Suspect kat ended up sucking his cock and banging her pussy

Suspect kat ended up sucking his cock and banging her pussy
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SNICK Piggy awoke to cold hands roughly removing his his collar. The last time he remembered passing out was at t-minus 12 minutes, but now the clock was gone, along with Mistress Gina and Queen Tifa. A mischievous looking Auburn-haired co-ed knelt before him now, her attention on her work.

She'd brought him a new collar he saw, it was wider, wrapped in black electrical tape and had wires and gizmo's hanging from it. He nervously eyed her gym-bag full of unidentifiable apparatus as she worked it around his neck.

She'd brought her own toys. "hhhplease. sho thhhhirsty" he croaked "Shut the fuck up. Don't say a single fucking word" she frowned distastefully at him. "Don't beg, don't whine, don't fucking squeek. I don't want to hear you beautiful babes wild fascination with ramrod blowjob amateur a sound the entire fucking time I'm here." Piggy nodded his assent, exhausted.

He would be quiet as the grave for his new owner. She snatched a bottle of water from her back-pack "Open your pig mouth", she commanded, uncapping it. He opened his mouth thankfully in the expectation that she would pour the bottle in his mouth, but instead she drank from the bottle herself, and then spat what she hadn't swallowed herself into his mouth.

He opened wider, trying to catch as much of it as he could. I'm Doctor Elenor, and you better fucking remember it" she threatened, snapping the collar closed and patricinha faz strip completo cheia de tesao a wickedly sharp alligator clip to the ultra-sensitive columella of his nose between his nostrils.

"ERG!" he flinched at the bright pain and KA-ZAP[/i] the collar burst into life electrocuting him fully around the circumference of his neck as well as inside his sensitive nose. The popping noise of the electric collar sounded like a sharp hand-clap in the empty common-room.

"MUUHAAA" he recoiled at the vicious jolt and [i]KA-ZAP again the collar shocked him. The smell of burning electronics from the powerful shocks overwhelmed his nose. Brad had been zapped by a stun-gun once before in the pursuit of his conquests and this felt just about as bad. The collar must be dialed down just below stunning range, whatever that was, he thought, jumping and yelping at the bright pain in his nose.

"It picks up the fucking vibrations of your vocal cords you fucking idiot" she explained as he was brutally jolted a third time. "hu-hu-hu" piggy panted, wide awake again, trying to stay quiet. "Yeah. That's fucking right. When I say don't make noise I fucking mean it huh?" she nodded pulling a laptop out of her bag and opening it.

"I see you've still got your pink cock-tie. I guess you're a special pig then." Piggy nodded in reply, his silence brutally enforced. Mistress. what was her name again? Well, his red-headed mistress had told him he was special. "Fucking jocks. Of course, the cheerleaders are going to have a shit-fit, but I was hoping for a more. I dunno, subtle piggy this time. Well fuck. I guess if the cock ties work on you, you're worth keeping though" Doctor Elenor mused. She was a big fan of the luxury panties and pantyhose on girls with strapons lesbians erotica, piggy thought sleepily, watching her dig in her gym-bag.

She was pretty despite her profanity, he observed appreciatively, with her tussled chestnut hair, intelligent brown eyes, and full curvy hips. He liked how she talked to him. It was relaxing, and it made him feel special. "Good piggies have fucking discipline." Doctor Elenor continued impatiently. "They don't grunt and moan like whores unless their fucking mistress gets off on it, which I do not." she frowned, reaching up without looking at him and viciously pinching his nipple.

Piggy winced silently. His new mistress was so clever. He wanted to make her happy. "Good." she turned to face him, "Listen you dumbfuck jock motherfucker. You can't understand this yet, but being a Zeta-house piggy is a very special thing. Piggy is not human, get it?

Piggy is better, not weak and fallible and afraid, but perfect. Piggy is not distracted by life. He has one purpose; one beautiful reason: Piggy obeys. Piggy obeys its mistress beyond the puny limitations of human fear and frailty. Piggy is an obedience machine." She brutally slapped him, and again he only winced quietly.

Piggy obeys he thought happily. "Good." She stood, running a finger under his jaw-line. "But piggy is better than a machine as well, because piggy can feel. He can feel humiliation, and pain, and adoration for his awe-inspiring mistress. He can feel everything that gives his mistress pleasure, and nothing that doesn't.

Piggy can anticipate his mistress's desire. Piggy can obey his mistresss beyond even the limitations of what she commands. Piggy knows what his mistress wants." Doctor Elanor looked down at him, cupping his chin "Don't you piggy?" she grinned darkly. Piggy nodded yes, happily nuzzling into his clever mistresses hand. Her curse words went away when she talked about how special he was. She yanked the pin on his frame and shoved him backwards, his head bouncing off the board as it impacted the floor.

"UMPH" he grunted in surprise KA-ZAP, went the collar "HURG", he flinched, KA-ZAP it brutally jolted him again. "Your mistress said silence" she hissed, annoyed as she stripped her sweatpants off.

"Hold this." she ordered, shoving a mouthpiece roughly through his lips. He bit down on it obediently, sorry to have made so much noise; it was soft plastic surrounding a metal plate. Attached to the other end was a dinner-plate sized stand. Doctor Elenor plopped her laptop atop it. "Do NOT drop my FUCKING laptop jock or I will put electrodes on your motherfucking eyelids" she warned him, sitting astride his legs and tapping at it. It was heavy, and the balance of it shifted this way and that above him, as she tapped away resolutely.

He didn't like it when his mistress called him Jock. He wanted to be Piggy -- to be worthy of the title. He locked his teeth tightly on the mouthpiece, correcting the laptop-stand's balance and quietly holding it in place for her. "Hold this too." she commanded again, thrusting a flogging cane into his hand. He closed his hand around it, swallowing an involuntary whimper at the feel of it. "No. like this." she adjusted it in his hand. rotating it so it lay parallel to his arm, it's handle resting close to his ear where she could grab it.

Momentarily he heard the unmistakeable sound of porn emerge from the computer above him. Confused, he strained his eyes to look at her, careful to maintain the balance of the stand. He could barely see Doctor Elenor above him under the edge of the stand, staring at the screen, bathed in it's blue light, she fast-forwarded the porn video, not bothering to look down at him.

The laptop held her full attention; the scandalous grunting and moaning of porn-stars echoed in the empty common-room as she reached down, finding her Piggies cock and stroking it sumptuously.

"UMPH" KA-ZAP Doctor Elenor rolled her eyes exasperated, releasing his cock and grabbing his scrotum, squeezing his ball-sack painfully. "Fucking WEAKLING jock. You have ONE FUCKING JOB. I'm not telling you again. Your mistress has transformed you into furniture, and furniture doesn't make FUCKING NOISE WHEN YOU FUCKING USE IT! Shut. The. FUCK. UP!" Piggy held his breath, terrified and ashamed, his jaw beginning to burn with the effort of holding the laptop stand as she re-wound her porn video.

He kept holding his breath until her attention realigned to the screen, her hand relaxing on his balls and moving back to his hard-on.

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She stroked him for a while, gaping at the video on the screen, and then began rubbing herself with her other hand. "mmmm" she purred moving from her groin to stroking her own nipples under her shirt and back. After a few moments the actors paused to change position, and so did she, sliding her warm sex onto his throbbing, frustrated tool.

Feeling her settle atop him, he silently ground into her, intuiting it was tarado nao dispensa nem xoxota de anazinha she wanted. He was a piece of furniture for his mistress to masturbate on.

One that moved to please her like a real person might. She didn't punish him for his movement, purring softly at the screen as she moved her panties aside and guided him inside her underwear. He moved his eyes back to the laptop stand, needing every last bit of focus he could muster to stay quiet and balance the laptop with his aching jaw as she enveloped him, grinding on top of him in time to the rapturous feminine moaning on the laptop.

He pushed back, working himself into her as well as he could given the laptop stand, as she rode him sumptuously. "Ah yeah. MMMMMmm fucking fuck!" she sang, speeding up in time to the video, bracing herself on his muscular stomach with one hand and grabbing her hair with the other. Pounding into him now with her teeth barred, the laptop stand bucking this way and that with the force of her fucking. He stopped pushing, holding himself up and out for her, the veins in his neck bulging with the effort of holding the stand steady for his mistress as she violently used him like a ride in a pornography theme park.

His jaw began spasming in a painful cramp as she came, her orgasmic contractions mocking his frustrated cock. He sighed contentedly; happy to have pleasured his clever mistress. He relaxed as her orgasm abated, straining to look at her again for cues. "Stop fucking looking at me, furniture doesn't have eyes" she frowned disapprovingly, his fully erect cock still throbbing impotently inside her, as she changed videos. The high-pitched sound of a whipping cane filled the room, it's target evidently male judging from the low-pitched masculine howls and grunts emanating from the laptop above him.

Doctor Elenor lifted herself off him as the new video began, stripping off her panties and turning around to face his feet, her warm, wet cunt spreading across his ribcage as she settled down on his chest. He stole a glance at her silky-soft hips and ass. They were even more lovely than he'd imagined. He wished she was sitting astride his face.

He wished his mistress would let him work his tongue across her asshole and slit. His heart leapt into his throat as she sex zzz xxx com 14 2019 story the rod from his hand, stroking the side of his hard-on with it.

"WHAP ERG! THANK YOU MISTRESS" begged the bad actor on the laptop above him. Piggy steeled himself for the first blow.

He would not have a speaking role like his more fortunate contemporary on Doctor Elanor's laptop, nor would he be merely acting. Piggy inhaled sharply as he felt the head of whip leave the side of his hard-on. WHAP Doctor Elanor lashed it painfully back into him in time to the dominatrix on the screen "AH!

THANK YOU MISTRESS" the actor on the screen yelped. "PFFFFFF" piggy sharply exhaled, stars exploding in his vision a the biting blow of the cane against the side of his trobbing, frustrated, cock-tied tool. It wasn't the impact so much as what follwed it. Like 10 bees stinging his most sensitive part at the same time.

The laptop tray wobbled precariously above him as his vision blurred in tears. Doctor Elanor, no longer facing the screen, couldn't see it tilt ominously toward the carpet as she wound the cane back for another blow. WHAP the cane lashed brutally into his cock again in time to the video. 100 bees. The pain reverberated down through his nuts to his tailbone -- his violated asshole twitched and burned -- as well as up through his chest into the back of his throat.

His jaw spasmed as he ground his teeth into the mouthpiece to keep the laptop steady. He wasn't sure he could hold it much longer. WHAP 1000 bees "mph" KA-ZAP. Dr Elenor glanced over her shoulder at the sound of the collar going off. He met her glance through his tears, fighting to keep the laptop upright. She smiled wickedly down at him. "Take it bitch." she commanded, turning her attention back to her whip. His tortured jaw-muscles finally giving out, Piggy let the mouthpiece fall past his teeth into his throat, desperately hoping it would lodge itself there.

The ploy worked somewhat, but it was extremely painful, and now that the mouthpiece was past his teeth, he couldn't raise it back up. WHAP 10,000 bees "HA!" KA-ZAP, the combination of the electric shock, cock-lashing, and throat impalement overwhelmed him, and the laptop tray fell toward Dr Elenor's back, resting lightly against her curvy back-side.

She turned, pausing the video. Piggy couldn't see her face under the tray, but he knew she was displeased. He fought back a sob.

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Piggy didn't like it when his mistress was displeased. "Jesus fucking christ four?! Is that really all you got jock?" she incredulously demanded, slapping the laptop shut and throwing it back in her bag. "Fucking pathetic weakling" she muttered wrenching the tray out of his mouth, detaching the mouthpiece from it and putting the stand back in her bag as hot cougar fucks a younger dude pornstars big tits. "You're gonna have to do a fuck-lot old man jack fucks the girl next door than that.

The Zeta pig at Georgetown can take 25 for fucks sake!" Dr Elenor grabbed a black nylon zipper-bag and a heavy black box from her gym bag, unzipping the small bag and pulling out several more wires.

She socketed one into the base of the mouthpiece where the stand had gone, attaching the other end to the heavy-looking box she placed about where Mistress Gina had set her timer stool. She socketed a second wire into his collar and ran it to his scrotum, pinching the alligator clip painfully to the skin of his ball-sack.

He winced as the mean teeth of the clip bit into the fragile skin surrounding his balls, trying not to imagine what the jolt would feel like. "Ok here's how this works" she said, flipping a switch on his collar and holding out a small circuit board for him to see. "as long as this is below your collar, you're fine. but." he watched timidly as she raised it above his neck-line, anticipating the jolt to his nuts. KA-ZAP "erg!" he cried out, his knees slipping on the floor at the brilliant jolt to his scrotum in addition to his neck and sensitive nose KA-ZAP the collar punished him a second time for his outburst.

His raped asshole convulsed in pain as if it had been shocked, and for the first time since he could remember, he felt his hard-on soften ever-so slightly despite the cock-ties. "Yep. It still works with your vocal coords too." she lowered the circuit board, pulling the pin on his frame, and lowering him forward into what Sir had called ass-fucking position. "Now bite down on this" she conversationally shoved the mouthpiece back in his mouth and he bit down on it. "harder" he bit down harder and saw a small pneumatic arm emerged from the box on the floor, encountering the wood-corner of his frame, and forcing him upwards.

"Hold it." she ordered, dragging Mistress Gina's stool over and placing the circuit board on it. "See? the mouthpiece is a momentary switch. If you stop biting, the actuator will turn off, and you'll fall below the stool, and your collar will give you what you deserve. I need to go to the fucking bathroom, I'll be right back" she walked off through a door beneath the stairs, leaving him to his predicament. Beads of sweat dripped from piggies forehead at the effort of biting down on the mouthpiece.

"pfff pfff pfff" he panted, his jaw already exhausted from the effort of holding the laptop. piggy isn't human he told himself, taking comfort in Dr Elenor's pretty words, piggy obeys his mistress beyond the limits of human frailty He was still up when Dr Elenor returned. "Wow. See now there's my good piggy" she complimented him, glancing at her watch "You have 13 minutes left.

Keep it up." She went to the fridge and popped open a beer. Settling down cross-legged in front of him with it. "Do you like your collar? I made it myself." she smiled proudly, tugging playfully on his nose-clip.

Piggy nodded happily, his jaw on fire. She stroked his chin. "That's a good boy. It looks very good on you. We're going to make you nice and strong aren't we?" she took a swig of her beer as Piggy's jaw finally gave out.

psshhhhhhhh went the pneumatic arm, dropping his frame below the stool. "pff pff pff" he panted, feeling himself fall, desperately attempting to wiggle the cramps out of his jaw. KA-ZAP went the collar as his frame settled below the stool.

Piggy tried to bite again but his tortured jaw was still cramping too heavily to provide the pressure necessary to raise the arm. He willed himself to loosen his jaw, wiggling it more violently to get the cramps out.

KA-ZAP the collar shocked him again brutally, the force of it knocking the mouthpiece out of his loosened mouth. "ugh no!" he gasped watching it fall into the pool of spit, blood and girl-cum on the floor below him KA-ZAP the collar punished him again for his outburst.

"Oh no!" Dr Elanore put a hand to her cheek in mock sympathy. "Tough luck jock! You have 7 minutes left" "huh. huh. huh" he breathed, glaring down at the mouthpiece desperately KA-ZAP the collar went off again. "please Doct." KA-ZAP he whispered unsuccessfully "Please what?" Dr Elenor asked distractedly.

You can't offer me anything I can't take for myself, bitch. She took another swig of her beer. "So how about PLEASE stop fucking whining?" KA-ZAP "The delay is 10 seconds, so." she checked her watch, "your punishment for disobediently losing your mouthpiece is 42 shocks.

Well, minus one." KA-ZAP "er, minus two that is, so forty more to go.

I'm pretty sure I remembered to charge the battery so it should be fine" she calculated thoughtfully. "Do you think you've been a good piggy today?" she asked. He shook his head no. Earnestly disappointed in himself. "No. I don't think you have either." she agreed sadly, "In fact, I'd say you've been quite disobedient today, wouldn't you agree?" KA-ZAP Piggy flinched at the jolt.

Swallowing a howl of pain, and nodded his assent. He had been very disobedient. "Do you think you deserve more punishment than this for your disobedience?" she asked curiously. He paused, blinking before nodding yes again, his eyes going wide in fear.

Piggies Obey. He had not. He did deserve more punishment. KA-ZAP some drool exploded out of his mouth with that jolt. He slurped at it sloppily, ashamed of himself. "It's fine.

Drool if you need to." Dr Elenor dismissively encouraged. She was so understanding, slut rides grandpas dick young old pornstars about we make it an even 50 then?" She asked sipping at her beer again, eyeing him intently. He nodded happily. 50. Yes. That sounded more like what he deserved. A good solid 50.


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I'm glad you agree." she nodded impressed, "You know, if you keep working hard, I think you might actually make a really good piggy one day." Piggy grinned shyly, blushing red at her compliment. That's all he really wanted. He would work extra hard. KA-ZAP the jolt knocked the grin off his face. He shuddered at the pain penetrating his nose and groin, squinting his eyes shut and swallowing the agony. But then, after a moment, he shyly met her gaze again, smiling happily.

Dr Elanor smiled back, satisfied. "Yeah, you're gonna be a good piggy-piggy aren't you?" she cooed, stroking his chin. He nuzzled at her hand again euphorically. Happy to be getting the punishment he deserved. Yes. He was going to be the best piggy in the world. "So lets see, we need ten extra shocks" She smiled darkly at him and took another swig of her beer, "Why don't you start by telling me how pretty I am?"