as well stop playing. Stephanie's body started heating up and she noticed she was about to reach another orgasm. She started whining out desperately trying to hold it in. She doesn't want me to know I'm pleasing her for whatever reason. Suddenly she released a huge amount of liquid onto the floor moaning loudly. I smiled dominantly at her because the jig was up.

After she reached hers. Private Edwin started moving faster once more still filled with energy and she was moaning. His big cock was spreading her pussy out. She moans very loud and looks over at Edwin.

She screams out and her voice went from teasing to slutty. "Ah fuck me, daddy! "Hehe, you were saying I couldn't please you and now I'm your daddy? You're such a naughty little cougar bitch. Mmm yes, I am Edwin. I want to be your own personal slut. Ah, fuck daddy." Edwin started pumping a little harder than before as he wanted to hear her scream the word fuck.

Stephanie has such a potty mouth. He pumps harder and better than before. "Ah fuck! Fuck yes, daddy!" Stephanie rubs her pussy as she starts squirting again. He smiles and pulls his cock out for a second fingering and eating her pussy out. He moves his face into her pussy sucking and drinking her juices. "daddy let me rid you okay. Okay, baby." he walks to the bed and lays down spreading his legs before her.

She walks over to him and gets on top of him inserting his pecker into her pussy. She moans and humps and her big boobs bouncing up and down. "Mmm daddy this feels so good! As time progresses she gradually builds up speed bouncing up and down on him.

She starts moving her sides around moaning in delight. She opens her mouth smiling brightly. After 10 minutes she squirted once again and pulls his dick out stroking him as he released as well. She smiles and sucks his cock and eats his semen. "hehe thank you, daddy, for blessing me with your Godly semen.

So you're going to be my new plaything? Yes, Daddy, I will. Use me however you like from now on. Okay, there will be many more things that we will be doing together you naughty bitch." she smiles as I grabbed her head making her suck me opening the anal tthe limits by taking things deep. I had her sucking for a good little minute until I pulled away as my cock was softening.

Surprisingly she looks at me and I can see the look in her eyes she hadn't had enough yet. "Daddy I want more. My pussy is so wet!" She rubs her pussy slightly as I looked at her smirking. "okay but first you have to dance for me. Do something kinky for Daddy. And you better do a good job if you don't I'm not fucking you. Hehe, no problem Daddy." She begins dancing with him moving around and showing him her beautiful wet pussy.

Edwin walked over to the chair sitting down watching her as he slowly started stroking himself. He was too busy staring at her ginormous tits to be looking at her pussy too much. I've everything about her breasts was the only thing that was really kissing his interest the most. He moves his two fingers I was signaling for her to come to him.

When she came up to him he grabs her big tits and starts sucking on them causing her to moan in pleasure. "Mmm daddy that's so nice! Mmm, you're sucking me like a baby! You're going to make me come from sucking my tits. That's the plan bitch." Edwin sucks harder and faster.

She smiles looking at him. "daddy do you want me to use my beautiful feet to give you a footjob? You know to try something new. Nah I've never been into feet but I appreciate the offer." He said while continuing to suck her ginormous bosoms. He was so happy. He wanted to suck them as long as possible. He was even happier knowing that she agreed to be as a fuck toy. He sucks her tits and she moans of pleasure.

Soon enough she shows a dick craving face and gets down and start sucking his cock as he smirked. "you love sucking Daddy's dick don't you?

Yes, daddy, your cock is so big and nice. Give me your Godly semen. She sucks him off going faster and better than before while fondling his balls. He smiles Moaning More as she sucks and licks his cock swirling her tongue. Five or ten minutes later he moans in Delight as he started filling up her mouth with semen causing her as he started filling up her mouth with semen causing her to swallow as much as she could. "Mmm yes, daddy I love you. Daddy loves you too.

He's also happy you're his new fuck toy and we're going to spend a lot of time together getting to know one another.

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Getting ready to because you're going to be in my porn you slut. Three weeks after I found my cougar I've been using her body ever since. She is truly dedicated to serving her daddy.

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Couldn't ask for a better slut.