Last stop titfuck road marsha may amp johnny sins full video

Last stop titfuck road marsha may amp johnny sins full video
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Mom becomes property This is the outcome of the poker party story, please let me know if I should continue it. Joann read the note three time's, they sexy chocolate cocoa butter slobs on paki cock video of the game oh my god!

Mom last night was great, I gave Juan the video to take home and edit. We have baseball practice but should be home by 3. Please have something sexy on as Juan and Bill need to bust a couple of nuts before they go home.

It was signed Jimmy. She sat having a cup of coffee thinking about this, she certainly had a great sexual experience last night. Young men can stay hard forever and cum in quarts, but one of them was her son and they had it on video.

If anyone ever saw the video she was ruined and could possibly go to jail. Then what about her husband, what a dilemma. She went to her bathroom and soaked in the tub for an hour, she felt fresh and clean when she got out. Not to mention she had the glow of a really well fucked women.

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She picked up her phone and sent Jimmy a text, Jim pleases call me as soon as you can, be alone so we can talk mom.

It took about 10 minutes for her cell to ring. It was Jimmy. "Jimmy I read the note frankly this afternoon is not a great time for me, your father will be calling to let us know when he'll be home and". He cut in "mom you told the guys any time they need their nut sacks emptied let you know".

"They can't come over this afternoon I need get stuff done for when your dad gets home. How about later this evening, you guys can play cards". She though about it for a second, "yes tonight we'll play cards and perhaps fuck".

"Mom please wear something really sexy tonight under your cloths, ok"? She paused "you know Jim I may win tonight". His response was whatever and he hung up. Jim got home at 3 and went to his room to shower, while he was in the shower her phone rang.

She looked at the number and realized it was Juan. She answered with a sexy "hello big guy". "Hi Joann your playing cards with us tonight right"? "Sure am lover why"? "Do you want me bring another pot stick"? Now she realized what that thing was. "Juan you know you guys shouldn't be smoking pot in the garage, as long as Jim dad 2 girls 1 boy xxx hot finds out or for that matter smells it ok". "Great Jo we'll see you about 7:30", the line went dead.

Ok I've got till 7:30 to work this out with Jim. She knocked on Jimmy door and opened it slowly, he was standing their in his boxers looking at a text message he had just gotten.

"Hi mom come in I'll be done in a minute". She stood there waiting, as he closed the phone he looked at her. "Mom tonight would wear the pink cheek hugger panties with the matching bra"? She was taken back for the minutes then responded "if that's what you want sure".

"Jim we have to talk, frankly the sex was wonderful but we've got to be practical". Jim looked at her "What do you mean by practical"? "Well for starters, not one of you used a rubber; do you realize I still could get pregnant"? "Then the fact you had the video camera going I'm just afraid the wrong people will see it". "The fact that you and I are committing incest is another point". Jim sat next to her on the bed, "mom I realize all you've said but from the general look about you, you need a good fucking and finally got it".

"I'm ok with the incest thing and frankly you give great blow jobs". "Now I'll call and get pizza for dinner go get sexed up for the game". Joann stood up and headed for the door, "another thing mister, when did you start smoking pot"?

Jim giggled "about six months ago when the card games started". "Now please go sex yourself up". Joann was in her bedroom, she put the outfit on he had requested, with black hells she really looked hot. Jim knocked on her door pizza's here come and get it. She put on a robe and went to the kitchen to eat. Jim had poured her a glass of wine, she sat and started eating.

The conversation turned towards tonight's game.

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"Jimmy please don't video the game tonight it makes me uncomfortable". "Its not completely my decision mom, Bill said he loves to watch you sucking cock as he tugs a load out". She gave him a look of amazement, "doesn't he have a girlfriend to do that"?

"He has a girlfriend but she's not giving it up". Joann just nodded and finished her pizza; she took the wine bottle and headed back to her room. At seven she walked into Jim's room, she stopped in the doorway to let him get a good look. She had chosen a pair of pink 4" heels with white spandex leggings which were way too tight; they revealed the camel toe plus the out of the panties. Her blouse was scoop neck which showed the entire top portion of her tits. "Jimmy honey do you think this outfit will make a few cocks hard"?

He eyed her with his mouth open. "Wow mom you look smoken hot, as we say completely fuckable". She wiggled her hips which caused her tits to bounce around, she turned to leave, as she walked out she wiggled her ass considerably more then necessary.

She had just gotten back in her bedroom when Jim came in completely naked with a large hard on. "Mom that outfit make me nuts any chance I could get a blow job"? She smiled "honey I'd love to suck you cock but if I do we'll be late for the game, besides we have plenty of time for blow jobs next week when you get home from school it will help you relax. I will promise you that before the night ends I will suck every drop of cum out of your nut sack, ok baby"?

Jim knotted "now come over her". She bent down and put the head of his cock in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around it a couple of times and kissed it on the head. "You should get dressed the guys will be here soon". The guys were in the garage playing already, she thought she's made an entrance around 7:45. As she was about to open the garage door the phone rang, it was Jim senior her husband.

He was wrapping up the conference and would be home Sunday you really need to address your bisexual desires tube porn. She really didn't care as she knew within the next couple of hours she was going to have great sex. The call went on for another five minutes before it ended. She stepped into the garage, this time the garage door was only open about a foot. It was allowing smoke to escape but the blue cloud hung over the table.

She approached and saw a fourth player, a guy named Chris. He was built like Juan they seemed to be friends except he was black. She gulped but approached the table and smiled "Hi guys". They all just stared at her; finally Juan spoke "Joann you look extremely fuckable". She smiled and wiggled her tits, "thank you I hoped you approve". Now Juan spoke "Joann this is Chris my friend". "Hi Chris" "Hi Joann", She sat down at the table. The first hand was played and Joann won.

She smiled and took the slips "I guess you're the looser Bill Saturday you'll be mowing the lawn, right"? Bill smiled "I sure will". Juan looked at Joann, "Joann I've got to piss would you like to hold it for me"? She giggled "well I have to admit I wouldn't mind if you asked me nicely". "Joann would you like to hold my cock for me while I piss"? She laughed "that's better of course I would sweetie".

As they stood up Jimmy yelled "hey mom smile". She turned to see all the guys taking pictures of her. The spandex pants showed the outline of her pussy so clearly that she was almost embarrassed. She turned and followed Juan into the house. As they entered the bathroom Joann unzipped his fly and gently pulled out his cock, she aimed it at the bowl and he started peeing. She swirled his cock around like she was writing her name.

After a few minutes he was finished. She wiped his cock off bent down and kissed the head. "Joann I much rather play with you then the guys". "I feel the same way but they are expecting us back soon". He put his hand in his pocket and took out a small box. "I bought this for you". "What is it honey"? "It's a clit stimulator, it has a small battery and it has a remote".

She looked at the devise, "are you kidding that little thing will never stimulate me". "Well I love to try, ok with you"? "Sure put it on and we'll go back to the game". After a few minutes she had the clit stimulator on and they returned to the game.

She took several hits on the pot stick and game began. She lost to Chris and he wanted her blouse off. She stood up removed it wiggled her tits for everyone and sat back down. She was feeling mellow from the wine and pot. Suddenly she felt a small zing in her pussy; Juan had turned the stimulator on slow. She wiggled around in her chair because the fact was it was making her very wet.

The game had stopped, Joann was sitting in her chair wiggling her ass and squeezing her pussy as the stimulator was doing a great job. Her nipples were hard as rocks, the guys were kidding her "Jo how's your pussy feel"? Her breath was become a bit rapid, "I think I'm going to excuse myself, Juan would you come to my room with me". "Not so fast moms take off the spandex show everyone the outfit". The guys all started clapping because as she stood up there was a sizable wet spot in her crotch.

The spandex came off and the pink panties were very damp. The guys must have take 50 pictures of her like that, she again looked at Juan. "I'd like you to come with me now, please". Juan looked at Chris come on guy were the first tonight". She was wiggling her ass because every time she squeezed her pussy on the stimulator step bro pounding chloe lanes shaved pussy hard had a mini orgasm.

Once In her room she turned to Juan he handed the remote to Chris and nodded, he started kissing Joann, he put his tongue deep in her mouth. She felt the stimulator working faster she grabbed Juan's shoulders pulling him close she told him "that thing is going to have me creaming in front of both of you, please I need a cock in their now".

"Not till you cream Jo". She looked into his eyes as the orgasm came bursting forth, all she could do was moan and cry it felt so wonderful. Her breathing hadn't slow down very much because the stimulator was still on Chris turned it off. Juan smiled at her "Jo take off your panties please". She had them off in nothing flat Juan climbed between her legs then he rolled over on his back making her get on top. She was in ecstasy, his cock was big it felt wonderful going deep in her pussy; she was already wet so he had no trouble getting it in to the hilt quickly.

The pot had relaxed her as she rocked on the big cock. Suddenly she felt a finger in her ass, it was well lubed and slid right in, and her big tits were swaying back and forth across his face. Frankly having a cock in her pussy and a finger in her ass wasn't a bad feeling just different.

Then without warning Chris plunged his cock deep in her ass, Juan grabbed her, he held her down close to him so Chris could get his cock in deep. As both cock seemed to bottom out she could feel the cocks rubbing together inside her. The feeling was like nothing she had ever felt it caused her to start orgasming in small blast almost constantly.

She could feel their pace increase; she lost count of how many orgasms she had. Both guys stiffen at the same time. She felt cum being sprayed into her pussy then at the same moment a hot sensation deep in her girlfriend with sexy feet gives nice footjob. She had the most violent orgasm she had ever had in her life.

The three of them lay there for several minutes catching their breath, finally Juan spoke. "Well Jo how does your pussy and ass feel now"? "Baby I'm not sure what your two just did but I'm sure I'd like to do it again and very soon". Chris laughed "ok but this time my cocks in your pussy". Joann just sighed, "Anything you guys want, now lets get up there are other cocks that need to be sucked". "Joann put your panties on so we can get pictures of cum oozing out of both your holes".

She smiled "if that's what my guys want it's done". As they entered the den she saw the other three guys sitting drinking and talking. On the TV screen they had the video of Juan and Chris double fucking her, as she entered the room she heard herself orgasm. She blushed with a sly smile, "well I guess we all know I enjoy cumming and I'm quite vocal as well, now I see two cocks that look like they need blow jobs am I correct"? By the time Joann had finished swallowing her second load of cum she was covered in it.

She had cum on both tits; it was all over her face in her hair and on her hands. The taste and smell of fresh cum had made her horny again she gave Juan a sly smile. Juan looked around the room, "did you guys see her cream her panties with the wild legal age teenager beauties play dykes Bill shot back "no we missed it you guys were giving her a double". Juan gave thumbs up, "you guys want to see it"?

They all responded in unison with a yes. Joann was sitting on the floor covered in cum before she had a chance to react Chris pulled the front of her panties down and applied the clit stimulator. He pulled the cum soaked panties back on her and Juan set the unit on low.

Joann felt the small shocks deep in her pussy; she knew what was coming in a short while. She sat there for a few seconds then she started to squirm as she was squeezing his pussy on the stimulator. Jim and Bill sat next to her so her hands were behind their backs. Chris came over and stood in front of her, he put his cock deep into her throat, Juan turned the stimulator to medium.

She was moaning when she felt a bolt of lightning started from deep in her pussy, it erupted hot brunette wife enjoys sex in bath a screaming orgasm. She felt her juices flowing, it was wonderful. The stimulator was turned off. Her panties were completely soaked. She smiled at Chris "I think its time we did another double don't you"? Juan and Chris took her to her bedroom within ten minutes she had received a large deposit of cum in her pussy and ass.

The next few hours were a sexual blur. She was fucked and sucked more dick the she ever though she would be able. Juan and Chris double penetrated her two more times.

By midnight they had all left. Jim came into her lesbian birthday sex for teen bella by hot milf brandi she was laying legs spread on her bed oozing cum.

She had the most content look on her face. "Mom you ok"? "Yes baby why"? "Well we need to talk". She put a couple of pillows under her head, "ok babe what's up". Jim seemed a little nervous finally he spoke, "mom Juan wants to claim you as his".

"That's sweet but your father may not approve". "Well that's the point, they don't care". Her eyes were now fixed on Jimmy's, "what does that mean exactly"?

Jim took a deep breath and started to explain. "First you get a tattoo above your pussy that reads Juan's property". She looked in amazement, "secondly he'll be her whenever dad is out of town, both him and Chris". "Honey I could actually get use to some steady fucking, the tattoo thing is out what else"?

"Theirs no choice about the tattoo if you fight it you video will be all over the internet". "Oh shit I forgot about that". "They left the stimulator with me, when we know dad is leaving I'm to put it on you so you cream your jeans at least twice before they get here". "Don't worry honey I'll talk to Juan and Chris tomorrow and get this thing straight".

Jimmy gave her a funny look, "ok mom but just so you know there are two other moms who have gotten tattoos. One is Bill's the other is mine." She gave him a strange look, "you really made blonde teen naked teasing pussy in webcam women get tattoos saying there your property"?

"It was better then have there lives ruined with videos". Jimmy got up to go as he got to her door he turned, "if I were you I'd figure out how to hide the tattoo from dad". He left her sitting in a pool of cold cum contemplating her new problem.