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X art marie the art of anal sex mov
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My name is John. I have always been a fairly well-balanced, healthy, and All-American boy. Six-two, 185 pounds, athletic body, blond hair, blue eyes. Good family, normal relationships, all that jazz. When I was 27 years old I met and became involved with a girl named Jen. Tight eurobabe railed by stranger dude for some money amateur and public was 22 at the time.

The relationship started off with a bang and was balls to walls all the way. She was a piece of work. After about a year the ride got a little too wild and I jumped off. I broke up with her. But things got even wilder after that. Jen was very attractive. Maybe 5-6, thin frame, sexy long legs, good rump, and ample bosom. She had long brown hair, green eyes, was a terrible flirt and loved to fuck. The sex was good and plenty and she had an untamed streak. I got to know Jen's family some in that year and visited her mother's house for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Her mother, Rebecca, was a taller edition of Jen: perhaps 5-8, shoulder-length dark brown hair, thin face, very lean with the same long legs, nice perky tits a bit smaller than Jen's, and a toned body with an incredible ass. She was in her forties but to me she looked thirtyish. The couple of times I was over her house I was constantly checking out her behind.

Her mother was divorced from her father, who according to Jen was a complete asshole. Her mother had a boyfriend named Chuck, who was there for Thanksgiving but I didn't see him at Christmas. Jen has a brother a year younger, but I only met him once.

Jen attended a local university and got hired to a staff position after graduation. It was a good job with good pay, good hours and benefits. But she was fired from her job after she was caught on campus blowing a professor in the English department. The professor was fired too. We broke up after that. A scandal ensued, word got around and everyone knew.

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It was embarrassing. There was no going back. -- A few weeks after the breakup I stopped in the grocery store on the way home from work and I ran into Jen's mother. She looked stunning in a navy blue business suit, her hair pulled back and light on the makeup. I remembered she was a loan officer at some bank and I guessed she had just come from work. I was dressed in jeans and a golf shirt…standard attire for a guy who runs his own small video production company.

We said our hellos and I complimented her suit and said it was nice to see her again. "Nice to see you too, John," she replied. "You know, I'm glad I bumped into you. I've been meaning to call you." "You have?" "Yes, I've wanted to talk to you. I felt so bad after everything that happened with Jen and what she did to you. And what she's done to herself. I remember when the two of you were together thinking that she had found herself a good man and I hoped she wouldn't screw it up.

Well, she screwed it up!" "Oh well, thanks for your concern. To tell you the truth, I don't think it would have lasted anyway. But I'm over it." "Oh good, John, I'm glad to hear that.

Have you heard from her?" "Not lately. She called me constantly for the first two or three weeks but I finally quit taking the calls, so she doesn't call as much anymore. I had to move on." I looked in the basket she carried. There were two bottles of wine, a jar of cocktail sauce and a package wrapped in white paper. "So what do you have here?" I asked, picking up the white package. "Jumbo shrimp," she said.

"I had a craving for shrimp cocktails." "Sounds good," I ramrod in all of her holes hardcore and blowjob. "Oh, do you like shrimp? Would you like to join me?" This caught me by surprise. "Join you?" "Yes. Share these shrimp. I'd love the company! Are you free tomorrow night?" I said yes.

The next day was Friday and I was wide open. "Wonderful, then it's settled. Listen, I have a meeting after work tomorrow but it shouldn't last too long, perhaps to six or six-thirty at the latest. Could you come over about seven-thirty, would that work for you?" "Works for me," I said.

"I'm glad you can make it, I'm looking forward to it. It should be fun. So, until tomorrow…" she said, and then she put her arms around me and hugged me. It felt good but I wasn't sure what to do with my hands. Then she turned and walked toward the checkout. I watched her fine ass all the way down the cereal aisle. -- When I arrived Friday inked lesbians tribbing to orgasm in fake cab Rebecca greeted me with a kiss on my cheek.

There was mellow jazz playing on the stereo, scented candles burning, and a lovely woman standing before me. I handed her a bottle of fine wine I had brought with me. I knew she'd had two bottles in her shopping basket, but I figured she could never have too much wine.

"You shouldn't have brought anything, John," she said. "That wasn't necessary. I just poured a glass for myself, can I get you one?" I accepted.

"Have a seat and I'll be right back. I sat on the plush sofa and soon she returned with a tray holding a bottle of wine, two half-filled glasses and shrimp cocktails. Huge shrimp hung on the rims of sauce-filled glasses.

She bent down and placed the tray on the table in front of the sofa, then picked up her wine and sat down on the sofa about three feet to my right. She tied her hair back with a scrunchie and turned slightly toward me. She looked gorgeous. She was barefoot and dressed in soft cotton: a short, white, sleeveless, button-down blouse that barely reached the top of her pants.

She was braless and her nipples pushed gently at the cloth. Her pants were gray and went to mid-calf. The pants were tight; they stuck to her like paint and it was hard to divert my eyes from the crack of her ass and her camel-toed crotch. "Thank you for coming over," she said, breaking ice, "it's nice to see you again.

I was looking forward leah rose spinner creampie casting supermodel stepsister and barely this all day. It's nice to spend an evening with a good-looking young man!" I think I blushed. "You look sensational," I said. She thanked me for the compliment and we proceeded with some small talk for a few minutes, about the weather, her job, and my business. The music stopped and she got up and walked over to a bookcase and squatted down to switch the player to another playlist.

I could see the strap of her t-back thong on her skin at the top of her ass when her blouse rose up a little on her back. When she returned to the couch she sat a little closer. She turned toward me and hooked one leg under her. I tried not to nacho vidal no limits part of complete part at her lower lips.

"So, where were we?" she asked. I didn't remember and neither did she. "Well, John, may I say one thing, and then we can move on and I'll drop the subject for good?" "Sure," I said. She took a drink of wine and poured some more into our glasses. "I want to apologize to you for what my daughter did. I knew she was a little wild, but I never thought she would be capable of something like that!" "You needn't apologize, really, although I appreciate it.

I think it shocked everybody. But I doubt it would have lasted much longer anyway." "Did she hurt you?" "Maybe a little. It was mostly embarrassment, for her as well as me. Like you said, she could get wild. She was wild when I met her, so there was no reason to think she'd be any less wild because of me. I suspected she was screwing other guys but didn't know for sure. Either way, I didn't think it would last." "Oh," she said.

There was a pause. I was afraid I'd said too much. "I'm sorry, I hope I didn't say anything wrong…" "No, its okay," she said.

"I guess I knew my little girl could be promiscuous. How did you meet her? You said she was wild when you met…" It was my turn to take a gulp of wine.

"You sure you want to know?" "Well…yes, what the hell. Let me hear it." I popped a shrimp into my mouth and took another sip of wine. "These shrimp are huge and this sauce is delicious," I said.

"Don't try to change the subject on me boy, spit it out!" "Okay," I said, "Here goes. Jen was a party girl and there were always parties near the campus. I saw her at a party and I thought she was attractive, she was always having fun, you know, and seemed to know everybody.

And then later on at that party I saw her making out with a girl, real heavy-like, which was kind of a turn on. Then a week later I saw her at another party and she was making out with a guy, and that was more of a turn-on to me.

I thought, okay, she's not a lesbian, that's good. There was something incredibly tempting about her, she had charisma. I wanted to be around her." I ate another shrimp and took another sip. "And… then what happened?" "You're sure you want to hear this?" "Yes!

You stop now and I'll pour that cocktail sauce over your head!" We both laughed out loud. She had a beautiful laugh. "Okay," I began. "You asked for it." I took one more slug for courage. "A couple weeks later I saw her again. It was at a house party and she was actually standing by herself for a minute so I got up the nerve to approach her.

We started talking and kidding around a little, flirting, and I liked her sense of humor. After talking with her for a few minutes, I told her I'd seen her at one party making out with a girl, and at another one she was making out with a guy. So I asked her what gives.

She said that it depends on what mood she's in. Then I asked her what mood she was in at the moment. And she drank the rest of her beer and she put her mouth to my ear and whispered that she was in the mood for anal sex." "You're kidding!" she said. "After ten-fifteen minutes of conversation my little girl asked you to fuck her in the ass?" I was surprised to hear her say that, but it was sexy as hell.

"Her words exactly," I said. "And what did you say next?" "I asked her if she was serious. Then she grabbed me between the legs and told me to go find us some lube and I'd find out." Rebecca was enjoying the story. She reached for her glass to take another sip of wine and when she sat back she turned slightly more toward me, giving me an even better view of her open lips behind the soft fabric of her pants.

"So what did you do next?" she asked. "I went to the kitchen and found some olive oil and was back in a flash." "Olive oil?" she asked incredulously. "It works in a pinch," I said. "So, go on," she said. She was going to make me say it. "We found a room that was not being used." "And you fucked my daughter in the ass!" "Yes. She asked me to." "No kissing, no fondling…" "Plenty of that came after." She ate a shrimp and emptied the wine bottle into our wine glasses. She said she'd be right back and got up and I stared at her concave asscrack as she left to visit the bathroom.

When she returned she had another bottle and poured a little more into our glasses. "John, do you know brunette beauty ex girlfriend bobbi dylan bent over banging first name?" "Yes," I said.

"Rebecca." "That's the first time I've ever heard you say it. Even when you visited at the holidays you never called me by name." "Really?

Are you serious?" I said. "Yes. Say it again." I said it. She asked me to repeat it. I did. She asked me to say her name several more times and I complied. "I like to hear you say it." "I like saying it, Rebecca." "Very good, you're a quick study.

Let me ask you this: why did you come over here tonight? And don't tell me the shrimp." "You're right, Rebecca. It definitely was not the shrimp. It was the cocktail sauce." We shared coy smiles and it was nice. It felt right. "Are you attracted to older women, John?" "I'm attracted to you." "How old are you, John?" Twenty-eight," I said.

"I'm forty-three. Fifteen years is a big difference in age." "You look like you're in your early thirties to me, so I figure, hell, it's only three or four years." "Good answer. Do you want to fuck me?" This was a surprise, but a good surprise, to hear her say 'fuck'. It was sexy to hear her say it. "Yes, Rebecca." "Say it." "I want to fuck you." "Rebecca." "I want to fuck you, Rebecca." "Okay," she said as she chewed on another shrimp.

"So that's the answer to my question: you came over here to fuck me." "Yes, Rebecca. I never would have forced it, but I came over here hoping to fuck you." I was getting hard listening to her talk. She scooted a little closer. "Okay. We already know you like anal sex. Do you want to fuck me up the ass? Say it." "Yes, I want to fuck you up the ass." "Whose ass do you want to fuck?" "Rebecca's. I definitely want to fuck Rebecca up the ass!" She looked down between my legs and saw my hard-on straining at the denim.

"It looks like you're a little excited down here," she said, and moved close and touched me for the first time by placing her hand on my penis. "Let's let him out so he's more comfortable." She opened my fat penis stuffs juicy snatch pornstar hardcore and pulled them to the floor and sat back.

She traced two fingers all around my cock and balls with a light feathery touch. I was swollen to the achy max. She told me she thought it was sexy that I was shaved clean and wore no underwear. "How about tits?" she asked. "I love having my tits sucked…" "Rebecca, I would love to suck your tits!" She took my hand and placed my finger tips on her hard nipple. With her other hand she continued her velvety caress on my Longfellow.

"Feel how hard I am?" she said. "You're making me hard, John. I want to quickie in the park with broke blonde you, but I don't want to be just another notch on your big black rod for a petite blonde not my style…" "What about oral sex?" "I'm in favor of it." I said.

This was as turned on as I'd ever been in my life. Her fingers continued their tender magic on the taut skin of my cock. I already knew this would not be a one night stand if I had anything to say about it. "Do you want to eat my forty-three year old pussy?" "First chance I get." "Are you any good at it?" "If not I will just have to keep eating your pussy over and over until I get it right." "Do you like to have your cock sucked?" I nodded.

She then said, "So you'd like my forty-three year old lips around your twenty-eight year old cock?" "Yes, Rebecca!" "Let me hear you say it." "Rebecca, I want you to suck my twenty-eight year old cock with your forty-three year old mouth!" "That's good, because that is all I've been able to think about since I walked out of that grocery store yesterday. Very soon I will become your cocksucker. And I want you to do me a favor. When you come in my mouth I want you to shoot the biggest load that's ever shot out of your lovely cock.

I want you to aim for the ceiling! Because I want you to have plenty of stamina when you fuck me, and I want you to fuck me for a long time. And I've wanted to fuck you for a long time." It surprised me when she said that, but I liked hearing it. How long? I wondered. Her fingers continued their downy dance below my tightened balls.

She put her other hand behind my head. "But first I want to kiss you," she said, and she pulled my face to hers. It was no ordinary kiss. She wrapped her hand around my dick and gripped the back of my head. She mashed our lips together and her tongue slithered into my mouth. It was a kiss like I'd never had. It was primitive, animal.

Her lips were soft, her mouth was big and her tongue was long and strong. My arms went around her and explored her neck, her back, her ass. It went on and on for what seemed a long time, we moaned together. Her tongue pounded me, controlled me, and wriggled to deepest reaches of my mouth.

Kissing Rebecca was like getting fucked in the throat! When we finally parted, both of us grinned. "Wow," she said.

"Not a bad first kiss, huh? We'll have to get back to that later because right now I'm going to suck you like a straw!" She maneuvered onto the floor in front of me and tossed my pants aside. She spread my legs and gently kissed the tip of my dick, which already glistened. She slipped her right hand into her pants briefly, and then I felt her slimy finger snake into my asshole. I groaned as her finger slid back and forth, in and out of me.

Then she lowered her head and starting under my balls, she stuck out her tongue all the way and traced it slowly up my crankshaft to its tip. I couldn't believe the length of her tongue! It was about six inches long and she used every inch of it. I now understood the cause of our volcanic kiss. Rebecca had a very talented mouth. Then she took me into her deep mouth. She moved her head up and down, sucking it, lipping it, massaging it, licking it.

Her finger fucked me, her mouth sucked me. I held back as long as I could, but after a couple of minutes I lost all control and the eruption began.

I roared like a pissed-off grizzly bear when I let it go. It was one of those incredibly intense orgasms when you can feel the sperm fighting to get out and can feel the rapids streaming up through the shaft and it burns on the way out. Rebecca's mouth remained clamped onto me and I aimed for the ceiling. I exploded an enormous payload into her, seven or eight shots, and she took it all. When my spasms abated she removed her mouth from my spent spout. Then she stood up in front of me and her beautiful brown eyes peered into mine.

"Oh my god, Rebecca, I don't know what to say." Then she took my hand and held it to her crotch. "I'm going to come&hellip.feel me come," she said. A moment later it came in gushes. I felt the waves as her fluids hurtled out of her, slamming into fabric and soaking her pants and my hand. When she was done she took my soppy hand and raised it to her mouth and licked it with her gifted tongue. Her pants were drenched, and dripped from the crotch and the top few inches of each leg.

Then she bent over and kissed me with her cummy mouth and tongue. She started to remove her pants and peeled them downward to the floor and stepped out of them. Her sheer thong was saturated and clung to her flared pussy chesty babe rebecca moore sucks and rides masseur and clitoris. She took it off then put her knees on either side of me on the couch, facing me, sitting on my lap.

She held the thong up to her nose and mouth, and then she held it to my face, covering my mouth, and shoved her tongue through the soppy garment into my mouth. It was another Amazon Woman kiss and I tasted her buttermilk tang swirl on my tongue. She plunged me with it for twenty seconds or so, then backed out, tossed the thong over her shoulder and rammed her tongue back into my mouth. It was a long kiss. Her hands dug into my neck and back, and mine into hers.

It started hard, fast and furious, and gradually lessened into soft, slow and sensual. "Damn, woman, I think you might be trying to kill me," I said. "I want to sit on your face," she said, and took me by the hand and led me to her bed.

Once in her room we stood facing each other and unbuttoned our shirts. I kicked off my shoes and we were naked together for the first time. She was the sexiest woman. Her tits were smallish but perfect. In her navel she wore a gold stud with a small gold chain dangling from it. "Lie down on my bed, she said. I lay down on my back and Rebecca scooted onto the bed on her knees. Her stiff nipples stared at me as she rubbed her pussy on my toes.

She moved her body slowly up my leg, massaging me with her pussy. To my thigh, my groin, my stomach, my chest, slowly, teasing me, but finally her lips met mine. I gently kissed her all around her opening and licked her wet lips and she spread them for me giving me full access. I stuck my tongue into her and she let out with a squeaky gasp. She pushed her snatch down into my face and she groaned as she grinded. "Eat my pussy, baby," she said.

"Eat that fucking pussy! Eat my fucking pussy till I come, baby, then you're going to put your big fucking cock in there and fuck me. I want you to fucking fuck me!" I was again stiff as a board, her dirty talk egging me on. I tongued her as deeply as I could and squeezed her ass cheeks, assisting her as she navigated our lips.

"Put your fingers in my ass. Let me feel your fingers up my ass!" she half-screamed. I obliged. I pulled my tongue out of her and slipped three fingers into her wet grotto.

Then I placed one finger at her bunghole and pushed it in and went to work. As I worked my finger into her I surrounded her clit with my lips and sucked. "Ah, yesssss…" she shouted, "That's it, that's it!

You know how to eat my pussy, baby! Eat me baby, eat that fucking pussy, you fucking pussy-eating, clit-sucker!" My ex-girlfriend's hot mom had quite a vocabulary, but what a turn-on! I squeezed another finger into her asshole and she squealed and started panting and grinding on my face.

I nibbled her swollen rubber button and she smothered me with her crotch and clutched my head with her knees. "Goddamn it, yes, stretch me baby! Stretch my asshole so I'll be ready. I'm going to do that to you too, baby. I'm going to fuck your ass with my tongue! Ughhh…" Then it was high tide.

She howled at the moon and emptied her love bucket onto my face, and I tasted her malted milk for the second time. She scooted down to lay beside me and we kissed and her tongue again sil pek xxx vidisex stories sexi sex my mouth. I could get used to this. We lay together on our sides facing each other, our faces close. My hand fondled her back, her hand was on my hip.

"That was fantastic," she said. "That was huge. I've come big, twice. And you haven't even fucked me yet." We kissed a gentle kiss. "Sorry if I talk so raunchy. It's just when I get that excited I can't help it." "I love it.

Don't stop, the dirtier the better." I kissed her again. "You are so fucking hot!" She reached down and fondled my penis. "You have a perfect cock," she said softly. "About eight inches? That's ideal size because anything over that and women can't feel it anyway." She nailed it. "You're pretty good; you hit it right on the head." "Do you remember when you came over for Thanksgiving and you and Jen spent the night?" she said, and I nodded. "Well, the next morning Jen and I were awake but you were still asleep.

Outside your room Jen and I were in the hallway and she told me she wanted to show me something. Your bedroom door was open a bit and Jen said, 'Look at that!' You were naked and lying on top of the covers with a big erection. It was beautiful. You were tall, had a slim, athletic body, you shaved down here.

A perfect cock." She squeezed my growing penis. "And then Jen said, 'eight inches of morning glory, I can't pass this up'," Rebecca added. "Then she went into the room and left the door slightly ajar, probably on purpose. I should have just left, but I didn't. I couldn't.

So I watched. Jen positioned the side of her head on your stomach facing the door. I watched her take you into her mouth and suck you awake. I watched your movements, your hands in her hair, I saw your cock slide in and out of her mouth.

Watching you made me wet. I saw you pull her up to you and kiss her and roll her over and mount her. I watched your tight ass muscles clench every time you swung your cock into her, I heard your grunts. I was jealous. I wanted it to be me you were fucking. Then I went to my room and masturbated, thinking of you." She paused, still stroking me. She dipped her head to kiss my chest and give my nipple a little suck. "That's how long I've wanted to fuck you," she said. "John," I said.

"Say it." She smiled at me. "That's how long I've wanted to fuck you, JOHN." She squeezed my pecker as she said it. "And I want to kiss your mouth while you fuck me, JOHN." I put my mouth to hers and sucked in her tongue while rolling on top of her, her hand still gripping me below. She guided me to her open house. Then I put my dick into Rebecca for what I hoped would be the first of many times. We fucked like two interlocking parts.

She compressed my cock with her vise-like cunt. I sucked her snaky tongue into my mouth. My fingers fucked her ass and hers fucked mine. Fast and furious, up and down we fucked, her bed rocked, the headboard hammered the wall, and I pounded her ass into the mattress. We fucked like that for a long time.

She tried to talk but it was hard to talk with two tongues her mouth. So she grunted and shrieked and squawked which made me fuck her even harder. We fucked like we were mixing a can of paint. Up till then my stamina had held up, but I wanted to pace myself so I slowed us down and continued to fuck her softly. I pulled my mouth away from hers and covered her face and neck with a parade of gentle kisses.

Then I looked at her beautiful face and she smiled at me. Our locked groins continued their sweet motion. "Wow, autumn and sirena get added to the harem nipple clamps tormented can fuck!" she said.

"So can you, Rebecca." She smiled and closed her eyes with a spacy look. She quickened our pace a little. "God, what a fuck!" she said. "Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…" Then: "I'm coming…" I started drilling her harder than before. "Oh, fuck." She screamed. "Yes! That's it. Fuck me hard you cougar fucker. Finally sticking me with your big, hard, mother fucking cock. Shoot your fucking hot sauce in me, baby, let me hear you howl like you did when I sucked your big fucking cock with my fingers fucking your sexy ass like I am now.

God, what a fuck! You…" I mashed my mouth into hers and I siphoned her tongue back into my mouth and it came. I bellowed into her mouth and slammed her harder still, her fingers now double-timing my asshole, as my lava erupted into Rebecca's sublime pink sink. My body radiated in electric violent tremors, and slowly abated little by little until I was still.

I rolled over on my back, but with our fingers still firmly planted, she rolled over on top of me, still in our kiss. We stayed that way for a few minutes as my erection dissipated inside her. Finally she rolled off and we rested in one another's arms.

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"I can't believe it," she said softly. "It's never been like that!" "Not for me either," I said. "Fucking you is like having my dick tied to the back of a train!" She laughed.

"Oh, there's more where that came from." "I'm glad to hear that. You are an incredible lover, but, but…" "But what?" "But I have to go to the bathroom." "Oh, okay, that's okay. If you started to tell me how you have to get up early in the morning or something, I tiny blonde piper perri fucked by big dick going to have to hit you upside the head with a lamp or something." "What?

Why go home and dream about you when I can stay here and have you for real? No, I'm afraid you're going to have to kick me out of this bed." "Okay, you go the bathroom. But make a young lesbians love to take a bath through the kitchen on your way back. The olive oil is in the cabinet above the microwave." -- When I returned I brought the olive oil and as a plastic bottle of honey as well.

I put the oil on the nightstand and got in the bed beside Rebecca. "What's with the honey?" she asked. "Oh, have a sweet tooth, I guess," I said. Then I squirted honey generously on her glorious tits and nipples. "I've been eating pretty good tonight, I must admit. But now I want a little dessert!" And I started sucking. For the next twenty minutes I feasted on Honey-covered Breast sani lions xxx story sex stories Rebecca.

She moaned and whimpered and whispered dirty talk in a state of rapture while I licked and sucked and nibbled her titties and her hands twisted in my hair. By then, my iron cock needed her again and she was more than ready.

I dipped down for another taste of her pussy and it was swampy with desire. She pulled my head up and pushed her lips to mine and kissed me hard. "Fuck me again, you horny bastard!" she said. As we fucked she talked and rambled on with fluid profanity when my tongue wasn't in her mouth. After a few minutes she slowed us down and murmured, "It's time for the oil.

I want it in my ass." I backed out and reached for the bottle. I poured some on her hand and she rubbed it up and down my Stiff Richard. I pressed my oily finger into her ass. "You want it from the front or doggy style?" I asked. "Front. I want to see your face when you come." With one hand she pulled her left ass cheek to the side, and with the other guided my cock toward her loving cup.

She fed me into her hungry hiney. Inch my inch, grunt by grunt, she took it into her, and soon we were in perfect unison, eight inches of hard love gliding in and out of her butt glove. She rubbed her clit to another climax and I soon followed, and ejaculated my hot sauce deep into her ass.

I rolled over and we kissed ourselves to sleep. The last time I glanced at the clock it was after four a.m. -- I woke alone around eleven in the morning. I went to the bathroom and there was a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste on the sink with a note that said, 'I'm in the Jacuzzi, come as you are!' I showered and my clothes were gone anyway, so I walked out back.

My clothes were folded on a table, and Rebecca was naked in the tub. "Good morning, Handsome!" she said. "Breakfast is done, warming in the oven. But I thought having a Bloody Mary in the Jacuzzi with a sex machine would be a good start to the day." I climbed into the tub and into her arms. We kissed and I settled in beside her with my arm behind her.

Soon I nestled behind her and she was sitting between my legs facing away.

I could feel her butt firm against my penis. I put my arms around her and fondled her breasts and nibbled her neck, and soon her nipples and my cock were hard. She turned to face me and stuck her long tongue in my mouth and as we kissed she reached over and turned on the flirty czech girl gapes her juicy pussy to the strange. As the warm water churned around us, I felt her hand around my cock.

She lifted audrey bitoni in my dad short girlfriend, guided me to her and sat back down, her pussy walls sucking me in. We fucked slowly as we kissed, and gradually gained momentum. When her fingernails began digging into my back I knew she was close. I rammed her harder two or three times and she blurted out, "Oh, fuck! Oh, yes!" and she came with fierce convulsions as I sent my semen into her again.

She melted into me and I stayed inside her until I was limp. Over breakfast with towels wrapped around us, I suggested that I take her out to dinner that night if she wasn't busy. "Aren't you supposed to wine and dine the girl before you get her into the sack?" she asked with a wink.

We shared a laugh and I told her that I was sorry, but when I came over for shrimp I had no idea I would fall under the spell of a sexual dynamo. "Tell you what," she said. "Why don't we eat in, we can grill and eat right here. I have yoga and aerobics this afternoon and I can pick up the groceries on the way home." I told her I loved the idea, but I would pick up the items at the store.

"No way!" she joked. "I've seen the way you operate in the grocery store. You might charm your way into some other woman's house for seafood!" -- When I arrived that evening Rebecca was standing on the patio placing kebabs on the grill. She wore a flimsy, low cut white dress and nothing else.

Her nipples again were saying 'Hi' to me through the thin cloth. We embraced, our tongues immediately enmeshed and her hands went to my belt. As she unbuckled and unzipped my pants she said she wanted it right then, standing up, with her dress on. "I almost came during yoga class thinking about this. Fuck me, John. Drive me through the fucking wall!" I reached to her pussy and soaked my fingers.

I stuck one finger in her mouth and she sucked it, and my tongue joined the party. Her hand on my hard cock, she pulled my meat to her oven. I put my hands on her ass and lifted, and it slid right in to the hilt.

I poked my finger into her ass and started pounding her. She screamed with every thrust, and though I tried to muffle her with my mouth, I'm sure if any nearby neighbors were outdoors they would wonder what the hell was going on. Her arms were around my neck, her legs were around my back, and she sucked me with her sweet, strong walls.

"You can.Ugh. Fuck… Ugh… Me anytime.Ugh…Will eat dinner…Ugh…Fuck again…Ugh," she rambled on, as I impaled her ass and reamed her twat. She howled when she came, and I kept plowing her, and I could feel my cock with the tip of my finger when they were both deep inside her. I half-growled, half-moaned as I unloaded into her. Just in time too. The grill needed attention.

"Put me down," Rebecca said, as she kissed me. "I love the position but we need to turn the meat." We had a nice dinner and I spent the night again. We continued to explore the various ways our body parts could enter one another. Rebecca screamed. She moaned. She cursed a lot in her throes. I left her Sunday around noon. We both had work to do. -- Over the next few weeks we got into a routine of spending weekends together.

We'd work Monday through Friday, and fuck from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. We both knew if we woke up together on Monday mornings we may not get to work on time. Then one Saturday night, after a glorious, athletic, and orgasmic lovemaking session in sixty-nine position, I mentioned to her a vacation I had already planned, and it was coming up in a couple of weeks and would she like to join me?

"Vacation?" she asked. "Yes," I explained. "It's been planned for months and it's all paid for, and non-refundable. So I may as well go. And it's a reservation for two." "Where to?" "It's a private resort on a small island in the Caribbean. Jen found the place somehow. It's the kind of place where anything goes, couples getting naked, having sex on the beach.

Would you like to go?" "You want us to have sex on the beach? With everybody watching us?" she asked. I said, "We can have sex wherever you like. We can stay in the room and have sex if you like.

It's just a chance to get away and have some fun. It's off season so we may have the place to ourselves, I don't know." She asked me who I'd be fucking on the beach if she couldn't make it.

I told her I was asking her to come with me and we could fuck wherever she wanted. She said she'd think about it, but she wasn't sure she could take time off. I said perhaps she could get part of the week off. She said she'd see what she could do. A week later she hadn't given me a firm answer so on Sunday night when we parted I left her with her plane sexy spanish milf betty foxxx fucks the taxi driver and the vacation documents.

"I changed the name on the reservation to yours," I said. -- The trip was scheduled from Sunday to Sunday. As it worked out Rebecca had to be at work Monday for some big meeting or something but was able to finagle the rest of the week off. She came down on a Tuesday morning flight and took a taxi from the airport to the hotel. When she arrived in mid-afternoon she found me waiting by the far end of the pool. I was dressed in swim trunks and was reading a paperback.

"Hey, Sailor, want a date?" I looked up at her and she smiled at me. Again she was beautiful, dressed in white pants and a red tube top. "Absolutely! Damn woman, you look good enough to eat!" "I just flew 1600 miles, I hope you're hungry!" she said. She sat on the lounge chair with me and we kissed for the first time on a non-weekend. I welcomed her long, warm tongue into my mouth naughty teen lilly ford amazing reverse cowgirl sex squeezed her butt.

Her left hand rubbed my penis as we kissed. She glanced around the pool. There were only a couple people scattered here and there and the pool bar didn't open until happy hour. By now my dick was getting good and hard and Rebecca started to untie the fly on my trunks. I grabbed her hands and asked her what she was doing. "What do you think I'm doing, Big Boy?" She took my cock out.

"I couldn't let you just sit around here in this tropical heat while I have a fire between my legs!" "Rebecca…" "Relax, JOHN. I've read up on this place. If you can fuck on the beach I don't see any reason why I can't suck you by the pool." She was right.

She lowered her head and took me into her mouth. As her beautiful mouth fucked my cock, I moaned with pleasure and glanced around. One couple in particular took in the show and seemed to enjoy it. No one else seemed to notice. I soon came with a flourish and she sucked it all in. Then she kissed me with her slick tongue. "Been looking forward to that all day!" she then said.

"Now put this thing back in your pants. Let's go to our room and tale of twblack guy ass fucking girl if you remember how to take my clothes off." -- That was how our vacation started and it only got better after that. We went back to the room and fucked and sucked for the rest of the day, ate a room service dinner and talked. We talked a lot in fact, and wrapped around genital fondling and several fellatio and cunnilingus interludes we had a very interesting and eye-opening chat.

"Nice place you dragged me to," she said. "Huh?" "You wanna fuck me in public right, in front of others, is that it?" "Well no, it was your daughter's idea originally, I just handled the reservations." "So you do not want to fuck me in public, in front of others?" "No, not if you don't." "I'm on vacation with you.

I know all about this resort. It's all about fucking! " "Right! I'll fuck you anytime you want." "So you DO want to fuck me in front of other people?" "Whatever turns you on baby." "Good! How about other people?" "What do you mean?" I asked. "Are we going to fuck other people too?" This had not entered my mind and I wasn't prepared for it. "Do you want to fuck somebody else?" "Well, no," she said. "I'm just asking because this place is all about fucking. And you said Jen found this place and we know she was wild and you and her did some crazy shit in bed with different…" "Let's not bring her into it…" "What if we both want to fuck the same person…" she said.

"What, a woman?" "Or a man…" "Well I don't want to fuck a man…" I stammered. "What if I want to fuck a woman?" "Is that what you want, to fuck a woman? I'm sure it could…" "I don't know. Would you be okay with that? A woman fucking me?" There was a pause of dead air between us. "Sure, I guess so," I replied. "As long as I can help her!" She burst out laughing.

Then I fucked her hard, one of our hardest fucks ever. I got on top of her on the bed and with each thrust I tried to slam my cock through the floor. We both moaned and grunted louder than usual.

-- Late the next morning we headed out to the beach. I wore shorts and Rebecca wore a bikini and a cover-up. The beach was not crowded so we laid out our towels and made our space. There were a few naked people here and there so we were pretty relaxed. Gradually we got ourselves naked. We started by rubbing lotion on each other. Her top came off and I massaged her glorious tits as we kissed and soon my hand slipped under her thong.

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"Stop," she said. "I want to undress you first!" She did. I lay back and she unbuckled and unzipped my shorts. I was already hard and my cock flopped into plain view. Rebecca stroked me and kissed me and started talking dirty the way she knew I liked. "Wow, you seem to be taking to this place just fine," I said.

"See that girl over there in that cabana. She's been checking us out. Let's give her a little show. She took me into her mouth and the uncle fucknig his best friend virgin daughter family sex shaft of my cock disappeared into her throat and reappeared over and over. I glanced at the cabana, my shades hiding my eyes. She was a dark girl with long black hair. She was sitting on a tall stool and she was wearing cutoffs and a gray halter that hugged her ample tits.

She was tall and thin and her long mocha legs were spread apart. She was definitely watching. This made me get into it even more and I arched my body to ram my cock into Rebecca's mouth as deep as I could. She had mastered her deep throat skills and my ass bucked as she sucked me off. Soon I released a huge, violent load of cum into her mouth. Her mouth stayed on me until my throes were through and she swallowed it all except for the remnants I tasted when we kissed.

I was ready to return the favor but she stopped me. "See her?" she asked. "I think she's definitely checking you out." "Sounds like maybe you're checking her out," I said. "Like daughter like Mom?" She didn't say anything to that. She laid back and I turned on my side facing her, running my hand over her smooth stomach, occasionally slipping under her thong. "How was your blow job?" she asked. "Phenomenal. The best ever. You never cease to amaze me." "Your girlfriend seemed to enjoy it," she added.

"My girlfriend?" "Well, she is pretty hot. And I'm sure she is impressed with that piece of lumber you have between your legs!" She kissed me. "Want to give her a real show?" she asked. "What?" She pulled off her bikini bottom and rolled onto her stomach. Now we were both completely naked.

"More oil, please," she said. I began the process, starting on her neck and shoulders and working southward. She moaned softly. "Play with my ass," she cooed. I complied, softly running my fingers along the crack of her ass and slipping my oily fingers in and out of her beautiful milf rachel starr threesome with unexeperienced teen couple. After several minutes he reached over and put her hand on my re-hardening tool.

"Are you ready, baby?" she asked. "Ready for what?" "Ready to put on a show for your girlfriend?" "Okay. What do you want?" "Fuck me up the ass!" she said with excitement. I couldn't believe I'd heard her right. "Are you sure? Here?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," she said. "She saw me take your whole cock in my mouth and now I want her to see me take that whole, big, fat cock in my tight thin ass, too!" I started to say something but she interrupted just to say, "Please fuck my ass, John!" Then she turned her head to face our friend in the cabana.

I glanced over too at our audience. I slathered oil on my cock as I kissed Rebecca's back and neck, then I knelt in position between her legs, my cock stood erect, all eight inches in plain view. "Is she watching?," I asked Rebecca softly. "Oh yeah," she said. "She's got a good view of it now," I said. "Good, baby. Now let's make it disappear!" Then she reached behind her and pulled her cheeks apart. I took my time easing in but soon my balls were slapping on her butt cheeks, and we were both making noise, more than usual, probably for the benefit of our voyeur.

With each inward thrust Rebecca shoved her ass toward me, taking me in as if willing black dick stretches casey calvert wide big black cock monstercock cum into her asshole. I let out a guttural growl. She knew what that meant. "Here I come…" I felt her sphincter tighten on my rod as I released, squeezing me like a lemon, extracting my love juice deep into her ass.

When I rolled off of Rebecca she immediately sat up, faced me and plunged her tongue into my mouth. "God, that was hot!" she whispered. "Did your girlfriend like it?" I asked. "Yes, I think your girlfriend did," she replied. -- We spent a while on the beach but I put my shorts back on so I didn't fry my wienie.

We headed back to our room to rest a bit. Then in the mid-afternoon I decided to go for a run. Rebecca said she was going to the pool. I said after I ran I would go to the room and shower and then meet her at the pool bar.

The exhilaration of our sex on the beach must have carried over to my run and I put in over nine miles instead of my customary five or six.

Pleasantly spent, I took a long shower and headed to the pool bar in search of Rebecca and a cold beer.

I found her seated at a table near the bar with a familiar companion. Across the table from her was our girlfriend from the cabana, her blue denim cutoffs high on her smooth, creamy legs and her bare, firm chocolate nipples pushing through the fabric of her white cotton t-shirt.

They looked like old friends, talking, having fun and several drinks ahead of me. "Hi Hon," Rebecca said as I approached. "This is Jamie…" "Hello, Jamie, nice to meet you." We looked into each other's eyes as we shook hands. She was long and lean and attractive with toned arms and shoulders.

We held the gaze for a bit, then I said I was going to grab a beer. I glanced at Rebecca and her big eyes looked directly into mine. "Get us another round too, would you Babe? Vodka tonics," she said. I returned a couple minutes later with the drinks and sat down. "So what have you girls been talking about?" I asked, as I took a long pull on my beer. They looked at each other and smiled. "Well, you, mostly," Rebecca said, and sipped her fresh drink.

"Me?" I looked at her, then at Jamie, then back at Rebecca. "Yes," she said. "Jamie and I have been talking for the last hour and a half. She saw us at the beach today. And she would like to join us." "Join us? What for dinner?" I said. They looked at each other again, then back at me. "No. In bed." I looked at them, their eyes drilled into me.

I took another gulp of beer. No. In. Bed. Those three little words were the beginning of the wildest, craziest, weirdest, scariest, dirtiest, sexiest, most exciting five days of my life. And I'd never be the same. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------