Cute babe with tan lines fucks hard

Cute babe with tan lines fucks hard
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Pleasures of the Northern Sky It was now 3 months over Ty's 6 month contract end date, and he was finally on a plane back to civilization after working in a remote northern mine in the Yukon, without a holiday.

It was going to be a great break from living on the mine for the last 9 months, finally home to his own bed and even booked two weeks in California to get some extra sunshine and warmth. It was only a 30 passenger twin engine that carried employees in and out of the mine, but being on the last flight of the day, after 11 pm, and since it wasn't a shift change day Ty was the only new latin young couple anal sex camshow tonight, having his own personal flight felt nice kicking back as the plane taxied onto the run way.

The 12 hr days as a welder had worn him down mentally but being 6'1 Ty had come to camp weighing 230 pounds and not very muscular, now Ty was 210 and muscular from his arms, legs chest and stomach.

In fact the only clothes that for him were the ones he was wearing that had come about 2 month prior in a care package from his mom. Even at 28 Ty's mom hadn't let go. Just as the plane came to a stop on the runway and the engines started to wind up, the cockpit door opened and out walked the stewardess, the company spared no expense getting their people in and out of site.

The stewardess was absolutely beautiful to Ty, who immediately took notice as she walked to him, seated near the back, Ty had time to take her in. She stood no more than 5'4, long brown hair, with a thin build no more than 120 lbs. She sex fuck son tbe mom a really pretty face with matching brown eyes to her hair, makeup done perfect but seemed very light and more natural, and her bright red lipstick glistened on her lips in the cabin light.

Her tight white button down showed pretty convincingly how perfectly perky her no bigger than C cup breasts were as they softly bounced with each step of her long slender toned legs under the even tighter knee length skirt she was wearing.

She stepped up next to Ty smiling with a beautiful smile and informed Ty, The caption asked me let you know that it will be and extra hour to hour and half flight back to Calgary tonight. We have to stop at the Sierra Mine to pick up some items being sent to head office, we are sorry if that affects any arrangements you made, she finished nervously. That's no problem darlin, I am just glad to be heading out of here, Ty said chuckling, plus with company like you sweetheart I don't think it will feel that long.

The stewardess blushed and dipped her head trying not to let Ty notice. I am sorry, Ty said quickly noticing her reaction, I didn't mean to upset or offend you by saying that. I just have been stuck in the mine for 9 months and I haven't seen a beautiful woman in that whole time. My manners have slipped me in that time apparently. My mother would wring my neck for it, said Ty laughing it off.

The stewardess looked up at Ty and reassured him with a smile saying, No no it's ok really, you didn't offend or upset me, I am just use to most of the guys making pretty aggressive comments on these flights.

Guess it just shocks me when a good looking mine employee speak so sweetly to me. Well I apologize for the barbarians that I work with, they tend to not have much class, more oil trash out here, Ty joked as the stewardess laughed sweetly. At least you only stared at me walking up to, she said with a mischievous smile on her face, most grab my ass as soon as I am within reach.

Ty stunned that he had been caught, stammered as he tried to think of what to say. Before he could she reaches out putting her hand on his arm. Don't worry I won't tell and I won't be upset when you stare at my ass when I walked back up front, she said smirking, I know I have a good one.

With that she turned and started back to the front of the plane, slutty czech nympho gapes her juicy pussy to the bizarre in a way that exaggerated the way her ass swayed as she walked.

She stopped and looked back at Ty smiling and winking at him before closing the curtain to the galley. The engines roared and the plane jolted forward picking up speed until the plane gently lifted off into the dark night sky. The cabin lights dimmed till only the lights along the aisle were the only light in the cabin, emitting a gentle glow. Ty leaned his seat back, kicked his cowboy boots off, and pulled his ball cap down over his eyes, and drifted to sleep.

Ty wasn't sure how long it had been but he was awakened by a gentle hand on his shoulder. Lifting his hat he was met with the stewardess's smiling face in the low light. Did you need anything, a pillow or blanket, or something to eat handsome?

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she asked. We are about 15 minutes from Sierra Mine. No I am ok darlin, said Ty still groggy, just maybe set me up a wake up call for just before landing in Calgary, Ty smiled knowing he was being corny. The stewardess smiled and shook her ok, Ok there Mr CEO.

With that she turned and headed back up to the galley. Ty leaned out to the aisle watching her perfectly shaped ass as she walked. I saw that, said the stewardess as she ran her hand down her left ass cheek from her lower back. Ty chuckled and pulled his hat back down and found himself stirring in and out of sleep hearing them land at Sierra, loading the items and then taking off again.

Airborne again Ty finally fell asleep completely again. Ty stirred as something felt strange. Something was different but with the low light and the hat over his eyes he just figured maybe the plane was adjusting altitude or jostling in some weather. That was till he heard and felt someone unzipping the fly of his jeans and a hand on his thigh. As he reached up to lift his hat the hand on his thigh lifted away as the other now reached into his jeans grasping his cock through his boxers.

He lifted his hat to be greeted by the stewardess smiling and holding a finger to her lips letting him know to keep quiet as she sat in the seat next to him. Her top was unbuttoned nearly all the way and her bra had been unhooked in the front revealing her perfectly shaped and perky breasts with her hard nipples jutting straight out at Ty.

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He was shocked, he had never had anything like this happen before, but he didn't keep that train of thought long as the she took his left hand and placed it on her left breasts. Then she took both hands and freed Ty's now rock hard cock from his boxers, as soon as she saw it, a fiery look of passion ignited in her eyes, like they flowed brighter than the aisle lighting.

Wrapping both of her slender hands around his shaft she stroked from the base up to just below the head of Ty's cock, up and down slowly and gripping tighter each time Ty's fingers would pass across or gently squeezed her nipple.

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Just as Ty's cock twitched hard, the stewardess slide down onto her knees and pulled his left leg aside, she wwe diva trish stratus truck stop movs forward opening her mouth and engulfing the head of Ty's thick cock and sealing her lips around it.

Her tongue lashed out swirling around his cock lathering it in saliva. As it built up she let small streams of saliva slip from her lips and run down his shift. Once Ty's shaft was nearly covered the stewardess took one hand and stroked his now slick shaft as he ran the other up under his shirt exploring his each bump of his abs and then firm muscular chest, all the while never relinquishing the head of his cock from her lips and swirling attack of her tongue.

The pure ecstasy of it all after having only his own hand for 9 months was becoming too much and Ty desired something he had to have right now.

Pulling the stewardess hands from his chest and shift she refused to release him from her mouth. He ran the fingers of his left hand through her hair started just above her forehead. As he reached the top of her head he tightened his grip pulling her head up, her slips making a slight pop and slurping sound has the head of his cock came free of her lips.

Ty stood and helped her to her feet, and kissing her, he reached down behind her, unzipping her skirt. He kissed down her neck hungrily till his lips sealed around her right nipple, and using his tongue to flick at the tip of the nipple. Reaching down he pulled her skirt up as he moved to continue his tongue lashing of her left nipple now.

Her gasps grew louder, as her skirt came to rest bunched around her waist and revealing the fact that big butt blonde gets cum pornstars amateur want not wearing any panties, her nipples aching for more, but without warning she felt Ty slip a finger between her wet pussy lips and slowly up across her clitoris, making her knees nearly give out in pleasure.

Ty kept his assault on her nipples working from one to the other while his finger came rest and move in small circles over her clit. Her gasps becoming moans, and shockwaves of pleasure shooting down her legs and up her spine. Her nipple slipped from his lips, Ty began working down across her stomach and lift her one leg so it rest on top of the seat next to her.

He moved down, then running his tongue between her pussy lips up till he sealed his lips around her clit.

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She grasped the back of his head between her legs as he began stroking his tongue up and down over her clit. Ty slipped his index finger into her pulsing wet pussy, and slow began running the tip of his finger along her G-spot, the stewardess buckling over at the intensity of pleasure and digging her fingers into Ty's scalp, pushing him deeper between her legs.

Her reaction only stood to encourage Ty to go further increasing his tongue and finger, faster and faster, till she was nearly falling over from the pleasure spreading weakness across her whole body. Finally unable to support herself anymore she slumped back and laying across the seats. Ty knelt on the seat between her legs, his extreme needle tortures and merciless punishment of amateur slavegirl rock hard and aching for her now, he leaned over her and thrust in.

Her eyes were shut trying to catch her breath and recover, but that's when his cock stretch her pussy sinking to its hilt in one swift motion. Her eyes snapping open and gasping, her legs instinctively wrap around Ty's mid section holding him in her as her pussy contracts squeezing him and increase both their pleasure.

Buried to the base of his shaft and bound by her legs Ty was not ready to just enjoy the moment and began thrust hard. The thrusting pulling and pushing the stewardess slender body back and forth across the seat slightly, but now with every curvy blonde harlot has her muff pumped the head of Ty's cock pushed up hard against her cervix, something never anticipated and it took her breath for a split second every time.

Her whole body became rigid as the incessant pounding brought her to a higher climax than she ever experienced. Feeling this Ty saw she was about to scream, without stopping his thrusts he placed his hand over her mouth just as her body exploded into full orgasm, and muffling her scream.

The intensity of her orgasm brought another first, feeling herself gush as she squirted for the first time sending streams down Ty's shaft. Ty feeling the explosive reaction from within her across the head of his clock and down his shaft and the hot stream of her juices, caused him to feel the swell of his load reach capacity.

Her body still twitching and tingling in complete bliss, Ty announced his oncoming onslaught, I am cumming, he gasped out. Her body reacted ignoring all the tingling and weakness pushing Ty back.

Stand up baby, she whispered, I want to taste you! Ty stood as she dropped to her knees again, swallow his entire length feeling it hit the back of her throat. It was primal for her now, she wasn't concerned with being loud slurping and popping his cock in and out of her mouth, moaning as she ran her tongue along the bottom of his shaft from the base up to the tip of the head, flicking the tip with her tongue before again engulfing him down her throat.

When the head of his cock hit the back of he throat this time his cock swelled as his hot load shot up his shaft. She pulled back enough to take his load across her tongue with her lips still sealed. His load erupted into her mouth, stream after stream, not prepared for how much there was she slurped to keep it all her mouth, having only a small amount pak istan xxx storys com out the corners of her mouth.

Finally, having unleashed his load she slipped his cock out enough to swallow the hot mixture of Ty's cum mixed with her own sweet juices and saliva. Releasing Ty's cock completely, he offers his hand to help her up.

She stand and looking into his eyes she wipes the cum at the corners of her mouth with he finger, the licks it clean. Ty totally lost for words pulls her to him with his arms around her waist and kissing her deeply. Finally pulling away, she breaks the silence between them, You better get cleaned up and dressed, we can't be too far from Calgary now.

Pulling her skirt back down and adjust her shirt, Ty stood staring at her still in shock over what just happened. She reached down grabbing his jeans handing them to him and point to the back of the plane where the bathroom was located. He turned still stunned and proceeded to the bathroom. He threw cool water on his face and got redressed.

Returning to his seat, he could hear the stewardess behind the curtain in the galley doing something, so he took his seat just as the captain turned the seatbelt light on.

The plane descended and landed smoothly, pulling up the the tarmac by the mine companies parking lot. Ty reached into his pocket hitting the auto start on his car keys, and grabbing his bag from the overhead. Still the stewardess hadn't reappeared from behind the curtain.

Finally the one pilot appeared opening the and letting the stairs down. The captain approached Ty and thanked him for his patience due to the last minute extra stop at Sierra.

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As the captain talked, Ty noticed the stewardess stepping off the plane in a coat with her bag. Not wanting to miss talking to her he hurried the conversation to an end with the captain.

As Ty stepped off the plane he caught only a glimpse of the stewardess as she stepped into a taxi just inside the parking lot and leaving into the dark night. Stud bangs darksome bawdy cleft with joy tried to find out who she was and how to find her with no luck over his time off, unable to get her off his mind. He had no luck and hoped to find her on his next flight into or out of the mine. Even bumping into the same captain on another flight, Ty asked if he knew her and was told that he hadn't but only heard she was moved to the international flight crews.

Ty never found her but would never forget.