Sensual cutie spreads slim cunt and gets deflorated

Sensual cutie spreads slim cunt and gets deflorated
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Mare-ied Written and Edited by PgFalcon "Hey sweetie." coos my bride.

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"Nervous?" "Not at all honey," I say triumphantly back, careful not to peek before the ceremony begins. Bad luck and all you know. But I do know that she's going to be wearing that white dress we picked out. and that Marilyn is the most beautiful woman in the world. I grin as I remember my proposal. 'Mary, will you marry me?' "This will be a walk in the park. Nothing will go wrong." I say reassuringly.

But she continues to fret. "Oh, I hope so." I myself don't look half bad dressed up in my black tux with my hair combed back. "It's going to be a while before I'm ready," she calls. "Go ahead and keep our families company." "Sure thing," I say back, blowing a kiss, then strut out the back door into the open field where the chairs have been laid out. "She's going to be a bit longer," I call out, "So everybody can get comfortable!" On the left side sits my modestly large extended family, and on the right sits the three ring circus.

woops I meant to say my soon japanege littil school girl porn be in-laws.

A spookier, crazier bunch of nuts you'll never see. Yes they look halfway normal at first glance, but get to know them and you'd be amazed that someone as sweet and loving as Mary could be related to them.

Especially Mary's older sister, Sabetha. Sabetha is ugly, old, dresses funny, and seems to be eternally in a bad mood.

but never have I seen her in such a bad mood as after she realized her younger sister was getting married before her. If looks could kill she'd have killed me long ago.

So naturally she's the first person I run into. Her back is turned to me at first, so I try to quietly sneak past her to the safety of my own family. It doesn't work, as a clawed hand latches onto my shoulder and turns me around. "Where do you think you're going?" she spits. "Oh!" I exclaim. "I didn't see you there! I just saw my brother over there and was just dying to tell him this joke I just heard and." "Let me hear it." Her voice croaks like a toad.

"Um. oh dear, would you look at that? I just forgot it entirely. If you'll excuse me." She doesn't release my shoulder, and pulls me in closer to whisper in my ear. "It should be me on that altar.

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Leave now." I pull away from her grip. "Crazy wench," I mutter under my breath so that only she can hear. "Is it any wonder no man would touch you?" Her eyes flare up in a blaze of fury, and in the blink of an eye she pulls out a large quill from her shawl.

"Take this!" she screams, splitting the air with her voice and bringing the attention of the entire congregation upon us both. She then proceeds to stab me repeatedly with her quill. Both her family and mine are upon us in seconds, pulling her off me and dragging me away to safety.

The she-bitch screams like a lunatic all the way back into the house, where her relatives disappear with her. "You alright?" asks my brother. "Yes, yes," I manage to say. "I'm fine. She just drew a little blood is all, nothing serious. The wedding can continue." "You sure? We can post-pone." says someone else. "No, no. That's what she would want. We continue as if nothing has happened." And with that I stand up and wait for my bride to finish getting ready.

Half an hour later the ceremony is about to start. I loosen my collar as a cold sweat breaks out on my skin. I guess even I can get a little nervous, eh? I'm starting to feel a little ill in fact, but I doggedly ignore it and push forward.

Mary starts to walk down the aisle as the music begins to play. I can't remember a happier moment horny wife eva lovia got fucked in the market my life. But my mind is being distracted. I feel funny.

My balls start to burn, so I reach down to scratch them. "Dummm dum da dummmm." goes the music. Ah! My balls are really starting to hurt! I wince, but continue to smile. What is going on? Mary is halfway down the aisle when my left testicle suddenly starts to pull up into my body as if it had been hooked by a fisherman.

It squeezes painfully before popping up into my gut and disappearing. I'm starting to panic a little now, but I keep my game face on. I can go to the hospital later. My right testicle starts to move upwards too now. I try to hold onto it discretely through my pocket, but that only makes it hurt worse as some invisible force pulls it up into me, and I can literally feel my testicle disappear inside my belly. My nut-sack is now just an empty flap of skin.

I grope it futilely, hoping that perhaps there had been some sort of mistake. I couldn't possibly have felt my balls just up and leave like that, could I? Mary arrives at the altar, and I remove my hand from my pocket and take hers. The xxx story h d com begins. "Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today." drones the pastor. I don't pay attention to what he's saying, as I can feel my ball-sack shrinking tighter and tighter like plastic warp.

It feels strangely pleasant, but it definitely is not desired! Even worse, the sensation of feeling my balls suck up into my body and my ball sack tighten up like a drum is giving me a chubby. My back is to our families, the pastor can't see over his podium, and Mary is looking forward, but God what if she looks over at me and sees me with an erection!?

I try to fight it. I blank my mind. I try to distract myself by thinking about football. Nothing works. Someone is bound to notice it soon! Slowly and discretely I adjust my growing boner and tuck it under my waistband. It doesn't hide it, but it does make it much less noticeable.

Oh God it's getting so hard! I've never in my life had an erection this strong before! It's starting to really hurt! The pastor is stilling going on with his spiel, but I don't have much time! I need to do something about this! Well no sooner than I think it than my penis starts to shrink.

My sigh of relief is short lived. Ow! OW! My penis is still rock-hard and swollen? It's not going flaccid at all! It's actually shrinking! I thought I had been panicking before. but now I really start to lose my mind. My raging boner is shrinking ever so slowly and gradually, becoming incredibly narrow and losing inch after inch of length. Soon it's the diameter of a pencil, and only two inches long. Then one inch long and even thinner!

It continues until all that is left of my dick is a little nub at the top of my flattened ball sack, just a few millimeters in diameter. It's still hard and swollen though, and demanding that I touch it. I refuse. There is no way now that I'm stopping this wedding now. It would require an explanation. It would be a disaster! I can deal with whatever is happening to me later! Nothing can stop me from getting married to the woman I love! Oh, but whatever is happening to me isn't done yet! Not by a long shot, no-sir.

The skin of my ball sack splits down the middle painlessly, opening a gash in my groin all the way up to the nub that once was my dick. Things start to click inside my brain.

but I can't accept that what I feel happening is actually happening to me. There's just no way. I can feel my insides changing. Things inside of me moving around. Stuff that wasn't there before growing inside me, other things disappearing. I can feel new flesh forming inside of the gash in my groin, folds of skin wrinkling up and stuffing it full. I can feel two holes open up inside the gash.

One is definitely my urethra. The other. there's just no way that's a vagina. I feel dizzy. and that's when I drop to the floor in a faint. Moments later I find myself having fallen backwards off the small raised stage we set up, with Mary bent over me and a crowd of worried family and family-to-be gathered around. "Honey! Are you okay? Somebody call an ambulance!" "No!" I shout, sitting straight up. "No, no I'm fine.

I just need to take a short breather is all." I quickly get back up on me feet, but I still feel wobbly. Oh god what is happening to me? "It's okay baby!" says my wife with infinite understanding. "Just take all the time you need. Maybe you should go splash some water on your face?" "Yes, that sounds good. I'll be right back." And with that I stagger back into the house.

I find the nearest restroom and lock the door behind me. I turn on the sink, then let it run while I stare your wife likes taking big cocks hard femdom humiliation and humiliation pov myself in the mirror. I'm alone in a bathroom, unable to stop myself from shaking, and I'm switching genders in the middle of my wedding.

This cannot be happening. I can feel the thing between my legs, or moreover the lack of a thing between my legs. and though I find myself not wanting to actually see it. I still can't resist the urge to look. So, with excessive slowness and shaky hands, I unbutton my pants, remove my belt, and pull it all down. Looking down at it, well, it isn't so bad. Yea, my junk is gone, but it's kind of hard to tell what it is exactly.

It's just a small "m" shape. But when I look up into the mirror it's another story. I can see the rest of it.

And it's a pussy all right.

It looks just like Mary's. My pubes have vanished to boot. Well that fucking sucks, right? How the hell do I consummate this marriage with this? Mary is going to freak when she finds out. Just because she joked about being bi a few times doesn't mean she wants to get married to a. well. You know what I mean. In any case I'm not really hot on the idea of how lesbian sex works. Full sexx indiya ebony story want my dick!

My mind is frantically wondering how this could have possibly happened when I realize I have someone I could possibly blame for this. Sabetha. She has to be involved. There's no way her stabbing me with that quill was a hot brunette babe rides a big black cock. Oh, but man does this thing feel weird!

It's all hot and steamy and stuff. and wet? Oh Jesus Alektra blue chanel preston monique alexander cuntathlon. nuh uh.

no way. I am not feeling what I think I'm feeling. I cannot get horny! I'm a guy! How the hell is being castrated turning me on? It simply doesn't add up. Glamorous model cockrides in steamy taboo duo no way do I consider any of this to be "sexy". I mean, yea, looking in the mirror that pussy looks awful inviting.

but it's attached to my fucking body for Christ's sake! Jeez, I should be getting boners anyway, and not. holy hell! It's only getting worse by the second! But. Dang, is this what women feel? God. hot eva sucking big dick and getting fucked feels pretty nice!

In fact, I find myself sorely tempted to touch it. So I do. And ooo-la-la does it feel nice. Bang-bang! "You okay in there?" asks my brother after pounding the door. Well that snaps me out of it. "Yea, I'm fine!" I lie. "Just give me a few more minutes." My hands are both covered in my own slimy, musky, pussy juice.

One hand had quickly found my clit while the other played with the rest of my pussy. In the uninterrupted seconds that I had with myself I had rapidly lost control and now find myself breathing heavily and hornier than ever before. And fuck me I mean I'm desperately horny now.

The kind of horny there ain't no turning back on unless you want to spend the next hour or so with a disappointed hard-on. Or in this case a wildly wet pussy.

Between you and me I'd much prefer the hard-on. A whole lot less messy to be sure. But what's done is done, and the best way I know to fix is to. well. finish it. If I do it right I figure it shouldn't take more than a minute or two. Several minutes pass like seconds, and I realize that I was extremely mistaken to think that I could get myself off in so short a time. Family and friends outside are growing worried outside the door, but I ignore them.

I'm growing more and more desperate for release by the second and need to finish this. I'm well into the ten minute mark, and still haven't climaxed yet, when I notice that my groin and legs are getting fuzzy.

My ass quickly follows suit. A thick brown fuzz is spreading like a slow motion wildfire across my entire body now. But oh god my pussy feels too good to stop now! I feel my ass swelling, but I almost don't care. I feel my back lengthening and my chest barreling out. Still don't care. I'm rapidly gaining a couple hundred pounds and find myself to be several feet taller than I remember being.

This is me, rapidly smacking my squash muffin, not caring. Nothing in the world has ever felt this good. But I start to worry when I feel my bones warp painfully and suddenly. I feel parts of my skeleton shrink, while other parts grow. Parts of my arms and legs elongate and others shorten considerably. Still I'm gaining weight like it's cool.

My entire body is covered in thick, coarse, brown, velvety hair. fur really. But I don't really understand what's going on until I happen to glance up into the mirror. My face is elongating. My ears are stretching and moving to the top of my head. My hair is cropping into a Mohawk and lengthening, and spreading down in a line down the back of my neck.

My teeth are rearranging in my mouth, and my tongue is becoming long and sticky. I feel something sprouting from my ass above my butt cheeks and see a long tail dropping to the ground behind me. A horse. I'm turning into a horse. But that's not all that is changing. As I continue to frantically rub my poor, sensitive, desperate pussy in a vain attempt (I now realize) to quench it's thirst, I feel it changing underneath my hands.

It's becoming bigger. Deeper. It's very anatomy is changing completely around. The lips of my mound have turned dark black, as has the rest of my skin underneath my new coat of horse hair. although the inner flesh of my sex is still bright pink and dribbling slippery mucus all over my hands.

A convulsion grips my sex in an unexpected reflex, and my pussies lips are pulled apart to flash the pink flesh within. I continue to try and masturbate, unable to stop myself, even as more convulsions grip my pussy and force it to open and flash. I've gained hundreds of pounds, and the wood under my two feet groans under the load.

I'm looking more and more like a horse every second. I even feel my nipples disappear, then reappear much lower on my belly, before swelling with fatty tissue and mammary glands. Teats. I've got horse teats now.

What next? How can this possibly become more humiliating. Just as I think that I feel my hands and feet changing. My wrists and ankles are elongating. All my fingers are melting together to form a single digit, as do my toes, and the nail on that digit grows thick and tough and big, until I find myself with four hooves. I continue to try to masturbate with my forearms, the aching need so powerful that it's maddening, but even that quickly becomes futile as my anatomy continues to change.

My belly lengthens, my arms reconfigure themselves, as do my legs, and as I fall forwards I feel my pussy and anus traveling up and back far out of my reach. I can feel my long horse tail covering both now, and flick it in an attempt to provide myself with stimulation.

The changes feel like they're slowing down now as I feel my insides slowly stop shifting around and my skeleton stops moving and crawling. I'm huge. I barely fit in the bathroom. But oh sweet jesus the need! I quickly start trying to rub my ass up against the wall, the sink, even the toilet as I try to satisfy myself. But I can't. I'm not equipped to satisfy this deep, aching desperation for penetrative sexual stimulus. Oh god I need sex. As in NEED sex. But I'm a fuckin mare now.

I can't possibly even consider actual sex. Drugged sister anal creampie fuck just need stimulation, and after that I'll be okay and I can figure out a way to fix all of this. To bad there isn't a super-sized dildo in the cabinets. although I have no idea how I'd go about using it. Outside people have been trying to get into the bathroom for a while now.

but even if they unlocked the door it opens inward and I'm all up in the way. But I don't even think about that at the moment. I'm desperately trying to think of something to satisfy my fucking undeniable biological obligations by myself when I hear a cackling snicker from behind the curtain of the bathtub.

I can't turn around to face whoever it is, but I look over my shoulder and see the curtain whip back. It's Sabetha, with a great big grin on her face. "Hello Jack," she says with a toothy grin. "Feeling a little. frisky today?" "YOU! You did this to me!! Undo it!!" I shout, mildly surprised to find myself still capable of speech.

although my voice is a tad more feminine than I'd like it to be. No doubt it is designed to antagonize me further, and it does. "Undo what?" she crows unabashedly. "You've always been a horse's ass! Now you've got a horse's ass!" "I'm going to kick your teeth in if you don't fix me back the way I was," I growl. "Oh, fine, fine.

Can't take a joke can ya?" she cackles, in a giggling fit, then opens up her small woolen purse and digs through it.

"Ah her it is. This will fix you up real good, yes it will." It's a small bottle with some amber liquid in it. She pulls the stopper, and before I know what's happening she's downed the whole lot. "Hee-hee-hee-hee!" she screams. And my eyes widen in horror as a massive, black phallus erupts from under her skirt. But that's not all. In a matter of seconds she doubles in size, then doubles again, all the while becoming rapidly more and more equine.

Her clothes rip themselves apart. and I stare wildly as her massive dick and balls are put on prominent display. She's rock hard and easily three or four feet long. In no time at all I find myself crammed into a tiny bathroom with a gigantic black stallion with a white mane and tail. and a weaponized erection pointed exactly where I don't want it to point.

"Hey! Stop right there! This is rape!!" I buck, rearing onto my front legs and kicking for all that I'm worth, but my kick is stopped before it hits her enormous, muscled chest. Like magnets I feel my hooves yanked to the floor and stuck there good, splayed as wide as the bathroom will allow. "Oh fuck, please don't do this.

Please please please." I beg. "What? So humble now? How is it that only now you show me the respect I deserve? Only when I have you in my power." "Please," I cry desperately. "And what's more!

Your body doesn't look so resistant to me, now does it? Your all wet and ready to go! Just a moment ago you were ready to impale yourself on just about anything weren't you! Don't deny it! Mmmm. and receptive! I like that in a mare. A strong breeder I'm sure you'll be." "What?

No! I'm about to be married!" "Aw, too late for that ignorant fool. No turning back now. I'd lay awake all night if I don't get a piece of this action. He-he-he." "Hey! No! Don't. You can't do this!!" But Sabetha ignores me, rearing up, and lands heavily on my strong back.

"No-no-no-no," I whisper to myself as I shut my eyes. This can't be happening. I've got to be dreaming! Please let me be dreaming! Both of our families are attempting to break down the door on the other side. It shakes violently as somebody rams into it. but they're too late.

I can feel her unearthly dick in between my legs, and it slaps up against my belly. She laughs evilly as I try desperately to get mom white and black men sexx latina and blonde from underneath her, but there's nowhere to go. She's too big. She's too heavy. And what's more: powerful, animalistic instincts are forcing themselves upon me.

I find myself unable to move much at all anyways as I brace against Sabetha. Sabetha backs up slowly and dramatically, something no ordinary horse would do I'm sure, and carefully lines herself up behind me. I can feel the head of her dick. It's right outside my entrance. Its heat is so powerful and radiant that I can't help boggle at it.

It's thickness beyond comprehension. It's length terrifying. My pussy won't stop flashing open and close. Oh God I need it. I need it inside of me. Oh. why won't she penetrate me already!? I need it! I need it soooo desperately! I need her inside of me worse than a man crossing the desert needs water.

I need it more than anything I've ever needed. I couldn't have ever been prepared for the primitive yet powerful urges of a horse in heat, and my will is easily crumbling before it.

But my male ego is still there. Still fighting for control. Still trying to find a way to escape this situation. I'm just shaking off the effects of my body's hyperactive sex drive when she thrusts forwards. The door bursts of its hinges right as Sabetha's herculean dick penetrates my insanely tight horse-pussy. I whinny for all I'm worth, both from terror and from the shear sensation of being violently penetrated like that.

Her dick is huge. I can't believe it fits inside of me. Inch after inch slide up into me as my tightness can't possibly halt the power behind her thrust. And oh god does it feels good. "Help me!" I cry out to the crowd of friends and family. Sabetha snorts as she thrusts over and over into my body, and I grunt with every successive penetration as feelings of unimaginable pleasure erupt from my equine sex.

Nobody so much as moves, they're all shocked beyond action. "No-No-NO! AH! GoD!!

Please somebody stop her before she cuuuuuuuuums oh merciful sweet baby Jesus." She didn't cum. I did. I bite my lower lip as my body explodes from within.

I cream hard on Sabetha's steel rod as it continues to plunge in and out of my soft and yielding flesh. Heaving pants escape my throat as she continues to violate me, and I orgasm like I've never orgasmed before. But before I can even begin to catch my breath she begins to speed up.

I know instinctively what's coming, and a powerful rush of chemicals and instincts in my strange new brain force a conflict in my mind between horror at being inseminated and joy at being successfully mated.

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Mostly though I scream silently as I feel her dick stiffen and then pulse as her seed rockets down her shaft and into my warm and waiting womb. My sex is still dripping and quivering from my own orgasm, and this added insult is too much to bear, but I grit my teeth and remain strong. I won't let this she-bitch get the best of me! Even as her semen gushes out of me and onto the tile floor I refuse to give her the satisfaction.

Her dick retreats from me and flops out of my vaginal canal, followed immediately by a flow of seed. I flick my tail in irritation as my body shudders and I slowly regain motor control. Behind me Sabetha is standing up and transforming slowly back into the evil old hag she will always be, cackling like the wicked witch of the west before disappearing with a shimmer.

I'm left standing there in the bathroom having been thoroughly sexed by a witch-stallion. It takes me a minute to catch my breath again. "Everybody," I say carefully. "I think we may need to reschedule the wedding." *** As it turns out, we had to postpone the wedding indefinitely. It seems magic runs deep in the veins of Mary's family, but Sabetha's brand of mumbo-jumbo was powerfully potent and basically untouchable. and that I have to let nature run its course.

so after I birth my daughter Marigold everything should young lesbians love to take a bath to normal. maybe. Until then I'll just try to enjoy being a horse as best I can.

Aw, who am I kidding? I love being a horse! And I love the stallions. It turns out Mary's pretty damned kinky after all too, and a skilled witch herself! ^^