My dirty hobby massive titted slut fucked deep

My dirty hobby massive titted slut fucked deep
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Alex had been dating Linda for about three months, and spending three nights a week at her house for the last two weeks in a row. Things were getting serious between her and him, something they both welcomed. Both had been divorced for a decade, and where Alex had a 14 year old daughter, Linda had a 15 year old son. The kids got along well enough, but were in different social circles and different schools, so they didn't have much in common, and didn't hang out at all.

Both preferred to spend as much time away from their homes as possible, but both parents had devised a plan to bring the two kids a little closer. Today was a Friday, and there was a school dance planned for that night. Both teens were going, as Tom's girlfriend attended Krista's school. Krista was going without a date, planning on meeting a few of her friends there.

Alex and Linda were planning on making the most of their night together, allowing Tom and Krista to host a small party at Alex's place after the dance for a few of their friends. The kids were to spend the night there so as to alleviate the need for drunk driving, and the alcohol provided for the party was a mild amount of beer and wine.

Getting their friends to be friends was to be a way for the two teens to connect, was the theory, because the two adults wanted this union to happen so much. Alex's house would soon be on the market anyway, if the two decided to live together full time. The teens were allowed to have two friends each spend the night after the dance. Tom's girlfriend was obviously going to be one of his choices, and his mother was okay with that, having had a talk with the girl weeks before about birth control and consent.

His other choice was his very best friend, Clifford. Clifford was effeminate and lispy, son mom hole in the wall Tom was his friend.

Alex also had a long talk with Krista, and was okay with her plan to invite Kelli and Mary, her two best friends. All three were responsible girls, especially when they were together. The kids left the house for the dance in Tom's old beater wagon, backfiring in salute as it turned the corner away from the house. "They're gone." Linda smiled at her boyfriend.

"You know what that means." replied Alex, grinning back. "On your knees, slave. I own your ass, now." "Yes, Master." Linda said, kneeling on the carpet in front of the couch. He walked over to her, standing over her, his crotch right in her face. "Do you want me to suck it, Master?" she asked. "Not you." he told her. "Go upstairs and put on my daughter's school uniform, then come down here and suck your Germans 69 sex stories story download cock." "Yes Master." Linda smiled, a nasty gleam in her eye.

She went up the stairs, switching her ass back and forth as he watched. Five minutes later, he went to the foot of the step and called up. "Krista! Get your naughty little ass down here right now!!" Linda appeared at the top, her "C" cup bosom stuffed into Krista's "b" sized top.

"Yes, Daddy?" "Krista, come down here right now. I have to check and see if you've been naughty." "Yes, Daddy." Linda said obediently. Unbeknownst to either of the adults, Krista hadn't gone to the dance in her brother's car, she was waiting in the kitchen for one of her girlfriend's parents to pick her up. So when she heard her father call her down, she was astonished to see Linda wearing her clothes appear at the top of the stairs.

She watched, speechless, as her father called his girlfriend by her name, even more so when he pushed the woman to her knees and told her to "Suck it, Krista, suck Daddy's cock, be a good little girl, that's it, Princess, make Daddy feel so good!" Krista watched in shock as first Linda pulled her father's pants open and took out his sizable erection, the first Krista had ever seen in person. Her eyes got even bigger as her father took the woman's head in both hands and thrust his cock right into her mouth!

She was sucking on it, letting him slide it in and out of her tightly compressed lips at will, fucking her face, and the most shocking part of it was, her father wanted it to be HER doing that!

Krista imagined herself on her knees, in Linda's place, looking up and seeing her father's face in a rictus of ecstasy the way it looked right now, imagined herself on her knees with that thing in her mouth, sucking and swallowing and giving her father pleasure the way Linda was right now.

"Okay, Krista, get up." her father told Linda. He raised her to her feet, then turned her around and pushed her face onto the couch. "Gonna fuck you, Krista, gonna pop at cherry, gonna fuck you, gonna fuck you, little girl, are you ready for me?" Linda looked back over her shoulder at him.

"Is it going to hurt, Daddy?" She licked her lips like a slut. "Its my first time, Daddy, and I don't want it to hurt, okay?" "Okay, sweetie, Daddy's gonna take good care of you, okay? I promise I won't hurt my little girl, I promise." Alex was rubbing his cock up and down the length of Linda's pussy, getting his cock slippery with her juices. "Oh, Daddy, that's feels so big and hard back there! Are you sure something that big is going to fit?" "It'll fit, baby, it'll fit." Krista's father said, then started pushing his hips forward.

The girl could clearly see her father's cock sink fully within the woman wearing her school clothes, saw the look of ecstasy on the woman's face. She couldn't help but wonder what the woman was feeling, what she herself would feel. She watched her father fuck this woman who was pretending to be HER, watched her father get off on the fantasy that he was fucking his own daughter!

At last he pulled out of the woman, turning her around again and pushing her onto her knees. "Suck it, Krista, suck my cock, suck my cock, baby, get ready for your Daddy's cream, right in your mouth, little bitch, take my cock in your mouth and swallow my come, dirty little whore, dirty little slut, Daddy's little slut, suck my cock, you little teasing bitch, you little cock teasing slut, take my come down your throat!" Linda opened her mouth willingly as he took his cock in hand, pumping his fist up and down its length several times.

Krista saw his face turn beet red, and the head of his cock to match, then it spurted out 5 or 6 strong jets of creamy white goo, right into Linda's mouth and over both her cheeks and forehead. There was a long string of it down her nose and hanging off her chin, which Linda wiped up with one finger and ate.

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"Oh, God, baby, nobody sucks cock like you do. That was the best ever." he told her. "Who are you talking to?" Linda asked. "Me, Linda, or Krista, your daughter?" "I'm talking to you, Linda.

You're the best cocksucker I ever had. The most willing slave, too. I can trust you with my deepest, most forbidden fantasies. How many other women could I have admitted lust for Krista with? Even if they are my slaves, still, there's life in the daylight, too, you know? They would remember, and talk. You? I know you can't tell anyone of the things we do; it would destroy what you have as much as it would destroy me and mine." "We match; you're just as twisted as I am." she said.

"How many other slaves would be willing to play the part of your underage daughter?" "Speaking of whom, you don't think she's… ?" Alex asked, a little apprehensive. "I mean, her mother and I… well, I guess the kind phase for it would be… precocious.

She was only fourteen when we first met." "Master, no, she hasn't." Linda said. "That girl hasn't gone to her knees yet, I guarantee." "Good." Alex said, relieved. "I mean, I can tell from her personality that she's a natural submissive, even more than her mother was, but still, her… training… can wait until she's ready.

Unless she's lucky enough to find a great Master…" Krista heard her friend's mom pull up out front, and scooted out the kitchen door before they could honk. Her mind was filled with the things she had just seen and heard.

"Hey, Krista, you look nice." said Mrs. Thompson, her best friend Mary's mother. "I already dropped Mary and Kelli off at the dance. They didn't want to drive all the way across town with me to come get you." "Yeah, I can understand that." Krista said, getting in and buckling her seatbelt. "Thanks for coming to get me. At least you don't have to drive me all the way back." "No problem, sweetie, I just hope I wasn't too late.

I know it was supposed to be 6:30, but better late than never, right?" "That's okay, Mrs. Thompson, I…" Krista trailed off. She had a thoughtful look on her face. "What is it, sweetie?" asked the woman. She knew Krista didn't really have a mother figure in her life growing up, so these last three years of friendship with her daughter, she had been a mother to both girls, Seductive blonde has her juicy snatch hammered and Mary.

"I don't have a date for the dance." she said simply, tears brimming. "I don't know that I'll get asked to dance by anyone, either." "Oh, nonsense!" replied Mrs. Thompson seriously. "All you have to do is stand by yourself, away from your girlfriends, and a boy will come up to you and ask. I promise you. Just get away from the other girls so they don't scare him off." "Mrs. Thompson? May I ask something personal?" the girl asked, timidly.

"Of course, dear, anything, you know that. I've loved you like Mary's sister ever since the first time you came to my house." "Well, it's the way Mr. Thompson… treats you." Krista said hesitantly. "Not when everyone's awake and up and dressed. They way you two are together when me and Mary are in her room and you and him are in his Den." "You know about that?" Mrs. Thompson whispered. "Does Mary know about that?" she asked, dread filling her face.

Krista shook her head. "Mary doesn't know. She knows something, but she doesn't want to know, if you know what I mean. It would be like her sneaking downstairs on Christmas Eve and seeing her Dad putting the presents under the tree. Even after kids know that's what happens, they know they don't want to see it." "Okay.

Okay. Good." said Sanileon seksi story sex stories download. Thompson, looking relieved. "So, what do you know about it?" she asked.

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"I don't know anything about it. I saw you on your knees doing things with your mouth to Mr. Anderson while he said filthy things to you, called you all the names that bad girls are called, he did all the things to you that porn movies have in them, and you loved every minute of it." "So did you, from that look in your eye." laughed Mrs. Thompson. "You wished it was you, didn't you? Are you a naughty girl? Do you belong on your knees, too?" "Not that night." whispered Krista. "But today, when I saw Linda doing the same things to my father, I wished it was me then." "Oho." chortled Mrs.

Thompson. "There is a submissive little slut in there. Mr. Thompson would like it if you came over to our house tonight instead of going to the party." "I… I uh… I'll go to the party, Mrs. Thompson, if its all the same to you. Maybe I am a submissive little slut, but I'm not ready to get on my knees quite yet.

I'm only fifteen." "Fifteen is old enough." Mrs. Thompson said. "All right. If you ever change your mind, my husband is an excellent Master, nor am I his only slave." They pulled up in front of the school, where scads of kids were milling around outside. Several of them peeled themselves off and headed for the car. "Hey Mrs. Thompson, would you mind dropping us off at our private party a little early? This dance is the lamest ever." Kelli said, opening the back door.

Mary hopped in and slid over for her friend. "Hi mom. Thanks for bailing us out. 2 mint sunny leon xxx and Lisa will be over later, in his car. I guess he's going to bring his dweebie gay friend Clifford, too.

That should be a buzz kill all the way around." "You could be a little nicer about it, Mary. That isn't a very lady-like thing to say." said Mrs. Thompson.

"I'm not a lady, Mom." Mary said, for the hundredth time. "Still, one can try." said Kelli airily. "Even if one is as course as burlap, a little velvet lining soothes the skin." "Exactly, Kelli, well put." said Mrs. Thompson. "And if all I got to wear is burlap, I'll go buck naked instead." Mrs. Thompson sighed as Kelli and Krista giggled. "All right girls, here we go." she stopped the car in front of Kristi's house. "Have fun, but not too much fun, if you know what I mean." The girls piled out of the car and ran into the house, giggling and laughing as Mrs.

Thompson drove away. Krista opened the front door and all the girls went inside. As they were shedding their coats onto the chairs and couch, the kitchen door opened, and Tom walked into the room, followed hot mummy sex sex stories storys by his two friends. "Hello ladies." Tom said, smiling at the girls.

"Hey, Tom, where's Clifford?" Krista asked. "Clifford won't be joining us this evening, Krista." he said. "These are my friends Colin and Peter." "Hello." said Krista politely, nodding slightly at them.

"Where is Lisa?" "Lisa and I broke up tonight." Tom told her. "Your father explained a lot of things to me over the last few weeks, Krista, things about the relationship between men and women, and Lisa just wouldn't… cooperate.

She wouldn't look at things from the proper perspective." "You two broke up? But she loves you so much…" Krista said, sounding disappointed. "Aww, I really liked her, too. So pretty." "She'll come around, in time." Tom said confidently. "But for tonight, I want you to see your true natures, all three of you, and for that, I have my friends Colin and Peter here to help me.

"Our true natures?' asked Mary. "You mean like my mom?" "That's exactly right, Mary. Just exactly like your mother. And Kelli's mother. And yours, too, Krista. Its time the three of you assume your proper places." "I'm not… I don't want to be like my mother." Mary whispered. "Please? I'm not like… that." "Oh, yes you are, Mary, you especially. I know who you are. And my friend Colin here is just the man to show you. Kneel before him, look up into his eyes, and you will know your true place." Colin stepped right in front of Mary and put his hands on her shoulders, looking her straight in the eye.

Gentle pressure was all it took to lower the girl to her knees before him. "Please???" she begged. "Please, don't make me do this!" "I'm not going to make you girl and her best friend get fucked striptease hardcore anything, Mary." he said, opening his pants and exposing himself to her.

Peter took Kelli's face in his fucking a teen who loves porn girlfriend doggystyle, captured her gaze, then slowly had her kneel before him. Mary was on her knees as well, both girls looking up at the men in front of them. "On your knees, Krista." Tom said softly, looking into her eyes and putting his hands on her shoulders.

"I… I…" she tried to say, but Tom was pushing her down, down, and then she was looking up at him. "This is where you belong, isn't it?" he told her. "This feels more right than anything you've ever experienced, doesn't it?" She nodded, looking up at him. "Are you going to make me suck it?" she whispered.

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He nodded, then unbuckled his belt. She started to move her face back as he popped open the button, but he caught the back of her head with one hand. The other was pulling his jeans open. She could see the swell of him inside the tight fabric of his briefs, and turned her face to the side. She saw Kelli pull Cogida rica de antildeo nuevo creampie amateurs shorts down and expose his cock all by herself.

"Oh no." she whispered, then turned and looked the other way. "Kelli! What are you doing!!" On the other side of her, Mary already had her mouth open and Colin was stuffing as much of his rod inside as he could, both his hands entwined in her hair. "Oh, Mary, no!" she thought to herself. "Not you, too…" Tom's fingers curled into her tresses and turned her back to face him. His cock was out now, fully hard, and pointing straight at her nose.

He brought her face closer and brushed the head of it over her lips, ignoring the girl's tears. "Suck it, Krista, open your mouth like the good little slut that we both know you are." he said. "Look at your friends. They both know, too, and they are sucking cocks. Look at them, Krista. You know you want it. You want me in your mouth, take it in your mouth and suck it like a good little slut." He put his hand on her head, lightly and gently easing her closer, closer, and the next time it brushed her lips, she softly opened her mouth and let it inside.

She could feel the heat it brought to her lower belly and knew this was right. "I'm a slut." she thought to herself. "I'm a slut." "Ohh, yeah, Krista, good girl, now suck on it a little, a little more, feel it going deeper? Suck the cock, baby, good little slut, suck the cock nice and slow." When she had gotten a good steady rhythm going, Tom abruptly pulled out of her mouth.

Krista looked around and saw that the other boys had also made her friends stop. To their astonishment, the boys all traded places! Krista looked up to see Peter smiling down at her, then he was guiding his cock between her lips.

"Suck it!" he said. "A good slut doesn't care who's cock it is, as long as its big enough!" She saw Mary already taking Tom's head into her mouth, smiling up at him as he fed her inch after inch. She looked over at Kelli, who was holding Colin's hardness in her hand and licking it like a lollypop. She caught Kelli's eye, who nodded encouragingly, then engulfed the whole cock in her hand in one go.

Colin sighed with pleasure. Krista turned and took Peter in her mouth, at once noting the difference in texture and flavor from Tom's. "Maybe I am just a slut." she thought, dismayed at the pleasure she was taking from being used with her friends like this. "My first time is supposed to be different than this. I bet Mary and Kelli are thinking the same thing right now." "Okay, guys, switch again.

You know what to do." Tom said, and Krista saw Colin come over to her. He grabbed the hem of her T-Shirt and lifted it up over her head, leaving her topless. Tom and Peter had both done the same to Mary and Kelli, and all three guys then made the girls lay down on their backs as their panties were removed out from under their mini skirts.

Colin looked up at Krista as he knelt between her wide open legs. "I have dreamed about tasting you ever since I can remember. You're the sexiest girl I know." He bent his head and lapped up the length of her slit, and she cried out.

His tongue went to work on her relentlessly, and soon she was bucking her hips and spasming against his mouth. "Okay, gentlemen, time to switch again." Tom called out, his voice cutting through the sound of all three girls moaning. Krista opened her eyes to see Tom between her thighs, holding his cock in his hand.

"No, please… I'm not… I don't…" she gasped. She tried to squirm away from him, but he had both hands on her hips hot ebony babe rides a white dick moved his body right along with hers.

She could feel his hardness sliding up and down her slit, gliding over her clit with delicious friction. "Hold still, Krista.

Hold still and let me in. You know you want this. Hold still, Krista." She felt it sliding between her labia, then it slid a little lower and …there! He was inside her, staring deep into her eyes as he pressed through her flimsy maidenhead and sank fully inside her. She heard Kelli cry out and she couldn't tell if it was pain or passion, but either way, she knew her friend was no longer a virgin any more than she was now.

A tear trickled out of the corner of her eye. "I'm a slut." she thought to herself. "I'm not a virgin anymore either. I'm a fucking slut." "You're a slut, Krista, a fucking slut, you're a slut." he said, echoing her thoughts aloud. He began moving his cock inside her, first pulling back a sweet slut and her wet pussy enjoy in two big cocks at the same time by dpwiz then forcing it all the way in.

She shuddered and bit her lip, a smile fleeting across her lips. "That felt good, didn't it, little slut? You like having my cock inside you, don't you? Its okay to like it; all good little sluts like best ass in the world hd porn fucked. All of you do. "And I like fucking you, too." he said, smiling. "I like taking control and making you do things, I like seeing your face when I ask you to do something three steps outside your comfort zones." He looked down at her again, more closely.

"You like this, huh?." he smirked. "You little virgin; you had no idea it would be like this, that it would feel like this, and now there's no going back, is there?

I'm fucking you right now, you've already sucked three cocks tonight and you have one as deep inside you as it can go right now, and there's no going back to the innocent little girl you woke up as this morning." He looked straight into her eyes. "You're a fucking slut, you're a fucking slave slut, and you can be a perfect little slave slut. You can be the most perfect little slave slut ever, can't you? I bet you could be better than my mother, even." He saw the shock of his words register in her mind, and before she could respond, he lifted head and broke eye contact with her, speaking to the room.

He lifted himself off her and stood to the side. "Switch!" he said. "This time, the ladies go to a different guy, and they do it reverse cowgirl, so I can see the titties of the ones that ain't fuckin' me." Krista started to look defiant as he nudged her over to Peter.

"What? Are you thinking of denying that you're a slut? You want to be a nice girl and just fuck one man at a time?" She nodded, biting her lip. "No, Krista, you're a slut." He lifted his face again, addressing the room once more.

"All three of you are sluts. Nice girls don't suck cock the way you do. Certainly they don't suck three of them in one night. A nice girl might do it three times in her whole life, and only with her husband, after years of marriage." "That's right." Peter spoke up.

"Not that there's anything wrong with you three being sluts; far from it!" "Yeah!" spoke up Colin. "I'm really glad you're all sluts, so we can have fun! Especially you, Mary." "Really?" Mary asked Colin.

"You don't think I'm bad for doing this? I mean, its fun; I like it and all, especially when you… make me do things, when you take control, but… its feels like I'm being bad at the same time. You know what I mean?" "Not bad, Mary." said Kelli.

"Naughty. It makes me feel naughty at the same time I'm doing it." "I'm not sure what you meant." Kelli said, a moment later as she approached Tom.

"Reverse cowgirl?" "Turn right around, sit astride me facing my feet, and… ahhhh." he said, helping her into position. Kelli lowered her hips Tom's hardness slid smoothly into her. "Oooh, this is naughty!" she giggled, bouncing up and down on him. "I can see Mary doing it, and Krista, too. Naughty at the same time it feels good. That's the word all right." she said, shuddering, reluctant wife gets fucked while husband in next room she bounced up and down.

"You ready, fellas?" Tom called out. He sat up, holding Kelli around the waist. "Let's dog these bitches." All three of them were sitting with the girls on their lap, then as one they bent them forward and went to their knees, holding the girls by the hips now, still inside them.

They fucked the girls doggy style like that, bringing each of them to a shuddering orgasm before slowing the pace. All three girls had their faces within kissing distance of each other in the middle of the floor. "Peter, was Mary a virgin when you fucked her?" Tom called out. Peter shook his head in reply.

"Nope." he said. "She was plenty tight, but I didn't pop no cherry." "Mary, were you a virgin when Peter fucked you tonight? Tell the truth!" "Well, no, I wasn't." Mary said hesitantly.

"And who was it that took your virginity, Mary?" Tom asked, crossing his arms. "Timothy Barton fucked me when I was at camp last summer." she admitted. "I sucked him off, too." "I see." Tom said. "I promised my friend that he could take your cherry tonight." "He promised me I could take your cherry tonight." Peter repeated to her, looking her right in the eye.

"But its gone! I can't give you what I don't have anymore." she protested. Colin pulled out of her and let her sit up. "But you still have some cherries left." Peter pointed out. "You haven't had two cocks in you at the same time yet.

And there's your anal cherry. I'm damn sure having that!" Colin lay back down and ordered her to get him back inside her. "Right now, Mary! Get my cock back inside your pussy right now!" Both Kelli and Kristi saw the look on Mary's face as she obeyed Colin. She was crying openly, sobbing, in fact, as she reached back and placed the hard cock inside her and sat down onto it.

Colin and Tom glanced at each other, then Colin ordered Mary onto her hands and knees. He moved forward and caught her hair, pulling her face forward onto his cock. "Please?" she whispered up at him.

His cockhead brushed her lips, and she licked them as soon as it left. "Don't make us do this? Let us be nice girls? Why do we have to be sluts?" "You don't have to be sluts, Mary, you just are sluts. Look at my cock, put you hand on it, look at it, and if you are truly not a slut, then its simple- don't suck it. Look at it Mary, see how long you can look at it and not suck it while you feel the other one inside you.

Colin's cock in you, and looking at mine, feeling it in your hand. Don't suck it, Mary, curvy babe victoria june sucks pool boys huge cock sluts suck a cock with their mouth while another is in their pussy! Mary, oh, Mary, my beautiful slut, suck it, take it all, my little slave whore, take both our cocks, oh my beautiful little slave slut cocksucker whore!" Kelli and Kristi could both hear Mary crying around Tom's cock as he fucked her mouth.

They could also hear her moans of pleasure in between them. Soon they outnumbered the tears, and Mary was groaning in ecstasy. "Go ahead, Peter, take it." Tom said, grinning at his friend. Pete wasted no time, smiling widely as he straddled Colin, right behind Mary. He grasped her hip with his left hand, spit into his right and smeared it all over his cockhead. He pressed it firmly against the girl's little asshole, leaning over her back, thrusting his hips against her with repeated pressure, until finally he entered her, popping through and sliding smoothly inside, penetrating the girl deeply in one pulsating thrust.

"Are you guys getting close?" Tom asked his two friends. They both nodded, grinning. "Let's give it all to Kelli. That girl looks greedy for the nut juice, doesn't she?" All three boys moved over to where Kelli sat on her knees, crowding together in front of her. They stoked their cocks in their fists, and before she hardly knew what was happening, Ropy streams pf hot sticky cum was jetting onto her face, covering her from forehead to chin.

It was even in her mouth, tasting salty and musky, coating the whole inside right away. Kristi looked at her in shock as her friend began wiping it all into her mouth and eating it, smiling with pleasure. "Kelli?" Kristi asked. "Oh, Kristi, it tastes so good!" Kelli smiled at her. "Oh my God, it tastes so GOOD! I thought it was gonna be horribly gross, but its not."