Sexy arab cutie filled with fat dick

Sexy arab cutie filled with fat dick
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*there are two sides to every story. My name is Liz. I wrote a little porn story and left it on my husbands windshield one morning. It told of me having an affair at my work, and my lover had left the letter informing my husband of our torrid cheating affair.

He thought it might be real&hellip. I calmed him down and told him it was just a story. He didn't believe me. He wouldn't let it go. He called me at work all the time now, came by my work and was always checking on me. When we had sex now, he was rough with me, fucking me hard, and throwing me around. In a way, I liked some of it. Busty brunette has her orgasmic twat slammed anger was coming out in new sex ways. He liked my private strapon fuck story real femmdom attack me when I least expected it.

He would grab my head in the kitchen, put his cock in my mouth and fill it with his cum, then just walk away. It was kind of exciting in a way. On a Saturday afternoon, he attack me in the living room. He tore my new blouse, ripped the hooks right off my bra and laid me out on the rug naked. He put my arms out, spread my legs wide apart and told me not to move. He stood over me and took out his cock and began to stroke it. He smiled at me and slowly put his cock close to my face.

It was exciting, like he was raping me for fun. I acted like I was scared and I moaned and squirmed. He liked that and I could tell he was getting excited too.

He had his cock right over my face like he was going cum on my face…and then stopped. He turned me over and started fucking me from behind&hellip.violently! I moaned loud and he pounded his cock in my pussy hard. I climaxed big, and moaned. I shook hard, it was a real exciting turn on&hellip.but he didn't cum. He turned me back over and held my head with one hand, told me to open my mouth wide, stroked his cock with the other hand and let go with a massive cum shot right in my open mouth.

He kept cuming all over my face and then on my tits. I climaxed again! I had to swallow. He smiled big when I did. He thought&hellip. (' …man…that felt good. Take it bitch, take it big time. I'll give you a story to write about that I know is real. I may be wrong, but how could she know so much detail about an affaire without really having it.

I wonder'……now and again I need some strange pussy. I figure it spices up our sex life. I know how to do it so she never even knows about it…I sure as hell wouldn't write a story about it and leave it for her to read!

') Monday at work I told my close friend Gina that my husband had some new sexual energy and It was great. My pussy, tits, and mouth were sore, but it was ok by me! I had told her about my porn story on the windshield and his reaction. She kind of paused and then said: "Liz, I wondered if your 'story' was true also. I've been looking around the office and wondering if there really was a 'Mr. X' around. I laughed and said: "I guess I made it to realistic!…" That day my husband came by to have lunch with me in the lunch room.

Gina spotted us and joined us. (un-invited). Her husband worked there too, but she said he couldn't make it for lunch today. So…she intruded in on our lunch. She slowly started cozying up to my hubby. A woman can tell these things, and I knew I had told her to much about our hot sex life.

She told me once that she had cheated on her husband a few times. I had to go back to work, but Gina and my husband stayed talking. After a while I noticed Gina never came back to her desk.

They told me she had left for the day…&hellip. Red flag. --------- The husband thought&hellip. (…'this Gina has me all fired up, damn she's hot. She felt my cock right under the table after Liz had left. She has bigger tits than Liz, and I'd love to get my hands on them. She rubbed her leg against mine under that table, that had to be a 'go' signal for me.

I wonder if I could get her out of here while we know Liz is working, and where's she's at. She may be just a tease, but I want to find out…and now. I'll tell her my white van is in the parking lot, and to meet me there.

Let's see if she's just a tease or wants to play hard ball. ') Gina&hellip. "&…what are you doing this afternoon?" I said. His eyes told me he was lesbian adriana sephora and selena santana masturbation and brunette for me. He whispered: ("…white van in the far parking lot, meet me there.").

My pussy jumped and I had to take a big breath. He does have the hots for me bad. Just what I wanted. I've heard all about what a sex machine you are mister for a very long time now. I want some of that. I squeezed his very hard boner with my hand and his leg with my legs.

We continued talking as I got so hot looking at him, knowing we were going to sneak an affair in this very afternoon. My pussy was very wet and my nipples tingled. The lunch room was empty now.

We stood up and moved behind the door. Oh god, his boner was huge now, and I just had to fondle it. His hand slipped in my blouse and inside my bra…I got chills like never before.

I wanted to fuck him right there on the floor. His other hand felt my butt and his fingers went in deep between my legs and up to my wet pussy. I couldn't believe it!…I orgasmed hard and trembled right there!. I tried to tell him Black big body mom and sun sex kenya would be there, but my voice couldn't while I was gasping for air.

He stopped and smiled. He just walked away. I had to sit down as my legs went weak. No man has ever effected me like that. I wanted to rape him, drag him into that van and fuck him so good, he'd never forget me. My hands were shaking, I couldn't go back to work like this. I called my co worker and told her I was sick and would be gone for the day. She was cool and covered for me.

I snuck out and slipped back to the back of the parking lot. I spotted the white van. As I approached the big sliding door opened, and his hand pulled me in. Our arms went around each other so fast I got dizzy, He had my blouse open and was undoing my bra so fast. I reached down and undid his belt, button and zipper. We kissed out of breath, with our tongues going wild. His big hands went around my tits and rolled my nipples so good, I gasp for breath. Out of my mouth came the words: "Oh Damn you!, Fuck me hard, you animal!"…his hands got my skirt up and panties off in seconds.

It was a steam bath in there. I growled and squirmed as I felt his fingers rubbed my pussy and go right in side. I loved the feeling of my wet slickness on his sliding fingers. He played with my clit with his thumb. I opened my legs wide for him. I felt his huge boner now, all hot and ready. I wanted it to suck on.

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I said: "Oh please, oh please first!"&hellip.I scooted under him fast, and had that warm cock in my mouth quick. It filled my mouth so good, I pushed it slowly all the way in until I felt his pubic hair on my lips. I held it in as my fingers danced around his butt cheeks, pulling and squeezing.

He began to moan, long moans. He held my head and started fucking my mouth slowly. I felt his hands tremble on my face as he moaned more.

He pulled me up and we both pushed his boner in my wet pussy. I began to moan uncontrollably as his tongue fucked my mouth like a cock. His cock slid in and hit bottom. I yelled in his mouth. We both began to growl as we moaned.

I was now getting what I wanted so bad, and he was like a hungry animal getting his female due. Sweat poured off of us as we speeded up faster and faster.

My pussy squeezed and squeezed on his beautiful cock. I had to climax, I had no choice! I yelled a long yell in his mouth as he growled back. I shook hard and kept shaking. He quick pulled out as I scooted down. My mouth went over his cock in a flash. He yelled a moan and I felt gushes of cum flood my mouth. I climaxed again. Hot cum went down my throat while overflowing out the sides of my mouth. It was the hottest, most wonderful feeling ever.

Streams of cum across my tongue continued.

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I swallowed all I could and tasted the rest. We moan for air. I must have been 150o in there, but we didn't care. He finally rolled off of me to let me breathe. I kept holding his cock to get every stream of his cum. We lay moaning over and over. He reached up and started the van and turned on the heavenly air condition. He laid back down and put his cock in my pussy. We felt the pulses together in my pussy&hellip.ahhhh…finally, we found what we wanted with lots more on the big lets cum on her. I locked my legs around him, not wanting to let him go&hellip.ever.

He thought… ('…damn, damn, that was so fucking good and hot. I'm getting the two best pussy's in the world. I guess Liz will think twice before ever write any more of her 'little porn' stories, and pissing me off like that ever again.') Liz…… My husband slowly seemed to calm down at home.

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The sex was hardly ever. He had been working late lately and was tired when he got home. No sex. Now we didn't have much sex at all. Red flag #2 This was not the first time he had done this.

The flame of hot sex went blonde girls get to satisfy each other to a pilot light. If he had a hot babe on the side, he covered his tracks well. I had no proof, but I always wondered. It was on a Friday morning that I noticed a letter on my windshield. My first thought was my husband had left it to tease me.

I sat in my car and read it' "Lady&hellip. I feel I must tell you this and get it out. I've been having an affair with your husband. He is the hottest man I've ever met. He meets every sexual need I have and way more. I've orgasmed by him just holding me and feeling my body.

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No man has ever effected me that way&hellip.ever. He has the most beautiful cock and sure knows how to use it. He's had me trembling so bad Dominating pussy eating and facial cum catchers compilation first time a brides revenge thought I would pass out.

His hands know how to feel a girls tits, gently, but firm on the nipples. His fingers went right to my best spots in my pussy. He can lick my clit so sensual I almost cry with pleasure. My hands are shaking as I type this, just thinking back on the wonderful sex we've had. You can't appreciate him like I do. You can't satisfy him like I do. He says he has never cum so hard in his life, as he does with me.

He floods my pussy, my mouth and cums all over my body. This is true soul mate togetherness. You'll just have to move on and not stand in the way of us. Now you know, and you can make plans to exit quickly." Ms. Soul Mate. --------------------- I sat quietly in the car.

A million thoughts went flying through my head. Did my husband write this as a fun joke back on me? Did he want me to be sorry I ever wrote that story? Is Gina involved in this? Do him and Gina really have an affair going on and want me to leave?

When I get home will it be his turn to say: "How did you like my little porn story Liz?" If I just ignore it what will happen? If I show it to him, what will his reaction be.

If I show it to Gina, what will her reaction be? My heart was pounding with all the things to wonder about. What to do&hellip.what to do. Then I smiled and all went calm.

I did&hellip.nothing. My husband and I had sex but only once and a great while. He was always…'to tired'. Gina at work was…'always tired'. She was hyper around calm little me. She jabbered about nothing, bounced her leg, fiddled with her hair, her buttons and kept pulling on her bra. At home I went thru hubby's van&hellip.I smelled it.

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Gina's perfume and a cum smell. ---------------- In a SUV, with blacked out windows, in a old parking lot…… I smiled and said: "Mr.

X,&hellip. I'm going to fuck you so good and so hard, you'll wish we'd never though of this idea." I sat on top of him, un-doing his pants, he leaned me over and whispered, teasing me: ("I can't do this Liz, why.

I'm a married man.") I smiled big and whispered back: ("…you can tell that wife of yours, Gina, she's a little Bitch!")