Booty girl in the kitchen

Booty girl in the kitchen
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As you walk through the stables at Dark Horse Farms looking at the different merchandise for rent or sale you may or may not wonder who we once were.

If you pause to look into the stall where I am kept, chained to the wall, you would see a curvy redhead with large blue eyes, round high breasts, slender waist and long legs, a toy to be rented for your amusement. However once I was a typical collage student, eager to be out on my own and to prove that I was independent, smart and sophisticated. I even had a name then, Kathryn. In truth I could be your daughter, only your daughter is well guarded and cared for at a private school as you are aware of the dangers and I was attending a public school and completely unaware slutty minx with small tits strips down what lurked in the shadows.

If you had paused long enough to ask how I had become the property of Dark Horse Farms I would have told you that I don't really quite recall. I do remember being out at the bar with friends, dancing, flirting with a group of men slightly older than ourselves, risky perhaps, but they had money, appeared harmless and were willing to buy the drinks and what poor collage student turns down a free drink.

Besides we were smart independent women who could take care of ourselves, well at least that's what we thought…& You walk by I think back on the last month, from when I was first brought to Dark Horse Farms, how I broken and trained and finally auctioned off for the first time.

Slowly I come back to consciousness, laying there Milf en mallones se come el culo tube porn can feel the itchy straw beneath me and my first thought is why I am laying on the straw naked. Feeling fuzzy, unfocused I try to remember what happened to me, as I slowly open my eyes, looking around I realize that I'm in a stall, a horse stall actually, laying on a pile of straw completely naked, shivering in the slightly cool air, I guess its either early morning or evening by the light coming into the barred window.

Slowly I push myself ebony full sex stories sexi story and look around only to realize that a thick black leather collar is fastened snugly around my neck, ryan receives a bbc up her ass up I try to slide my fingers under it, but am unable to.

I run my fingers around the collar to find a large ring embedded in the front, on both sides and in the back, I shudder as I touch ring in the back and realize it's padlocked to a length of chain, turning, I see that the chain is attached to another ring in the wall.

Slowly I brush the straw out my hair and listen to the noises around me and I realize that I am not alone, as the sounds of crying, whimpering and moaning reach my ears. "Hello, Hello" I call out " Help, please help, I'm chained up this stall" For a moment its quiet and then a soft female voice responses "be quiet, your going to get in trouble" "Please, please help me" I call out " I just want to get out of here, please " Again its quiet for a few moments and another voice female voice, a little louder responses "shut up, your going to get us all in trouble, there is no help here" Becoming angry at what seem to me to be inadequate responses to my simple request for help, as it has not occurred to me that these girls are likely chained as well, I call out loudly " HELP, HELP, I'M CHAINED UP IN THIS STALL" I hear soft moans as I continue to yell "HELP, SOMEONE ANYONE, HELP" Suddenly I hear a door open and as the door opens I hear several soft female voices "ohh no, now you've done it" Coming down the center isle I can hear sound of firm footsteps and I quickly pull some straw over me, trying to cover up.

In a matter of moments a tall svelte blonde woman is standing in front of the stall, she is a striking woman, likely in her mid fifties, with green eyes filled with concern as she looks shocked to see me cowering in the straw. "Oh my dear what happened? How did you end up here?" Instantly I'm grateful and respond "I don't know, I woke up and found myself chained here, I'm sure there's been some mistake." Completely unaware that this is a game that the blonde enjoys with the more naïve girls, it still hasn't occurred to me this could never be a mistake.

Who chains up a naked girl in a stall with a bunch of other girls without doing so on purpose? "Well my dear I'm Brenda and let me get you out of there, I'll be 2 girls 1 boy xxx hot back" I gush and smile " oh thank you thank you Brenda" I watch as she walks away, assuming she's gone to fetch something for me to wear, I settle in the straw, feeling a bit more relax.

I hear Brenda talking further down stable, but am unable to make out what she's saying, I assume she's telling someone about the awful mistake and making arrangements to get me out of here. I hear foot steps coming back to the stall and Brenda appears with a blanket and a set of keys, unlocking the stall she steps in, tossing the blanket over me, before undoing the chain lead and helping to me to my feet.

In a soft cooing voice she sheppards me out of the stall "come on dear, let's get you out of here". As I walk through the stable, Brenda's arm wrapped around my shoulders, I smile smugly at girls I see chain in stalls, thinking myself much smarter than they, all they had to do was ask after all.

As I step out of the stable into the yard I gush on and on about how grateful I am, how I wouldn't tell anyone about this place. Still early morning, the Farm is just beginning stir in the dim light and it looks like any other horse farm. As I'm walked towards the center of the yard, I don't pay much attention to the different pens, corrals, sturdy posts, fence like structures many of which are hard to make out in the gloom.

Suddenly I'm firmly steered towards a grassy area where two other women appear, before I can react I'm pulled forward into one of the pens, my arms dragged upward and locked into place, spread wide between two posts. "What, what's going on" I scream "You said this was a mistake" twisting I try to kick my legs free of the strong hands that grab each ankle skillfully, spreading them wide and quickly fastening them to large rings cemented into the ground.

I twist and thrash, trying to get my self free, as Brenda pulls the blanket off and stands back to look at me with the two helpers big black cock beauty sex stories and the slightly behind her. "Very nice indeed, she'll do well here don't you think Gretchen" Brenda turns to look at a beautiful flaxen blonde. "Oh very well Brenda, look at how those tits bounce as she tries to get free, just think how wonderful their going to look bouncing up and down when a cane is used on them." "What a prefect way to start the day and to start the slut's training Gretchen." Turning to a small brunette Brenda says "Ella go fetch a cane, we'll start this slut's education now" "Right away Ms Brenda" Ella disappears as I continue to twist and pull at the restraints unable to believe this is happening to me.

Brenda gorgeous japanese gal ryo sasaki visits one dude to tutor him but he has other things on his mind he Gretchen look me over slowly, carefully, discussing me like animal. "Your right Gretchen she has wonderful tits, but look at her ass, its nearly perfect" as she reaches over and pulls the tight creamy checks apart I scream "nooooooo noooooooo You said this was a mistake" Ignored as the two of them continue to inspect me Gretchen responses "oh nice, that tight hole is black teen naughty hoe gets a cumshot to look delightful impaled on something big and hard.

You know Brenda it's going to be hard to decide what should rape that hole first, there are so many options, baseball bat would be fun, but then again a Great Dane would be just delightful, I'm sure she's never fucked a dog before." Laughing as I instantly become still, horrified by what I'm hearing, Brenda says "or perhaps we should think about loosening up that hole with a Boa Constrictor first, it would open the entire hole, we just got that snake in yesterday, you know Gretchen I bet the guests would love it, after all it would a first here at Dark Horse.

"You're a genius Brenda; I'll have Samantha make it tonight's featured entertainment at the dinner theater. Oh good Ella's back" I turn to see the petite brunette come up, carrying two bamboo canes, each two inches round, flexible as both Brenda and Gretchen expertly snap them in the air, as the they come around in front of me.

"Welcome to Dark Horse Farms slut, I'm Brenda lovable sweetie is gaping spread vulva in closeup and getting off fingering and hairless head handler here and this is Gretchen, she is the handler for your stable." I stand chained, spread wide between the two posts, looking wide eyed barely able to understand what's going on. "You, You said this was a mistake, you said you would let me go" I whimper.

Laughing softly Brenda says "oh you misunderstood my meaning, a mistake was made, you should have been chained standing up, spread wide like you are now and when I said let's get you out of here, I meant out of the stable and you are out of the stable aren't you." I stand there, shaking between the posts, whimpering, "but you said" I say.

"And I did exactly what I said I would do, now didn't I" Brenda says, as she causally reaches out to grab one plump pink nipple, stretching and twisting it hard "oh yes very nice tits indeed" as Gretchen slowly runs her fingers over my cunt, spread wide as my legs are spread painfully between the posts "very nice cunt, we're going to make a lot of money on you slut".

My head snaps up as I stammer "what do you mean, make money on me" All three women laugh softly, but it's Brenda who speaks "welcome to Dark Horse Farms slut, you are newest cunt here. Let me explain, Dark Horse Farms is a very special farm, we offer only the finest human animals to our guests who enjoy, shall we say the darker more extreme pleasures.

Pleasures that you can't find anywhere else, for you see slut, nothing is taboo here, and for the right price our guests can indulge in anything thing their heart desires. Our guests indulge all their darkest desires here with no one judging them, rather they often try to out do each other. Now let's get started with your training, after last week-end's hunt we're down a dozen sluts" Gretchen smiles wickedly, flexing the cane slightly and moves to stand behind me as Brenda with glittering green eyes move in front of me, flexing the cane.

"Your are now nothing more than property of Dark Horse and you will do anything your handler or a guests request" causally lifting the cane up and skillfully bring it down over my tits with a wicked WHISH, I buck and scream "aghhhhhhhhhh" as the cane bites down, compressing the creamy skin of my tits, I gasp leaning forward against the cuffs holding me to the post, as she lifts the cane again.

"You will be tortured, raped, abused, taught to fuck alexis texas end bid cock suck everything from dogs to horse to pigs and you will love it slut" SMACK as Gretchen's cane comes crashing down, biting deep into my ass "aieeeeeeeeee" I scream bucking forward to get away from the pain, as I do so my body arches up, lifting my tits " WHISH down comes Brenda's cane biting hard into the creamy flesh as I scream again, pulling forward to offer my ass to Gretchen's cane, SMACK I scream as the cane leaves a long red welt over my ass, I scream and twist between the poles, held firmly as Brenda and Gretchen work me over, WACK…&hellip.SWISH&hellip.SMACK&hellip.

the canes comes down over my tits and ass leaving long red welts. I nearly faint as the Brenda skillfully bring the cane over my nipples, before working over the tender undersides of my tits. Ella moves behind me on Gretchen's command and I feel her small hands grab and pull my cheeks wide, groaning I fail to understand what she's planning, I lean forward, slumped between the post as Brenda walks behind me, breathing hard I think its over.

"SMACK" "AIEEEEEEEEEE" I scream in horrible pain as with skill Gretchen brings the cane down directly over my asshole, I twist and groan, my screams echo through the farm as she begins to work my ass over in earnest as I scream as I see a small crowd is gathering to watch, I shudder in horror and humiliation at being displayed naked, however that soon pales as pain consumes my body, my screams seem to go on forever as Brenda moves back in front of me and for what seems like an hour the two of them work me hard, to the delight of the crowd, who calls out encouragement " come on, make those tits bounce harder, you can do better than that Brenda".

" More stripes on her ass, make her look like a Zebra Gretchen" I gag and gasp in pain, rocking back and forth as the two women work on me with their canes, my vision begins to blurry and then grays and then finally, gratefully I pass out. When I awaken later, I groan with pain and humiliation as I find I'm still chained out in the middle of the yard between the two posts, I don't know how long I've been out, but the sun's up now and I see the farm is busy.

I notice several naked girls tied out at different posts and wonder what is going to happen to them. My eyes widen as I look towards one of the corrals and see a girl, well I don't quite how to describe it, but it looks as if she's been mounted to the belly of a horse, and on the horse is an elegant middle aged woman ridding around the corral. I watch disgusted as the girl bounces and sways under the horse, her belly pressed to the horse's belly, I turn away thinking that I'd never allow them to do that to me.

I turn to the sound of screaming, horrible, wrenching screaming and see a blonde girl bound tightly chubby short sherry of lompoc california a post, while a man, dressed in what looks like English riding grab, stands behind her welding a bullwhip, CRACK, SNAP, CRACK, SNAP&hellip."too good to service my hounds are you slut, well tomorrow you can be the fox" I listen as the blonde scream and plead "no Sir, no, please no, I'll be good, I promise, I'll suck and fuck every last member of the pack, please." My head swims as I watch the sites and look around.

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I see several stables and wonder how many girls are here. I see several large buildings and my eyes widen as I watch a three beautiful redheads all haltered and tied to a wagon come by, pulling a family of four. As I turn, my stomach drops I see a large Irish Wolfhound trotting towards me, I wiggle and twist in cuffs that hold me, spread eagle to the post. "Ohh noo, please noo" I whimper to myself as the dog trots up to me and begins to nose at my cunt, I try to twist and wiggle away, but am unable to move much, the Wolfhound, seems to feel he's found himself a treat as he settles between my legs, and a large wet tongue starts to work over my cunt.

"Shoo, go away, please go away" I whimper and whine, as the hot wet tongue works deeper into my cunt, unable to twist away. I shudder and groan as I few guests notice and wander over to enjoy the show, a few lean against a fence, watching, a couple sit down, close to the dog to get a good view "wow he's got most his tongue up her snatch.

Boy I bet the cunt loves that" says one of the women. As I twist and groan, two middle aged blonde women walk up to enjoy the show, one leans against the post and begins to toy with one of my nipples 'enjoying yourself slut?

I bet that big soft wet doggie tongue in your twat feels great huh?" I whimper and whine "please, please make him stop, make him stop" The small crowd laughs and an elderly gentleman says "now why would we do that cunt, the dog is enjoying his treat." As I shudder in humiliation the second middle aged blonde leans against the other post and begins to pull on my other nipple "so you're the cunt who's going to be the show at dinner tonight huh?

I have to say I've never seen a snake fuck a cunt's ass, but it sounds like it'll be great. Donna over there and myself have already reserved front tables" I continue to shake and twist in horror, fear and humiliation as the dog's tongue amazing big ass anal french homemade girlfriend and amateur deeper into my cunt, I feel someone reach up and pull my cunt even wider "get it boy, get that snatch".

"Really she's going to have a snake fuck her ass" asks the elderly woman "we've seen a lot of things, Frank and I but that would be a first. We'll have to get our reservations right after the dog makes her cum" I gasp as the two blondes begin to pull and twist on my nipples, working them back and forth, "man that dog's got his whole tongue up her cunt" groaning I shudder begging them to make it stop, all the while none listens or cares.

"How's she doing folks" I stiffen with fear as I hear Gretchen's voice "keeping you all entertained I hope. This is our newest slut, so we are still looking for a name for her." The blonde, the first one who spoke "not bad Gretchen, not bad, but it seems a little unfair not let Thor fuck her, poor guy he's as hard as a rock" I hear the group laugh and Gretchen says "Ella go get princess and have her put into the middle ring for Thor to fuck.

Sorry folks, but we're going to save this slut's k9 debut for another day and in about an hour she'll be getting ass fucked xnxx miya khalifa mp4 download a Boa Constrictor for your viewing pleasure." As the crowd moves off to watch Thor with princess, whoever princess is, Gretchen calls over two more assistant handlers " Philip and Mark, take this slut down, get her groomed, Brenda wants her in pink and then she's to be staged.

" "Right away Miss Gretchen" I sag in pain and humiliation as I'm taken down, a lead snapped to the ring my collar, as I take a step forward; a swift kick from Philip brings me to my knees. "Crawl slut, like the animal you are, the only time your on two feet is when it's for a role or when you're told you may walk, understand." I sniffle and nod, only to receive a hard SMACK across my ass from Mark's crop "its yes Sir, stupid cunt." Biting my lip in pain, I nod and whimper "yes Sir." "Better, now come on stupid cunt" I crawl behind them as quickly as possible, looking around at the different building, the three stables, several large buildings, some look like grand Victorian homes, others like old southern plantation homes, off to the left, rather far away is something that actually looks like a castle, before I can look more I'm lead into the stable, I taken out of early, as I crawl down the center isle I now longer feel so smart.

I'm taken into a large room where I'm kept kneeling, the lead fasten to ring in the wall, my wrists and ankles fasten to rings in the floor. I kneel looking around, what's going to happen here is no surprise as I watch brunette glamour lesbians homewrecker sara luvv leah gotti madi meadows pornstars and fingering girls being scrubbed down, their hair washed and dried and then taken off to another room. I nearly bask in the warm water as I'm soaped and rinsed, my sore body enjoying the feel of warm soapy water and after having a group of six watch a dog eat me out, this doesn't seem like much.

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After being bathed I'm taken out and lead to another building, coming through the back I wonder what the front looks like. I'm brought into large long room, and seated in a chair to have my hair styled, fatigued and finding this strange I watch as my red curls are dried and brought into two ponytails with large pink sparkly bows, around my neck the heavy black collar covered with a large pink lace ruff as are the cuffs on my wrists and ankles.

Sheer silk nude stockings with 6 inch pink heels complete the outfit. I'm chained to the wall and left alone, I wonder what's going on, I think surely the whole snake thing is a joke, pulling on the chain and finding it won't move I sign, thinking I have to find away to escape.

Shortly Philip and Mark return, "walk slut" I walk out onto a stage, my eyes widen in horror as I see a set of stocks bolted to the middle of the floor, next to the stocks is a cage with a huge snake in it. I stop "noooooooooooooooooooooo" I scream, "nooooooooooooo" I turn to run, but Mark and Philip have been prepared for this, and have a hold of me, quickly and firmly I'm dragged to stocks, forced to lean forward at the waist and locked in, the bar coming down over my head and hands.

Kicking and screaming I feel strong hands grab my ankles, blonde hottie needs more than a dick them backwards, spreading my legs wide and suddenly their locked into place on the stage. I hear a clicks and whirls and large TV screens flicker to life and I see myself center stage, bend at the waist, locked in the stocks as full heavy tits sway under me, thick red ponytails fall forward I look ridiculous dressed in pink bows and lace.

Mark reaches under me and fastens a set of nipple clamps on to my tits, tightening them down until the tender buds are smashed flat, after which he picks japanese home solo my ex gf misaki two slender chains which are hooked into rings on the floor and attaches them to the clamps.

"Need to pull the chains down a bit Mark" Phil says "to really draw those udders out" I groan as Mark pulls the chains down tightly, dragging my tits down my nipples, pulling them taut.

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"Yeah that looks good". I look at the large screen TVs and am unable to believe that's me "nooooooooo nooooooooooooo you can't do this I scream" Suddenly a large red apple is shoved into my mouth "Pink Lady, the prefect gag" says Mark. Phil pulls over the first cage "well slut that's the Boa you'll be taking up the ass, what ya think of the big guy, Mark and I measured him, his 10 feet long and about foot thick.

Now we know you must be wondering how their going gonna get that big boy to fuck your ass? We'll their going to put a couple of nice fat mice in your ass first and let the snake go after 'em" Mark laughs "aught be a hell of show in of its self, but you know Ms Brenda, one snake isn't good enough for the folks here at Dark Horse" slowly pulling over a second cage filled with grass snakes, "yes Sir, only the best for our guests" I groan into the apple gag as Philip and Mark walk off the stage, leaving me to look out on the dining room, the large flat screens and the cages of snakes.

Slowly guests begin to enter the theater, I'm nothing more than a prop for a show, I whimper into the apple as they walk up onto the stage, running hands over my body, squeeze my tits and ass. Fingers prod at my ass and pussy, laughter over the idea that'll be taking the Boa up the ass as bets are made on how much I'll be able to take.

I female voice asks "why don't they just let the Boa go all the way" A man laughs and says "it'd kill her to take all 10 feet of him". "Who cares, that's what she's here for, to entertain us" says the female voice. "She's not the disposal list yet Miss, but when she is, certainly that would be one way to snuff her", I shudder as I hear Ms Brenda's voice.

"Well I'll be keeping my eye on the list, I'd love to see her snuffed by snaked" giggles the woman. "What is its name by the way?" "We haven't named it yet, Miss, there's a board over there where you can writer your suggestion, we big naturals huge natural boobs fucked and bounce part20 to have our guests to name our animals." I watch the woman walk off, as another woman asked "what are all the small snakes for Ms.

Brenda?" "Oh well that is a special surprise Mrs. Thornson." "Well I do love a surprise and tell me why are her tits clamped and chained to the floor?" "It keeps her from moving, if she moves she'll rip her nipples off." "Splendid Ms Brenda, I know we're going to be happy to have reserved a front table" says a gentleman.

"I'm sure you and Mrs. Thornson will be delighted Sir" A voice comes over a speaker "Ladies and Gentleman if you would take your seats dinner is about to begin. Slowly the crowd drifts off the stage, leaving me alone.

I look blonde milf gets fucked by knight hero in the nature over the dining room and see that's it packed with well dressed men and women all focused on the stage, TV screens are stationed through out the room to give all of the guest a wonderful view and I realize as the screens split that cameras are set to give a close feed of my pussy and ass.

The voice over the speaker "Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to Dark Horse Farms Dinner Theater. Tonight for your viewing pleasure we have our newest acquisition, a 21 year old slut who will be featured in Dark Horse Farms first ever presentation of snake ass fucking.

I watch in horror as the crowd applauds and a beautiful brunette walks onto the stage, opening the cage brings out the massive boa. Ladies and Gentleman the Boa is 10 feet long and 13 inches thick, tonight she'll be taking two johnnny sin and his daughter of the boa in her ass as we don't want to snuff her just yet. The crowd laughs and jokes are made about snuffed by snake would make an excellent dinner show as well.

"Now Ladies please look under your plates, one of you will have a lucky ticket". I watch as plates are eagerly picked up and a young blonde jumps up yelling "I have it I have the golden ticked." "Congratulations Mrs.

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Alison please come up on to the stage, I watch as Mrs. Alison runs up onto to the stage, beaming. Ms. Brenda steps forward, shaking her hand, you'll be putting the mice in her ass Mrs. Alison" "Oh I can't wait" she says reaching to take two mice from another handler. Slowly the center stage begins to turn and it stops when I'm positioned facing the back of the stage, with my ass towards the guests. I watch as both cages of snakes are wheeled around to where Ms Brenda, Mrs. Alison and the snake charmer are standing.

I groan and whimper as I look at the TV screen hanging over the stage, I see my ass perfectly displayed to the crowd. The voice comes across the speaker again "Ladies and Gentleman let the show begin". I watch the screen moaning, at first I try to twist and wiggle, but the stocks and locked ankles keep me from moving much, not to mention the slightly twist pulls painfully on my nipples. I watch as two small blondes come forward and each one takes hold of a delicate ass check and begins to pull, opening my ass wide.

Mrs. Alison steps up beaming with delight, lifts both mice and then pushing first one mouse into my ass, then another, I gasp around the apple, my eyes fly wide open as I feel the little creatures begin to scurry around my ass, the TV screen cut into three screen shows me wiggling slightly and the close up of my real gay incest hidden camera closing after the mice, I groan and whimper, waiting, I hear dinner progressing and causal banter among the guests, about how much of the snake I'll be able to take, what a good name for me would be.

After about 15 minutes, I hear the guests settle down to the main course, as again the blondes come forward, I watch on the screen as they pull my ass open wide and the snake charmer slowly approaches walking around the red dress jenna haze rough, showing off the snake, before coming up behind me, the crowd cheers as she positions the head next to my ass hole.

I shriek into the apple as I feel the tongue dart in and out my asshole, the head of the snake slowly begins to wind its way towards me, a hush falls over the crowd as I watch unable to move, the snake slowly thrusts its head into my ass, I buck and groan heedless of the pain in nipples as the chain holds me tight my the nipples, the snake slowly and forcefully begins to worm its way into me, after the mice that I feel scurrying around in terror deep in my bowel, I try to twist and thrash but the pain in tits forces me to stop and stand quietly as my ass is slowly forced wide open, the snake a thick 13 inches continues to burrow its way up as I gasp and groan.

"Wow, look at her take that Boa up the ass." "Good cunt, let that Boa fuck you." "Now that's ass fucking." The crowd shoots encouragement, enjoying the show as they enjoy their prime rib.

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I gasping I feel the snake push upward restlessly going after the mice, after nearly a half hour the snake stops moving, having reached the ring that was placed around its body to keep it from going too deep. I look at the screen and realize I have two feet of Boa buried in my ass and if the ring had not been placed likely it would have kept going. I no longer feel the mice moving around, but I can feel the Boa still rhythmically moving inside of me and I wonder if it got them.

As I stand in the stocks, I listen to the guests' discuss the snake buried in huge tit claudia marie tore up by two angry men ass, dinner, movies, recent trips, their children. As the main course is cleared and desert served, "Ladies and Gentleman, one last treat for the night. If you would all take the piece of paper that was brought out with desert, we'd like you to guess how many snakes we can put in her cunt" I watch on the screen as the cage of grass snakes is rolled over next to me and one is taken out to show the guests.

I groan inward, but don't bother to beg, plead or call out; I've learned it doesn't matter. I listen to the buzz in the audience as the Boa continues to squirm in my ass, the cards are gathered up and brought up the front. "Ladies and Gentleman whoever guess the closes will have the opportunity to participate in her training tomorrow and we will be working on k9 training.

Shuddering I watch as the screen, this time the feed focused on my cunt, as the two blondes walk up. One holds the Boa up and out of the way as the other holds my cunt open for the snake handler……she picks up a snake and hold it up, the crowd begins to count………one…………I shudder as I feel the snake wiggle into my cunt……&hellip.two…& another snake slowly wiggles in ……groaning as the crowd counts out…&hellip.three…&hellip.four&hellip.five………six, I shudder as two more are allowed to slide into me………eight……I watched the screen as snake after snake is feed into my cunt…&hellip.nine…&hellip.ten…&hellip.eleven………12………I groan and gag around the gag as they try to fit one more in.

"That's it folks 12, grass snakes……&hellip.the lucky winner is Mr. Clayton." Mr. Clayton stands and smiles, nodding saying his looking forward to helping my k9 training, as he's already seen me with a Wolfhound eating out my cunt. As dinner is done, the guests drift slowly up to the stage, sipping after dinner drinks and looking at my ass and pussy, filled with snakes, I feel hands run around my ass were the Boa is still embedded and around my pussy. Idle chatter drifts around me, as guests discuss renting me and other possible ways I can be used to entertain them.

After awhile "Ladies and Gentleman Dark Horse Theaters is closing, please begin to exit. You an pick up your video and pictures in the gift shop on your way out.

And please remember to give your recommendations for name."