Busty german teen in her first gangbang

Busty german teen in her first gangbang
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The boss sent Monerah on a 2 week vacation to Cape Town. She was to meet with some potential clients. She had to make a good impression on them because they were potentially huge accounts for the company. She arrived in Cape Town on Friday midday and headed straight for the penthouse suite, which was owned by her boss.

She took a long shower. After the shower, she lay on her king size bed; she began to play with her perky titties and her tiny pussy. After a few minutes, she used her rubber dildo vigorously on her tight little pussy and came a few times. She was sated but exhausted and soon fell asleep.

The vibrating dildo was still deep inside her moist pussy. Her pussy spasmed while she slept. A couple hours later, she was awaken by the ringing door bell. She pull the dildo out from her cunt and came hard. She quickly slipped on her cotton panties latinachili and agedlove in one hot compilation got off the bed and put on a blouse and a skirt.

She pulled her hair and tied it up into a pony tail with a hair band and she went to answer the door. She opened the door and there stood 3 black men.

They were well built over 6 feet tall and quite good looking. Themba was in a black jeans and blue t-shirt. Sipho wore a white shirt and blue pants. John had on a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans. She smiled at them and they grinned at her approvingly. She ushered them in. The Indian porter, Gona who escorted them to her apartment, was a bit concerned about why these 3 huge African men were invited into the rooms of a very beautiful, petite young Indian woman.

She also had a dot on her forehead indicating that she was married. "Please send me a few platters of savory eats a bottle of your best vodka and freshly squeezed orange juice. Thank you."Gona walked out the apartment and shut the door behind him. He imagined what they were going to do to her and his cock was already fully erect as he entered the lift. He was concerned that she was too tiny and that they might tear her apart.

"I guess she deserves what she gets. I would give anything to see how those black bastards abuse her young body." he thought to himself. Monerah introduced herself to them. They each hugged and kissed her on her mouth. Sipho said, "Your boss did not tell us that you are such a stunner!

You don't look a day older than 13.

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I can't wait to negotiate business with you. Your boss told me that you will be available to us for the next 2 weeks." "Come sit in the lounge while I get dressed" said Monerah as she pointed to the sofas.

Themba said, "No, don't get dressed; we like you as you are or even with less clothes on if you know what I mean." He winked at her. John opened his briefcase and took out a fat envelope. He handed it to her. "Open it my dear. It's for you as a welcoming gift." Monerah tore open the envelope and she found a thick wad of R200 rand notes inside.

"There's R15000 there for your service in advance. We hope that it's enough for now. There's plenty more from where that came." said Sipho. Monerah smiled at them. She was very happy. They began to unzip their jeans and pull out their man-meat. They began to stroke their growing cocks. Soon they were fully erect. Monerah looked in awe at their huge thick black cocks.

She gasped, "You guys have the biggest fucking cocks I ever saw in my entire life." Sipho asked her to come to him. She hesitated; their cocks were too big and she was afraid that they may cause damage to her poor little pussy. "The deal is off! You guys are too big hot and horny lesbian chicks make each other cum pornstars and fingering me and you will hurt me badly!" Sipho went to her and began tearing off her clothes.

The others helped him as she began to protest. All her clothes were torn to shreds. They began to perv over her petite sexy body, her perky tits and her tiny hair-less cunt. Sipho lifted her onto his lapped and began to kiss her mouth. His tongue was soon wrestling her small tongue while he rubbed and twisted her small firm tits. His big cock started rubbing against her wet pussy. He licked her ears and her neck and he was soon shoving her entire left breast into his big mouth.

She moaned as he sucked hard on her nipples. Her pussy was getting wetter. He lifted her up so that her pussy was at his mouth. He began to eat her tiny pussy. Her juices flowed into his mouth. His tongue abused her tiny clit and labia. She gasped loudly as she came, squirting her honey into his hungry mouth. John walked up to her behind the sofa and he bent down and French-kissed her mouth.

Soon he had her sucking his huge cock. Themba also joined in and made her stroke his cock while he fondled her tits. Sipho shoved his middle finger into her cunt. "Oh my gosh! She is so fucking tight, just like a virgin teen pussy." He finger-fucked her pussy while he licked her puckered asshole and she came again.

They swopped places until everyone had a taste of her sweet bits. They made her go down on her knees and then she was asked to suck their cocks and balls off.

Themba was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth and he suddenly shot his exclusive dont argue just fuck my black pussy. She had no choice but to swallow most of his cum.

Sipho wasted little time as he threw her onto the sofa and climbed on top of her. He lifted her legs and spread them over his broad shoulders. Her thighs were spread nicely apart. He worked 1 then 2 fingers inside her moist cunt. He asked Themba to pass the K-Y jelly. He applied some lube onto the length of his hard cock and to the entrance of her small cunt. He rubbed his cock head up and down along the length of her slit.

John shoved his cock into her mouth. Sipho pushed forward and his cockhead popped in. Her eyes went wide and she screamed through a mouth full of man meat. Sipho pushed some more and he went in another inch. "Oh fuck! This little bitch is so tight." He forced a few more inches into her cunt.

Monerah pulled John's cock from her mouth and yelled to Sipho, "Your cock sex stories saxy mia khlipa storycom too fucking big you bastard! Papa ne choda bati ko are gonna tear me apart!" The door bell rang. Themba told the others to take her to her bedroom.

Themba wrapped a bath towel around his waist and let Gona in with the service-trolley. There was a huge bulge in the front of the towel and the porter stared at it. The door to the bedroom was ajar and Gona's attention was drawned to Monerah's loud moaning and groaning. Then he heard her gurgled screams. John had pulled out his cock from her mouth. "What are they doing to her,man?" he inquired.

"Wanna see how an Indian cunt gets fucked by a real cock?" Gona nodded in excitement. "Then come with me." said Themba as he headed for the bedroom. Gona followed close behind, his cock already as hard as a rock.

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As they entered the room, Sipho just started to pump her tight little cunt with his big cock. The bed rocked and the head board started to slam against the wall.

Gona was shocked and excited at what he saw. "Ohhhh it's so big and you are going in too deep! I never had it like this before." cried Monerah. Sipho was only fucking her with half the length of his cock. Each time he hit her cervix, she screamed loudly. She came again violently. Her whole body spasmed. Sipho wanted to use his entire cock inside her cunt so he pushed hard as she came, her cervix opened up and his entire cock disappeared inside her small cunt.

She cried out loudly as Sipho pounded her deep inside making her cum again and again. He soon shot his load spraying the walls of her womb. He still fucked her for a few more minutes until his cock went limp and slipped out.

He had a very satisfied grin on his face. "I never had such a good fuck in my entire life!

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Her pussy is so fucking incredible I'm in love with her!" "Go get cleaned up baby. I also want to enjoy some of that nice tight little Indian pussy." said John stroking his hard cock. His cock was a few inches shorter than Sipho's but he was thicker. She got off the bed but she wobbled on her feet. She was truly fucked good. Juices oozed out of her gaping cunt and ran down her milky white thighs as she walked to the bathroom.

She took a hot shower and used the shower head to thoroughly wash the insides of her freshly fucked cunt. When she got back to the bedroom, the guys were drink vodka and orange juice. Themba offered her a stiff shot and asked her to down it in one go. She did and she regretted it because it was very strong and it burned her inside. John carried her to the bed.

He placed her on her back and spread her legs apart. He began to lick her pussy. Soon she was wet again. He flickered his thick tongue over her tiny clitoris as he began to finger fuck her cunt. He loved the taste and smell of her cunt and asshole and ate her out. She came hard and she cried out in ecstasy. "You want me to fuck you now baby?" Monerah shook her head. "Say what you want me to do baby! Call me daddy."he said. "Oh Daddy please fuck my tiny pussy with your big black cock!"she gasped.

John's thick tongue was fucking her pussy and teen scholl gral sex stories poran juices oozed onto his tongue. He turned her over onto her hands and knees.

He licked her puckered asshole several times. Then he spread her pussy lips with one hand while he guided his fat cock with the other. Her entrance was a tight fit but he stretched it wide enough for his cockhead to go inside. He stroked her slowly at first until her cunt became accustomed to his size.

"I bet it's better than your husband's cock. I'm gonna pound you hard now my baby girl! You gonna take it all inside your tiny cunt! Daddy's gonna make you hurt alot." John started to pound her as Sipho began to video film the action. She screamed loudly. "Ohhhh Daddy you got such a fat cock. You are stretching my pussy so wide.

Ohhhh gawd it's so fucking big!"He slapped her buttocks hard as he violated her. Themba pinched her nipples and squeezed her small tits hard. She cried out in pain and pleasure. "Uhhh Daddy I'm cummmmmming!" She came hard squirting onto his cock.

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He was pumping her hard and fast. And she was continuously cumming. "Ohhhh my pussy feels so good Daddy! I never got fucked so bad before! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I'm cumming again! I love it so much when all of your big black cocks hurt my pussy!" TO BE CONTINUED.