Pretty babe mi ha gets her pussy stretched

Pretty babe mi ha gets her pussy stretched
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Mike had come home for the holidays. Five months of school had been the longest he had been away from home. Mike was 19 and had just finished his first semester. There were three kids in his family, and had only their mother who was cool and had a really nice job so they were well off, they even had quite a jacuzzi, envy of the neighbors. Mike was the oldest kid, Terri was 16 and quite the rebel, the youngest was 12 year old Rebeca, Becky. When he arrived home he planned to surprise the girls, so he didn't call ahead.

He could hear loud music for the sitting room as he reached for the door. "Terri" he muttered to himself. He opened the door and silently crept past the staircase into the sitting room when he heard a scream behind him.

"Haaah!" Becky, his 12 year old sister, screamed when she saw her big brother. He had just turned around when she jumped lesbian masturbation with this slutty milf hottie tell the stairs.

Mike fell flat beside his suitcase with his little sister straddling him, she had sat right on his dick with such precision. It would have been an awkward position if he wasn't used to this.

Becky was quite attached to him and never missed the chance to hug her big brother. "I missed you so much"Becky said, trying to wrap her arms around him. "Michael, is that you?" He looked up and saw Terri.

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Terri took Becky's hand and lifted her off him," Get up Becky, he's not even got to the sitting room yet." "Hi guys, just wanted to surprise you" Mike was home. At supper he learned that mom had gone on a business trip and wouldn't be back for three days, that Terri now had a boyfriend and yeah, that Becky missed him.

After supper, Terri took off to meet her boyfriend. "I won't be back till eleven" She knew he wouldn't let her overstay the night even if mom wasn't around. Becky was still eating her supper when Mike went to his favorite couch to watch a little TV. Minutes later, Becky jumped on his laps. Her bum nestled right between his thighs as her legs were between his. This was nothing new for Mike, what was new though was the fact that his dick was reacting.

While he had his legs spread slightly, her ass was right on his crotch. "Who's grown heavy?" joked Mike hoping she would come off his hardening rod. "Am not heavy, silly" she laughed and to prove it she started wriggling on his lap. This wasn't helping! Mike could feel his dick lodge in latina with big naturals takes a hard cock crack. crap, she doesn't have panties on.

He held her hips to stop her movement. "Am not heavy, see. What's that in your pocket? I knew you brought me a gift. " What happened next, he didn't see coming. She thrust her hand beneath her, held his cock through his trouser and squeezed, caressing to find out what it was. She then quickly let go.

"Oh! Sorry.I thought it was.why is it so hard. erm." Mike was so embarrassed, how could he tell her that feeling her soft ass on his dick and the thought of her sweet pink pussy was just a skirt away was making him so horny.

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"It's nothing, its always like that when am sleepy" .when am what? "Oh. You haven't rested since you came" "Yeah, I need some sleep." He let her up as he lay on the couch not knowing she would just sit right back on him. She straddled him yet again.

He closed his eyes. If I sleep I'll stop being so damn horny for my little sister. Mike was asleep.

He woke just twenty minutes later, the TV was still on, he could feel a sensation on his groins He was still hard. He slightly parted his eyes, Becky was still on him, this time her skirt was spread over. She's naked on my dick! she thought he was asleep and was thrusting her pussy on his dick and the only thing between them was his trousers.She was dry-humping him, grinding her pussy on his cock.His cock grew rock hard, and she felt it.

She stopped moving to check if he was awake. He didn't budge. Becky moved down and sat i kept my cheerleader uniform on just for you his laps, then went for his zip.

He couldn't belive this. His little sister was going for his hard member. Which had slipped off his boxers and when she opened the zip, sprang out and pointed at her. She held it in her hands and examined it. She gently squeezed the head careful not to hurt him.

She then held the width with both hands to measure, lifting her skirt she put finger in her pussy, she tried to check the size. "It's too big" she muttered to herself, though loud enough for Mike to hear. This sent a sensation through his dick.

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She felt his cock jerk. Becky held her brother's dick as she bent forward and tasted it, she ran her tongue on the head. Gil, her best friend at school, had told her a boy's cock tasted nice and had also told her about blowjobs. It didn't have any taste though, she bent farther and put it in her mouth, sucking. Mike felt something soft engulf his cock, something familiar, Darn!

My kid sis is giving me a blowjob. Becky had no lurid weenie riding with wild gorgeous chick hardcore blowjob why she had decided to start humping her big brother. She just knew that she had missed him, and when she felt his had dick between her earlier, she was curious to know more about Gil's stories.

She inserted a finger into her pussy, pretending it was his big dick inside her. She was really horny, but afraid if she but his dick in her it would be so painful, she was still a virgin and it was soo big. She liked sucking Mike's cock, she soon discovered when she pumped the base with her hand, it jerked. She pumped as the cock's head was in his mouth. Mike closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation, he so wanted to hold her head.

He so wanted to get up, rip off her skirt and get his rock hard dick into her pussy. He remembered he saying "It's too big" he thought of how he would bend her over and slide his cock into her tight vagina and pump into it to the very base. How he would fill her. Am about to cum.crap! Becky could feel his dick jerk and tasted his precum.

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She had heard about this, this was cum. She couldn't let Mike see it, he'd freak if he knew what she had done to him. I have to swallow it. She held his cock in place and continued sucking its head. She then felt his cum flow into her mouth, she swallowed.

She held it all in her mouth then swallowed, it was pretty good. She licked the dick and sucked to leave nothing behind, swallowing. "What are you doing?" Becky turned around and there stood Terri. "Terri please, shh" Becky whispered.

She put his dick back in his jeans and zipped them up, got up and went to Terri. "Please don't tell him," she begged," I was only playing around. If you tell sex storiesprn comlana rhodes hot romance hate me.

please Terri, please don't. I'll do anything" "OK, it'll be our little secret, if you keep your word. You'll do anything right?" "Yeah, thanks" That was the last Mike heard as both girls climbed the stairs. He went to sleep on the couch, he had just had the most awesome blowjob ever, and he didn't have to do anything. Sweet.