Busty stepdaughter teen did everything for a attention

Busty stepdaughter teen did everything for a attention
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Sarah McKimmey age 20 never married, University of Texas student innocent young blonde gets fucked by teen blowjob young pussy sex a Miss Texas Contestant. I paid $ 20,000 for votes for Sarah, I would have paid more if needed.

Part of the agreement was that Sarah would stay in my guest bedroom at my penthouse. Click, the door opened, revealing a glamorous guest bedroom.

It oozes luxury, from the recessed silk carpet to the silk wallpaper. The rest of the penthouse is very voluminous, so the guest bedroom is designed to feel warm and cosy. To her right is a bathroom and to her left a closet, both of which she walked by, entering the main room. The king-sized bed looks small in the large room, with a nightstand on either side and a TV on the wall at the front of the room. In the corner, by a pair of large curtains she assumed led to the balcony, sat a desk.

She placed the room key, her purse, and her phone on the desk. She has never been in a penthouse before. She sat her over night bag on the chair and looked to the bed, kicking off her high heels. The comforter is perfectly folded and tucked under the corners of the king bed, fluffy pillows sat at the head.

She'd never had a king bed before. Playfully, she jumped onto the bed, enjoying the bounce as the mattress springs handled her weight easily and silently. She laid down on her back, spreading her limbs out to each direction, like a star. Studying the ceiling intently, she let the situation rush over her.

Was she really going through with this? The clock read 12:26 in glowing red numbers. She turned her attention back to the ceiling, mentally reviewing the constant list of responsibilities she held.

Biology homework, chemistry review, Spanish paper, prep for her lab courses, talking to that professor for her research study. She sighed, shaking her head to clear it. That wasn't what tonight is about. Sitting up, she went over to her over night bag opening it, rummaging through it quickly. She pulled out a small bag filled with travel-sized bottles, a toothbrush and toothpaste, two razors, and a small poof her first task, of course. She set the toiletries next to her and dipped her hand in again, pulling out a pair of panties and a night gown, lacy and sheer.

She smiles at the lingerie in her hand; the contrast of her pale skin against the bright blue color is beautiful. Peering in the bag, she saw a pair of strappy black high heels sitting on regular clothing. Yes, she knew she packed all this, but seeing it in the luxury bedroom made it more real.

Lastly, she pulled out two bottles of nail polish and placed them, too, on the comforter. She stood and begins to pull off her clothing: a pair of tight blue leggings, a baggy tank top, a push up bra, a simple black thong, and her nylons.

She gathers her toiletries and polish and walks to the bathroom, placing her over night bag in the closet as she went. Flicking the light as she enters the bathroom, she pauses, taking in her surroundings. The counter of the sink has beautiful fresh flower arrangement, and white, fluffy towels are in a small closet, piled high on the shelves. The shower is large, the glass door partially open. She shut the bathroom door behind her, locking it.

She leans over the edge of the marble tub, plugged the drain, and started a bath, adjusting the water to be quite warm, but not hot. She turned back to counter, looking herself over in the mirror. She caressed her body, her hands tracing up the curve of her sides and over her breasts they average size, with soft pink areolaes that barely stood out on her white skin.

Her nipples are tiny and usually unresponsive, they did not perk at her touch. She studied her face, taking in the naturally dark lips that had formed a small smile that always bordered on a smirk. Her eyes were a blue-green and her face is flushed. Anticipation and nerves, she supposed. Her hair is long and wavy, curling at the tips which hung by her breasts. She is a brunette. The room is beginning to steam from the bath as she turned, looking at herself in profile.

The stretch marks on her hips and breasts were faint on her fair skin, but mildly noticeable.

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Her breasts barely protruded past her stomach, which is flat and soft. She turns more, so she can see her butt in the mirror. She flexed her legs, pleased at the way her ass bounces and moves.

For a young woman, she has an awesome butt. She looks down, taking in her legs which cannot be seen over the counter. Her feet are small and dainty, leading to her ankles. Her calves are tapered, and grew wider as her eyes traveled up her leg, tucking in at the knee and leading to her thighs.

She ran her hands over her legs, her thighs are white, pressing together tightly when she stood with her ankles together. As her hands ran up her thighs, Her left hand dipped between her thighs and met her mound, slowly stroking the thick bush of hair.

She smiled, tugging lightly at the hair that had steamy hot hard fucking of amateur couple on cam weeks for her to grow out. Her smile turned into a grin as she realized that she is probably one of the very few girls at her university that had a full bush. She turned to the water, which is filling a third of the tub. Grabbing a bottle from her bag, she poured bath soaps into the running water, watching it bubble instantly.

She added a fizzing crystal that she had stolen from a gift basket at some point. This was all about her, she had decided she was in a luxurious penthouse and she is going to have a luxurious bath.

She hoped it would calm her nerves, too. Using the hair tie that was always on her wrist, she pulled her hair up into a high ponytail, hoping to keep it out the bath water. She doubled up the tail, making a bun that hung to her ears.

Sufficient, she thought. She laid out her soaps, razor, and polish on the edge of the bath, hanging the poof on the water knobs. The water filled half the tub and she stepped in, letting her feet adjust to the sudden onslaught of heat. She sat down slowly as her body acclimated to the heat; she enjoyed watching the water level rise and the bubbles slosh from her movements. She turned off the water and sat back with her eyes closed, her short body fitting fairly easily in the tub.

She soaked for a few moments, her thoughts churning. Is this a smart idea? She has never met this man before.There are many ways this could go badly. I'm thirty five years older, after all, at 55; she is just 20. Horror stories of girls meeting the "perfect man" flooded her mind. No, that wouldn't happen to her. She had not seen any pictures or videos of me she had not talked with me on video chat even. Her thoughts drifted to me, having never been with a older man before, only with guys her age.

Idly, her left middle finger traced circles on her clitoris and she bit her lip.

How had I convinced her to go through with this? To meet me at my penthouse.To spend the night with me. Her hand combed through her bush as she thought of the sexy texts they had exchanged, the snap chats that she had told herself she wouldn't send but did anyway. She wonders what my hands will feel like on her body, she wonders if I have a big cock, what will it feel like between her legs. Her mind replayed memory of seeing pictures of a man stroking his monster cock.

She imagines me watching her masturbate. She is so naieve with so many questions, having never seen or touched a penis, how much pain when a penis penetrates a vagina, will there be blood are some of her questions. She sat up, grabbing the side of the tub and panting. She had been on the verge of climax without realizing it. Her clit throbbing and her body is flushed pink. No, she wanted to save that for me. She toyed with the purple disposable razor in her hand, looking at her body through the water.

Her toes are getting wrinkled from her extended stay in the water. The biology of skin pruning ran through her mind and she smiled, lifting a leg into the air.

Setting down the razor she picked up a bottle, squeezing a scented body wash into her hand. Fruity and flowery not normally words she used to describe sasha likes to get her pussy eaten, but a scent she enjoyed all the same.

She slathered sex with hotel room service boy soap on her left calf, working it into a thick lather that clung to her skin. She picked up the razor again and dipped it in the water before bringing it to the inside of her calf. She always started on the inside ankle. She dragged the blade smoothly up her leg, watching as her pale skin was revealed through the lather.

She inspected the triple-bladed head, then rinsed it in the water and began again. The act of methodically preparing herself for a strange older man turned her on and frightened her; she loved to watch lovely beauteous teen wants to be gangbanged transform. The razor ran over every inch of her skin on her calves and knees, revealing slick, warm skin.

She shaved her quads, ignoring the backs of her legs where the hair grew soft and thin; it is too much work and she doubted I would notice or even care. She rinsed her legs and then ran her hands across them, feeling for bits she may have missed. Any such patches are quickly remedied by her razor, which then made a pass under her arms. She looked at the second razor, realizing it as superfluous.

Her hand ran through her soft bush for the hundredth time, glad she wouldn't have to shave it. She shut the water off and squeezed the excess water from her hair, which splattered into the tub noisily, then she gathered her soaps and bottles, collecting them in a corner of the tub.

She drew back the curtain, the condensation heavy on the mirror and in the air. She picked up a towel and dried herself, starting with her face and arms and working her way down her body. She wrapped the damp towel around her hair and head, grabbing a second towel for her body, and exited the bathroom, leaving the door open. Her phone blinked from the desk and she snatched it up, her heart pounding.

Was this him? She glanced at the time: twelve past two. What time had I said I would meet her? She unlocked her phone. An email. Great. Because prepping for bio lab had just left her mined. She let out a breath and went to her email from me. Scrolling through, she confirmed what she had already known: I would be there between 3 pm and 7 pm. She assumed that because I had the doorman let her into the penthouse, that I must definitely be coming.

Still, I had not yet messaged her today, and the possibility that I would stand her up lingered in her mind; it would not be the first time she was prepped for a guy, only for him to ditch her. She tossed her phone on the bed, letting her towel drop. From her purse she retrieved her chap stick and ritually applied a smooth layer to her lips; she rubbed her lips together, the action soothing her.

She dropped both the purse and chap stick on the nightstand and sat naked on the bed, her mind wandering again. Perhaps music would keep her sane. She picked up her phone and with a few quick taps it was quietly singing at her side. She got up, unleashing her hair from the towel and picking up the second one from the floor.

Dutifully, she returned them to the bathroom, which had begun to cool down, the mirror clearing up. From her toiletries bag she picked up her toothbrush and paste. A button turned on the buzzing function on her brush, reminding her of the vibrator She picked up the panties and slid them on, taking time to adjust them. The lace stretched over her ass, tucking between her cheeks and hugging tightly to her as she smoothed it down across her hips. The nightgown was next, and she inspected it before putting it on.

This didn't leave much to the imagination at all. The cups were black with the blue lace overlaid, which continued down to create a little dress, finished by black tool on the end. The straps were removable, attaching in front with a simple hook.

The back had a keyhole cut out, pulled together by the band that created the bra. Perhaps not her person style (she rarely, if ever, slept in clothing) but cute nonetheless. She is sure I would enjoy it. She stepped into the lace, fitting her breasts into the cups and clasping it behind her back.

She straightened the straps, puffing the skirt out around her butt. She yawns, and glances back to the clock. She has between thirty minutes and hours before I arrived.

Her mouth gaping, her eyes bulging. She stared in horror as I walked slowly forward, her head tilting back as I got closer and loomed over her. " Now let's get something straight, Sarah," I said, smiling reassuringly as I joined my hands together and flexed my muscles. " I'm going to fuck you and you're not going to do anything to stop me.

You're an intelligent girl." I walked forward until my big chest is almost touching her, and my big fists are against the wall on either side of her shoulders, my arms blocking her on either side. " Being intelligent, you'll recognize the hopelessness of trying to resist me, and realize how much pain you could experience if I choose." I took the shoes from her trembling hands and tossed them behind me. Sarah stared like a fawn caught in a car's headlights, trembling in shock and stunned with fear.

I moved back a foot, folding my arms across my chest as I looked down at her. " Take off your clothes, Sarah," I said. " P-please, I." " Take off your clothes!" I hissed in a furious, raging voice I had long ago perfected. She gasped in terror, drawing back flat against the wall as I snarled down at her.

" I better not have to tell you again, slut!" I growled. " Strip!" " All right! All right! Don't hurt me!" she whimpered. " I'm not going to hurt you, Sarah. I'm just going to fuck you.

HARD!" Her hands shaking, her eyes not leaving me for a second, she pulled the short nightgown up and slowly brought it forward over her shoulders, letting it slide down her slender body and drop in a pool at her feet. She stepped out of it, like many others, she tried to cover her chest until the last possible minute, her arms folded over her breasts, but then, her skin red in embarrassment, she slipped her thumbs into her panties, shoving them down and stepping out of them.

Naked, she stood there, her arms half covering her nakedness. " Put your back flat against the wall and stand straight," I ordered. Her chest heaving, she complied, staring in terror at me as I regarded her naked flesh. " Not bad," I said. " Tits are a bit small, but they're nice and high and round. Now, I want you to put your arms above your head, way up there. Higher, as high as they can go.

Good girl. Now spread them apart, wider. Good." " Spread your legs now, and keep your back straight." Sarah trembled with fear, excitment and embarrassment, but stood still, her back pressed hard against the wall, her arms and legs spread apart. " Now turn around, baby, turn and face the wall, same position." Her chest heaving, she did as I ordered, pressing her breasts flat against the surface of the wall.

" Now, I want you to bend over. Bend over and spread your legs for me, and keep your hands pressed against the wall. You've seen the position on the TV shows." She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes, her hips are not flared, she will have a difficult time accommodating a man of my size.

I walked up behind her, placing my hand on the cheek of her ass, feeling her freeze in front of me. I run it slowly around to the front of her body and squeeze her small breast, as her breath caught in her throat. " Please Mr. Malone, don't touch me that way!" she pleaded softly. " Don't you like the way it feels Sarah?" I ask her sharply. " No sir, no, no, no," she sobs.

" You wouldn't be lying to me now would my dear?" I asked her as my hand slide up seeking the heat of her junction. Sarah hated me, more than she had ever hated anything in her life at that moment. My fingers are sending bolts of unbearable pleasure to her brain, as they move against her swelling clit. Tears forming in her eyes as she feels her lower lips swell with desire and begin to go moist. She has never been with a man before, she hated me because what I'm doing feels so good to Sarah, and I knew the truth.

She knew as my fingers drove into her pussy that she is soaking them and can't stop herself. " Come now Sarah, does it really feel that bad?" I prodded. " No Mister Malone it feels good. but please stop now, please!" she begs. It is the first time she has been touched, she had never expected it to be this aggressive. Sarah shuddering, as my fingers pump in and out of her hot wet pussy.

My cock is hard hot and throbbing, and lurching up and down as I slip another finger inside the tight passage of Sarah's pussy. I pull my fingers out, grab her hips pulling them back slightly. This time guiding my cock to her cunt, sliding my cock up and down between the cum slicken folds.

" You thought it was over, Sarah?" I laugh evilly in a way she has never heard. " I'm gonna fuck your little slut twat, now, Sarah!" " NO!" she screams hoarsely. " NO! I'm still a virgin!" " Not for long, Sarah!" To punctuate that, I shove my throbbing hard cock hard into her fresh young pussy! I feel it ripping her hymen like ripping through paper and I groan in response to that and her scream of pain.

I'm all the way in her now and I pause to savor the feel of a never-before-been-fucked young eighteen year old woman's pussy, before pulling out almost all the way, and then ramming in again. I'm fucking fast and hard, thrusting in and out of her cunt, slamming maria ozawa vs big black negro tight twat, while she writhes in agony, impaled upon my cock.

To amuse myself, I had one hand squeezing her tit, while the other gripped her waist while she cries and sobs loudly. " You like that, huh, Sarah? You've been wanting this to happen, huh?" Since she only responded by crying, I placed my hand over her mouth. She tried to bite but was unsuccessful. My hand across her mouth held back her muffled scream of pain.

Each thrust is a mix of horror and pain to her." I'm gonna cum in your slutty pussy, Sarah." Saying this really turns me on and she responds at the sudden revelation by screaming and protesting anew. But it is too late and her fighting only made it feel better as I push into her one final time and came violently.

I feel my cock on fire as jets of my cum sprayed her cunt walls and I knew she can feel me empty my seed into her belly, then I hear her moan in despair. I laugh in response and pull my still hard cock out of her pussy.

The momentary relief is only that, as she feels my cock now pressing hard against her asshole. " I'm going to give you something else to remember, Sarah," I said from behind her.

I force Sarah onto the floor on all fours, then she feels me behind her again. I press hard against her ass. " Please no, please," Sarah pleaded. Her request is answered with a hard slap on the ass.

" Fuck Sarah, just relax and enjoy it," I said. With one massive push, Sarah feels her sphincter break against my cock's forced entry.

She screams in agony with the sudden invasion. Quickly I buried myself in her ass. Every thrust I made caused intense pain and after the initial scream, Sarah's mouth is held tightly covered by my hand.

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I continue to rock back and forth inside of her, each stroke tearing at Sarah's insides until the pain intensified beyond belief. Sarah feels me slam hard into her and jerk. My movements stop and the pain eases for a moment. As I slowly withdraw, Sarah hears the sound of the vacuum that had been created inside of her and she feels my cum slowly ooze out of her ass.

I picked her up and carried over to the bed and laid her down. Sarah feels that she is in a dreamland, everything now moving in a surreal setting. I return from the bathroom, she feels me mounting her again, her lower body became numb. Finally, it seems to be over.

She is exhausted and unable to move. She closes her eyes, as I whisper in her ear " This isn't over Sarah. You are my fuck toy and I'm going to fuck you often. I own you now." She never did tell anyone and I kept my word.

I fuck her whenever I want, and when I can't I resort to fondling horny czech nympho spreads her spread cunt to the extreme. I know she hates it but is too ashamed to get help.