Petite cute kirsten lee is down for an outdoor blowjob

Petite cute kirsten lee is down for an outdoor blowjob
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Recently I had been trying to get pregnant. With no luck I was referred to a fertility specialist. I am used to seeing a female gynecologist. When I got to the specialist's office, I realized that it was a man. I met with the doctor in his office. He was an older gray-haired man who was a little stern. We talked at length about my problems. I was thinking that we would just talk and then I would not come back for another appointment. He asked several embarrassing questions about orgasm and stuff.

He asked about my last period. Stupid me was very truthful. The docor explained that the first step would be a vaginal ultrasound. Yeah sure that sounded good. (NO WAY) I wasn't how to make love with teen couple that done. Just hearing him say the word vaginal was embarrassing. He said we would need to do this 2 days after the end of my period. He looked at his notes about my last period and said that today would be perfect.

I had to find a way out of this. Might as well tell the truth. I explained that while my period was over that I was still having some spotting, so we couldn't do it today. The doctor said that spotting was very normal and shouldn't hurt anything. Now I was terrified. Not only would I have to get naked in front of this man, he would be doing things to my pussy, which was still bleeding a little.

I could not come up with a reason why we shouldn't do the ultrasound today. He called his nurse and told her to prepare me for an ultrasound. My mouth was very dry as I followed the nurse to another room.

The nurse told me to remove all of my clothes and lie down on the exam table. I stepped behind a small curtain and stripped. I was a little overweight and so embarrassed. Not only would he see my pussy, he was going to see my titties too. It was cold in the exam room so my nipples were standing at full attention.

I guess I took to long because the nurse pulled the curtain back and told me to come on to the table. I tried to cover myself as I followed her. I asked for a gown or sheet or something.

She said that they didn't use them. There was no use. I was almost shaking I was so nervous. And the doctor wasn't even in the room yet.

The nurse had me to lie down on the table. I noticed that she had a pan of water and a towel. She said that she was going to shave a small spot on my pussy around where the probe would be placed.

She said that any hairs would affect the procedure. She said that she wasn't going to shave much, just a small spot. She might as well shave me bare for the embarassment was already there. She had me scoot down near the end of the table and hang one leg off each side. She sat on a stool and scooted up between my legs. I felt her cold fingers (even through the gloves) part my pussy lips.

I felt a little water and then she was shaving the inside of each lip. She did both sides quickly and dried me off. Then she told carmen valentina naomi woods in babysitter dirty secret to come over to the other side of the room.

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My pussy felt so funny as the shaved parts rubbed together. There was an odd looking chair on the other side of the room. She told me to hop up in the chair. I climbed up into it. It was a leather chair so it felt strange against me naked ass. The nurse said that this was where the exam would be done. I didn't understand this, but it seemed better than laying on the table. She fastened straps around my legs at my ankles and just above my knees. I was uncomfortable to say the least. Then she said she would send the doctor in.

She left. It didn't occur to me that she should stay. I was too nervous. Suddenly the door opened and there was the doctor. I shivered as he glanced over my naked body. Thankfully, I was sitting in the chair so he couldn't see everything. He sat down in a chair beside me. He said that he was going to do the ultrasound and a couple of other fake taxi sahara gets a hard cock workout. I asked why my legs were strapped down.

He said for the ultrasound to be accurate that I would have to be very still. He asked if I had any more questions. I choked out a no over the lump in my throat. He said, "shall we begin".

He didn't wait for an answer. He pushed a button and the chair started rising like a barber chair. When I was at the height he wanted the chair stopped. The doctor slid his chair back and started doing something to the chair I was in. He was turning a dial. Oh no. I felt my legs being moved.

Apparently the bottom part of my chair was outfitted with stirrups, which I was already strapped into. He bent my knees up toward my chest and tighted the knob. The he turned another dial that spread my legs apart. He tilted my chair back just a little and spread my legs farther. I was dying from embarrassment because I knew he was going to be looking directly at my bare pussy. I said ouch as he spread my legs very far apart.

He said "sorry, I need more room. When he was finally satisfied, he had me spread open so far that it actually hurt. My legs were bent and out to the sides and my ass was right on the edge of the table. I was trying to move a little when the doctor started talking.

He said that first he was going to check the size of my birth canal with his fingers. He stepped between my legs. I was so humiliated.

My pussy was just sticking up there for him. And I was still kind of sitting up so that I was watching him. He put on a pair of gloves and stuck a finger in me. I inhaled deeply as he wasn't very gentle. He moved his finger around and then I felt another one going in. He was looking down at my pussy as he moved his fingers around. He pushed his pornstar babe gets her anal plowed with big prick in deeply and explored.

Then he removed them. I watched him remove the blood-stained glove. I was so relieved when he went back to his chair beside me. He said that my canal felt fine. Now he would do the ultrasound. He turned on a computer screen beside him. I almost fainted when I saw him taking a large probe out of the drawer. Tears formed in my eyes as I knew what it was for. The probe was larger than any sex toy I had seen much less used.

I knew it would split me in half if he stuck it in my pussy.

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I told him that it was awfully big and could he use a smaller one. He said that he had felt my canal to figure out the right size. He said that it would be a little uncomfortable but shouldn't hurt, too much. I knew it was going to hurt. He reached the probe between my legs and told me to relax. Yeah sure. I felt it against my little pussy hole. And then the pressure as he pushed it in. I was saying oh, oh, ow, it hurts, please don't. He kept telling me to relax. I felt the probe going all the way into me.

It burned as it stretched me open. I felt so full. The tears were sliding down my cheeks. The doctor was sitting right next to me. I was looking at his face as he shoved the probe into place. He turned a switch and some images appeared on the screen. He was telling me about them, but I wasn't listening.

I just wanted this over. Then he started pushing the probe deeper and moving it around. I was openly sobbing now. Every time he moved the probe I would yelp in pain. Then he reached into the drawer with his other hand and got out a very small tube with a nozzle.

There was a little ball near the end. He said he needed to blow me up a little. When I saw him dip the nozzle in vaseline, I knew where it was going. I began begging him to stop. He said he was almost finished. I felt the nozzle against my asshole. He pressed down a little and in it went. He only stuck it in a little, the ball was resting against my asshole. He said, "this will hurt for a minute". He didn't wait for a reply as he pushed another button.

I felt a hard rush of air going up my ass. I screamed and pulled against the straps. He pressed the button again and the air jet got harder. I was trying everyway to pick my ass up from the chair. Hot orgy session with oiled up honeys was patting my leg and saying relax.

He finally stopped the air. I felt like a balloon. I was still crying. He then moved the probe a little more and then quickly removed it. I felt like my body would melt with relief. Then he removed the probe from my ass. I let out a long fart as he removed it.

I was embarrassed but so glad that it was out. He said that he would do russian femdom russian cumshots swallow more test.

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While it would probably be more embarrassing that the others, it would not be at all painful. I figured that I had made it this far, and he promised it wouldn't hurt. He said that he would see how I responded to stimuli. I looked puzzled. He explained that he would try to make me orgasm. I said no. He said something about it be necessary for sexual fitness.

He said that he always did this as part of the exam and that I would find it enjoyable.

He said that four other women had orgasmed in the chair that morning and that I shouldn't be afraid. He asked if I had ever had a very strong orgasm.

I said no. He asked if we should proceed. I nodded slowly, still scared. I tensed up as he reached into the drawer. He pulled out a probe that was smaller, though still pretty big. Then he reached up and massaged my tits. Then he started pinching my nipples pretty hard. He said "just getting you ready".

He pinched and pulled on each nipple a few more times until I was squirming a bit. He told me to play with them myself and guided my hand to them. I was getting hot so i continued pinching my nipples. He reached the probe between my legs. I heard a buzzing a realized that it raphaela love queen b laet a vibrating probe. I jumped as he stuck it to my pussy. I had stopped playing with my nipples.

He reached over and pinched one of them hard. I yelped. He told me to get to work. I closed my eyes and started rubbing my nipples again.

He was rubbing the vibrator all along my pussy. He would stick it in and pull it out. I started thrashing around as I felt an orgasm building. I was rubbing my nipples and bouncing against the probe. He asked if I was ready.

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I screamed yes yes. He kept saying ready to cum. I kept saying yes. He said are you gonna cum for me. I screamed yes. He said do it and stuck the vibrator right on my clit. I screamed as i had the most powerful orgasm ever right there in that chair. When I had calmed down, he told me that my test results would be in next week and that I should come back then. You can bet I will. Maybe I'll need more orgasm therapy.