Cute darling is engulfing males package passionately

Cute darling is engulfing males package passionately
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Saturday and the big game on and Jim and his buddy Mike were planning on watching all the action. They had all the things that they would need. They had Chips, Beer and Chicken wings. He knew nothing was going to ruin his night. Then his phone rang. He saw that it was his sister by the caller ID. He answered, "Hey SisSo how goes work?" She tells him "I have to work tamnnaha batiya xxxx nudes xxx nudes storys than I thought and I am supposed to pick up Nancy from the bus station".

Jim asks her " Yeah so I guess you want me to pick her up and bring her to your place". She tells him " No pick her up and bring her to your place since I am working late and wont be at my place until almost 11pm".

Bummed that he is going to miss the start of the game he agrees to pick up Nancy. It has been about five years since he last saw Nancy so he may not know her when she gets off the bus. He remembers her as a brunette but she was also a little over weight. So he and Mike head over to the bus station and wait. They see the bus pull in and wait as all the other people get off. Trying to pick her out he is startled to hear his name being called by one of the hottest blondes that he had ever seen.

His first thought is this cannot be Nancy. But it is. She walks over to him and gives him a big hug. She introduces herself to Mike and gives him a hug as well. Jim still cant believe that this is Nancy. He tells her." The last time I saw you was about five years ago when your family moved." She tells him " Yeah I have changed a bit since then". He tells her " A change for the better". He grabs her bag and they head off to his place. Mike lets Nancy sit in the front seat so she can chat with Jim.

She informs him that she got the text from his sister and real brother fuck sister drunk knows that she will not be over until 11pm. They pulled up to Jim's place and head inside. Jim puts her bag down and asks her " Did you want anything to drink".

She tells him " Not right now". Mike turns on the TV to see what the score is in the game. He tells Jim that they missed the first period and the score was tied. Nancy sits on the couch with Mike and Jim. Both Jim and Mike cannot stop checking her out. Her body has really filled out Jim is thinking to himself. Jim turns to her and tells her " The last time I saw you, You were a little overweight and I seem to remember you always wearing your hair in a ponytail".

She tells him " Well it has been five years and I have changed".

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" I was not to happy as a brunette and I decided to change the color". And I lost about fifty pounds". Jim tells her " Well you look really hot now". She asks the guys " Are we just going to watch the game". They both look at her and Jim asks her " Well that is what we had planned before Dianne asks me to pick you up. But what would you like to do". She tells them "Well I do want to change so that I can be comfortable".

Jim shows her to the room so that she can change. Trying to see what the score is in the game that they had planned to watch. Jim turns on the tv again and then he hears Nancy call for him. He puts the remote down and heads towards his room. He knocks and Nancy tells him to come in. He opens the door and is startled to see Nancy is totally naked.

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He thought she looked hot with clothes on. Now seeing her naked he is really turned on. He says " Did you need help with anything".

She says " I was getting changed and I couldn't open my bag, The zipper seems to be stuck, Can you help me". Trying not to stare and have her think he is a pervert. He picks up the bag and puts it on the bed. He tries to pull the zipper and after about a minute he gets it to open. Nancy thanks him and he leaves the room.

He heads back to the couch and he is just about there when Mike asks him " What was that all about". Jim says " Oh she had trouble opening her bag so I got it opened". He didn't even mention that she was naked. Nancy comes back and sits on the couch next to Jim and she gives him a kiss on the cheek and says "Thanks again for getting my bag open". They both notice that she is wearing really small pair of shorts and a tee shirt that seems to be really tight.

It shows how big she has grown since he last saw her. She looks at the guys and says " Ok guys are we just gonna watch this game or are we going to have some fun". Jim looks at Mike and both seem to be thinking the same thing. But Jim asks her " Well what lena nicole and tasha reign try anal you like to do". Nancy says " Well I know you guys would really like to see how much I have grown since you last saw me Jim".

Jim looks at her and says " I already got a view of how well you have grown since I last saw you". She laughs and says "Oh yeah". Mike looks at both wondering what they are talking about. Nancy tells them " Well I should do something for you guys for picking me up at the bus station". The least I can do is give both of you guys a blowjob". Nancy gets up and says to the guys " Ok who is going to be first?' Jim and Mike both get up and are quickly taking off their pants.

Nancy decides that Jim would be first. So she has him sit down and she proceeds to grab his cock and puts it in her mouth. Soon his cock is fully erected and she says " I see someone else has grown since I last saw you". Jim looked at her and says " When did you see my cock before". She tells him " Just before we moved I walked in on you in the shower and saw you and you had shampoo in the your hair and you didn't see me but I got out quick.

She was sucking on Jim's cock and she stopped for a second to tell Mike to come over and take off her shorts. He quickly hurries over and takes off her shorts. He notices that she is not wearing any underwear. He pulls them down and she is totally shaved. She tells Mike " I want you to lick my pussy". Mike gets between her legs and starts to lick her pussy. Jim asks her " So what made you decide to shave all your hair off?" She takes his cock out of her mouth and says " Well I couldn't leave that hair brunette when I changed my hair color, So I decided to have to it waxed".

She once again takes his dick into her mouth and he feels like he is about to cum and she tells him " When you cum I want it in my mouth so that I can swallow it".

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Jim feels his balls tightening and he unleashes his cum deep in her mouth. She gasps but is able to keep it all in her mouth and not drop any. She then swallows his load.

She then takes Mike cock into her mouth and he also sends his load into her mouth and she swallows his as well. Nancy asks the guys to have one guy lick her pussy while she sucks one to get him hard to fuck her.

Jim wants to fuck her first so he gives her his cock to suck and Mike once again starts to lick her pussy. Nancy starts to moan while Mike is licking her and Jim rubs her clit with his dick and then puts it in her.

He has waited a long time to fuck her. Mike sticks his cock in her mouth and she is trying to take it all in but Jim is fucking her so good that she is moaning and unable to keep Mike's cock in her mouth. Wanting more cock she asks Jim to pull out so that she can ride is cock. Jim sits on the couch and Nancy sits on his cock with her ass ready for a cock as well. She tells Mike to stick his cock in her ass. Mike not wanting to miss out fucking her does as he is asked. He puts some lube on her ass and his cock and then gently eases his cock in her ass.

She lets out a moan of pleasure. Both guys cant believe that they are fucking her in the ass as well as her pussy. Jim enjoying her riding his cock. He tells her he is about to cum. Nancy so caught up with having two dicks in her doesn't even say anything and just then Jim sends his load deep into her pussy. She moans and can feel his cum shooting into her. Mike still fucking her ass is about ready to cum and she tells him to shoot his load in her ass. Mike does as he is told sending his load into her ass.

All three exhausted from fucking lie on the couch. Jim kisses her and Mike gets up to grab some water. Mike walking back from the kitchen hears the door open and Jim's sister comes in. She sees Mike naked and also Nancy and Jim on the couch making out. She says " What the hell is going on here, Why are you guys fucking my friend". Mike tells her " She asked us to Dianne starts to take off her clothes and underwear.

Mike gives her a kiss and starts to suck on her tits and she starts to moan. Mike then sticks his cock in her face and she takes it in her mouth. Still salty from the cum that he shot into Nancy's ass. Mike tells her to lie on the couch so that he can lick her pussy. Dianne unlike Nancy has a little bit of hair on her pussy. But not enough to get in the way. Nancy and Jim are fucking on the other chair and Dianne wants to get fucked as well tells Mike to fuck her.

He puts his cock right on her clit and rubs jaelyn fox all american creampie 2 scene 4 just a bit before putting it in her. She starts to moan and lets out a moan when he puts his cock all the way inside her pussy.

Switching positions a couple of times, Mike is enjoying fucking Dianne He has wanted to fuck her for so long. She didn't have big boobs as did Nancy did but she was still really hot. Long blonde hair that Mike always liked. He just knew that he could not ask her out since she was already going out with someone else. But they had broken up recently. Mike sitting on the chair and Dianne sits on his cock taking it all the way inside her. Riding him like a ride she is bouncing up and down.

Nancy seeing her with her ass out tells Jim to go over and stick his cock into his sisters ass. Jim not missing a beat walks over and puts his cock right at the entrance to her ass. Dianne didn't object to his cock being put into her ass.

She soon has two cocks fucking her. Nancy starts to play with her clit as her friend is getting fucked by two cocks. Soon both guys are on the verge of cumming. Jim takes his cock out of his sisters ass and shoots his load in Nancys Mouth.

She swallowed all of it. Mike sends his load deep in her pussy. Dianne gets off his cock and both are soon kissing and Nancy and Jim are also kissing. Nancy gets up and walks over to Dianne. She tells her to lie on the couch so that she can lick her pussy. Dianne lies down and Nancy starts to kiss her and also suck on her tits.

Making her moan. She then starts licking all the way down to her pussy. She tells Dianne that if she shaved her pussy she would have much better sex.

Dianne not wanting to shave asked Nancy if she would do it for her. Nancy agrees and Jim gets her the things that she would need. Soon Dianne is totally shaved just like Nancy. Mike liking what he sees starts to get next to Nancy so that he can see her shaved pussy and get ready to lick her after Nancy does. Dianne needing more cock tells her brother to come over so that she can suck his cock. Jim doesn't hesitate he puts his cock in front of her mouth and she takes it all the way in.

She is sucking her brothers cock and Mike is licking her pussy. She can see that Mike is ready and she tells him to fuck her once again. Mike sticks his cock in her and she once again wants a cock in her ass as well. But Her brother just about to shoot his load in her mouth is not going to be able to. So Nancy puts on a strap on dildo and she puts it in her ass. Mike not able to hold on any longer shoots his load once again deep inside her pussy.

Nancy wants a load as well and when Jim is ready he fucks her and shoots his load deep in her. What a great visit Nancy has had. She and Mike and Jim and Dianne spend the whole weekend fucking. Jim is guessing that he must have cum inside Nancy at least ten times. Mike and Dianne enjoying her newly shaved pussy as well.

They decide to start dating. Soon Nancy has to go back to where she is living. Mike decides to visit her often. Hot beauty waiting in lingerie for an awesome fuck decides that she will or maybe let Mike shave her from now on.