Piper perri in black cock fit struggles

Piper perri in black cock fit struggles
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- I Dream of Demie 2 - A New Couch (MF, con) by Krosis of the Collective --- Previously, on I Dream of Demie: Hi, my name's Tom. I killed a man to summon a sex demon from Hell.

She loves to smoke my pot, so she spared my life, stays with me, and occasionally we have incredible sex. Tonight she brought this hot chick home and we totally had a threesome.then she killed her. --- I sat there, shocked, my lap covered in feces, urine, and what was left of the semen from my orgasm a few seconds ago, staring at the dead body of the previously hot redhead lying beside me.

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Only seconds before we had been fucking and then.then. I closed my eyes. I will never forget how the poor girl felt on my cock as Demie kissed her, Jessi's body going group of girl learns to have no fear orgasmic shock as her soul was sucked out of her mouth. Her pussy had gripped my penis like a vise, making my orgasm almost painful. Truth to tell, it had felt incredible. Then Jessi had gone slack and my cock was embedded in dead meat.

Unlike in the movies, dead bodies give up their waste because their internal muscles are no longer holding that crap in, hence the mess I was in now, figuratively and literally. I looked at Demie over my shoulder. She was still naked but she had reverted to ava adams 2019 sex storys demonic form, horns protruding from her forehead above a face that was still a combination of Janis Joplin, Demi Moore and my ex-girlfriend Laura.

Despite how sexy the succubus looked, my cock was done for the night.possibly forever. "How could you do that do her?" I asked. "She trusted you!" Demie cocked one eyebrow, another mannerism the telepathic demon must have picked up from the image of Laura in my head. "Hello?! Demon! I need to eat, dummy. Speaking of which." She came around the couch and approached Jessi's body. "This might take some time," she said, and as I watched Demie's jaw unhinged, allowing her mouth to open wide, wider than any human's could.

The sexy demon with the now grotesque face pulled Jessi's head into that gaping maw. Demie's neck bulged as the dead girl's red hair vanished down her gullet and her shoulders reached Demie's mouth. Again her jaw extended to accommodate, and the shoulders went in. I rushed to the bathroom and barfed into the toilet. I could hear the cracking of bones from the living room.

I stumbled into the shower.

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--- An hour later I emerged from the bathroom, scrubbed raw. I doubted I'd ever get Jessi's shit smell off of me, though there was no chance any was actually still on me. Demie was gone, as were Jessi's clothes and body. My sofa was a lost cause. I wrapped the cushions in cellophane and managed to get the couch down the elevator by myself to drop the whole mess off by the garbage downstairs.

If anyone asked I would tell them I was incontinent from the flu. I had barfed, after all. I couldn't sleep that night. Would I ever sleep again? --- The next morning I went out shopping for a new sofa. I found a nice one at a second hand store and they said they would deliver it in the afternoon.

As I exited the store into the cold wintery air I noticed the church across the street. I never really believed in God, but I had a freaking demon from Hell staying with me! If there's a Hell, doesn't that mean there has to be a Heaven? And God is always stronger than the devil, right? I crossed the street and went up to the steps of the church. When I tried to put my foot on the first step.I couldn't.

I just didn't want to. I mean, I wanted to, but then I didn't want to just I was about to move my foot. I could get no closer to the church.

Demie had said my soul was hers. I was damned.I couldn't enter holy ground! I wanted to call out to anyone in the church who could hear me.then, again, I didn't want to. Argh! Finally, I walked away. I would find no succor there. --- I found a seedy bar that opened early and drank myself silly. By the time I got home it was early afternoon.

I flopped onto my bed and napped. --- The buzzing of the intercom woke me up. Oh shit, the new couch! I rushed out and let the delivery guys in.

The new couch fit nicely where the old one had teen couple explore and hot virtual fuck i have always been a respected member of the. I sat on it, feeling the unfamiliar fabric of the sidearm. It was different enough from the old one that it wouldn't bring back the memory of Jessi when I was sitting on it, but a couch is a couch, y'know?

I was sad. Fuck it, I said to myself, time for more drinking. I downed a bottle of water and a multi-vitamin, and then headed back to that crappy bar. --- I was working on leveling up my drinking skill from Sloshed to Pickled when the girl came up and sat next to me at the bar.

I looked over and.holy shit! Jessica fucking Alba! She smiled that gorgeous Jessica Alba smile at me. "Hey," she said, "what ya drinkin'?" I looked at my glass. I had stopped choosing my own drinks at some point, telling the bartender to indulge himself and get creative.

"Uh.I think it's bitters and antifreeze." "Ha!" she laughed, and signaled the bartender for the same. The barkeep gave a double take as he realized who he was serving. "On the house," he said, nodding. She gave him a gorgeous smile as well, sipping her drink.

She returned her gaze to me. I looked her up and down. She was wearing tight jeans, cowboy boots and a tight white t-shirt. I was recalling that she had worn something similar in one of her movies, though I couldn't recall which one. She was a knockout. If I staircase to snatch heaven hardcore and blowjob been drunk I would have realized what was going on, but I was rapidly approaching Pickled.

She was still looking at me. I was about to ask Ms. Alba what a nice girl like her was doing in a place like this, all Bogey style, but then a large wall in the shape of a man was suddenly between us, his ass in my face. "Hey baby," the large biker dude said to Jessica, leaning against the bar.

"Buy you a drink?" "No thanks," I heard her say. "I'm having a conversation here." "Sure you are, baby.with me. Hey, I loved you in that Sin City movie." That was the movie I was trying to recall! Thanks man-mountain! I downed the rest of my drink. LEVEL UP! I had achieved Pickled. I stood up, putting my hand waaay up on the guy's shoulder. "Hey buddy, the girl was talking to me." You know those cartoons when Bugs Bunny or whoever encounters somebody so big that they have to crane their neck and there's this fisheye lens effect so the guy looks 20 feet tall?

It may have been the liquor, but I swear that was what happened as the dude turned toward me. The guy's bald head, way up in the rafters of the bar, looked down on me with sunglasses and a big, bushy red handlebar mustache.

From out of the moustache came the words, "Fuck off, pissant." The last word rained spittle down on my face. Then he turned back away from me. "Hey!" I yelled, stepping back from the bar so I was to the man-mountain's side.

I could almost hear the sound of a tree falling as he slowly turned toward me again. His arm came up in a fist.through the booze haze I realized I had made a horrible mistake and closed my eyes and held my breath. I waited.nothing. I opened my eyes. Jessica Alba had come between us and was holding the guy's wrist in a tight grip. The guy was obviously shocked that she was able to stop him mid-swing. It only took him a moment, though, and his other arm came up to bat her away.

Only.he missed. She ducked under the cuff, pulling the arm she already had a hold of hard and threw him over her shoulder and onto a table. Luckily it was empty, as his weight broke it into flinders and the whole thing crashed to the ground. I looked at her, dumbfounded. "Pilates," she said for explanation, and turned as his three buddies rushed us from the pool table area.

After "Jessica" had rabbit punched the first reinforcement in the stomach and connected a kick to the second one's face that could have come from a horse, the third one ran out the back door. As drunk as I was, I finally figured out what was going on. We left quickly. We ran and she pulled me into an alleyway a few blocks later. I recognized it.the one where I had burned the bum alive to summon her a week ago.

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Police tape was hanging from the wall. Had the police investigated it as a murder? She pulled me to the wall, her back to it. She looked into my eyes as she started to unfasten my belt and pull down my zipper.

I could smell her faint brimstone scent. My cock was getting hard, fast. "Demie," I murmured. "Fuck me," Demie with Jessica Alba's face commanded. Her clothes vanished and a naked movie star was pulling my hard cock to her pussy. I took her, there against the wall, right on the spot where I had immolated a man whose only crime was having no home of his own. I nibbled her neck and earlobe, making sure not to kiss her lips. Her pussy felt different and I wondered if she had actually managed to completely become Jessica Alba physically.

That I was actually fucking a perfect copy of the sexy actress only excited me more, and in my inebriated state I didn't last long, blowing my load inside her hot pussy. As I pulled away Demie/Jessica said, "I haven't cum yet, stud." Then she pushed my head down to her crotch.

I could see my cum dripping from the unfamiliar but gorgeous pussy before me. I didn't want to. She pulled my face to her pussy and I had no choice; she was too strong! I licked at her clit and pussy lips, slurping up my semen as I went.

I'd tried tasting my own cum when I was younger (haven't we all?), but never liked it.too salty.but I did my best. Within a few minutes I focused my tongue more on her clit as I pushed two fingers into her sopping pussy. Within a couple more minutes I could hear her gasping and then her pussy gripped my fingers as she orgasmed. She held my arm as we walked back home.

She still looked like Jessica Father fuckling her smoll dotter, and we turned some heads as we went. "I can do this for you anytime you, well, *I*, want, Tom," she said. "I can become any woman you want. You can fuck anyone your dirty little mind can think of." My cock stirred in my pants again as I thought about this. Anyone? My mind reeled.

Her voice changed, seeming familiar. "Anyone, Tommy." I looked at her and saw.my mother! She looked like she had in old pictures from back when she was my age.

My cock shrivelled and I pulled back. "Just kidding," Demie chuckled, shifting back to her more familiar Janis/Demi/Laura human form with the tight jeans, half-top and sandals and taking my arm again.

We moved on. She looked at me. "You're upset about last night." I looked at her. "Yeah I'm upset! You fucking killed--!" I hushed up as we passed an older couple, the husband swiveling his head as he went by to keep an eye on Demie, earning him a wink from Demie and a punch to the shoulder from his lady wife. More quietly, I hissed to her, "You killed Jessi!

You brought her home, she was nice, and you just KILLED her." "That is my nature, Tom.

I need to eat to survive. I can't just stop being what I am." She looked at me sidelong. "Don't you like what I can do for you.*to* you? Is it that much a price to pay? You only just met Jessi; it's not like she was your best friend." I gulped. The last week had been incredible; the most exciting time of my life. Could I keep living like this, knowing what she did?

I sighed. I was already damned. In for a penny, in for a pound. "Just.don't kill anyone while I'm having sex with them, okay?" I asked. "Deal!" she yelled, bouncing up and down like a giggly schoolgirl with huge boobs, and the word echoed all along the street. I grabbed her hand and we hurried home. I was totally wiped out so Demie tucked me into bed, kissed my forehead (freaking me right out for a moment, but I didn't die), and went back out.

As I lay there I wondered why she had kissed my forehead. What did that mean? Was she fucking with me again? I didn't have any answers, and sleep overtook me a few minutes later.

--- I was sitting on my new couch when the front door opened and in walked Demie. Behind her came my mother and father, beaming. "Tommy!" Mom said, coming up and hugging me as I rose from the couch. "I'm so happy! Finally you've found a good woman to take care of you." "Uh.I.what.?" Mom continued: "Demie has been telling us all about her family. Such pedigree! You're marrying above your station, babes alexis brill and chad rockwell a hump in the night of halloween man." "Wait.marriage?

But." I stammered. The door, still open, admitted a very pregnant blonde woman, Carrie from work! "But you have to marry me, Tom! You knocked me up and my husband left me!

What about the baby?!" She caressed her very round tummy. I heard grunting behind me. Dad american teacher fuck a student boy Demie were naked on my couch, him on top of her, fucking her. "Dad! What the fuck!" I cried out. My Dad quickly reached his release and Demie clamped her mouth to his as he came. He grunted loudly, his old body shaking as his soul was sucked out of his mouth. A moment later he collapsed, his body loosing all the shit he had been holding in, messing up my new couch just like my old one had been.

I collapsed to my knees, crying. Demie looked at me, nonplussed, my Dad's dead body still on top of her, inside her. "It's just my nature, Tom." And then I woke up. To be continued.