First night crying pain story

First night crying pain story
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This is the last interesting threesome that Tina and I have had together. We were going away for a weekend with the sole purpose of hooking up with another guy for a threesome.

We posted on Craigslist assuming we would get a lot of requests to join us. We settled on an older gentleman in his early 50's because he not only was the most intriguing but he offered us the use of his place which had a jacuzzi and multiple fireplace and big screen tv's. Now it was only supposed to be the three of us but Rich was part of a swingers group and wanted us to join him at a swingers party instead.

We said no but I arranged with Rich to have 3 other guys come over and surprise Tina. When we arrived at his house Tina changed into her 2 piece bathing suit which showed off her full34c tits beautifully. The plan was for Rich to receive a phone call and excuse himself to answer it. This call was to let us know his friends (all early 50's also) were at the door.

Rich let them big tits porn tv spicy big boobs quietly and rejoined us in the jacuzzi. Now we started feeling Tina's tits up and removed her top. This she was all for but when she turned and saw 4 other guys she hesitated and was against it.

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I asked her to do it for me and that I really wanted to see her getting gang banged. She didn't want to do it and was ready to call the whole thing off.

I promised her anything if she would do this and she said she would for a necklace with her name in diamonds. Thank goodness her name is only 4 letters long because that even cost me $800 but I was getting what I wanted.

Tina topless now had 6 guys in the tub with her all grabbing at her tits and ripping her bottoms off. They started shoving cocks in her face which she licked the heads of.

Rich had this huge bear skin rug, which had to be fake because I never saw a bear that big, which they dragged Tina onto. This was a sight I still have embedded in my mind.

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Five 50 year old's getting worked up over my 25 y/o wife. They kept shoving cocks in her mouth and grabbing at her tits and ass when finally Rich moved up behind her and shoved his cock into her cunt doggy style. She now had a cock in her pussy and 2 going back and forth in her mouth while she was stroking another one.

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I was a little disappointed in the staying power of these older guys. Rich immediately came in her pussy while one guy came in her mouth and on her face. When they pulled out the biggest guy stature wise and cock put Tina on her back and fucked her missionary style.

I loved seeing his hanging balls slapping up against her asshole. He also came fast in her cunt. She now had 2 loads in her cunt and one on her face. The last 2 guys we had dp her. Even though her ass gets fucked once in a while it is very tight do to her small size.

5' 102#. They got a good rhythm going and exploded in her at almost the same time. When they pulled out of her I just had to jump on her myself and fuck her very cum slick cunt of which I added another load.

After receiving 6 loads of hot sticky cum all over and in her we watched her clean up in the shower for our viewing entertainment. She also lovingly licked, kissed and sucked these older guys soft cocks now.

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They all cleaned up and left leaving just Tina, Rich and me to continue on our originally planned threesome. Even though I could tell Tina enjoyed the attention of all those guys and cocks she really liked just the personal attention of 2 guys. Now we were both hard again from watching Tina and a wide variety of gang bang porn videos. We started again on Tina's great tits while playing with her shaved pussy. I had to lick her pussy now that it was fucked by 4 guys and cum in by three guys.

This she really loved and Rich took over sucking her pussy when he saw how excited it made her. We were both going to fuck her on the rug. First with her on her back then with her on her knees so we could enter her doggy. We went back and forth for twenty minutes fucking her this way as a prelude to double penetrate her again. We both wanted her ass this time so we decided to take turns in her ass also but being that she is my wife I get to cum in her ass. After Rich had his turn in her ass, he laid down and Tina lowered her pussy onto his cock.

Even though her ass was probably stretched from the earlier fucking I added a lot of KY jelly to my cock. I slowly slipped it in her ass. I was able to feel Rich's cock in her pussy and he mine in her ass. I started pumping in and out slowly while Tina was grinding her pelvic onto Rich's cock. We kept this up for 5 minutes or so when I started to go a little faster. I pushed down in her head so she was pressed right into Rich's chest.

Even though he couldn't really pump his cock, the friction from me fucking her ass was getting him off. He held her tight so she couldn't move an inch and I kept picking up my pace and fucked her ass busty redhead babe lennox luxe gets drilled by big cock pornstar and hardcore. She was screaming Oh MY GOD and FUCK MY ASS.

She exploded all over Rich's cock a few times begging for us to cum in her again. I exploded in her ass and when Rich felt me cumming he also came in her ass.

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We came so much in her in just ran out of her as soon as she got off of us. She was barely able to walk when we left his place from her hard fuckings. I had to go a week without anymore sex until she wasn't sore anymore but between the $800 necklace and a week without sex I'll take the gang bang every time.