Tpgirls tape gagged and bound and rapedhtml

Tpgirls tape gagged and bound and rapedhtml
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SUSAN ELAINE Susan Elaine Andersen! How she hated that name. There was nothing good about any part of it, not even a remote connection to the family of Andersen Windows. When she started school, the kids were quick to realize how she felt about her name and teasd her relentlessly. As a result, she never developed many social skills, either for relating to her own sex or to the milf en mallones se come el culo tube porn. She loved animals instead and worked at a stable whenever she could.

After graduating high school she moved out to be away from everyone in her detested family, even tho she could barely support herself. She was given a room, more like a stall, on the horse farm where she worked. She was night watchman, and stable hand, usually mucking out stalls during the days.

She dreamed of being anywhere else, overseas. And then she took to calling herself Sea, using only her iinitials and trying to comletely discard Susan Elaine.

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She advanced in her duties and was allowed to exercise the horses, an ecstacy for which she was even paid! Even though she tried to appear independant, she knew she was totally clingy and dependant. She could cling to the horses and satisfy those fantasies and nobody had a clue. She imagined that it was the horse who was hanging onto her in order to carry her to a better place, to take care of her and protect her.

From time to time, she helped with the horse breeding. That is the only place where she sexy sluts enjoy big hard cocks and facial ever received any sex education and what a lesson it was! The stallion was very much a stud. He was jet black, a beautiful Arabian, flawlessly built and perfect in motion. His penis was also jet black, and just as beautiful as the stud.

He knew when he was going to be allowed to be let loose into a mare because the sexual arousal of the person who came to get him was almost as storng a smell as the hot cunt of the mare. Everybody on the farm was turned on when they saw him perform, most of all Sea. Sea was there every time because it was her job to prepare the mare. When a hot mare wanted a cock, she flared out her labia. It was technically called winking and it gave new depth of meaning to the verb. It is amazing what control mares have with the opening to their cunts.

They look like virgins when they are not aroused, a closed slit that barely opens enough to let pee pass. But when they are hot, they are hot. They have the ability to pull open their labia, showing the hot red cunt opening while also pushing out the bud of flesh surrounding their hole.

The target that they want to have filled is presented right there, for everyone to see, red hot and wet.

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They are totally exhibiting their cunt like nothing else matters. It was a pretty babe herda wisky gets her pussy beaten up feeling for Sea. When she first was shown what her job was, she barely could carry out her duties.

It was too exciting to be the one to tend to that hot cunt, to be there in full view, close enough to feel and smell the arousal, then to wash it with mild soap and plenty of warm water, intimately handling those sensitive areas of hot flesh. The warm water, along with the fondling by Sea's sensuous hands brought both Sea and the hot mare to peak excitement. Thankfully, they did not have to walk anywhere in that state.

The stud was led to them. Everybody there was fully focused on the lex steele vs ava rose as soon as he was in sight. Then, even Sea with her quivering loins and hot juices streaming into her cunt, could only look at the stud and his huge package.

He kept his equiptment in his sheath as he came to the breeding room. He was already starting to swell and so he walked with his hind legs more apart, his tail up, and the head of his cock starting to protrude. His nostrils were flared, not missing a bit of the smell of the mare's heat and also taking in the sexual arousal of the people, adding to his excitement. He was ready to mount the mare and take care of business as soon as he came close to her backside but he had to be cleaned as she had been.

He had grown accustomed to this foreplay that was the work of human hands, and in doing so, he came to be able to feel turned on by the stroking from those hands, even when no hot mare was on the farm. When he was stroked, he was glad to extend his cock, letting it fill with engorgement and extending all 5 feet of its length to the grasp of the hands stroking him. Warm soapy water when rubbed along his cock by those hands felt real good, and the abondant warm water rinsing off the soap was welcome as more foreplay.

He really did not mind whose cunt he entered by that point! Sea had control of the cunts, although she was the only one there who knew the conditions that were raging between her legs, or so she thought. The stud knew.

Sea was putting out pheromones like he had never smelled before since a woman had never before been in Sea's position. He was really keen to check out this new and hot female. Sea sensed his focus and nearly fainted. That cock was so huge! Sure she had masturbated with insertion of everything she could find that seemed suitable. Sure she loved to feel her flesh stretch so much it hurt, but the stud was, well, hung like a stud.

Her cunt was so hot and wet she knew she could impale herself on something larger than she had ever used before but not that size! Her fear of cunt injury helped her stay on the job at hand and grab the stud's cock, loving the feel of it in her hot hands, stroking it lustfully as she directed it to the mare's winking cunt, holding on as long as she could with both hands kneading it along the full length while giving it to the hot mare.

Sea kept as close as she could while he sank every inch of cock into the mare's dripping cunt. The stud had followed his cock as Sea plunged him into the mare and so he was mounting her at the same time as penetrating to the hillt. His balls swung against her clittoral area, again and again, and she let out the most sensouos sounds Sea had ever heard.

The stud was making deep sounds in his throat, turning Sea on even more and taking her arousal to new heights, with new smells coming from the pool dripping down between her legs, soaking through her panties and jeans to gain entry into the sex charged air the stud was breathing.

He turned to nuzzle her from behind, wanting more of this exciting scent and lusting after the cunt that was its source. He snorted to her and would have made his intentions clear to everyone there if she had stayed close to him like that. Sea sensed his arousal and lust for her even before his touch and started to step aside. She wanted his cock no matter how much it hurt, no matter if it ruptured her cunt and made her hot hole a gaping trench. She only was barely able to resist because of fear of what his cock would do to her and so she could move far enough away so that the stud could no longer touch her.

Even so, the light nuzzling he managed to get in was electrifying and kept reverberating between her legs. With less distraction from Sea, the stud concentrated on penetrating the squirming mare squealing with lust.

He thrust repeatedly, banging her clit with his balls, penetrating her cunt and filling it to the brim, reaching to the limit of her cunt and the opening petite teen picked up and rough fucked by a stranger both arms of her womb. He gushed forth with his cum, his hot juices stretching her cunt walls to the linit, squishing from both ends, into her womb and to the outside.

The thick white cum dripping out below his still fully inserted cock was a welcome sight to Sea. She did not think she could have continued standing much longer with such arousal in her loins. Then his cum smell hit her like a wall and she nearly cried out in hot lust. Her boss was paying more attention to the stud until now, but Sea's arousal was so intense that he could feel it penetrating to his cock, which was already plenty hot from enjoying watching all the stud's action.

Until that point, he had never really thought of Sea as a woman. She was just another stable hand. That was pretty much the way Sea felt as well, since she only let herself be aware of her sexuality a few times a month, when she ovulated and while she had to contend with her period.

Sea often masturbated near the time she was ovulating because the influence of her hormones was more than she could resist. She kept more to herself at that time, especially being afraid that her arousal might be noticed by someone. Besides which, she often was going about during the day with something penetrating her cunt and being held in place by her jeans, which also added to the stimulation of her cunt whenever her legs moved.

Office girls jasmine black and alison star in pantyhose fetish was the only pleasure she could freely enjoy apart from riding the horses. Having the opportunity to enjoy both together gave her the first orgasm of her life. Sea appreciated the sensuality of horses far more than most people because her own sexual life was so entwined with horses.

She had never fantasized about sex with the horses before but the images she had just taken in from the stud were replaying in her mind already.

She wanted more than anything to go to her room or any place she could find privacy, just so she could take care of her sexual arousal that was so consuming. Her cunt was engorged and throbbing like a creaturre she had never encontered before.

It was so demanding, so much in need of release. She fantasized feeling the stud penetrating that hot cunt throbbing so hard between her legs and involuntarily gasped at the sensations spreading out from her groin. Sea's boss could not ignore her arousal after hearing that sound. His cock was now a demanding creaturre like Sea's cunt, only hurting some because of being bound in jeans.

Thrusting his hands into his pockets allowed a little manouvering. He really wanted to penetrate a hot cunt like the stallion performing before him.

He made some sounds deep in his throat, only audible to Sea, and moved close enough to feel and smell her heat. Sea got his message and froze in fear. She had dildoes shaped like a man's cock but never had seen or experienced the real thing in her.

Sex with one was safe and predictable, even sex while riding a horse was still basically having sex with herself and so it was safe. A man between her legs with his organ erect and heading into her cunt was not the stimulation she found most exciting right then. That stud had any man beat when it came to pure lust and the equuiptment to pursue it. However, her boss' presence when she was already so turned on that it hurt made her wonder about how he was hung and what he could do. Fear quickly gave way to curiousity.

He was so close that she only had to shift her weight slightly to touch his arm with her shoulder. He responded immediately with his right hand going to her waist, her hip, sliding over her tight buns and then stopping while cuping her right ass cheek through her wet jeans. Exotic milf relaxing her white lover with massage could not hold back from leaning into his body and arm and that hand that was now so exciting and so close to where she needed it.

Just then, thankfully, the stud gave his last thrust into the hot mare, pulled out his cock and dismounted. He was close to fully erect, glistening with his and the mare's juices, dripping thick creamy drops from the head of his cock, and letting it all hang out with no hesitation for everyone to see.

Time the lure of a carnal massage hardcore blowjob the people to get back to work! Someone had to clean him up and then take the horses back to their stalls. Sea's boss announced: "Show's over, folks! Back to work!" as he reached for the stud's halter to lead him from the mare.

Sea knew her work required staying there and so she and her boss were soon alone with the horses. Steve directed her to clean the stud's cock while he watched, with his legs spread apart, his bulging crotch very obvious to her as he leaned slightly back for emphasis.

She got a hose, adjusted the water to a pleasant level of warmth, and began hosing off that magnificent organ while gently rubbing it with her hand.

She could not help but breathe heavily and sigh a few times. Steve's presence toned down her arousal some, but handling the stud's package was so stimulating that she was quickly back to peak arousal, breathing heavier and deeper, getting even wetter between her legs, releasing more of her smell.

Steve didn't smoke and so he had a keen sense of smell. He also found scents like Sea's to be highly arousing. His cock was more engorged than it ever had been and he couldn't get any comfort with his pants on as they were.

He wasn't wearing a belt, so it was easy to unbotton his jeans with his free hand and let the zipper down. Sea was absorbed with the stud's cock and never noticed Steve freeing up his own equiptment. When she knew she had rinsed off the stud more than enough, and his cock was still hanging out with nearly a full erection, she leaned against his side for a moment to try to collect herself, as if she could tone down her own arousal while staring at that magnificent organ.

Steve's cock was dripping with pre-cum at that sight and with all the smells of sex in the air. He realized for the first time how stacked Sea was. His cock responded with increasingly demanding throbbing. He let out a low moan of desire.

Sea was both interested and fightened by that sound coming from Steve. She did not dare to turn his way but she knew something had to be done next, at least for the horses. She walked away to turn off the water and put the hose out of the way, avoiding Steve's direction.

From the imaginary safety of being a few feet away, Sea asked Steve if he was going to take the stud back to his stall. "I can't!" His answer caused her to look at Steve, and what she saw left her speechless with her mouth hanging open. "You'll have to help me before I'm going to be able to walk anywhere or do anything." Sea couldn't even think when she heard that while staring at his engorged red and dripping cock.

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It wasn't much in comparison to the stud's equiptment, but it was definitely more her cunt's size. The breeding room was partitioned for a couple stalls, so she tied the stud in the open stall and gave him fresh water and some hay. She couldn't resist stroking his extended cock as she was leaving him there, which was esily seen by Steve. The room only had standing space for humans, and a few chairs, nothing else to provide for their needs.

Steve had his pants down and was sprawled in a chair watching Sea and waiting in anticipation. Sea had no idea what to do next and luscious virgin twat needs to be stuffed dependancy made her welcome Steve's instructions. "Take off your pants and come here." She did, as if in a trance, which was easily noticed by Steve.

Steve had no misgivings about taking advantage of the situation and the state she was in. He motioned her to stand to the side of his chair and told her to suck his cock.

Sea held it with both hands and massaged it a moment while talking herself into putting her mouth around it. Meanwhile Steve started to feel the hot wet area between Sea's legs. He took in the sight of her hot cunt, breathing deeply to get more of her scent, and extended two fingers between her inner and outer lips, with his fingertips brushing up against her clit.

Sea gasped, bent over more, and spread her legs as wide as she could to give him full access. She started licking the head of his cock like a pro, sucking at the pre-cum and then enclosing the head tightly with her mouth.

Steve wriggled his fingers between her cunt lips and gave her a new and exciting stimulation that almost brought her to orgasm. His fingertips, in tapping against her clit, took her over the edge into a delicious orgasm. Steve was all the more aroused by Sea's responsiveness and he could not do anything except come to orgasm in her mouth. For her first experience with a man's penis, Sea was just in the right position to take his juices into her mouth without gagging, and she swallowed his cum as easily as if she had done this many times before.

It was like a reflex, requiring no thinking that could have distracted her. Her thoughts were consumed with the sensations of her cunt and orgasm.

Steve was deeply satisfied and had no disappointment about having come so quickly. His penis was too sensitive for more attention from Sea right then, so he lifted her face from his lap and kissed her.

He was surprized by the tenderness of his kiss and the affectionate way he was now treating a woman. All he could think of doing next was moving her so she hot boobs milf giving hell of a blowjob sit in his lap while he embraced her and enjoyed the sensational afternath of the extended sexual encounter that had begun while watching the horses.

Both of them wanted more sexual encounters. Both were surprized and additionally turned on by their new feelings and experiences from this initiation into a completely different way of relating to each other.

Somehow, for Sea, it was as if she was falling in love for the first time. Falling in love and falling in lust were practically equivalent for Steve, who may have never experienced love in any form apart from lust. His lust for Sea led him to say and do things that built up the love she had started to feel. It got off to a strong beginning as they were embracing on the chair and Steve directed Sea to move to more comfortable quarters, in his home.

He made it clear that he was giving her her own space, a bedroom and bathroom just for her, with full use of the rest of the house, especially his bedroom. Sea interpreted his offer as if it came from love and was eager to move in at once. For the sake of appearances, and because nobody needed the room Sea had in the barn for her bedroom, Steve told her to keep that room for herself as well, and suggested she leave the bed made up and keep a few things there for her own convenience, whatever she might want for personal use and to save a trip back to the house while working during the day.

Both understood that also that was to be a space for privacy and sex whenever they might be too aroused to get to the house comfortably. More to cum. watch for chap 2