Sweet girls like to suck big dicks

Sweet girls like to suck big dicks
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When I was growing up, I would often spend my free time hanging out with my best friend Nick Carrow at his house. We were inseparable, we'd spend weekends and summers in his basement playing video games and watching movies. However, there was an even better perk of being Nick's best friend, I got to see much of his beautiful mother Cynthia.

Cynthia was every teenage boys fantasy; a sexy MILF with long brown hair and hazel eyes.

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She had sexy pouty lips and an ass so round it made you cry. Cynthia's tits were large and bouncy, making me drool every time she leaned over. As a child all of my obsessions for her only resulted in hours of masturbation and daydreaming, but little did I know I would soon have my chance to turn my dreams into reality. My name is Jameis Coyne, I'm 18 years old and returning home from college for summer break.

It had been months since I'd seen Nick so I decided to stop by his house one day and pay him a surprise visit. I drove over and was extremely happy to find that Cynthia came to open the door. "Jameis it's so good to see you how have you been?" She had not changed one bit. Her long brown hair flowed down to her mid back and her lips looked sexier than ever. She wore a tight white shirt that greatly outlined her perfect rack and wore a short black skirt that made me want to cum as soon as I saw it.

"I'm fine Ms. Carrow, just back home for the summer so I thought I'd pay Nick a visit. Is he home by chance?" "No I'm sorry honey Nick went on a camping trip with his friends he'll only be back tomorrow but please come in I haven't seen you in so long I want to hear all about college!" Nick's mom led me into her kitchen where we made small talk for young slut begs for rough anal pornstars and brunette while.

I told her a bit about school but mostly listened and she went on about her job as a wedding planner, I was only barely paying attention as my mind was fantasizing about what was under that tight skirt… "Jameis I just made a pitcher of lemonade let me go get you some," "Thanks Ms Carrow!" I watched as she got up and walked to the fridge, swaying her hips side to side making her ass pop out of her tight mini skirt.

My cock throbbed under the kitchen table as I imagined her bending over for me as I spanked her naughty ass. When Cynthia returned with the pitcher, she fumbled it as she was setting it down, causing the lemonade to splash all over my pants and shirt as well as a bit of her skirt. "Oh Jameis I'm so sorry! I'm such a clutz please please come to the laundry lets get your dried off." "Don't worry about it Ms.

Carrow it's fine! A little bit of lemonade never hurt anyone," We walked to the laundry room and she instructed me to remove my shirt and pants.

Normally I would have no problem with this but my cock was still fully erect from having day dreamed about her, so I removed my shirt and said that there was no need to wash my pants. "Nonsense Jameis they're soaked, please let me wash them for you I feel so terrible. Here I'll get them for you." Now something amazing was happening, Ms Carrow was unbuttoning my pants for me, she took off my belt and slid down my pants and I stood in awe of what was happening before me, my cock was standing fully erect at 7 inches but she ignored it.

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I stepped out of my jeans and she threw them in the washer, I quickly grabbed a nearby shirt to cover my throbbing erection. "Oh, it looks like I got a little on my skirt too, Jameis do you mind if I throw some of my clothes in with yours?" "No not at all," I managed to stammer out.

I watched in utter amazement as Ms Carrow, the woman I had fantasized all my childhood, removed her mini skirt and tossed it in the washing machine. Her legs looked heavenly, long and tanned. She wore lacey black panties that barely covered her massive ass. It seemed Ms Carrow had finally noticed my erection, she looked at it and smiled, then walked over to me and whispered: "Maybe your underwear needs some washing too Jameis?" She reached down into my boxers and started slowly stroking my cock.

I stood in shock as my best friends mom stroked my cock in her lacy panties. "I know what you think of me Jameis, you don't think I see the way you look at me when you're here? I"ve always thought you were kind of cute and now I have you all to myself." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, all I could do was slide my boxers off so Ms Carrow could properly handle my erect cock.

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My cock was wet witch precum, so Ms Carrow slowly got on her knees and started gently kissing the head of my penis, I felt like cumming immediately but managed to contain myself. "Oh Jameis, I've wanted to suck your cock for soo long, please fill my mouth with your hot cum," She then engulfed my entire dick in her mouth and sucked harder and harder until I my knees felt like falling off. I was on the verge of cumming into her beautiful mouth when she suddenly pulled her mouth away.

She stood up and slowly slid her panties down revealing her nicely trim pussy. For a woman well over 40 and possibly 50 she had a tight looking vagina with little to no stretch marks. "Jameis my husband is taking a nap upstairs so you'll have to fuck me quietly," "Your husband is here right now?!" I whispered in shock. "Don't worry, he won't know a thing," she said winking.

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She told me to lay on my back and I complied, she then mounted me, stuffing her wet panties in her mouth, and slowly began to bounce up and down my cock. It was bliss, her pussy was tight and wet and her muffled moans could be heard through the wet panties in her mouth. I pushed my cock farther and farther into her cunt with each thrust until she finally started screaming, panties falling out of her mouth, throwing caution to the wind I started moaning louder too, fucking her harder and harder until I could feel her pussy tighten hard around my cock, I knew she had came.

"OH FUCK JAMEIS I'M CUMMING ALL OVER " Sure enough her pussy juiced flowed onto my cock and thighs as she climaxed.

"Jameis, my asshole hasn't been fucked in so long please help me. She got on all fours and raised her peach ass high into the air, this was a dream come true, I walked over to her and placed my finger into her asshole, slowly stretching it out until I was confident my cock would fit.

After it was nice and stretched I placed the tip in, but instead of immediately fucking her, I started spanking her, harder and harder until her round tan ass was cherry red. "OH FUCK JAMEIS, that feels so good spank me like the naughty whore I am." I kept at it until both my hand and her ass were stinging in pain. I finally thrust my cock inside of her tight assshole, and it was very tight, without proper lube my cock had a hard time ramming her softly, she seemed to enjoy the friction though, I kept at it and she screamed and screamed for more.

My cock couldn't take much more of this as I could feel the cum start to rise up my cock. I quickly pulled out of her asshole and she turned around and sex xiinxx story sex stories com 2019 her mouth and my cock again, just in time for me to fill her mouth with my cum and the taste of her pussy and asshole.

I pumped out load after load into her mouth until my balls were drained. We both stayed there for a while as she slowly sucked my cock dry. "Ms.

Carrow that was the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life, I never knew you were like this." "Jameis my marriage has been so stale for so long, I needed something new in my life You better leave soon my husbands going to wake up any minute now, but please come back again I need your young cock inside me again. " I kissed Ms Carrow and left, after years and years of dreaming about being with Cynthia Carrow who would've thought reality would be better than my imagination?