Stranger bonks pretty attractive gal girlfriend homemade

Stranger bonks pretty attractive gal girlfriend homemade
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Dogged Ginny was alone. No-one else was at home in no. 12 Grimauld Place. Everyone had gone on a long trip to Finland, she was unsure why, but they had decided she was to young at 13 to go with them.

She had hated the idea at first, but staying with Sirius wasn't that bad, and she got most of the day to herself. This was just the way she liked it. Silently she got up from her book, and out of her slightly dusty bed. Completely naked, she headed to her door and pushed it open. This was one of Ginny's favourite things.

When she was on her own, she blonde gets trimmed cunt fucked in close up walk around as innocently as she wanted. She turned, and started to descend the stairs. As she opened the door to the drawing room, (her favourite room to masturbate in) and sat daintily in the large, plush velvet armchair.

Then she reached down behind the seat cushion and pulled out a short cylinder, rounded at one end. She had once been walking past the drawing room when she had heard the vibrations and had peeped in through the keyhole. To her shock, she had seen Hermione using the vibrator to bring herself to a screaming orgasm. Then she had watched carefully where she had left old mom and son love xxx story vibrator and hurried away before she was caught.

"Castro!" she commanded, and it started to vibrate. The buzzing was surprisingly loud in the silent household. Then she lowered it and started to massage her cherry tits. When they where perky and erect, she moved the humming cylinder to her clit. Still being very much a virgin, she just rubbed her g-spot till it brought her to a screaming orgasm.

She collapsed into the chair, and tried to calm her legs, which felt like they had been jelly-legs jinxed at the force of her orgasm. She slowed down her breathing, and passed out. .She awoke to the sound of a growl. She looked around, and spotted a large black mongrel by her feet. She let out a sigh of relief. "Thank god it's you Sirius" she sighed. "I was worried someone had got in".

The dog transformed as she spoke, becoming a tall man with scraggily black hair and a scar across his chest. He was also completely naked. "Don't worry, were not going to be invaded" he said.

His voice was horse, and throaty, and had an air of menace "Which is more than can be said for you, Ginny my dear." "What do you mean?" Ginny asked, a hint of fear in her voice now.

"What I mean, BITCH," Ginny shrank back "is that I haven't taken a woman in over fifteen years, and you are in front of me with pussy juice running down your leg, and you expect me to just walk away! I don't think so lass!" With a roar, he reached down, grabbed Ginny with both hands, and picked her up.

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He spun her so that her ass and pussy where pointing to him, and put her down in the chair. Then he tore open his trousers to reveal a throbbing cock, at least 10 inches long, and stated to rub it up and down her slit. He precum was getting smeared all over her untouched pussy lips, her asshole and her tingling clit.

Ginny was horrified.

"But, I'm a v-v-virgin!" shouted through her sobs. "All the better!" Sirius said with an evil grin, and shoved his cock deep into her waiting pussy. Ginny screamed, a high pitched scream witch turned into a moan. Sirius drew out his cock and rammed it home again. Ginny and Sirius both new that by now her hymen was well and truly torn, and Sirius began to thrust, faster and faster.

Midway through the storm of pain and unwanted pleasure, Ginny noticed a change. The body pinning her down was becoming hairier, the pounding cock becoming wider, and she realised that Sirius's fucking was causing him to change mid-fuck.

Then she was being fucked by a massive black mongrel, and screaming all the louder. This was wrong! She thought, it's against nature. And yet it was still happening, she was being doggy-fucked by a dog. Now he young couple having sex in their car changing again, becoming human once more. He stood, and she felt herself being lifted off the floor, skewered on his monster of a cock.

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She felt his hands and gravity pulling her down, pushing her down so far on his cock that she thought it might tear through into her chest. Then his hands were all over her, pulling on her small teenage breasts and pinching her nipples. He flung her back onto the chair, and then he was out of her pussy and spinning her over. She was at a loss, till the first gush of cum hit her in the face.

This was followed by more and more jets, blasting her with fifteen years worth of stored up cum, a mix of human and dog. He forced her mouth open, and shot several spurts down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow, and by the end she was gagging on his salty cream, and her eyes were stuck shut.

It was dripping off her all over the place, and she could even feel that at some point he had blasted some up her ass. She could feel streams of it pouring out of all her holes. Then Sirius picked her up, and carried her upstairs, into a room she hadn't been in before. He sat her up against a wall and then walked out.

Just before he closed her in, he called back "No one is due here for at least another three or four months fire crotch. I get the feeling were going to have lots of fun" then the door clanged shut. Depending on the feedback The naughty witch tube porn get, I may or may not carry on this storyline.

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