Japnes mom sleeping and son rep

Japnes mom sleeping and son rep
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So the last chapter was a set-up for this one. This might be the last chapter I write for a couple of weeks. I may be able to get one more before I leave the country for a few weeks. Please comment your thoughts below or pm me. And always rate! ********* Once they were in the trunk, the two lovers attempted to get how to make love with teen couple close as they possibly could in their restraints. Hannah could feel her girlfriend shaking with fear, and felt completely helpless in this situation.

She hated to admit it, but she blamed herself. She came to me for protection, Hannah thought, and I couldn't even provide that. The drive was long and uncomfortable. After what the girls thought was about two hours, the car finally stopped and was turned off. They heard the driver's side door close, then a few seconds later the trunk was opened.

Hannah could feel her girlfriend start to shake again. That feeling was abruptly stopped when Carolyn was ripped away from Hannah and carried away.

Carolyn was carried through a few doors, then down a stairwell. From there, the captor opened one last door, roughly dropped the poor girl, and shut the door, leaving Carolyn crying through her ballgag and blindfold.

The captor returned to the car to get her other prize. Before picking up the woman, she had to think about the events of the past few hours. She looked up at the house she had purchased from the money she got when the idiot doctors killed her husband because they neglected to do a simple treatment that would've saved his life.

From there, she bought a house in the country, and started to construct her dungeon. She had always been a dominator, and she knew she never wanted to replace the love that she had for her husband.

She felt the risk of having a male slave that she could fall for was too great, so she started to look for females. Then today, to prime candidates fell into her lap. Shaking her head out from the cloud she had just been in, she looked down at her second slave. She lifted her up over her shoulder, and decided that being in the karate sani lions xxx story sex stories she was in was a good idea.

She followed the same path that she did with Carolyn. She opened the door, and again dropped the girl roughly.

She took the handcuffed wrists of each girl and attached them to the wall by their ankle, before taking off the ballgags from both girls, followed by the blindfold of Hannah. "It's you, you bitch!" spat Hannah. A smack echoed throughout the room as the captor slapped Hannah across the face. "Rule number one: you don't speak unless spoken to," the captor said before removing the blindfold of Carolyn, revealing the bloodshot eyes of hers that had been crying the entire way to their new home.

"Rule number two: when you speak, you will always follow your statement with, 'Mistress' or 'Mistress Leia.' "We'll go over the rest of the rules later, but just know now, that if you break a rule, it's not you who will be punished, it will be the other." The busty nerd dakota spreads her pussy for freedom had the desired effect that Mistress Leia had wanted.

It effectively took out any sense of defiance that Hannah had, and hopefully made her completely subordinate to the desires of Leia. "Do you both understand these rules so far?" "Yes, mistress." Both replied, although Hannah still had some bite in her words.

"Good, I'm going to leave now, and you are free to talk to each other as you wish." Following this, Leia took off the handcuffs of each girl, turned completely around and walked out, shutting and locking the door. Hannah was the first to move. She walked over to her defeated girlfriend, and took the girl into her arms. "It's gonna be okay, sweetie. We'll find a way out of this." Hannah said calmly, trying to soothe the girl who continued to sob uncontrollably.

Carolyn looked up at Hannah, and kissed her on the cheek before laying her head down on her girlfriend's shoulder, falling into a deep sleep.

Hannah spent a while trying to figure a way out, before finally following in her girlfriend's fate. The next morning they were roughly ripped from the safe haven of sleep by the crushing blow of ice cold water from a hose at the hands of Leia. "Really asshole, you couldn't have been a little nicer?" Hannah yelled at her captor. In response, Leia walked over to Carolyn, whose eyes were wide with fear, and ripped open her blouse. Following that, she removed a pair of scissors from her back pocket and cut open her bra, revealing a nice pair of 34A tits.

Hannah at this point understood the gravity of what was about to happen and started pleading with Leia, trying to divert the punishment back onto her.

These pleas fell onto dead ears, however and Leia walked back to the door, and wheeled in a cart of metal objects. She picked up a pair of alligator clamps, and walked back over to Carolyn, before clipping the pairs on, causing a blood-curtiling scream to echo throughout the room. Hannah looked over at her girlfriend and made eye charley and capri pleasure each others twats before mouthing out I'm sorry.

"Now, you've broken one of my rules, and you've seen the consequence. It will only get worse the more times you break it." Leia said to Hannah. As Carolyn's sobs were reverberating through the room, Leia rebound Hannah's wrists before unlocking her ankle and carrying her out of the room.

She carried the slave down the hallway and into another darkened room, which was wuickly illuminated when Leia turned on the lights.

The room was intimidating. It had so many different types of contraptions and posts.

Hannah was carried to a wooden bench with a padded top, and was then strapped down. Leia then proceeded to remove or cut off every piece of clothing that Hannah wore.

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After a few minutes, Hannah was completely naked. She was completely vulnerable to whatever Leia wanted to do to her. "I want you to know something," Leia told Hannah, "I wasn't telling you the truth when I said only the other person would be punished. You'll also be punished every time that you break a rule." Leia walked over to the wall which held various different types of floggers and canes.

"Which do you prefer, slut? Cane or flogger?" Leia asked. "Eh, I like the flogger. So let's go with that." She picked up a red, 18-tailed flogger and walked back over to Hannah. "Count the strikes for me." Leia asked. *Smack* "One," Leia said after the first strike slapped across her ass.

Nineteen strokes later, Hannah's ass was a deep red and purple in some places. However, her pussy was practically dripping wet, and Leia had noticed around stroke fifteen that the screams of pain had mostly stopped and they were replaced with moans of pleasure. "Do you like this, you little pain slut?" Leia yelled, making sure that her voice echoed down the hall to where Carolyn was.

"Well, I supposed I should be a little nice to you." Leia started to undress, and had the perfect thing in mind for what to do next. Once she was naked, she left the room and retrieved Carolyn from her new room. Carrying her into the room, Leia planned on making Carolyn watch what she was about to do to the girl's other half. She carried her to a point on the floor, and lightly set her down, while pulling two chains down from the roof.

One of the chains was teen babysitter kimber lee gets fucked in front of busty babe ashley sinclair to her wrists and then raised back to a point where her arms were painfully pulled above her head. The second was attached to the chain connecting the two nipple clamps, pulling it taut so the teen's breasts were pulled to the point of looking like cones.

Leia then walked over to a closet in the room, and took out an 8-inch long strap-on dildo. While putting it on, she started to rub her fingers up and down Hannah's slit, coating her fingers with Hannah's love juice. After making sure Hannah was ready, Leia stepped behind her and aligned the fake phallus with Hannah's pussy. Instead of taking things slow, Leia decided to be quick and just slammed into Hannah, and began fucking her wildly. Hannah was thrashing against the restrains and the rubber dick was grinding straight against her g-spot.

Juice were flowing from both of the girl's pussies as the fuckfest continued.

Despite not wanting to injure Hannah more, the smack of Leia's hips against Hannah's ass made the bruises worse. She hoped the Carolyn saw the damage that was done to her girlfriend's ass.

Leia looked up and saw that Carolyn was doing her best to look away from the scene unfolding in front of her, and decided to make it even more uncomfortable for her. "Don't you just love being fucked by your mistress, slave?" Leia yelled at Hannah.

"Doesn't it just turn you on like nothing else has?" Hannah, knowing the consequences for saying no, gave mistress Leia the answer she wanted.

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"Yes, mistress. Nothing has ever turned me on like this has." "Am I a better lover than your pathetic little girlfriend over there?" Hannah's heart sunk. She knew what her new mistress was trying to get her to do, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She couldn't believe that her mistress would make her destroy the fragile heart of the girl she loved. She hoped that Carolyn would be forgiving. "Yes, mistress." "Then cum for your new love.

Xum for your new wife!" And she did. Hard. Her pussy exploded with juices, contracting rapidly against the invading dildo. Leia didn't stop, and Hannah came again and again, coating her mistress' dick in a plethora of her juices. After the fifth orgasm, Leia decided that Hannah had enough. She withdrew her dick, and unstrapped Hannah, before walking out of the room.

"Feel free to do whatever you want with that slut. I may not want to golden haired beautiful girls lips print on wazoo striptease hardcore her, so it may be goodbye. Make it count." Leia said, before shutting the door behind herself. Despite the beating she had just taken, Hannah sprung up from the bench and over to her true love, who had new tears streaming down her face after the scene that had just transpired in front of her.

"Sweetie, I am so sorry this happened to you. I love you so much." Hannah whimpered out. She tried to hug her girlfriend, but with every touch Carolyn flinched. "Baby, I didn't mean any of it, I swear. I just didn't want her to hurt you anymore.

Please forgive me." Hannah begged. Instead of trying to console her more, she unattached the clamps that were one her nipples, causing another scream as the blood rushed back to fill the void. Next she unattached her hands, and Carolyn just fell to the floor, unwilling to even try to stand. Hannah decided to not talk for a while and just knelt down and held her true love.

After a few minutes, Hannah decided to speak.

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"Baby, I'm so scared. I don't want to be separated from you. I don't want you to die. I have a plan, though." Carolyn's eyes seemed to widened with hope at the mention of a plan. "The next time she comes back in is the time we act. We need to catch her off hentai maid giving oral and gets cumshot when she least expects it.

She knows martial arts, which is a major advantage, but if we both go at her at the same time, hopefully we can get out of this. I need to know something though. Just in case you do die or were separated, and my plan doesn't work, I want my life to be complete. I can't live without you. So I need to know now, will you marry me?" To be continued…