Step mom slep sex son

Step mom slep sex son
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I often wander the crowded hallways of my overpopulated school observing the faces of its many passerbys. I ponder if I have ever seen their faces or ever will again.

The face that they see is of Joseph Marshall. I'm an average eighteen year old senior in high school with brown hair and brown eyes. Actually I wonder if any of them remember my face considering how plain I am. "Earth to Joseph, hello? Anybody in there?" teased one of my best friends, Father fuckling her smoll dotter. "Yeah gimme a break I slept like 4 hours" I harshly retaliated In a fake playful gesture Judy looked at her feet sullenly.

I took advantage of the situation to subtly grope her body with my eyes. She had absolutely hypnotizing full 36 D tits with a modest and cute but round ass, all accentuated by her slim athletic figure. I had never taken a romantic interest in her but have always lusted over her developing body since we first met. My admiration of her breasts were not as subtle as intended due to the low cut blouse she wore. "Okay go to class you damn perv, enough starring" she jousted playfully.

"I wasn't starring. I swear" I defended in a shaky voice while clumsily stammering over my words. I have always loved learning and took an affinity to it. However I showed little interest in complying to the assembly line that was public education. As I walked towards my calculus class I resumed my game of watching my surrounding students while walking in the halls.

Brittany, who could only be described as a head cheerleader kind of girl rounded the corner. She had blonde hair that cascaded down her back and blue judgmental eyes. She was very skinny and had perky C tits that proudly stood out from her chest. She also had long legs that appeared to go on forever. In all senses of the word she was gorgeous but was also an absolute bitch.

"What are you looking at you creepy nerd?" She demanded with superiority in her voice. "Nothing you attention seeking whore" I immediately thought but instead managed to squeak out "Its nothing" instead. "It better be nothing you geek!" Yelled Chase, her meat head boyfriend with his arm around her. Afraid of what would come next I scampered away into the solitude of my next class.

The rest of the Friday passed without interest and when the final bell tolled I decided to walk home. "Hey there you loser do you wanna hang out?" Judy playfully jeered at me "No thanks Judy I kind of had a tough day" I responded Immediately her joyful face changed to one of concern.

"Oh okay, text me later then okay?" She asked with worry. "For sure, I just need to sleep or something right now" I clarified. I walked home and Immediately did just what I told Judy.

That night I dreamed about spending the next day on a date with Judy happily and innocently. When I regained consciousness and bolted awake sweating and panting. I saw the notification on my phone from Judy's text that read "Hey I'm worried about you, are you okay?" I ignored it and tried to fall back asleep.Suddenly I felt my room tremble and rock violently for a brief moment. The house grew quiet as nobody else was disturbed.

I quickly threw on sweat pants and a hoodie to investigate what caused the tremor. I exited my house feeling curiosity paired with fear. I cautiously searched the perimeter of our property eventually to find a crater that had mist rising from its contents. I approached it to found a small crate resting inside.

I rapidly picked up the crate and sprinted into my house and brought it inside my room. Now I was able to inspect the crate with the light in my room. It was labeled in black bold font "EXPERIMENTAL PERSUASION SERUM". Still in disbelief I opened what I had found. Air hissed as the seal of the case was opened and carefully seated inside was a glass syringe. The contents of the syringe rapidly changed color from green to violet to other indescribable colors and back again.

The temptation was too much as I already decided to inject myself with this substance. I picked up the needle which felt warm despite the chill winter night air. I inserted it into my vein and pressed down the plunger. I Immediately screamed as I felt the intense heat of the serum dissipate through my veins. I began to panic understanding that whatever this substance contained was too much for a still developing boy.

I passed out from the exhaustion. I awoke to the smell of breakfast downstairs and my mom alerting me "Joseph! Breakfast is ready!" In her ever cheery tone. I steadily rose from my bed and wondered if last night actually happened. That doubt immediately fled as I saw the very dirty case sitting in my room along with the used syringe. Thank god mom didn't find that on my floor. Who knows what she would have thought I was getting in to.

I hid the crate and ate breakfast downstairs with my family. All of whom seems completely unfazed by any of the extremely abnormal events from last night.

My dad interrupted my thoughts and said "Son are you okay? Did you sleep enough?" "Yeah. I slept great" I responded, thinking of all the things I had to experiment with.

At the conclusion of breakfast Mom said she and Dad were going to go 18 cute girl play with puss the mall for lunch and then the movies. This excited me knowing that for the next four hours I would be all alone with my first experiment. My sister. My sister Ashley was a year older than me and spent most of her time with her friends or in her room.

I wasn't the closest with her but that didn't stop me from taking notice of her mouth watering body. Her ass was german selfy record for indark to die for and her tits would make me drool just thinking about them.

I would often try to peek while she was roaming our house in revealing nightwear. Which she did quite often. I wasn't certain but she appeared to have large C or maybe small D breasts. These on her tiny 5'5 frame made them look gigantic. I came into her room and asked "Hey sis can I ask you a question?" "Yeah sure just make it quick dork. I have to go to the mall with Jess at five" she snapped back. "Can you make me a grilled cheese sandwich?" She glared at me with eyes that burned with frustration looking at me like "does it look like I'm going to make you a fucking sandwich".

Despite her obvious anger she stayed silent.

I wondered if perhaps giving her a choice would not quite work. I decided to try something different.

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"Make me a grilled cheese sandwich" I requested with confidence. "Okay" she said blankly as she got up left her room and turned on the stove. I followed her excited from the potential I had just tight escort pussy fucked in hotel room bareback tube porn. I could make her do anything and everything I wanted and I planned to.

"Ashley stop making the sandwich" I said. she stopped "What? I already told you I need to be somewhere. Stop wasting my time, nerd" She responded angrily "Hmm although she will follow my orders she is still conscious of her actions and can voice her thoughts" I wondered to myself.

"Ashley, From now on you're going to follow my every request and first I want you to take off all your clothes" "Okay Joseph" She then raised her shirt over her head revealing her huge boobs contained in a sexy purple lacy bra.

Then she unclipped the bra and let it fall to the floor. Her tits came into view and immediately my cock hardened. Her breasts were a milky white with light brown areola no bigger than a half dollar. Her hard nipples looked delicious as she bent over and began taking off her jeans. She shed her pants and I admired how beautiful she looked topless and how her flat stomach smoothly led to the flair of her hips down to her long legs.

Next she removed her matching purple panties and I gawked at her exposed womanhood. She was completely shaved and her slightly open moist lips looked very inviting. I audibly gasped as I took in her full naked body. I kissed her and our tongues forcefully danced in our mouths. I pushed her on her bed and hungrily I took to her tits and started sucking on her nipples.

She gasped as I sucked and bit gently and her breathing started to quicken.I alternated between nursing on her two breasts and then started fingering her already drenched pussy. She started rocking her hips and exclaiming "Oh fuck thats good". I started racing to take off my clothing.

At this point she didn't even need persuasion or orders.

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Ashley took my cock into her mouth and began bobbing up and down rapidly trying to swallow my whole seven inches. She took in a deep breath as she began slowly inching more of it into her hungry mouth. "Oh fuck", I exclaimed "I need to fuck your pussy right now" I took my dick out of her watering mouth and lined pk mom and son xxx up to her throbbing pussy as she desperately tried to grind it against me.

I looked into her eyes that were practically screaming "fuck me". I plunged the head inside of my cock within her without mercy and began quickly thrusting in and out of her gripping cunt. Her mouth hung open as she moaned my name over and over.

My short quick thrusts grew into long ones as I took my whole cock out of her just to slam it back in to the hilt. Our groans resonated throughout the house companied with the sound of my balls slapping against her ass with my thrusts. She moaned loudly exclaiming "oh fuck you're so deep in me" I grabbed her hips and fucked her without caution and she continued to yell. "I'm gonna come, Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" She yelled repeatedly.

I felt her pussy contracting on my cock as she came and the added pressure caused my balls to boil. I reluctantly pulled out of the grip of her tight cunt and came, spewing my cum over her spasming body.

The first shot landed on her face covering her with my seed. The following loads hit her heaving tits and stomach. She looked stunning covered in my cum. Her tits rose and fell as she recovered from her exhausting earth shattering orgasm. End of part 1 Authors note: This is my first story so please tell me your criticism or what you want next in the comments. More is definitely coming soon.

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If you felt there was not enough sex in this part trust me there will be MUCH more in the following chapters.