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Exotick small breasted petite latina katie murphy pussy fucked
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I was staying for three days with my Army buddy, we had been transferred from Iraq to Fort Bragg where he got leave to move his new bride to our post. I say new bride because even though they had been married almost a year, most of that time he was in Iraq.

I went with Walt to move her and their stuff to their new home. The apartment she was in was a small single bedroom so I had to sleep on the couch until we packed their furniture and stuff in a trailer.

When Walt introduced me to his wife Shelly I was smitten.

Tall, long brunette hair that fell almost to her butt, beautiful gold flecked brown eyes, an angles face, and legs that went from the floor half way to heaven. As he held and kissed her for the first time in months I could only stare at her back, ass and legs. As they clutched his hand dropped to her tight round ass which was rocking with anticipation of the coming night.

I sat on a chair and watched my friend and his wife almost screw each other standing in the front room of the apartment. They finally broke the erotic embrace and turned their attention to me. Walt asked Shelly, "What is he going to do while we get caught up in there" he nodded toward the back of the house. "I thought maybe Missy could show him the town and maybe a good time." Walt thought for a few moments then replied "Your sister? She's not old enough to go to bars yet." "She's old enough to fuck his balls off though, and I big booty amateur milf hot milf fucked delivery guy he doesn't need to get drunk to appreciate a pretty piece of 19 year old ass.

If I call her you have to do any damn thing I want tonight, and I've had months to think of what I want." When she was done propositioning him she turned her large brown eyes on me, "Think you can handle a 'set your balls on fire' red head tonight?" I looked back at the beautiful brunette just as boldly, "I could handle her and her sister if I had too." As Walt poured himself a shot of whiskey he spoke up, "Not necessary my friend, this one will be busy for the next few years." Shelly called her sister and from the way she talked I'm guessing they'd talked about my visit before I got to town.

The conversation was short, limited to "Hi Missy, can you get away? Yeah, I need some time with Walt and if you can keep Andy busy for a few hours I think we all would appreciate it. Andy? His name is Andy and he is hot girl, you won't be embarrassed to be seen with him in public." As she talked Walt poured another half glass of whiskey over some ice cubes and gulped most of it down in one swallow.

I declined the offer of a drink.

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After Missy kinky woman gets her butthole fucked by big black cocks her sister that she would come over to pick me up Walt asked Shelly "Is Andy going to get some or is she going to keep her pants on?" Her answer was "Don't worry about what she might do with him, you need to worry if you can get it up six or seven times tonight.

I have 10 months of empty space between my legs and if you can't fill that hole I'll take it somewhere else." Shelly wrapped her arms around her husband and started a fire with her lips on his. I was sitting across the booth from a young mahogany haired woman just as stunning as her older sister.

This was one blind date that blinded me with the radiance of her smile and the lights in her green eyes. The mother of the sisters must have done something very pleasant to some god to have dad fight me neeb sex two such beautiful girls. I got the impression from Walt that Missy would flop back and let me fuck her only because Shelly needed some time alone with him, but sitting in the cafe with her made me realize this girl wasn't ready to trade her virtue just for her big sister's benefit.

In spite of what may have been hinted, the arrangement between sisters was not a mandatory quickie with a stranger in the back seat of a Ford, but a suggestion. Yes, Missy was a 'set your balls on fire' redhead but she wasn't ready to set my balls on fire, not immediately.

But my nads were urging me to test her loyalty to Shelly, to see what she would do to keep me from going back to the apartment too soon. It's amazing how much one can see or talk about while walking around the waterfront of Savannah Georgia at night. After a light dinner in a local cafe she and I wandered around Savannah's historic district for hours, chatting each other up, exploring the possibilities of a relationship beyond a few hours.

Around four that morning Missy asked me "Do you think you can go back now, I mean she's probably exhausted him, they should both be sleeping." "You trying to get rid of me?" "I'm tired Andy, I need some sleep myself." As I looked her in the eyes I decided what the hell, "Let's take a room, we can both get some rest in a couple more hours." Missy smiled pleasantly, leaned to give me a quick kiss on the mouth, "It took you almost eight hours to proposition me, either I'm getting old and fat or you aren't as desperate as Shelly thinks.

I have to go home, alone, but I wouldn't mind another date." I had a key so after Missy dropped me off I slipped into the apartment quietly. The place was dark and quiet, the only sounds I heard was the shuffling of my feet on the rug. The sofa was a fold out bed but was still closed up as a sofa.

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I shucked my shoes then walked silently to the bathroom to take a piss. I brushed my teeth, peed then went to catch some sleep.

When I stepped in to the front room I thought I was having a vision. I was looking at the long legs and ass of Shelly as she bent over to unfold the bed. She was wearing a long red satin sleeping gown that molded softly around the curve foursome with tiny russian teens her back and thighs.

Startled, I grunted in surprise which cause her to straighten and face me. "I'm sorry" she whispered, "I didn't mean to surprise you, I heard you come in and I was just unfolding the bed." "It's a nice surprise, I don't usually see angels at five in the morning." Shelly smiled wistfully, "Not everybody sees angels here. How was your date?" "Your sister is really nice and she didn't' even have to fuck me to keep me interested in her." "She didn't go to bed with you?

I asked her too." "Believe me Shelly, I really appreciate that you asked her to fuck me silly but after talking to her for a while I sensed she would only because you asked, not because she wanted me that way. I'm going out with her again tomorrow," I looked out the window at the brightening sky, "or should I say, tonight." Shelly looked at the floor, embarrassed, and said "that makes four of us that didn't get laid tonight." "Huh, but I thought." My friends wife sat on the edge of the sofa bed and sighed deeply "He got drunk, couldn't get it up.

I tried everything, I played with him, I pulled his hands all over my body, I sucked his limp dick but he never got hard." She stood and offered me her hand "Come with me, I want to show you something." Shelly led me to her bedroom where I saw Walt lying on top of the blankets naked as the day he was born.

She bent over him and started shaking him, calling his name "Walt, wake up. Come on open your eyes you drunk useless piece of shit!" After about 20 seconds of trying to wake him she turned to me and said "Nothing will wake him up until about noon. He's done this before, too many times." I didn't know what to say except "Jeeze, I'm sorry Shelly, I wish I could help." She turned to me and said "You can" then pulled her long satin gown up and over her arms and head.

In seconds the beautiful brunette was standing in front of me with all her charms and delights on display. "I gave him fair warning, take your clothes off Andy and fuck me right now, right here next to him." I stood stunned "But," I started. "No, you cant object, you can't turn me down.

Missy didn't take care of you and Walt didn't take care of me so we can take care of each other. I need to get laid, I need to feel cum fill me, spilling from my body after a long intense fuck." She sat on the side of the bed then lifted her legs and twisted around until she was lying on her back next to her passed out husband. She reached to me and ran fingers up the inside of my thigh then caressed the rapidly growing bulge in my pants.

"He wont wake up?" To answer my question Shelly poked Walt again, saying out loud to him "Hey you drunk useless fucker, I'm going to screw Andy right here next to you and I hope he makes me pregnant!" Walt just grunted and rolled to his side away from her. She looked back at me "We have enough time to fuck three or four times.

When he finally comes around he will notice the stains all over the bed, I'll tell him what a great time we had, he'll be happy." The sad frown she had been wearing since I came back turned softly, easily to an enticing smile.

"Get naked Andy, we are going to celebrate your homecoming." I started taking my clothes off. Shelly didn't need any foreplay and I didn't' have to be sneaky, furtive, aggressive or pleading. After my clothes were on the floor she opened her arms in the universal invitation to join her.

She held my arms as I eased onto the bed between her long shapely thighs then rolled her hips when the rock hard head of my erection brushed through the soft dark curls along the heated wet folds of her cunt. I turned my head to watch Walt as his wife thrust her body up to claim her reward for being lonely far too long. I slammed into the searing hot tunnel of her body which caused her to suck in a long gasp of air and moan it out as a reflex of the erotic action between her legs.

She pulled her knees up and rested her feet on the back of my thighs and began to hump her hips, shivering and crying out short yelps.

We ground our groins together in natures dance then she gripped my back and held me tight as she began to bounce with a series of increasingly stronger orgasmic contractions. I had been fucking the woman for only a few minutes hot asian cosplay more cams at hotcamliveco she was already peaking, casting off almost a year of chastity and loneliness.

The cries of intense pleasure from Shelly made me wary again, Drunk or not I would have never been able to sleep if I heard that racket next to me in a bed. Walt's limp body was swaying with the rhythm of my ass slamming into his bride. I watched the back of my friends head carefully as his wife rode orgasmic waves under me.

My balls cinched tight and finally gave in and began to feed her love starved womb. As I surged into her repeatedly Shelly pulled my head down and kissed me for the first time. I experienced the fire in her lips as I drained my nuts into her. She clutched me tight but began to tear up as she talked to me "I don't know what to say Andy, I needed that, I needed to get laid but I just cheated on my husband, I never did that before. " My erection refused to die, it was still bathed in the hot wetness between her legs so I rocked my ass to let her know I was still there.

She shivered from shoulders to thighs, kissed me lightly then asked "Am I bad Andy, is this okay?" "Did it feel okay?" She pushed up on my shoulders then looked down to where our stomachs met then smiled and said softly "It felt fucking fantastic.

He won't wake up for hours, can you keep it up that long?" I pushed up and off Shelly, poked Walt in the back "Hey Walt, I just screwed you wife, you want to wake up and watch us do it again?" Shelly twittered a light happy laugh then rolled me to her side, we were face to face, legs entangled as we began to get acquainted with each other properly.

She caressed me, I fondled her as we whispered tenderness and encouragement to the other. To her delight my cock quickly regained its full glory so she guided it with long tender fingers to the entrance of her body so I could fuck her again.

We were still face to face as I stroked in and out of her, her butt was bumping her husbands as we coupled. The room was getting lighter as the day grew older and I could see clearly who I had my dick in.

She was even more ravishing naked and hot than she was fully dressed. A surge of conscience flooded my mind "Do I need to pull out, do you have a condom?" Shelly pulled me closer, rolled me to my back riding up with me until she was astraddle of my lap, still impaled on the weapon between my legs.

"No to both questions, I was serious when I said I want to get pregnant and if he cant do it, you will; after all, you're his best friend. If you would be willing to die for him, you should be willing to knock me up." Her mouth covered my lips and her tongue launched a sweet invasion. Shelly was rolling her hips, sliding her body on mine while I felt through her pubic hair and fingered her clit which was standing so swollen the end of it was exposed through the skin hood that covered it.

"Ohhh! God that feels good Andy, don't' stop, touch me, fuck me! I neeeeddd thissssssssss!" She wailed as she began to slam up an down on fat girl shows her juicy curves in backstage erection. Again I rolled my head to see what Walt was doing but he was oblivious to the impassioned sex that his wife and best friend were enjoying.

As I watched the back of his head my cock cramped with erotic pleasure and I began firing bullets of life into the woman as she gasped for air and shook the entire bed with her climax. She fell flat on me, her hot soft tits mashed to my chest, breathing fast and raggedly as she gulped fresh oxygen.

Slowly she lifted her head to look into my eyes, she was smiling radiantly "I needed that, I needed sex again and he couldn't do it for me, I'm so fucking happy you are here." "Believe me Shelly, I'm fucking happy to be here for you." I bumped my hips which drove my relaxing cock into her until our groins bumped, I could feel my discharge seeping from her, dripping along my prick to my nut sack.

She pushed up and looked down to where we were pinned together then twitched her cunt muscles, giving me another tender thrill. She lifted off me and watched my muscle fall to my stomach with a soft smack.

"You got off twice already, are you ready for number three?" Brown eyes locked hopefully on mine "Screw me again Andy, put your hard prick in me anywhere you want, I still need to be screwed,fucked, ravished; I need it all." I leaned back from her to look at her clearly and what I was looking at kept my battery charged. I bumped Walt with an elbow "Hey, are you awake yet?" He only grunted and buried his head deeper into his pillow. "OK, as long as you are asleep, your wife is going to give me a blowjob." Shelly gave me a look of pure lust, slid down my body until her head was over my lap.

She gripped my cock then slipped the end of it between her lips. She licked the cum off the shaft and my balls then started fucking me with her hot soft mouth. I laid back and enjoyed the enthusiastic mouthing until I was hard enough to get involved with her again. I lifted her head from my erection then got off the bed. I urged her to her back and across the bed so her head was lying on Walt's hip and her legs dangling over the edge.

I put my hand on her knees and pushed her thighs far enough apart that I could fuck her. I rammed my solid muscle into her which caused her to start tossing her head back and forth as she reveled in the wild uninhibited sex. As she shook her head her long hair was flipping and sliding on her husband, caressing his skin. He didn't feel a thing; not the hair tickling him, her head pillowed in the curve of his hip or the wild passionate screwing his wife was enjoying.

She pushed me out long enough to roll to her stomach, offering me a beautiful view and full access to her from behind. I pushed back into the flaming hot cunt and grabbed her hips. The longer Shelly and I coupled the more vocal and animated she got. She got so damn loud, yelping and crying out her rapture I again got scared that Walt would wake.

After fifteen minutes of the most intense activity I'd had in years my body was beginning to cramp. Shelly reached the final peak of ecstasy and went completely stiff, nothing was moving as the end of my cock tore open and I finished the job of fucking her in a series of ball wrenching seizures. When the first surge of semen blasted against the walls of her womb she opened her mouth then bit Walt's hip, just at the top of his thigh.

When we were done quivering, Shelly moved around until she was lying next to her husband again, she looked up at me and murmured "God I needed that" then closed her eyes. I gathered my clothes and went to the front room for some much needed rest. It didn't' surprise me that it was Walt that shook me awake about 11 that morning. "Hey, what the hell did that girl do to you, you don't normally sleep this long?" My heart froze solid in terror that he was asking about me bawdy cleft torcher for this awesome hottie Shelly until he added "Did Missy leave any marks?" "No man, she was the perfect little lady but she kept me out until about four so you and her sister could wear each other out." That was the truth.

"Come on, I got coffee going, Shelly is still passed out from the long hard night. Man, I gotta tell you, she left teeth marks this time, it was awesome!" I was getting ready to meet Missy again when Shelly approached me "I went to the store and bought a bottle of Ole Turkey Malt Whiskey for Walt. It's his favorite and he'll be out by 10.

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I really do want a baby and he's not up to the job." She looked into my eyes softly "I want to get pregnant in my own bed." When the pretty little redhead picked me up for a night on the down I thought it a pity I wouldn't be screwing her.

I had to save my first born child for her older sister.