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Adventures in Rosieland 6 It was quiet in the house; Beatrice was at school, Rosie couldn't believe her little girl was sixteen now.

Melissa, Bea's half, and now step-sister was also at school. People often remarked how much the two girls looked alike, but never in front of John; there were rumours around that he wasn't Melissa's father, which he'd obviously heard whispered behind his back, but he payed them no mind. Steve had left her.

She blamed herself; if she hadn't fooled around with Bobby, Steve would never have met Bobby's girlfriend Georgie. They'd hit it off immediately, and Georgie was besotted; Steve had freed her sexually and she wanted more. She started a campaign to win Steve for herself; randomly showing up as he finished work or went out for lunch. At first Steve thought she was just being friendly, but she had been waiting for the right time to pounce.

It happened two years previously; Rosie and Steve had an argument in the morning, after Rosie came home late after going to John & Sheila's house. They often went out with them on a weekend, swapping partners on occasion, but they'd laid down ground rules where there should be at least three of them present.

Steve was late at work when Rosie rang, sexy asian whore and some white cock she was going over to see Sheila.

Sheila rang him shortly after to ask if they'd go over to keep John company, as she was out with a friend. Alarm bells rang for Steve; he arrived home to find the girls watching TV at his house and a note on the table from Rosie, saying she was over at John and Sheila's, his dinner was in the microwave. They barely spoke all night, and argued in the morning. It was that afternoon when Georgie's plan came to fruition. Shortly after she'd split up with Bobby, her head was filled with ways she could get closer to Steve.

No other man had made her feel the way she'd felt that night and she needed him to make her feel whole. She had planned to get him alone and seduce him, but every time she got him on his own, talk turned to either Rosie or Beatrice, no matter how she steered the conversation.

She was patient, and bided her time, waiting for a sign. Today, she felt things were different. Georgie bumped into Steve at lunchtime and they headed to a nearby park for lunch. Sat on a bench, Steve told her about his fight with Rosie; Georgie, seizing the opportunity, put her hand on Steve's leg and squeezed, consoling him.

He placed his hand on hers, thinking at first that he was going to remove it, he turned his head to look at her and saw pure, unbridled lust. They moved together, their lips touching lightly at first, then crushing against each other as their passion overtook their sensibility.

They parted, Steve apologised profusely as Georgie took his hand and placed it on her chest. He could feel her heart racing, her breathing, quick and shallow, her pert breasts rising with each breath. "I can't do this." He said. Georgie's piercing blue eye's never left his as she moved his hand lower, resting it on her flat stomach for a moment, then placing it on her thigh. She moved closer to him, his hand brushed up her smooth skin and his fingers touched the edge of her panties under her skirt.

She kissed him again, his fingers, seemingly with a mind of their own, traced the outline of her pants, then felt her puffy lips through the fabric. She shivered as he caressed her labia through the thin material, their tongues dancing, his mind full of thoughts of their last coupling as her hand stole to his crotch and squeezed his hardness through his trousers. He could take no more. He broke the kiss and sat back, breathless.

She knew she'd broken through, but needed to let this play out. "Georgie, we can't do this. We." "You know Rosie is having an affair with that man, don't you?" She said quietly. "But." He started. sunny leone xxx sexy story with hot boy what?" She interrupted. "But you love her?" Steve hung his head, unsure of how to continue.

"She changed the rules Steve. She's carrying on with him, without your permission. This isn't the swinging threesome and foursome game you started. It's just those two now." There were tears forming in the corner of his eyes, he didn't know how she knew all this; he didn't know she'd been obsessed with him since they met, that she'd been stalking him and following Rosie when she left the house alone.

Obviously, he'd told Georgie about their arrangement with John and Sheila, and about Sheila's extra-curricular activities, which had since blossomed into full blown affairs where she'd stay away for weeks with her lovers.

John loved being a cuckold at first, but it was starting to wear thin and he was feeling neglected. Rosie would go over to comfort him, often telling Steve that Sheila was there with them.

Sheila would cover for Rosie, knowing that Steve was busy at work and unable to check, too wrapped up in her own cavorting to worry that her husband had grown tired of playing second fiddle to her studs. Steve had guessed some of this, but he was shocked about how much Georgie actually knew. "I couldn't stop thinking about you after that night." She said. "The way three femdom babes wank pathetic tiny dick made love to me while your wife was screaming for Bobby to fuck her.

You could have lost control and fucked me harder, but you just knew which buttons to push to get me off first. When I came, it was only you I could think of; no one has done that to me before or since. There have been a few other men, but I compared them all to you and they just didn't feel right." He looked at her, she held his hand and squeezed it.

"Steve, you know you're losing her, and there's nothing you can do about that. She's chosen her path blonde and maid take two black cocks it leads away from you." He knew he and Rosie had been growing apart; he'd been working later and coming home to find his daughter and Melissa watching TV while Rosie was over at Sheila and John's.

Rosie seemed preoccupied when she returned home; going straight to bed and unwilling to share her stories of what she'd just done like she used to. Georgie kissed his cheek. Steve's shoulders dropped and he slumped forward, resting his elbows on his knees. He didn't know how he'd missed it all and he felt lost and stupid. Georgie pulled him close, lifted his chin gently and kissed his lips.

He responded; placing his hands on her bum and lifting her onto his lap. "Not here!" She whispered urgently into his ear as his hand found its way under the elastic of her pants. "Tell her you're working late tonight, then meet me here." She pressed a scrap of paper into his breast pocket, stood up, kissed him lightly on the lips and left.

Back at work, he couldn't think straight; his mind flitting between Georgie, Rosie and John, his daughter and Sheila. He took the piece of paper from his pocket, Georgie's address was written neatly in the centre, followed by a kiss. The paper looked as though it had been in her pocket for a while, like she'd been waiting for the right moment to approach him. She'd timed it just right, and what she'd told him had hit home hard.

He remembered the argument from this morning; Rosie screaming at him that he didn't control her, that she could do whatever she wanted with whomever she pleased. That was the choice he'd made when he let John fuck her the first time. Then she hit out with perhaps the cruelest blow of all; that Beatrice wasn't his daughter.

She'd told Steve a while ago that John had had a vasectomy and both Bea and Mel were his, but she'd lied. Unbeknownst to Steve, John, at Rosie's insistence, had a paternity test proving that both girls were his. Steve couldn't believe it, but Rosie stormed upstairs and came back down moments later with a document.

She thrust it in Steve's face, tears streaming down her face. "I didn't want you to find out like this." She sobbed. Steve scanned the document, screwed it up and threw it at her before turning and leaving the house.

His head was in his hands. Georgie's address, laid flat on the desk before him, seemed to glow. He knew what he had to do. He picked up the phone and dialled his home number, it rang out. He tried again and it was picked up on the fourth ring, Bea answered, "Hello?" "Hi honey, it's dad." "Dad?" She sounded worried, "Are you okay?

I heard you two this morning. Is everything alright?" "It's fine sweetheart." He lied. ""Is your mother there?" "She's over at John's, been there since you left this morning. Dad?" "Yeah?" He sighed. "I saw that result thing.

Is it true?" "Looks like it might be." He replied, dejected. "Me and Melissa? Dad what happened? Why? How? Dad?" "I can't tell you now honey. Tell your mother I'll be late home, if she comes home at all." As he replaced the receiver he could hear Beatrice say "Okay, love you." Rosie had answered any doubts he had by running straight to John.

He stood, picked up Georgie's address and left the office. He left his car in the office car park, preferring to walk the few miles to Georgie's place to clear his head. His thoughts kept returning to the argument, that first night she'd fucked John, and the morning after, Rosie's face and her words as his friend took her in the shower. He was in a mess of his own making and it was too late to put it back how it was.

He felt like he had nothing to tie him to Rosie any more. Both the girls he thought were his own flesh and blood were another man's daughters. He loved them both equally. He'd raised Bea as his own, as John had raised Melissa; they had vowed not to have the girls tested, that both would be brought up as their own despite not knowing who the fathers were, but curiosity, or something more nefarious, had driven Rosie to find the identity of her daughter's real father.

He hesitated as he reached Georgie's front door, his hand holding onto the pulled out knocker, he took a deep breath and knocked. The door opened almost immediately and Georgie pulled him in, he had little time to take in the view of the spacious hallway as the door closed behind him, then Georgie was in his arms, covering his face with kisses. He reached behind her and grabbed her bum as she jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist, hugging him tighter, kissing him urgently.

He moved towards a chaise longue beside the stairs and laid her down, she released her arms and reclined as Steve kissed her neck. Arching her back and pulling up her t-shirt, Steve kissed her bare breasts, flicking her hard nipples with his tongue and sucking them.

His hand travelled slowly up her bare leg, bunching her short skirt up around her waist and finding her shaved pussy, moist with anticipation as his finger parted her easily.

She moaned as he rubbed her clit, applying pressure as she ran her hands through his hair, his finger penetrating her slowly, her breath quickening. He kissed her mouth, his finger, fully inserted into her, was joined by another.

She kissed him hungrily as she tried to unbutton his shirt but faltered, gripping the edge of the seat as dyanna lauren and julia ann lesbian orgasm peaked and she cried out. He removed his fingers and sucked them as she lay back, panting, looking at him through starry eyes as she recovered her composure. He stood, she took his proffered hand, swung her luscious legs around and sat up.

Steve sat beside her as she held his hand on her lap. He could feel her thigh shaking, thrumming like an electrical current running through her. "I." He started, but she put a finger to asian cowgirl with big booty plug japanese hardcore lips. "You wouldn't be here if we weren't meant to be together." She said. He smiled and nodded, then she got up and, still holding his hand, led him upstairs.

Rosie returned home. Fully expecting another shouting match, she was surprised that the house seemed empty. She noticed a glow on the landing which must have coming from one of the bedrooms, so she climbed the stairs apprehensively. Rosie found the girls in Bea's room, both fast asleep on the home teen game and hot scene mature together first time tiniest in the agency in front of the forgotten television.

She turned it off, Beatrice stirred and turned over, Rosie kissed her cheek and whispered, "Night honey." Then she went to her own room, threw herself on the bed and sobbed into her pillow. Five minutes later, Beatrice entered her mum's room, "Mum, what's up?

Is it dad?" Rosie lifted her head from the pillow and sat up, "Which one?" She laughed humourlessly. "I suppose you know now? I'm assuming he's told you?" "I saw the letter." Bea sat down next to her mother, "Is it true?

Is John my biological father?" Rosie looked at her daughter with red rimmed eyes, "It is love. Your dad didn't want you to know. He didn't know himself, but John needed to know about Melissa, so we took a sample of your DNA with her's.

Mel is your sister." Beatrice shook her head slowly, letting the news sink in. She didn't have long though as Rosie dropped the next bombshell. "Your uncle John. I mean, your actual father, wants to divorce Sheila; he's tired of the affairs." "Who's?" Bea laughed cynically.

Rosie flashed her a cross look. "Funny." Rosie said flatly. "Your auntie Sheila's affairs. You know she's been hanging around at that club and not coming home for days?

Well, John says she came home with a tattoo on her lower belly a month or two ago." "Auntie Sheila? With a tattoo?

I've got to see this. What is it?" "John said it was writing. It looked like 'Property of Darryl', or something like that.

He said she's had her coil removed, though she's not told him; said he saw a letter in the bin with her gynae appointment on." "So what does this mean for you and dad? Are you getting a divorce too?" "I don't know honey. We've not been intimate for months now. It's not that I don't love him." "But you're too wrapped up with John?" Bea was getting angry. She knew her dad had tried with her mum, but Rosie had been too preoccupied with John's needs, neglecting her husband in the process, pushing him away without realising it.

"No!" Rosie snapped, "It's just that. I don't know. Lately I've my freinds hot mom story been more comfortable with John. Steve just." She shook her head and sighed. "It's like I don't know him anymore." "So you're just giving up on dad?" "Honey. No.

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I just need some time to get things straight in my head. I love your father, Steve, I mean, but John wants us to be serious. Neither of us wants to hurt your dad, but we can't see a way around it." "You want him too then? As soon as his divorce is through, you're running to him?" "I don't know honey. I just don't know." Rosie fell back to the bed, her head buried in the pillow and her shoulders heaving as she sobbed.

Bea rested her hand on her mother's back, then left the room and pulled the door closed. Downstairs, Steve was lay on the couch.

Nobody had heard him come in, but he'd heard everything his wife had said.

He knew that Rosie had made up her mind already, despite what she'd told Bea; she was going to leave him as soon as John's divorce came through. He'd been upset enough today; this was just another hurdle he would have to jump.

At least he had an ally now; she may have had her own agenda, but at least he though she would stand by him if the going got tough. It was another year before John's divorce happened, he managed to keep the house and sole custody of his daughter, the Judge had heard of Sheila's exploits.

She was forced to admit her tattoo as evidence; there was a date below it now, although she wasn't showing yet. John left the court triumphant, although he restrained himself from showing too much affection towards Rosie until they were behind closed doors. Once the door to John's house was locked, their clothes were ripped off and they rutted like animals.

Steve and Rosie legally separated six months later; a legal paternity test admonished him from any further responsibility for Beatrice, but he vowed to keep in touch with her. They sold the house; Rosie and Bea moved in with John and Melissa, Steve and Georgie moved north, away from the gossip and dirty looks that come with a small-town scandal.

Sheila hadn't been heard from since, although there were rumours which didn't brunette amateur finishing off stranger through a glory hole gloryhole and hardcore her in a very flattering light. Beatrice sent an invitation to Steve for John and Rosie's upcoming nuptials; Fetish watersports fuck piss shower tube porn declined, sending her an invitation for his and Georgie's the month after.

She didn't turn up, he supposed her mother had told her no. He decided it was for the best; he missed Bea terribly, but he needed a clean break, and he felt Rosie's betrayal afresh, every time he saw Beatrice.

Sat in his new lounge, he looked over at Georgie. She looked up and smiled, crossed the room and sat in his lap, wiggling her bum as she settled, feeling him rise as she kissed him, her tongue darting into his mouth, his hand exploring her thighs and caressing his new wife.

She opened her legs, letting him explore further as she slid backwards on the couch, her head pressing into the cushions as his finger parted her and his tongue played with her sensitive clit. She grabbed handfuls of his hair, pulling him into her as she came, heels drumming on the couch as she covered his face in her juices. He moved slowly up her, kissing every inch of her, unfastening his trousers as he advanced up her pale skin.

She tasted herself on his lips as he kissed her deeply, his cock sliding into her warmth, she welcomed him with a soft moan which became grunts and screams, as he pounded her through her second and third orgasms.

He filled her as her nails dug into his back, feeling him explode inside her. They lay together in each other's arms on the couch, basking in their post coital glow. A bead of sweat ran down her back and cum oozed down her creamy thigh, a long, satisfied sigh escaped her as she snuggled closer to him. "I love you." She whispered.

"Love you too sweetie." He held her tighter, her bare breasts pressing into him. She reached down and stroked his softening penis, smiling as she did. Georgie had got what she wanted, and she wanted it all to herself; she wouldn't be sharing him with anyone else, he'd told her as much, he was fed up with the lies and eventual heartbreak it caused.

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He woke to soft snoring, it was two in the morning and Georgie was fast asleep, her arms still around him. He kissed her forehead then carried her to bed. It wasn't quite as easy for Rosie; Beatrice blamed her mother for the split and refused to call John any form of "Dad." She did drop the "Uncle." though, preferring to just call him John. Both Beatrice and Rosie were relieved when Bea was accepted into a university in the North East; Although she loved her daughter dearly, it was a welcome break for her.

Tensions in the house were stretched further with Melissa's search for her mum. Sheila hadn't been seen since her and John's separation; there had been rumours of her whereabouts, but that was what they remained. Too young to enter any of the establishments that her mother used to frequent, Melissa's searches were mostly fruitless, although a few people recognised her as "Darryl's Bitch!" from her photo.

John was keeping things together. The sex had dried up; with two young girls and nowhere for them to escape to now, finding time alone was a rarity. Plus, Steve had left the company, so he was working late and returning home tired. He'd booked a trip to Disneyland in two months, keeping it a secret from Rosie and the girls; Bea would probably think he was trying to buy her affection, but Mel had never been, and you're smart blonde rubs her pussy on camspicycom too old to see a real-live Disney Princess, "The girls would love it too." He chuckled to himself.