Asian teen sweetie taking hardcore bukkake in close up

Asian teen sweetie taking hardcore bukkake in close up
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I awoke, groggy and unfocused. I sat up slowly, causing Jessica to move in her sleep. A small smile played across her lips. Turning to look at the clock, I cursed under my breath. It was already 6:28. There was still so much for us to do. My feet sank into the carpet as I crossed the room.

I pulled on my pants as I stepped out into the hallway. I had a call to make before the festivities could begin.

I could already feel my cock getting hard in my pants as I thought about what I would do to my little slut. I entered her parent's bedroom again, having sexy teen wearing freeones and teasing with her body everything for tonight. I sat down next to Jessica's sleeping form, and my hand started to stroke her cheek.

Her eyes fluttered open. She smiled at me. "How are you doing, sir?" she asked. "I'm doing well." I replied.

"I mean, I have a teenage slut who's doing everything I ask of her, so I can't be doing that badly!" She smiled again, reaching out her hand to touch mine. We sat in silence for a minute. "What are we going to do tonight?" she asked.

"You'll find out soon enough," I said, winking at her. "Now, it's time to get dressed. I have your outfit on your bed. I have everything else taken care of. I want to see you downstairs in twenty minutes.

You can clean yourself up, but make it quick." I left the room, and sat down to wait for twenty minutes for my little teen slave. I already had my bag of toys on the couch, ready for the night. The clock read 7:14 as I heard footsteps from the upper landing.

I had changed clothes, wearing a button down shirt with khaki pants. I turned my head to see Jessica, wearing the knee-length red dress I had picked out for her. There was a steep neckline that emphasized her breasts; it was just modest enough for what I had planned.

She reached the landing, her 4 inch heels clicking on the tile. She walked up to me, putting her ruby-red lips near my ear. "Sir, you didn't leave out any panties. So I'm not wearing any." My hand slowly slid up her thigh. She smiled at me as I reached under her dress. My fingers started to rub her pussy in little circles. It was already wet. "Now," I said, withdrawing my hand.

"It's time for us to go. We don't want to be late for our dinner reservation." We both climbed into my car, and I turned on the engine.

I looked over at the beautiful slut who was beside me. "I want you to pull your dress all the way up. I want to see your pussy." Jessica gave me a coy smile as she did what I asked. "Now, put your feet on the dashboard, spread your legs, and rub your pussy until we get there," I commanded. I reversed the car and started to drive away. Jessica did what I asked, but she turned to me, saying "But what if people see me, sir?" I put my hand on her inner thigh.

I could already see her fingers moving in small circles on her teen pussy. "That's what I'm hoping for, my little slut." The drive went fairly smoothly. A couple people stared as we drove past, and a trucker drove beside us for at least a minute, honking his horn as we finally turned away down a different street.

I could lesbian hotties spread their deep anals and drill fat vibros Jessica blush, but she made no move to cover herself. By the time we reached the restaurant, Jessica was already panting, her fingers moving fast on her pussy.

She moaned out as I pulled into a parking spot. "Oh, sir. May your slut please cum?" She bit her lower lip as she looked into my eyes. "No. Not yet." I said, as I opened the door. Jessica quickly sat up straight. She adjusted her brown hair, which had fallen across her face in her lust. I stood on the sidewalk as Jessica opened the door and got out of my car. I offered my arm, and she took it, walking a little unsteadily in the heels. I could hear her breathing heavily.

We entered the restaurant and were quickly shown to our seats. It was extremely nice, and the food was expensive, japanese babe gets a hard deep fucking uncensored I would make sure that it was worth it. As we sat down, a nice elderly couple took notice of Jessica. She smiled abashedly at them, whispering into my ear that they were two of her parents' good friends.

I whispered back that they would have front row seats to the show for tonight. After giving Jessica a couple minutes to decide what to order, and to calm down from her fun in the car, I leaned in across the table. "Your master has an order for you." Jessica looked around, paying particular attention to her parents' friends, making sure that they were not looking. "What is it.sir?" she whispered back.

I pushed my napkin across the table to her. She slowly unwrapped it to find the pink vibrator. Jessica gasped, hiding it from view as the waiter came by to fill our water glasses. "Go use the bathroom, baby." I said, winking at her as the waiter filled my glass.

"We can order when you get back." I sat there for a couple minutes, pretending to look at the menu. Finally, I saw Jessica open the bathroom door and slowly make her way back to the table.

She was walking even more unsteadily. As she sat down, she whispered, "I don't know how long I can.I can last, sir." "You may cum whenever you want, darling." I replied, probably a little too loudly. Jessica looked around, blushing. Just then the waiter came by, asking us if we were ready to order. "Yes, I'll have the shrimp, with the sauce on the side. What about you, Jessica?" "I.uh." she said, looking at the menu.

"I.uh.will have the.the fish." She was having trouble ordering. Jessica bit her lower lip. She was close to her orgasm. "What kind?" the waiter replied. "We have salmon, trout, halibut, and calamari, which is our special yr old german teen talk into fuck for money on holiday the day." "I'll have the.the salmon." Jessica said, breathing heavily. "Will that be all?" the waiter asked.

"Jessica, do you want anything else?" I asked her, enjoying the trouble she was having controlling her orgasm. "" she gasped out. The waiter turned to leave. As soon as he stepped away, I saw Jessica stiffen. She let out a small moan under her breath, clenching her hands into the tablecloth. She slumped back into the seat, panting. "Did my Jessica enjoy that?" She looked at me, smiling slightly.

"I think the waiter noticed." I laughed. "He probably had no idea. But now, take the vibrator out. And clean it with your mouth." Jessica moved to get up. "Did I say you could leave? Do it here." Jessica sat in her chair, petrified. I could see her slowly reach down, between her legs. She pulled the vibrator out, concealing it with her napkin. "Great. Now clean it off." I enjoyed seeing my slut squirm. She slowly raised it to her mouth. I could see flashes of pink in the white folds of the napkin.

She pretended to dab at her lip, but her mouth was open wide as she slid the entire vibrator into her mouth. She pulled it out, drying it off with the napkin, and covertly slid it back to me.

Jessica glanced around the room, checking if anyone had seen her.

I slid the vibrator back into my pocket. I decided to give Jessica a little break before we began the next item on my list. We made small talk, waiting for our food to arrive. Finally, after what seemed like hours, our waiter returned, bringing with him a tray of food. As soon as he left, I leaned forward, beckoning Jessica to lean in as well.

"Now, slut. You must be really hungry. However, sluts aren't dignified enough to use silverware. Eat your entire meal with just your hands. And don't use your napkin. Leave that on the table." I sat back in my chair, picking up my own knife and fork to eat the vegetables that came on my plate. Jessica stared at me from across the table. She looked down at beautiful babe does oral and some slamming food: fish and mashed potatoes.

Then she looked back at me. I nodded my head at her. "Get started." She slowly reached down, sticking one of her fingers into her potatoes. She licked that clean, then returned her finger, scooping some more to her mouth.

She started using two fingers, eating more beautiful brunette playing hard with her holes more sloppily. There was a small amount of potato on the side of her lip, and her whole right hand was covered. Jessica was getting a couple stares from people in the restaurant. Jessica reached for her napkin, wanting to clean her face and her hands. I stopped her. "What did I say?

No napkin. My slut wipes her hands on her dress." Jessica froze, her hand inches from the napkin. She looked down at it, then slowly began wiping her hands on the bottom of her dress. She cleaned her mouth of with her fingers, wiping that on her dress as well. "Good. Now, the fish." She slowly started to eat the fish, tearing off small parts with her fingers and moving them to her mouth. It was covered in a thick brown sauce, so Jessica kept needing to wipe her fingers on her dress.

Jessica picked up a larger piece, and, just as she was about to take a bite, it fell, leaving a giant brown stain across her chest and lap.

She lifted it back up and put it back on her plate. "Your slut is done eating, sir." Jessica said, wiping her hands on her dress one last time. "Alright. Now, put your napkin on your lap. And rub your pussy under it until I'm done." Jessica did as I asked, her arm moving slightly under the table as she rubbed her pussy.

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I continued to eat, chewing as slowly as possible. Many people in the restaurant were shooting us glances; Jessica's eyes kept darting over to the table of her parents' friends. Finally, I finished the last bite. Jessica's arm stopped moving as the waiter came by to take our food. "Do you need another napkin, miss?" he asked, looking at the stains on Jessica's dress.

She blushed. "No, I'm alright. Thank you, though." I paid, and we were finally able to leave the restaurant. As we reached the car, I pulled Jessica into the back seat.

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We got in, and I shut the door. "Did you enjoy eating like the little slut you are?" I asked, reaching my hand under Jessica's stained dress. "Mmmm. Yes, sir. Your slut got sooooo wet." I started rubbing her pussy; it was extremely wet. I gina valentinas pussy rides on top of jelena jensen my hand, instead unbuttoning my pants.

My cock sprang upward, and I grabbed the back of Jessica's head, forcing her mouth onto my cock. I moaned out as she started licking up and down my shaft. Her warm mouth encircled my length, and she bobbed up and down. "Now, start rubbing your pussy. Tell me if you get close to your orgasm." Jessica started moaning, my dick still in her mouth. She moved up and down, her free hand slowly playing with the base of my shaft.

I had been horny all night, and it did not take much for me to blow my load. I pulled her mouth off my cock, shooting my warm cum all over her face and chest. Jessica licked her lips, saying "Sir, I'm getting close to my orgasm." I let her play with herself a little longer, admiring this teen slut, sitting in my car in a stained dress with my cum on her face and breasts. As she started breathing heavily, I said "Stop." She stopped playing with herself, her orgasm just seconds away.

"Now, as your final task. I want you to go back into the restaurant and get me a mint.

And whatever you do, don't wipe the cum off your face or body." Jessica got out of the car without hesitation. She marched back into the restaurant. A minute later, she returned.

She climbed into the passenger seat, as I had gotten into the drivers while she was gone. She handed me the mint as she closed the door. "Has your slut pleased you, sir?" she said, looking into my eyes with cum still on her face. "Yes." I said, opening the mint and putting it into my mouth. "Master is pleased."