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Texas patti in she goes wild for his big cock
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Chapter 4 LAURA AT WORK The next day was a Monday, and that meant work for Laura. Laura was employed by the government, at the Department of Families. She worked on a casual schedule - Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays only, from 9 to 5. She was a mere data entry clerk, entering invoices and receipts into the system and doing odd jobs for whichever section needed help.

It was easy work, and that was exactly how Laura liked it. She had a lot of days off, she had little responsibility, and she got to browse the internet for most of teens analyzed leaked first anal sex video day. For work, Laura liked to dress professionally. She wore a blouse, a jacket, and a short professional skirt, much like she had worn to the Mayim Clinic last night.

The idea was to look businesslike and appropriate. Laura liked green hazel xxx promo teaser wangworldhd ebony porn tease boys, but that was only when she was on her own turf.

At work, most of the men were old, and unattractive, and in positions of power over her. She didn't want to encourage them any more than she had to. Unfortunately, to some extent Laura betrayed herself. She was too much of a fashionista to wear unattractive clothes, so her business clothes were elegantly cut and beautiful, in a functional way. She wore high heels, that accentuated her legs, and made her look both sexy and vulnerable. She wore bright pink panties and bra, because pink was her favourite colour, she liked to indulge herself, and after all no one was going to see them.

And, to top it off, no clothes could disguise her bright pink anime-girl hair or her large breasts. In short, even dressed as professionally as she knew how, Laura still looked eminently fuckable. Erica drove both girls to work, dropping Laura off before continuing to her own higher-paid job.

All the trip, Laura sat in uncharacteristic silence, thinking about last night at the clinic. Already it seemed like a strange dream; despite her objective knowledge of what she had done, it didn't seem quite real that she had sat naked for two hours and let a vibrator masturbate her to five orgasms, while a stranger watched. Laura alternated between thinking it surely couldn't have been as bad as she remembered, and panicking at how slutty she must have looked.

By the time Erica dropped Laura off, Laura's pussy had become uncomfortably wet. Laura felt awkward. It wasn't like her to get aroused quite this easily. It must still be the residue of last night's drugs, she thought. She would need to clean herself up or spend the day surrounded by the odor of aroused cunt.

There were toilets inside the building where she could clean up, but she didn't want to even set foot inside the building with a flushed face or smelling like sex. Instead, she found a small, unattractive alleyway alongside the Department building, where the office kept its trash bins, and used some tissues from her handbag to tentatively wipe the moisture away from her cunny.

She had to be careful as she didn't want to excite herself even more. After she'd managed to mostly dry her groin, she waited a few more minutes, thinking un-sexy thoughts, until her body had calmed down. Then she went joymii teen iwia has romantic outdoor fuck. The worst part of Laura's work was definitely her boss, Alistair. He was a rude, lecherous pig. He was nearly 50, but Laura knew he was married to a big-titted 18-year old blonde who was young enough to be his granddaughter.

He seemed to like Laura, or at least her body, as he took every excuse to have private meetings and training sessions with her, and he never looked at her face, only at her large boobs.

He had never laid a finger on her, or said anything specific that would give cause for a harassment complaint, but he nevertheless made it very clear that he thought of Laura as a delicious fucktoy that fate had delivered into his little bureaucratic empire.

He repulsed her on every level. Laura's two closest co-workers weren't much better. Geoffrey was a bespectacled man with graying hair who was the father of two teenaged girls. He never said much to Laura. He knew she was a lesbian, and that she lived with a female lover, and Laura guessed that he disapproved of her from the icy tone that he took on the occasions when they had to talk.

He gave the impression that he would very much like to turn her pink-pantied ass over his lap and spank the lesbianism out of her. Her other co-worker was Candy, and Candy was a bimbo. She was in her early 20s, like Laura, with dyed blonde hair and obviously fake D-cup tits which she claimed her daddy had bought her for her 18th birthday. She was bubbly and enthusiastic and deferential and she treated both Alistair and Geoffrey as if they were her beloved father. She giggled at their jokes and complimented them on their looks.

She seemed to have a different boyfriend every week and she couldn't go a day without saying something face-slappingly stupid. Laura tried not to look at Candy much, because whenever Candy saw her looking she would say something like, "Um, thanks, but I'm not really into girls, you know?

Unless, like, a boy is watching, and then it's totally hot." It made Laura blush bright red every time, and arguing with Candy would just result in a stream of claims about how Laura had been ogling Candy's tits or something equally humiliating, so she just stayed focused on her work and tried to pretend she had no co-workers.

Today Laura had barely gotten inside the building before she was intercepted by Alistair. "Laura, meeting in my big tit babe takes a pounding cdi before we start," he said brusquely, and Laura had no choice but to follow him to his small dingy office.

Once inside, she took a seat, and he closed the door. He pulled his chair over to sit near to her, instead of across the desk. She was uncomfortably aware he was in touching distance of her. "Okay, Laura, just a few things. Nothing to be worried about." He laughed as he said this. Laura shivered. "Number one is about your breasts," he said, and Laura jumped. Her breasts? "Try and keep them covered better, or at least wear dresses that fit," he went on. "I know they're very large, and you like all the men here to notice them, but it's not appropriate for work." Laura blushed.

She knew she should be angry and indignant about this - how dare he? - but he'd pushed her buttons by mentioning the size of her breasts. Laura WAS embarrassed by their size, and having it mentioned immediately put her on the defensive. "I don't." she said. "I mean, they ARE covered." "I've discussed this at the manager's meeting," Alistair said, "and we're all agreed that it's just not appropriate the way you parade them around.

So, there's that." Discussed at the manager's meeting? The managers had been discussing Laura's breasts? She felt faint, and like she might cry. "Secondly, it's come to my attention that you're a lesbian," said Alistair. "What?" jumped Laura. "How?" She immediately horny lesbo dolls are stretching and fist fucking assholes she'd said the wrong thing. She should have said, "That's ridiculous." She wasn't out of the closet at work and she'd thought no one knew about her and Erica.

"Candy mentioned to me that you'd been propositioning her," said Alistair. Laura went red. She wanted to slap the little bimbo bitch. "I didn't." is all Laura could say. "Well, we wouldn't take her word alone," said Alistair, "so we checked your work email. You regularly email someone called Erica? And your emails are sometimes. quite explicit. The other managers were quite embarrassed even to read it." Laura was starting to cry now. She'd known they could access her work email, but she hadn't KNOWN known.

Only last week she'd emailed Erica saying she couldn't wait to get home and rape Erica's wet little pussy with her tongue. She'd talked about how much she loved the taste of Erica's slutty cunt-juices. She said she'd wanted Erica's slut-nectar smeared all over her face and tits. Why had she written those? How could she look at anyone in the office if all the managers had read those emails? Alistair went on.

"As you're aware, Laura, you work at the Department of Families. Now, there's no law against being a lesbian, and your employment here isn't in any danger. But we work with a lot of people from a lot of cultures, including muslims, Christians, conservatives - we could really offend someone if we sent a staff member to deal with them, and then it turned out she was a lesbian.

So what you need to do is fill out a formal declaration of sexuality, and then we use that to make sure we don't put you in any positions where the fact that you lick cunt will hot doctor valentina nappi gets fucked and facialized pornstars hardcore people." He showed Laura a yellow form, with what looked like a list and check boxes.

"So we're just going to go through all this together, okay?" he said, and smiled. He looked at her tits again. "I told you to cover up your breasts, Laura." Laura hurriedly crossed her arms over her bosom. She could feel a tear running down her left cheek. "Now, sometimes we hire private investigators to audit these, so be truthful, because if we catch you in a lie you WILL be fired," said Alistair.

"So here we go. How long have you been sexually attracted to women, Laura?" "Since I was 16," said Laura. "Have you ever had a sexual experience with a male?" "No." Alistair marked the form. "When was your first sexual experience with a girl?" "At 16," said Laura. "How many girls have you fucked?" Alistair went on. Laura baulked. "Does the form really say fucked?" she asked.

"Of course not, I'm paraphrasing to make this go quicker," said Alistair. "I'm trying to be helpful. How many girls have you fucked?" "Just one," said Laura.

"Is that this 'Erica'?" asked Alistair. "Yes." "And you're still fucking her at present?" "Yes." "Do you lick her cunt?" "What?" asked Laura. This was getting invasive. "Sorry, do you perform oral sex on her?" said Alistair, rephrasing. "Yes," said Laura, her face red and streaked with tears. "And she on you?" "Yes." "Do you use strap-on dildos?" "Sometimes." "Do you fantasy role-play?" Laura couldn't believe these questions.

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"Can I see the form?" "Sure," said Alistair. He showed it to her, without letting go of it. It said exactly what he said it did. "Sometimes we roleplay," said Laura reluctantly. "What scenarios?" asked Alistair. Laura could now see that his dick was rock-hard in his pants. "Schoolgirl and teacher," she said. "Police officer and criminal.

Fantasy princess and warrior." She paused. "Sometimes. rape stuff." "You fantasise about being raped?" "By girls. Sometimes." "Do you ever engage in BDSM?" "Sometimes." Alistair put his hand on Laura's knee, and she flinched. "It's okay, Laura, almost done. We just need this. To your knowledge, does anyone have any compromising photos of you, of your partner, or the two of you together?" Laura thought of the photo she had emailed just yesterday.

But she was damned if she was going to tell Alistair about that. "No," she said. Alistair released her knee. "Right, then!

That's all done! You can get on with your work. And remember to stop showing off those melons of yours, okay?" Laura was still crying. "Can I have a moment to." "No, Laura, we're very busy today. Just get to your desk, okay?" Laura got to her feet unsteadily and left Alistair's office. It was obvious to everyone that she was crying. She tried to look daggers of hate at Candy as she walked to her desk, but she wasn't sure she got the point across through all the tears.

Working was hard; Laura was tempted to just go home sick for the day, but she was going to need to start making these payments to her blackmailer next week - she didn't want to do anything to risk her employment.

So she sat and she did her job, and tried to pretend that she hadn't just been made to discuss her sexual history with her boss. At lunch she went to the staff courtyard, where staircase to snatch heaven hardcore and blowjob met her only two friends at the Department.

Taylor was a cute, thin blonde, a couple of years younger than Laura. She shared Laura's love of anime, and was always eager to look at pictures of Laura's newest figurines. By contrast, Michael was tall and broad shouldered, not too bright but good natured and friendly. Laura sat with the two of them as they ate sandwiches purchased from the cafeteria, and tried to forget her awful morning. Neither of them knew Laura was gay.

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They were friends, but they were work friends, and Laura didn't want that coming out at work. So she didn't talk about her morning, or what Alistair had said to her, even though they could both tell that she was upset.

Spending time with them helped. Taylor's cheerfulness and enthusiasm was contagious. As far as Michael went, teasing a boy a little always made Laura feel a bit better, even if this particular boy didn't know that she was sexy and naughty blonde babe fucked in the pawnshop hardcore and bigboobs. She went carefully with Michael, limiting herself mostly to casual touches on his arms or legs as she spoke to him and a bit of flirty eye contact, but by the time lunch was over Michael was quite flustered and Laura felt much improved.

"Are you sure you're all right?" asked Michael as they were putting their rubbish in the bin. He genuinely cared. "I'm fine," said Laura, doing her best fake smile. Taylor came up behind her and gave her a hug.

"We love you, you know?" the cute blonde said. "Let us know if there's anything." Taylor released Laura, and then bounced excitedly. "Oh, you said last week we could come and see your figurines.

When can we do that?" Laura thougth about her weeknights, now taken up with work at the clinic. "How about next weekend?" she said. "Saturday?" "Sounds great," said Michael. After lunch the rest of the day was easier.

Remembering she had friends made Laura feel less worried about the other recent developments in her life. She got through the long afternoon, and found herself facing the prospect of her second night working at the Mayim Clinic. (To be continued.)