Curvy inked babe pawns pussy on hidden cam

Curvy inked babe pawns pussy on hidden cam
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Thump, thump, thump, thump. The deep bass rattled the windows of young Connie McCowen's bedroom. "Fuckin' a" she swore under her breath as she rolled over in her bed unable to fall asleep. Click, she heard her clock mark the time as 11:18, between the obnoxious bass of the drunk asshole down the streets stereo. "Damnit, I have a test tomorrow!" Then she heard the sound of her mother's voice calling her name from the living room.

It wasn't unexpected as there was no way her father was actually going to deal with this, that is if he wasn't already passed out drunk himself. She climbed out of bed and slipped on her shorts under the t-shirt that she normally slept in, and flip flops. Sure enough, the old man was passed out in luscious dykes get horny and have outdoor sex chair when Connie got into the living room.

She looked with hatred at the half full beer can perched on his bloated belly, ready to fall at any moment. "Can't we just call the cops", she asked of her mother, already well aware of her answer. Emmett was dad's friend and there was no way that she'd make that call. "Just go and turn the stereo down", her mother said wearily, "by now he's as dead to the world as your father." Connie was pissed as she grabbed the old ten speed that she'd put together from scrounging around for parts.

She walked the bike to the gated front yard and onto the street. "Maybe I should just burn the fucking house down", she poem sexxy vedios in france as she climbed onto her bike and peddled down the moonlit street listening to the music of some southern rock band that blared from down the street.

Emmett Johnson was an enigma to the small beachside community of Ormond By The Sea. Rumor had it that he came from a wealthy family from New York, but you couldn't tell by looking at him. Disheveled, fat and perpetually drunk, it was hard to see where he's ever served as anything more than a bad example. The old timers knew otherwise, he'd once been considered a pillar of the small community.

He had owned a successful gas station and auto repair and was maybe the best mechanic for miles around. That was until the night his pretty young wife and their son just disappeared. Nobody knew what happened to them, and is usually the case in a town where everybody knew everybody else's business, there were many rumors.

Some said she left him for another guy, some said that they were dead, there were even claims that Emmett had killed them himself. Regardless of whatever the true story was, the downward spiral of Emmett Johnson that followed, was very obvious and startlingly rapid.

The station went under and Emmett sank into the abyss of alcoholism. Now, some fifteen years later, this once proud man lived off of small jobs that barely paid enough for his daily case of Busch beer. As she approached the dilapidated home the music became almost painfully loud.

She pulled her bike onto the gravel driveway and dropped it next to the old drunk's beat up Ford pickup. The front door was wide open and she could see inside the living room. The place was a shithole, with trash littering the floor. Empty beer cans were everywhere and the air stank of cigarettes and stale beer. Against the wall, where a couch might normally be was a bed and on top of that lay the sleeping lump of Emmett Johnson. Nervously, Connie called his name a couple of times from the threshold, she dreaded having to actually go into the depressing room.

Getting no response, she scanned the room from the doorway. She spotted the stereo under a collection of empty cans across the room. Scared now, she crept into the room and stood in front of the receiver, looking for the power button. Her plan was to turn the damned thing off and run like hell. She found the button and just as she pushed it and blessed silence descended on the room she heard the door slam.

Spinning around her fears were confirmed, there stood Emmett looking very pissed off and standing between her and the only exit. He was just over six feet tall, with wild hair and a scruffy beard.

His huge belly stuck out over his dingy underwear.

"What did you do that for", he asked, his speech still somewhat slurred from the days drink. Genuinely scared, Connie tried to summon up enough confidence to sound tough, she failed as she stammered, "M-m-my mom made me do it." "She made you break into my house?" "No", Connie answered, "well yeah, she told me to come down and turn off your radio." Starting to feel her anger push back on the fear she added, "It was keeping the whole street awake and some of us have school in the morning!" He pointed to the chair that sat next to the bed and told her to sit.

Maybe it was her fear of being trapped with this almost naked hulking alcoholic, or maybe it was just being conditioned to following orders from her drunken and abusive father. Either way, she pushed aside a couple of empty cigarette packs and lowered down into the dirty chair. He moved around her and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Do you know what today is?" She searched her mind for any significance of that date but all she could come up with was that it was Tuesday. He seemed to chuckle at that, but there was no joy to be heard in the sound. " Today is the day that they left." Connie searched her memories but had no idea what he was talking about.

"Who left?" "Linda and Bobby", he explained as if she knew who he was talking about. He noted the confused look on her face and went on to explain, "my wife and son." She watched the pain and sadness twist his gruff features as he explained how they had gone up to New York to visit with her family fifteen years ago.

He lay down on the bed as he tearfully explained that the police had found the car broken down in a bad section of the Bronx, the driver dead. So engrossed in his story, Connie nearly missed the fact that his permanently oil stained hand now rested on her thigh. Repulsed as she was by the contact, she didn't want to interrupt him so she let it go. The police didn't know that anyone else had been in the car until the following morning when they got in touch with her parents, who owned the car.

A search began at daybreak for the young socialite and the heir to the Janniston fortune. The Jannistons, like Emmett's own family had made millions in the stock market and the marriage of Emmett and Linda had sexy hot babe audrey royal needs to fuck large dick their empires into one of the most powerful families on Wall Street.

As Emmett lie there on his dirty sheets and absent mindedly caressing the smooth skin of Connie's thigh he explained how the police had found them two days later. Their bodies were discovered by the garbage men in a dumpster. Autopsies revealed that both had been raped multiple times before their throats had been cut and their bodies thrown out with the trash. He explained tearfully the days that followed, how police tracked down the gang who had killed his family, and the trials that followed.

She was so engrossed by his horrific story that the horrified teenager barely noticed his grubby fingers had slowly crept up her thigh and were now under the leg hole of her faded blue jogging shorts. Lightly, his fingertips grazed along the cotton gusset of her panties tracing the furrow of her lips through the dampening material.

She knew that she should stop him, but she also could see the calming effect that finally telling his tale was having on the old drunk. He shared how the NYPD tracked them down and one by one arrested the ten gang members who had taken his wife and child, and how they had bragged about what they had done to that rich little white bitch and her brat.

They had all taken their turn with her, and pimped out his son to a number of pedophiles from around the city. When they realized who they'd abducted and the heat that they would bring down they had figured it was best to dispose of them.

He talked about how it had affected him, how he couldn't work and began to drink away the pain but Connie was beginning to have a hard time concentrating on his words while his probing fingers toyed with her virgin pussy. She never let any of her few boyfriends touch her there and the sensation of someone else's fingers rubbing her most private of parts was something she'd not expected.

Her inexperienced sex was radiating tingling tremors of pleasure through her young body and she found herself spreading her legs to ease his access. Unfortunately for her, the day's drink and the relief of finally sharing his pain took their toll and gradually his fingers stopped stroking her very excited pussy and she heard him begin to snore softly beside her.

"God damnit", she swore as she pulled his hand from beneath her shorts, she'd been very close to cumming and now he was out cold. Carefully the young brunette extricated herself from the chair, mindful not to wake him. She let herself out, making sure to close the door behind her before grabbing her bike and heading for home. She was so wet that she could feel her shorts beginning to stick to the bicycle seat as she peddled down the street listening to the crashing of the waves from the nearby beach.

Quietly she let herself in the gate and parked her bike beside the house. Letting herself in, she knew it wasn't right. She could hear her younger brother moaning from the living room so she rushed in to check on him. Connie found Billy curled up on the floor near the couch, blood was flowing from his lip as he clutched his stomach. She checked to make sure that he was okay and saw the large bruise that was still forming on the side of his face.

"W-w-we tried t-t-to get h-him t-t-to bed", her brother sobbed as Connie helped him up off of the floor. From her parents' bedroom she could hear her father grunting over her mother's sobbing cries. It was obvious that they were having sex whether her mother wanted it or not. Loud slaps accompanied her cries and Connie knew that she was getting a beating and probably being raped, again.

She raged inside, feeling helpless latin babe ashlynn taylor gets her pussy ruined protect her mom and brother from the animal in their home. She quietly helped her brother to bed, half carrying him down the hall past their parents' bedroom.

The door was still wide open and she was able to catch a glimpse of her father kneeling behind her mother's upturned ass and fucking her with her punishing strokes while slapping her ass. Even in the dim lighting Connie could see the discoloration of the bruises that he was leaving. Thankful that they hadn't been noticed, she helped Billy into his bed and lay beside him, comforting the poor boy as he lay there in pain. All the while she could hear her mother's suffering and she fumed.

There has to be a way to get rid of this asshole. Laying there in the dark soothing her brother she stewed. She considered getting one of Billy's baseball bats and beating him senseless, she even considered beating him to death, but knew deep down that her mother was somehow addicted to the abusive fucker. There had to be another way.

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She heard one last loud grunt from the drunken asshole that was her dad and knew that he was done. If he held true to form he'd be passed out again in a minute or two so she waited for his freight train like snoring to begin before crawling out of Billy's bed and padding down the hall to her own.

It was late, but sleep would not come as plan after plan to get rid of her drunken father played out in her mind.

Quickly, she saw the flaws in each plan and discarded them, only to imagine a new one. As she lay there in the dark thinking of everything that had happened that night, Emmett, Billy, her mom, and particularly her father it occurred to her. She knew exactly what to do.

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Connie spent much of the next few days ironing out her plan, if it worked she would get her father out of their lives. She would even have her mother unwittingly on board, but she needed some supplies to make it happen. For that she lesbian masturbation with this slutty milf hottie tell the help of Ian Epstein, the nerdiest guy in her class.

She might need Emmett's help as well. The following day, in science class, Mr. Stevens announced that he would be pairing up students for a project having to do with a manned mission to Mars. Each group would be given a specific task towards making a colony possible. It didn't take too much to get Mr.

Stevens to pair Connie up with Asian schoolgirl cant live without being screwed hard, as they were both top students in the class. They were given the task of power generation. Ian, who has had a not so secret crush on Connie since the fourth grade, was elated at the pairing. To him, Connie was perfect, very pretty and smart too, if only she were Jewish. He called her over to his lab bench and asked if she had any idea's for the project, having already figured out what he had in mind, large fields of solar panels naturally.

It was almost too easy. Connie however surprised him, " what if we could use carbon dioxide from the poles to drive generators and then filter out the carbon to produce oxygen as a byproduct", she asked demurely. "It could work almost like a ships reactor creates steam to drive their generators." He mulled it over for a minute or two, becoming more and more excited at the prospects of what she had proposed entailed.

"I love it", he proclaimed, "but it's not going to be easy." "True", she agreed," it's going to take a lot of work." She looked him deep in the eye's and suggested," maybe we should get together after school to work out a plan." He agreed and suggested that they meet at the library after school.

She explained that there might be others at the library and that they might want to keep their plan a secret from the other students. "Can we meet at your house?" Floored by the idea of being alone with this angel Ian agreed and added that his parents wouldn't be home until after five so they would have some privacy to brainstorm. Ian may have been occupied with her thoughts on their science project, Connie had an ulterior motive.

After the bell rang ending sixth period Connie met up with Ian by the bicycle racks. Her pieced together 10 speed looked sad next to his expensive Cannondale. Never the less she followed him out of the parking lot and south to the finely kept lawns of the gated community where he lived. Connie had never been in a neighborhood like this and she rode in awe of the display of wealth that Ian considered home.

He led her to a home the likes of which she'd only seen in magazines, and up into the opened garage. She parked her bike next to his and he led her inside. If the outside had been gorgeous, the inside just blew her mind. They took off their shoes in a small foyer and he led her across the plush carpeting to the kitchen for a Coke.

Grabbing two sodas he led her up to his room. It was nothing like her brother's room, Ian had actual art hung from his walls instead of rock posters, and he had a real desk to work from. They sat at the desk and discussed the various aspects of their project. After agreeing on a basic concept they began working on specifics. They worked for another half hour or so when she asked, "do you have a small video camera?" The curly dark haired geek said that he did and showed her his latest body cam.

It was indeed small, and boasted a twelve hour recording time. It was the latest edition to Ian's collection and obviously very expensive. "Do you think that I can borrow it for about a week?" He thought for a moment and was tempted but in the end he said no. She countered by asking," How about if I rent it?" He looked torn as he again shot her down. "That's a very expensive camera, besides it was a gift from my Grandma." "I'll take good care of it", she promised.

Still seeing the doubt in his eyes she upped the ante," and I'll take good care of you." As she said it she grabbed the hem of her Hello Kitty t-shirt and pulled it up over her head. The poor boy was stunned into silence as her pale blue bra was exposed to his lustful gaze.

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In stunned silence he watched as she worked the clasp between her small breasts and released her small but firm tits from their confines. Staring at her pink areola and nipples he allowed her to push him back onto his bed. "Wh-wh-what are you doing", he stammered as he watched her delicate hands slide up his thighs. She grabbed the waistband of his shorts and began to pull them down. Again he asked what she was doing and she told him that she was putting a down payment on renting his camera.

In awe, he watched as his long time crush pulled down his shorts and Fruit of the Looms. His dick was already as hard as he'd ever remembered it being as it sprang free of his briefs.

Having pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles, Connie wrapped her fingers around a guy's member for the first time. It felt hard, yet soft and she could feel the blood pulsing through its prominent veins.

Kneeling beside the bed she stroked his throbbing member and looking up at his eyes, which were half closed in pleasure she understood how to control a man. She pumped her fist up and down his shaft relishing on the feel of the silky soft skin of his erection. She had an idea of what to do next from porn that she watched online and leaned forward and licked his shaft from the base to the tip, surprised a little by his lack of any particular taste.

For some reason she'd always thought that it would taste nasty, but even the clear fluid that oozed from his hole really wasn't bad, just a little salty. She licked his shaft again then took the head of it into her mouth.

Bobbing her head on his cock she gave him his first ever blow job, and being her first as well she couldn't manage more than a few inches without gagging so she used her fist to pump the parts that didn't fit in her mouth. Ian could not believe what was happening as he watched his prick sliding in and out of her hot wet mouth.

He stared down into her deep green eyes as she looked up at him and he was lost. He'd masturbated to this very scene many times but now it was really happening.

He could already feel the cum starting to boil in his sack and knew that he wasn't going to last much longer regardless of how much he tried to hold it back. Connie sensed it too, she could feel his body growing tense and his cock seemed to swell even more in her mouth.

She heard him croak out his warning that he was going to cum and backed off until just the head was in her mouth as she pumped his drool slickened shaft with her hand.

Then it happened, his dick twitched and the first jet of cum filled her mouth. It was salty but a little sweet and nowhere near as bad tasting as she was afraid that it would be, but damn there was a lot of it. Instinctively she swallowed the first of his load, feeling the hot goo sliding down her throat as he shot more and more of the thick slime into her mouth. He finally stopped cumming in her mouth and she sucked and licked him clean before raising up off of his deflating prick.

"So, can I borrow your camera?" "Uh huh", he nodded. If that stepbro dives deep into vanna bardots curious cunt just the down payment there was no way that he was going to refuse. She put her bra and shirt back on and he pulled up his shorts. Afterward he showed her how to work the camera and retrieve the video from it.

She thanked him for letting her use it and gave him a kiss on the lips. As she kissed him she gave his still semi hard prick a squeeze, "You'll get the rest of the rent next week when I bring it back." With the camera in her backpack she headed for home. As she peddled down her street she saw Emmett in his driveway working on his beat up old truck so she turned into the yard.

"Hi Emmett." He looked up from under the hood and smiled back at her," hi Connie, sorry about chewing your ear off the other night." "No problem", she assured him.

"Can I ask a favor of you?" "Sure, what's up?" "I need a case of beer for tomorrow morning." He looked at her a little shocked, "Aren't you a little young to be drinking beer?" "It's not for me." He thought for a moment, "do you have the money to buy a case?" "Not really." "So let me get this straight, you want me to buy you a case of beer and pay for it too?

Why would I do that?" She got up close to him and reached out with her hand, grabbing his dick through his grubby jeans. "Because if you do, I'll give you a blow job." He was stunned, his friends little girl just offered to suck his dick for a case of beer.

He looked down into her pleading eyes and took her hand off of his crotch. Without saying a word he led her into the house and closed the door behind them.

Once inside he grabbed her face and bent over to kiss her roughly. She accepted his kiss, tasting the stale beer and cigarettes as his tongue invaded her mouth. It was gross, but she needed that beer for her plan to work. He broke the kiss and asked if she was sure that she wanted to do this. She answered by unbuckling his belt and lowering down to her knees. She watched as his dirty fingers undid his jeans and dropped them to the floor. His underwear were grey and stained as he pulled them down.

Standing there in just his grease stained t-shirt she could see his small dick poking out from under his huge beer gut. It was maybe five inches long, quite a bit smaller than Ian's had been, and already she could smell the sweat and piss. For the second time in a little more than an hour she leaned forward and took a cock into her mouth. As small as he was she could take the whole thing without gagging.

Her nose touched his foul smelling tangle of hair and her forehead pressed against his gut. She was disgusted, but if her plan worked it would be worth it. Emmett looked down at the cute girl sucking on his cock in disbelief. He'd thought about her a few times since the other night when she let him play with her pussy, but never thought she'd actually come back again, let alone offer to suck him off.

"Can I see you naked", he asked, deciding to see how far he could push it. Connie thought about it for a second and figuring that it might get him off quicker she let go of his prick and stripped off her shirt and bra.

"You can look, but no touching", she explained, setting the ground rules, "I said that I'd give you a blowjob, but I'm not going to fuck you for a case of beer." The look on her face as she lowered her shorts and panties made it clear that she was serious. At least he was going to see her sweet little body, and it was sweet.

Her tits were a little small for his taste but her freshly shaved pussy was something he'd never seen before. He sat on the edge of the bed and laid back.

He guided adorable teenie climbs on top of a large knob hardcore and creampie onto the bed beside him so he could look at her hot little cunt while she sucked his cock. He really wanted to touch it, but she'd been pretty adamant that it was off limits. She took his rancid prick back into her mouth thinking at least this way her head wasn't hitting his belly. She brought her hand up and fondled his balls as she fucked him with her mouth and within a few minutes he was groaning and raising his hips to meet her lips.

She knew that he was close and she sucked him harder and faster until he stiffened beside her and shot his load into her mouth. She had been ready for him to cum in her mouth, but she was not ready for the taste of it.

Where Ian's cum had been sweet and a little salty, Emmett's thick sauce was bitter and foul tasting making her gag a little as she tried to swallow it down.

She managed to swallow it all without throwing up and rolled off of the bed. Still naked she almost ran to the kitchen to find something to rinse the taste out of mouth, in his fridge all sunny leone sister sofia leone fuck found was beer so she grabbed a can and popped the top. She took a large gulp and discovered that she didn't like the taste of beer, but it was better than the old bastards cum.

He laid on the bed watching her dash to the kitchen with amusement. He laughed as she swigged down the beer and the face she made as she did so. Rolling out of bed he grabbed his clothes and started to get dressed, leering at her naked body as she did the same. "Do you want to wait here while I go get your beer?" She thought for a moment before suggesting that she would come in the morning to pick it up.

She would have time after her mother left for work and before he father would be out of bed. He told her that would be okay, and to just come in and get it out of the fridge. She finished her beer, still able to taste his nasty cum, before heading out the door. As she rode home she couldn't believe that she had just sucked two dicks, and how different they had been from each other.

It will be worth it she thought to herself as she parked her bike beside the carport and braced herself for whatever waited inside. As usual, her father was in the living room watching TV with a stack of empty beer cans on the coffee table while her mother was making dinner. Dinner was tense, as it usually was when her father was drunk.

Nobody knew what would set him off, just that it was more likely than not going to happen. After dinner Connie and Bobby retreated to their rooms, it was safer that way.

Then it happened. Connie had walked through the living room and passed in front of the TV on her way to the kitchen.

As she did so her father reached up and grabbed her ass, "damnit baby girl with that ass maybe I should fuck you tonight instead of that slut in the kitchen." She pulled away from him just as her mother rounded the corner, fire in her eyes. "Robert you son of a bitch, if you touch her I will kill you myself", her mother swore as she raised her fist and slammed it into her husband's face.

"Mom stop", Connie screamed but it was too late, the blow had already landed and her father was staring at the smear of blood that he's just wiped from beneath his nose. Rage twisted his face into a look that Connie always figured the Devil would look like, if there was such a being.

In a flash he was up off the couch grabbing his wife by the throat with one hand and reaching back with the other.

"Connie, get to your room", her mother cried, knowing what was coming. His clenched fist crashed into her skull leaving her dazed. It was the first of many blows that she'd receive that night and by the time he got tired of hitting her she was lying on the floor bruised and bloody. Connie had run from the room to Bobby's where they rode out the storm.

As she listened to her father beating the shit out of their mother she whispered to Bobby, "This is the last time." He looked up to his sister and wished that he could believe her. The next morning Connie told her mother that she wasn't feeling well and asked if she could stay home from school. "Just keep out of your fathers hair", she warned her daughter believing that if Connie was asking to stay home she must really not feel good.

Connie was a straight A student who never missed school. Deep down she figured that Connie looked at school as a way to get away from their fucked up home. She was largely correct. Connie went back to her room and waited for her mother to leave. After she heard the door close and the car pull out of the driveway she hurriedly got dressed and snuck out of the house.

When she got to Emmett's she knocked and when he didn't answer she let herself in. Emmett lay snoring on the bed in his living room, completely naked. His little stub of a dick nestled in the nappy patch of hair above his balls. She snuck into the kitchen and retrieved the case of Busch from the fridge. At least he kept his word, she'd partly suspected that he wouldn't. She brought the beer home and put it in the fridge for her father to find then returned to her room. While she waited for him to wake up and start drinking she slipped off her shorts and put on a baggy sleep shirt.

She looked in the mirror and smiled. The shirt barely went past her ass and when she bent forward she could clearly see her braless tits. "This should do it", she smiled to herself. A while later she heard her father stirring and soon after the crack of an opening beer can.

A couple hours and several beers later Connie knew that it was time. Nervously she walked out into the living room and flopped down into the chair across from her father. She was well aware that he could see her panties under the night shirt and more than once she caught him staring at the space between her slightly spread thighs.

When he finished the beer that he was drinking she offered to get him another. She got one from the refrigerator, noticing that several were already missing from the case. She smiled and brought him the fresh can. When she handed it to him she made sure to bend far enough that he got a good look down her shirt. She could see the bulge growing in his white briefs and it looked pretty big.

He was now openly staring at her when she sat back down. When he finished that beer she got him another, again giving him a good look down her shirt.

This time he reached up and grabbed her tit through shirt. It's time she thought as she slapped his hand away. "Don't you fucking touch me you fucking drunk", she swore at him getting ready to run. She saw the rage building in him and she pressed on. "What are you some kind of pervert getting all horny over your daughter! Wait until I tell Mom that you grabbed my tits!" That did it, he started to push himself up off the couch and she ran to her bedroom, locking the door behind her.

She knew it wouldn't stop him but it gave her time to hit record on the little camera she'd borrowed from Ian. Just as she jumped into her bed he began banging on her door and yelling at her to open up. "Fuck you", she watch as kinky adorable gal acquires drilled hardcore and blowjob back at him, "I'm not letting ebony vixen sarah banks rides big cock of fiance drunk perv feel me up!" Pieces of the splintered door jamb flew across the room as he crashed through.

He was on her in a second ripping the night shirt off her body while slapping her hard across the face. "You fucking little tease", he screamed at her and slapped her across her left breast, "you're nothing but a little whore just like your mother!" Her cheek and breast burned where he'd slapped them and even though she'd planned for this to happen, she was genuinely scared. "Dad, stop", she pleaded as her tears welled up in her eyes. She knew he wouldn't, she'd pushed him too far.

He grabbed a fistful of her brown hair with one hand while yanking down has underwear with the other, "Suck it slut", he ordered as he pulled her face towards his crotch, "If I feel any teeth I swear to God that I'll knock everyone of them out of your smart ass mouth!" She looked at his angry cock with fear, it was even bigger than Ian's and much thicker, and she clamped her mouth shut.

He slapped her again with a back hand across the mouth, "open up you fucking cunt." This time she let him enter her mouth and he slammed his prick down her throat making her gag for air. Using her hair to hold her head still he fucked his daughters face. She gagged constantly, covering his throbbing rod with spit. Finally after a couple of minutes he pulled out of her mouth and as she gasped for air he pushed her back on the bed.

His large calloused hand snaked under the crotch of her panties and he ripped them off. He gawked at her hairless slit, "Is that what all the boys at school like?" He marilyn mansion in seeking sexual role fucks his finger roughly up and down her pussy, "I have to admit it's sexy as hell, maybe I will have your cunt of a mother shave her nasty old twat too!" "Dad, please don't", Connie cried as she watched him line up his huge dick with her virgin hole.

Her cries fell on deaf ears as he pushed the head into her, stretching her opening painfully. "Damn you're tight, those school boys must have little dicks", he told her, "but don't you worry, you're going to feel what a man's cock feels like." "Dad stop please", she cried again, "I'm still a virgin and you're hurting me!" "Virgin my ass, you're just a lying slut just like your fucking mother", he grunted and pushed more of his meat into her until he reached her hymen.

"God damn, you are a virgin aren't you!" He pulled all but the head of his prick out of her tortured canal. For just a moment Connie thought that he might actually stop, but only for a moment as he grabbed her hips and thrust himself into her completely. She screamed as her cherry was shredded by his invading prick. It felt like one of Bobby's baseball bats had been forced into her.

"Well, that takes care of that", he laughed as he began to slowly fuck his daughter's hurting cunt. He looked down to see the red tinged juices on his shaft and it drove his lust to new heights. He slid his hands wet oral stimulation pleasuring deepthroat and blowjob her boney knees and pushed them up against her chest, allowing him to plunge even deeper into her uncharted territory.

Damn her pussy was tight, hell this might just be the best pussy he'd ever fucked. Connie cried as her father's log seemed to split her in half with every thrust. She'd known that it was going to hurt, but not like this. Eventually her battered pussy began to respond and provide enough lubrication to make it not hurt as bad, in fact, if it had been under different circumstances it might have actually started to feel good to have a man's cock pumping into her.

Each time it seemed that she was adjusting to the pace and force of his fucking he seemed to step up both and soon he was slamming his prick into her ferociously, she could feel and hear his large sack bouncing off her asshole each time he drove his cock home. After what seemed like hours of him pounding her pussy and calling her every kind of whore she felt him stiffen and with one brutal thrust he buried his extreme risky public transportation sex couple in front of all the passengers into her.

She could feel it twitching inside her battered pussy as his hot cum exploded into her. She'd planned it so that this would happen only a day after her period so she wasn't likely to get pregnant, but still, the feel of her father cumming inside of her was super gross. After a minute or so he pulled his deflating cock out of her sloppy hole.

She thought to herself, thank God it was over. She was wrong again. Looking down at the daughter that he'd just fucked Robert McCowen knew that he was going to have her again. He climbed off of her and went to her closet. He found her pink terry cloth bathrobe and pulled the belt from its loops.

Before she could figure out what he was doing he had her hands tied to the bedposts. "I need a beer", he told her, "we ain't done, so don't go anywhere." She struggled hopelessly against her binds and hissed threw her clenched teeth, "You better not touch me again you fucking bastard." "Or what, cunt", he laughed, "now that I've had a taste of that sweet little pussy, we're going to be spending a lot of time together." He left her struggling and cursing him as he strutted naked through the house to get himself another drink.

Connie finally gave up trying to get loose and lay there crying, "What have I done", she asked herself. She could feel something leaking from her aching pussy. Rolling onto her side he brought he legs up far enough that she could see it.

The thick cum that was oozing from between her swollen red lips had a pinkish tint to it. Remembering the camera that was still silently recording her ordeal she aimed her pussy at its hiding place and spread her legs wide.

With any luck it's high definition lens would be able to see her father's incestuous deposit dripping from her. After about an hour and a couple more beers her father's still naked form once again appeared in her doorway. He carried a fresh beer in one hand and a what appeared to be a small toothpaste tube in the other. "Miss me yet", he laughed as he saw the fear and anger return to his daughter's face.

It looked so cute on her and it turned him on. His semi hard cock twitched and began to fill with blood. "Don't come near me you fucking perv", she swore, struggling against her binding with renewed energy. He chuckled and set his beer and the tube on the window sill before grabbing her hair again. "Remember, no fucking teeth or you'll be gumming my cock for the rest of your worthless life", he warned as he lined his swelling prick up with her mouth.

Again she resisted and kept her mouth tightly shut. This only earned her a couple more slaps across the cheek until she weakly opened her mouth and accepted his cock. She could taste the dried remains of their earlier fucking on his meat, a strange flavor that must've been her pussy along with the metallic taste of dried blood. "Suck it", he growled as he guided her face up and down his hardening shaft. "For a stupid whore, you're not very good at this." He continued to fuck her face, the tears that streamed down her pretty little face making him harder than her mouth was.

She'll learn though, he thought, she was going to get a lot of practice if she was going to be his new bitch. Once he was good and hard he pulled out of her mouth and told her to roll onto her knees. When she refused, as he'd almost wished that she would, he punched her in the stomach.

Her body curled up in pain and he grabbed her by the waist and put her into the position that he wanted. He reached across her quivering body and grabbed the tube of lube from the window sill. He squeezed out a flirt chick alison gets fucked by milf alana dollop onto his cock and rubbed it in. Connie couldn't see what her father was up to but felt him climb up behind her upturned ass.

She'd seen him do this to her mother and she knew what doggy style was so she braced herself to having her already sore pussy violated again.

At least she wouldn't have to look at him as he raped her for the second time. She felt the slimy head of his cock press against her, but he as too high to get into her pussy. Too late she realized that he wasn't aiming for that hole. She screamed as searing pain ripped through her when he pushed his whole eight inches into her unsuspecting asshole. He grabbed her hips firmly as his prick bottomed out in his daughters incredibly tight ass. It was even better than her pussy, he thought as he began to fuck her hard.

He pumped into her a few times before letting go with one hand just long enough to deliver a punishing slap to her firm little ass. The pain of her ass being stretched by his thick cock was nearly unbearable and just as she thought that it couldn't get worse, the slapping started. He would pump into her a few times and then let go with one hand or the other just long enough to smack her ass. Sometimes he'd just let go for a second and laugh as she'd tense up in anticipation and then grab on again.

Soon her ass felt as if she'd sat on a fire ant mound, just the feel of his gut slamming against her cheeks brought new pain. He rode her like that for a while, loving the view of his cock sliding in and out of her stretched out asshole between her fiery red cheeks.

This was turning out to be the best day that he'd had in a while. The wife bought him beer before she left for work, probably to make up for hitting him last night and making him beat her again, and now he was balls deep in his daughters ass. Connie felt him pull out of her ass, the cool air that swept into her gaping hole actually felt good. She felt herself being lifted off of her knees and turned over onto her back.

She chesty slut angela white gets her pussy destroyed as he lifted her by the ankles with one hand and he shoved a couple of pillows under her ass. Her relief was short lived as he pushed his cock back into her asshole once again. At least he couldn't slap her ass from this position. In horror she watched his hand raise again, this time to come crashing down on her right tit. It bounced from side to side with the force of the slap and she thought that she might pass out from the pain.

Robert was enjoying himself immensely, he really was a cruel bastard and he knew it. Inflicting pain had always been nearly as enjoyable as fucking. He watched his daughter wince every time he bottomed out in her hot tight little ass, the tears that flowed down her face driving him onward. He slapped her tits again and again, relishing in her screams.

He soon felt the familiar boil in his nuts and knew he was about to fill her tender ass with his cum. He leaned over her shaking form and latched onto her left breast with his mouth. As his body tensed up with his climax he bit down on her fleshy globe. As she screamed he began to pump his load into her colon. He climbed off of her battered body, pulling his softening prick out of her stretched out ass, a glob of his cum pulled out with it.

He took a sip of his beer looking down at his sobbing daughter before climbing off of the bed. Roughly he untied he hands and grabbed her by the face, "get this mess cleaned up before your mother get's home, and take a fucking shower, you smell like a fresh fucked whore." She nodded weakly, too beaten hot milf sheila marie gets cumshot on her big tits for defiance. "And don't even think about opening your mouth to anybody about this if you know what's good for you", he threatened as he walked out of the room.

She got up on shaky legs and went to the shower. She just stood there under the scalding hot water for a while and cried. Finally she cleaned herself up and got out. Back in her room she stood in front of the mirror staring at the bruises on her breasts and the large bite mark before starting to get dressed.

Wet bawdy cleft stuffed by one eyed monster

Cooking mom fuck by her son tits hurt too much for a bra so she just slipped on a t-shirt over her panties and loose fitting shorts. She pulled the soiled sheets from her bed and threw them into her closet. Daring to venture out into the kitchen she found her father passed out and snoring on the couch, at least he'd put some shorts on. Forgetting about the Coke that she'd come out for, she raced back to her room and connected the small camera to her laptop.

It seemed to take forever to transfer the large recording onto a flash drive and she watched nervously for any movement from the other room. Finally the dialog box told her that the transfer was complete and she ejected the drive before hiding the camera in her drawer. With the flash drive tucked safely in her pocket next to her cell phone she snuck out the window, not daring to try the front door.

She rode her bike a couple of miles up to the little strip mall in town and dropped it to the ground behind the drug store. Cute nikita rides a massive meat pole took out her cell phone and dialed the police. When the dispatcher answered she broke down in tears and explained that she'd been raped.

The police and an ambulance showed up a few minutes later and she was taken to the hospital and then to the police station. Her father was already there in a holding cell and she hoped that he'd resisted.

The trial was a quick one, her father's public defender attempted to claim that she'd instigated it but the evidence from the rape kit, the bloody sheets from her closet told a different tale. The judge watched the video in his chambers when the DA explained what was on it. When he came back into the courtroom, all he said was that it had made him physically ill to watch it and that it could not be displayed in the courtroom.

He did allow the jury to view it privately, the looks that they shot Robert McCowen when they returned said it all. The jury deliberated for just ten minutes and unanimously found him guilty. At the sentencing Connie asked to speak to her father one last time and the judge allowed it.

The courtroom was stunned into silence as she walked up to her shackled father and got right in his face. "I hope you get ass fucked by every man in there, I hope that they fuck you to death, and then do it one more time for good measure." He was sentenced to fifteen years for two counts of sexually assaulting a minor, two counts of battery, and one count of resisting arrest. Two years later she was informed that he'd been found dead in his cell. The cop that came to tell her had been at the trail.

He smiled at her and said, "You got your wish."