Nurse kimber lee shows off her white stockings amp pink pussy

Nurse kimber lee shows off her white stockings amp pink pussy
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PROLOGUE: Eighteen year old Tim is something of and anomaly. A spindly thin lad standing only five foot seven, he none the less is endowed with an eleven inch penis. As his father had recently passed away, in order to make ends meet his mother would show older women pictures of his massive organ and entice them to meet and fuck her young son for large sums of money. The third story in our trilogy begins with Tim and his mother standing on the front porch of a nondescript suburban house ringing the doorbell……… "Aren't you going to tell me what's going on?" Tim asked his mother a little nervously.

"Not just yet," Marie Bond replied gently while pushing the doorbell one more time. "Is she pretty?" Tim pressed on. "Of course she is!" Marie said with a little exasperation.

"Now be quiet and do as you're told!" "Okay, mom," Tim said a little sheepishly. His apology was interrupted, however, when the front door swung open and a very attractive woman of about fifty ushered them inside.

"And this must be Tim!" the woman said enthusiastically while extending her hand to the shy young man. "My name is Mariah Kent!" "It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Kent," Tim answered softly. "He certainly is a well mannered young man," the older woman said to Marie. "You don't see that much anymore these days," while leading the mother and son down the stair to the basement. The stairway wasn't well lit, and when they got to the bottom it was even darker. "Where're the lights?" Tim mumbled as his eyes became accustomed to the darkness.

It was after only a few moments that he was stunned at the sight before him. "What the heck is this?" he asked wide eyed. "It's a dungeon, my boy!" Mariah Kent answered a matter of factly. "And that man over there is my husband Robert." Both Tim and Marie's mouths were hanging open as they openly gaped at Robert Kent.

He was completely naked and tied in a standing spread eagle position with his wrists tied to the ceiling and his ankles to the floor. Mariah lead them over to her husband whereupon she reached out and gave his balls a hard squeeze. "Omigod!" he screamed as his wife crushed his testicles in her tight fist. Do you promise to be a good boy?" she asked softly while relaxing gigi allens male australian porn slave femdom empire grip.

"Y-yes," he managed to stammer. "Good," she replied. "And do you know what I'm going to do?" "What!?!" he asked as his pecker began to stiffen. "I'm going to let this young man fuck me right in front of you," she answered evenly. "Is that all right with you?" With his head rolling back and forth on his shoulders he replied with a groan, "Oh yes, let me watch him fuck you!" Mariah Kent flashed Tim a small coquettish smile before slipping her mauve silk robe from her shoulders leaving her in a low cut black bra and what appeared to be matching crotchless panties!

"Good god!!!" Tim gasped as the middle aged cunt stood with her hands on her hips and her pussy thrust forward in an unbelievably slutty manner. "Well?" she asked. "What are you waiting for?" "Show me what you've got!" For the first time in a long time Tim didn't feel at all like he was in control of a situation.

His pulse was racing and much to his chagrin his cock was already becoming very erect in his lose fitting pants.

Seeing that her son was a little bit shocked by the whole ordeal, Marie quickly moved in and helped him removed his clothing. The older woman's smug smile was quickly erased when Tim's massive pecker flopped out of his under shorts into the cool air.

Unconsciously Mariah Kent let her left hand drop between xxx xnxx1215 gf sites less than 1day legs in search of her very excited clitoris while she half walked and half stumbled towards the skinny eighteen year old.

"I-I don't believe it," she mumbled while dropping to her knees to take the surrealistic phallus into her trembling hand.

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"You like it?" he asked softly. "You gotta be kidding me," she replied without taking her eyes of his shaft. "You're fucking incredible!" From the other side of the room Robert Kent was staring wide eyed as his pretty wife let the huge head slip into her hungry mouth. "Suck him, baby!" he groaned as his own seven inch cock bobbed helplessly in front of him. "Suck him off!" With her finger literally flying over her distended clit, Mariah Kent swirled her tongue all over the soft head until the young man's pecker spamsed hard several times before unleashing a gusher of hot cum deep in her eager throat!

With her own orgasm still several moments away Mariah quickly stood up and lead Tim across the room with his semi hard dick. "Do you know what I want you to do now?" she asked in a husky voice. Now getting more in the swing to of things Tim replied evenly, "You want me to fuck your fat pussy right in front of your husband." "Ohhhhhhh!" she moaned. "And so perceptive too!" After grabbing a table and positioning it directly in her husband's line of sight, she slid her plumb ass onto the edge of the table with her legs spread wide apart.

"Okay, baby," she sighed softly, "give teenager rides big cock interracial and pornstars a piece of that hard cock meat." Tim glanced over at the panting husband and gave him a little smile before positioning himself between his wife's spread legs.

It was then for the first time that Tim noticed that Mariah Kent was a female version of himself. She had an incredibly fat vulva that bulged obscenely between the opening of her panties. And what's more, he could see that her clit stuck out from between her lips and fur by at least one inch!

"Mother!!!" he gasped. "L-look at this!!!" Marie Bond peered down between the older woman's thighs and grew wobbly at the sight! "I don't believe it," she said while casually flicking her finger tips over the super erect clitty. "Fuck her son!" she exhorted as Tim slid his massiveness deep inside of she is willing to get his dick to hump her harder and harder poor shell shocked woman. "Fuck her like the whore she is!" With a cock big enough to do real damage to an unsuspecting pussy, Tim usually took his time while first penetrating a woman for the first time.

I say usually, because for once Tim was totally out of control as his emotions over took him! The second his cock head pressed against the huge cunt, his eyes rolled back into his head as he slammed his hips forward with one mighty shove!

Luckily the basement was pretty much sound proof because the ear splitting scream that escaped Mariah Kent's lips would have certainly wakened the dead if not having alerted the neighbors!

"Sweet mary mother of god!" she bellowed as eleven inches of male genitalia invaded her helpless pussy. At the same time Robert Kent moaned loudly as his poor pecker bounced wildly in front of him, begging for some female attention. "Omigod, omigod!!!" she moaned while the young buck powered his enormous cock in and out of her. "Y-you're fucking me to death!" she panted while taking more cock than she had two euro sluts share one beefy cock hardcore and groupsex even dreamed about.

Marie sidled over to Robert and began teasing him by nipping at his nipples and running her hands up and down the sides of his body.

Then as the poor devil looked on helplessly, Marie began kissing and licking his ear while whispering, "Just look at your wife, my Tim is giving her the fucking of a lifetime!" "Doesn't he have the biggest cock you've ever seen?" she asked coyly.

"Oh jesus!" he gasped. "P-please, please touch me!!!" "Touch you?" she asked innocently. "What ever do you mean by that?" she asked softly. "My cock!" you fucking bitch. "Touch my cock!" Marie stuck her tongue into the older man's ear and after nearly making him pass out offered gently, "Is that anyway to talk to someone that only wants to help you?" "Now be a good boy and tell me that you're sorry." Robert Kent's head was spinning like child's top as he desperately tried to regain his senses.

But with Marie Bond's hands flitting all over his body(except for his cock that is!) and her tongue doing things that were driving him mad, he knew it was hopeless to fight it so with all the fight going out of him he stammered, "Y-you're right, I'm sorry." "That's better," she replied softly.

"But before I can touch you I think I'd better get permission from your wife." Seconds later after appearing at the shocked woman's side Marie took her head in her arms and after kissing her on the mouth asked softly, "Robert really wants me to touch his pecker, is that all right with you?" With her entire body in a state of sexual overload Mariah Bond took a deep breath and nodded her assent.

"I'm sure that he'll be very thankful," Marie said softly. "Now be a good girl and have nice hard one for mama." Sweat was now dripping down Tim's face while he drove his thick spike in and out of Mariah Bond's pussy like there was no tomorrow! The older woman had by now become a least a little accustomed to the young man's incredible girth, and even though she was being bored out like never before, she was enjoying it more than she could have ever imagined.

The feeling of being absolutely filled beyond the breaking point was incredibly intoxicating! She lifted her head just enough to get a good view of the action, and just seeing the massive invader splitting her wide open induced her pussy to convulse wildly around the enormous erection as a series of stunning orgasms rocketed through her overly packed pussy! "M-my god!!!" she wailed between shallow gasps of breath. "He's fucking me to death!!!" The sexual tension in the room was so thick you could have cut it with a knife!

Even after having seen her son fucking countless numbers of women poor Marie was finally overtaken with desire as she shoved down her panties, hiked up her dress, and positioned herself with her legs spread wide apart directly in front of Robert Bond's bobbing cock! Teasingly she kept her fat ass just inches away from the straining man, cruelly making him suffer for a just a little bit longer. "Do you want it, big boy?" she asked while flexing the muscles in her pussy.

"P-please!" he begged while desperately trying to free himself from his shackles. "Do you really want it? She asked softly. "I mean really want it?" "Sweet jesus, woman!" he panted. "You are truly the anti christ!" Both Tim and Mariah were in no shape to see the humor in poor Richard's little outburst. But Marie giggled out loud before inching backwards just enough to allow the cock head of the almost hysterical man to barely graze her cunt lips.

While all this was going on, young Tim's penis was in the process of sending Mariah Bond on a sexual bender that she would savor for the rest of her life! The older woman was holding on to the edge of the table in a death grip as the convulsions in her pussy suddenly and without warning induced Tim's pecker to spasm violently inside the velvety sheath that gently caressed his pulsating manhood.

"Look at her," Marie moaned softly. "My son just fucked your wife like she was a cheap French whore." "And she fucking loved every second of it!" The back and forth repartee between Marie and Robert had raised the tension not only in Robert's cock, but in Marie's cunt as well. Her own lips were now bulging open, and when she sure she couldn't wait even another moment, she rocked backward, allowing Robert's erection to slide balls deep into her overheated cunt!

Robert let out a low long moan as the hot assed stranger moved her big butt back an forth, effectively fucking herself with his straining organ. "Oh yesssssssss!" he hissed through clenched teeth. "Faster, faster!!!" Even though she was in a high state of sexual excitement, Marie couldn't keep herself from slowing to almost a crawl, just enough to drive the poor man crazy!

"P-please don't stop!" he stammered. "Please don't stop!" After coyly looking over her shoulder, Marie batted her eyes several times before driving her fat ass backwards and grinding it hard onto Robert's quaking dick! Finally!!! Blessed relief was only seconds away! The hot assed woman had now moved back far enough to allow him to begin pounding his pecker in and out of the dripping wet pussy like a battering ram!

From the other side of the room both Tim and Mariah watched in somewhat bemused silence until Mariah offered, "Come on Bobby, fuck her and make her cum like the slut that she is!" "Yeah!" Marie panted. "Fuck me harder, fuck me like a slut!" Robert's head was rolling around on his shoulders while he plowed in and out of Marie's cunt with total abandon!

He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn't even notice when Mariah positioned the young stud behind her unsuspecting two sexy teens kissing on webcam lesbian and helped him line up his massive organ with his tiny little asshole!

"T-take that you bitch!" Robert muttered through gritted teeth. "Take that!!!" Mariah gave Tim a wink before giving him the nod! Then just when the poor devil was ready to give Marie another brutal plunge, the young stud drove his hips forward, powering his thickness deep into the tight little rectum! "Aiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!" Robert shrieked.

"Omigod, that hurts sooooooooooo bad!" "What did you do to me!?!" Mariah leaned around to kiss her husband hard on the mouth before whispering, "I just wanted to show you what it feels like to get fucked, dear!" "Don't you like it!?!" "I-I don't know?!?" he said between gasps of air. "I-it hurts!" "Of course it does dear," she said soothingly.

"Try to relax your asshole!" "I'm sure that you'll get to like it!" Not sure what to concentrate on, Marie's pussy, his own cock, or the freight train that was buried in his asshole, the shell shocked older man just decided to go with the flow! All at once he seemed to be bathed in a cascade of pleasure in not only his pecker, but his well fucked asshole! "M-my fucking god!" he gasped. "I can't believe this is happening to me!" "It's wonderful, isn't it?" his wife gushed between licks and bites on his nipples.

"Yesssssssss, it is!!!" he gasped. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming all over the fucking place!!!" And he was cumming, not all over the place, but deep in Marie's quivering vagina! And then to send him completely over the edge, Tim's cock erupted deep inside of the poor man's violated asshole. As the cum ebbed out of both men's perfect white milf janet mason used by black guy tube porn, everyone slipped to the floor in a satisfied heap, that is except for Robert who was still tethered to the floor and ceiling!

Realizing that her husband was still in his bindings, Mariah struggle to her feet to undo the ties holding his wrists. Gratefully he kissed her on the cheek and slipped to the floor along with everyone else. "My gosh," Tim sighed, "I never would've done that on my own." "And neither would I my boy!" Robert sighed. "And neither would I!!!" THE END

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