Ebony with big boobs and booty fucking with white stud

Ebony with big boobs and booty fucking with white stud
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My name is John, and I am the luckiest guy in the world. I have two beautiful daughters and a lovely wife, and after selling several successful screen plays, I no longer have to work. Although I do still write, I spend most of my time relaxing around the house with my wife and raising my two daughters.

My wife's name is Jill, and we've been in love since we met in college. She's an artist, who has sold a lot of great pieces and has made herself quite a decent fortune. My daughters, Jenny (12), and Liza (14), are gorgeous. They are both so full of life and vitality, and I love to see them happy. That being said, I know what lies ahead of them as they approach high school, puberty and boys may be difficult and stressful. I talked about it with my wife, and we decided to have a family discussion about their changing bodies and growing up before Liza petite teen meets up with guy from the internet high school and Jenny entered middle school.

What happened, however, was not what either of us expected. "Liza! Jenny!

Come into the kitchen, your Father and I want to talk to you." My lovely wife shouted to them from downstairs. Jenny hopped down first, wearing very short shorts and a white tank top. Jenny had developed earlier than her sister had, and was really stunning.

She had C-cup breasts, sexy hips, and an ass that I'm ashamed to say as her father will not quit. Next came her sister, who although is only recently developing, is also incredibly sexy. Her breasts and hips aren't quite as curvy, but they let you know that they're there. Plus, Liza has a gorgeous face, with beautiful eyes.

She was wearing leggings and a super tight t-shirt, and did not appear to have a bra on. "Girls, you really should be dressing a little bit more appropriately. I amara romani pussy on top of lilly ford licking it it's just us, but your father is still a man.

Don't torture him like that." My wife said as she glanced between the rise and my pants and the clothes my daughters wore. "You're one to talk, Mom." Liza retorted She had a point. My wife was wearing sluttier clothes than either of them. A low cut and cropped t shirt showed her strikingly sexy torso, while her booty shorts showed that gloriously smackable ass.

My wife and I wear very sexually active. Everything in the book we've tried. And I mean everything.[i] "I'm married and am allowed to look like this. You two are fresh meat, boys will do anything to get you.

Which is sort of what we want to talk to you about." "Okay, okay. What's this about?" Jenny asked "Well, sweetheart, you know we've had the technical talk about sex before. But now, as you both enter new stages in your life, we want to give you a more honest perspective about sex and love.Are you guys okay with that?" I said looking at my two sexy daughters.

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"Um, alright dad. I guess so." Liza replied, looking a bit uncomfortable. "Well to start, you two are both virgins still, right?" My wife asked directly. Both girls nodded, to my relief.

"Good. I don't want that to change anytime soon. Boys are animals. They're going to tell you lies, and you're going to think that they're the one, but they're not. Guys will lie to get into your pants. All guys are jerks." I said firmly. "But Daddy, you're not a jerk! Not all guys have to be bad." Jenny said "Thanks sweetheart, and you're right. There are some good guys. But most of them are jerks. What's important is that you don't give up your virginity to somebody that doesn't love you." I said "That can be hard to figure out.

But we trust you girls and love you very much. Do you have any questions?" My wife said. Jenny raised her hand. "Are blowjobs and handjobs the same as having sex?" Liza elbowed her.

"Don't ask things like that to mom and dad!" I interjected "It's okay, Liza. It's a good question. Jenny, I would much prefer that you did those things than have sex, but you don't want to go around and blow guys. Only if you care about them and they care about you. But no it's not the same." Jill nodded her head in agreement. Liza raised her hand "Do you blow Daddy, mom?" I blushed, and my wife replied "Well,um yes sweetie. Very frequently in fact." "Do you like it daddy?" Jenny asked.

"Uh, yes. It's amazing." I stammered. "Can we practice on you, Daddy?" LIza asked abruptly "What?? No! Absolutely not. That is not okay behavior, Liza." I said firmly, despite my growing erection. My wife looked at me. "I don't know honey, it might be lusty delight with wild pretty babe homemade and hardcore good idea. You know it's safe. And we don't want them to be bad at it." "YES! Thanks mom, you're the best." Jenny said.

I stammered. I had no idea what to say.

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Before I knew it, Liza and Jenny were on their knees and unzipping my pants. "Girls, stop.

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This is wrong." "That's not what your penis says, honey." My wife smirked. Liza starred at my cock longingly. "It's so explicit asian oral job stockings and japanese and big!" "It's the biggest I've had, you girls will be lucky to have bigger." My wife replied.

Liza put the head in her mouth and slowly worked down the shaft. For a new girl, she fit the whole thing in my mouth which was very impressive. "Jenny, start sucking his balls. My wife said, who was slowly rubbing herself under her shorts." Jenny complied, and put both of my balls in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Liza was sucking me off without using her hands, which were groping her sister's breasts. After about 2 minutes, Liza and Jenny switched positions.

Liza was great, but Jenny was fantastic. She sucked on the head of my dick, until it felt like it was purple. She then deep throated my whole cock while making a very sexy slurping noise. About thirty seconds of this was all I needed before I had to come. "Girls, step back, I'm about to cum." I half shouted. My wife, who was nearly climaxing from fingering herself shouted "Girls, I want you to get your first facial today. Liza, since you're the oldest, you first." "Aw no far, Jenny said as she pulled off of me." Liza stuck her face out and closed her eyes, just as I creamed all over her face and hair.

Four gigantic ropes of cum covered her face and made her makeup run just a little bit. Jill and Jenny got on their knees and licked off the mess from Liza's face.

I had collapsed on the kitchen counter, and the girls collapsed onto of their mother. "Can we practice more things together?" Liza and Jenny asked in unison "You bet your ass we will." My mother replied, to my excitement.

Speaking of Ass, that's what I wanted to try next. Part two coming soon.