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New brazzerr com fucking storys
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(Based on w1dmg's "Adam" series, with permission from the author.) ******************************************** Megan looked at my test paper that I'd just handed her and was very happy, "Good job dear! I told you getting tutored by Judy would help!" Over the last month I'd been 'tutored' a twice a week by Judy, a friend of hers who came over, tantalized me by using the big tits blonde babe eating banana food fetish and phrases I'd need for the next test in suggestive and sexual ways, culminating in us fucking our brains out.

It was fantastic and I'd mostly stopped masturbating to porn with a regular and ready source of hoochie available to me. I felt terrible still about cheating on Megan again and again, but damn if I dude assists with hymen check up and poking of virgin teen say no and mean it, especially with that blasted virginity vow of hers.

I'd made it with her when she was my first ever girlfriend, and technically she was still my only girlfriend, except I'd violated that vow with four women so far.

The first time was with her little sister Abby, which was why I worried about the upcoming slumber party/baby shower. I'd gotten her pregnant over eight months ago and she was about ready to pop. Sure she'd kept my involvement a secret, but still.

The second time was with Megan's mother Alice, who now also was pregnant, but no one questioned it was her husband's, but I didn't quite believe that.

The third time was by Megan's childhood friend Brooke who was away at another college and luckily hadn't heard from in several months. My last and fourth infidelity had been repeatedly with Judy and our 'tutoring' sessions this month. I asked her on my second session, and she relieved my concerns about pregnancy by guaranteeing me she was on the pill. Now I was with Megan coming back from our German class and she brought up Abby's party again, even though I had told her already that I didn't want to go, "You know, you haven't been over to my house hardly at all since last Spring," Megan complained.

"My family thinks you hate them." "Don't be silly," I began to explain. "I've just been too busy with work and college, you know that.

But a slumber party/baby shower?" "Abby's pregnant and only seventeen! She needs our support and that of her friends. She's not going to have much of a life after the baby storys para ver xxx ias virgenes colegialas follando she's all alone except for mom and dad. And my parents are going to be gone to have some tests done overnight at the hospital to make sure Mom's baby is okay since she's kind of old to get pregnant," she continued.

"That's why they need me at home and I really want you to come with me. Abby specifically ask for you to come." she said more firmly. "How many little kids?" I asked, already resigned to the inevitable, more from guilt than anything else. Megan smiled, knowing she had me, "Well just one confirmed so far.

But that's why I need you, just in case there are more. You know what a handful Abby can be, but with friends they will be a disaster. We need to keep a careful watch on them to make sure they behave." "Right," I said sarcastically. We left the next night and about a half hour before we arrived Megan got a call from her mom asking if she was almost there. Megan told her we were and Alice said they had to leave jizzswap sluts take turn ass riding cock make their doctor's appointment.

We understood and told them to leave as the girls couldn't get into too much trouble until we got there. We got in and saw the family car was indeed gone and we walked inside. Abby was there to greet us and looked like a pink blimp. She instantly hugged me, saying she really missed me. Then she grabbed my hand and made me feel our baby kick inside her belly. It was surreal and I couldn't stop touching her and feeling our child squirm.

Of course she said "her", but I knew she meant "our". Then we realized people were looking and she introduced me to her friend from school, "This is Rose," Abby said before whispering to me, "Isn't she beautiful?" Oh my God, my heart just stopped. Standing in front of me was the essence of beauty in a extreme sexy teen gets both holes nailed year old girl.

Her vivid orange-red hair looked like a movie star's with a wave to it and curled at the ends just below her shoulders. She had bright grass-green eyes and was heavily freckled, especially on her nose.

Her front teeth were slightly gapped, but it didn't detract from her smile, just added to her character. She had on a light shade of red lipstick that made me want to kiss her right there and then. "Pleased to meet you Rose," I responded smiling first at Rose, then at Megan to reassure her of my devotion. "Hi Adam," Rose said. "Nice to meet you." Megan greeted her also and I found her friendly as we talked, but I caught myself looking at Rose's breasts contained in her light tan blouse and forced myself to look back as Megan.

This was going to be a tough night. Then she indicated to another younger girl who just stepped through the door, she was much shorter than Rose, but otherwise looked almost identical. "This is my little sister Lacy. She's thirteen." She wasn't wearing make-up and had her hair in braids, and was obviously completely flat-chested, but she otherwise looked like Rose in every single other mia khalifa sex story amazing. She stuck her hand out to shake mine, just like Abby had done when we first met.

I took her hand and we gave each other a firm handshake. "I had to babysit her tonight, but our parents let us come over for Abby's party," Rose explained. Suddenly I imagined Rose cuming while giving me a naked lap-dance and had to pinch myself to not get an embarrassing hard-on in front of everyone.

"Come Adam, drop your bag in my parents' room and let's eat. The girls have made dinner and no one else is coming tonight," Megan directed me and I did as she said. A minute later we were seated at the kitchen table with Abby who struggled to fit in her seat. Lacy brought over freshly poured chocolate milk and Rose served us spaghetti before sitting down with their own plates.

It was a great meal and we all seemed to be getting along fine, the girls talked about boys, and school, the baby, and even more about boys. I was actually enjoying myself. After diner I helped with the dishes with Rose and Lacy while Megan helped Abby to her bed for a rest. Things were going good until Lacy and Rose had a little tiff and Lacy splashed a cup of soapy water all over her sister. I knew I had to break this up, "Girls, girls," I chimed as I walked up to them.

"Calm down. Your guests here like me, so please." Lacy nodded solemnly at me, and Rose did as well, but I couldn't not state at Rose's wet chest, now with her thin bra and hard nipples poking out from the cold water visibly showing through. "Um, Rose, why don't you go change your shirt. Lacy and I will finish up." She then looked down in horror and cover up and bolted from the room, her face as red as her hair. Lacy laughed and I gave her a stern finger and we went back to the dishes.

Lacy then asked me, "Why do boys like boobs?" I didn't have a good answer, but didn't want to say anything too dirty to a girl so young, so said, "Well, as a boy, paying attention to a girls boobs lets the girl know the boy likes her." "Oh. That will make it easier. Right now no boys like me. Massive black boobs lactating camgirl squirting milk in her own mouth just like to pull my hair or peek up my dress," she said rather mater-of-factly.

"Well, boys don't really understand how to tell girls they like them until they get older. Some of those boys might do those things because they DO like you and just don't know how to say it," I explained trying to sound smart. "Do you like me?" she asked innocently. "Sure," I assured her. "I mean," she continued, "even though I don't have boobs like Rose?" "You don't need to have boobs to make boys like you," I assured her, "When you find the right boy you will just know and he will like you for what's inside of you, and not what you look like.

Of course your still very pretty and I'm sure you will grow as you get older and meet lots of boys that only want you for your beauty." "Oh," she mulled that over and we kept washing dishes. "But you were looking at Rose's boobs. Do you like her for her or just her boobs?" "Well, sure, but, uh…" I was lost in what to say next. "How's it going in here?" Megan asked as she walked in.

'Thank-you lord!' I thought, "Oh, we're almost finished with the dishes." "Great, I got Abby ready for her presents and then we'll watch a movie in the den. Have everyone in when you're done," and Megan kissed me on the cheek and walked out. Lacy and I quickly finished up dishes and called Rose who was changing in Abby's room and we all meet in the den a few minutes later. Abby opened her presents and got some baby clothes and bottles and such, but one was a sexy pink (her favorite color) nighty with split nipple cups for breastfeeding.

I hadn't really noticed because of her rotund belly, but her breasts were quite a bit larger than they had been last year, almost the size of her mother's now. They were definitely larger than Megan's. She winked at me as she held the nighty in front of her and I was already picturing her in it and me suckling from those milk swollen utters her breasts had become. Of course she was just being playful with the only guy in the room, and Megan didn't mind or seem suspicious, but just laughed along with everyone else.

Then we settled in for the movie, which was of course 'Titanic'. Sure it was a decent movie, but I cannot understand why teenage girls really go so wild for it, but I bet Rose liked it since the main character's name was also Rose.

Rose got us hot coco, mine without whip cream, but Megan wanted it with, then she made one for the rest of the girls. We drank and watched the movie and soon I noticed Megan had fallen sound asleep next to me on the couch while the other girls watched the movie intently. I thought that was strange since I thought I was going to be the one conking out of boredom from this movie while she would be enjoying it. Then there is that scene where the movie Rose has the boy, Jack, draw her naked except for a jeweled necklace.

It is an erotic scene, but I'd seen it before so I couldn't understand why I had a giant freaking boner. I tried to cross my legs to hide it, but that was actually a little painful.

Megan started to snore so I excused myself to carry her into her bedroom. I laid her on her bed and realized I'd have to get her in bed while she was out cold. I took to unbuttoned her blouse, letting me see her nice set of jugs that had been bigger than Abby's when I first met her, but weren't anymore.

I turned my attention to her jeans and unbuttoned and unzipped them, and tugged them gently off her round hips and down her smooth legs. God I was too turned on right now. She was just lying there looking incredibly erotic in just her bra and panties, and I almost wanted to pounce and fuck the living shit out of her right there alexis crystal simony diamond naked looks better then, be damned the consequences. Then I heard Abby calling for me and it snapped me back to reality.

I quickly tucked her into her bed and went back to see what Abby was calling for. "Can you grab me a glass of water since you're… up," she asked innocently enough, but with a slight smile and pause at the end, and I dismissed it quickly and went to the kitchen and poured a glass of cold water. Then I checked my groin and I realized she must have been looking at because I was really tenting my pants pretty bad.

I dipped my hand in the cold water, and then put it down my pants and directly on my burning hot cock. The shock helped it go down a little and after some deep breaths I headed back to the den to watch the girls. It was dark because all the lights were still off except for the TV so I just quickly handed Abby her glass of water and sat back untamed nudity and sex in a public crowd my seat and tried not to distract the girls.

Then the scene came where the Jack and Rose have sex in a car in the storage hold, steaming up all the windows. I'm somehow rigid as a steel I-beam again and Lacy takes this particular moment to ask, "Are they having sex?" I didn't want to touch this one with a twenty foot pole, which is what it felt like I had in my pants.

Luckily Abby answered simply with, "Yes, they are." "Why are the windows all fogging up?" Rose spoke up this time, "You know how you can fog a window up in the winter if you blow hot air on it?" Lacy nodded, "Well the air is cold like winter outside the car, but the people inside are breathing so much it's making it hot, so the windows fog up." "Do you breathe a lot more when you're having sex?" "Oh you bet you do," Abby answered assuredly.

"The last time I had sex I was breathing so hard I nearly passed out." My boner was really throbbing now as I remembered screwing the daylights out of Abby on my own bed almost nine months ago now on her birthday.

I don't know if she'd slept with anyone else since, but her demeanor led me to assume she hadn't. We had both lost our virginities together and conceived a child that she would be giving birth too within the month. "Really?" Lacy said, "That sounds like its hard work." "Oh, I worked hard for it, but it was totally worth it," Abby said suggestively and it was then I noticed all the girls had already changed into their pajamas while I had been gone putting Megan to bed.

"Oh, I just felt a good kick. Adam, could you help me to bed? I'm sorry to leave you two here, but my little boy is telling me to go lie down." The sisters wished her well and goodnight, and I helped her up and walked her to her room and to bed. Once we were in her room she closed the door and kissed me. I hadn't kissed her since out first time together, but I couldn't not kiss her back. She was the mother of my first child.

When she let me go she whispered, "Having a HARD time during the dad and duddys daughter hardcore she is so wonderful in this brief skirt I was embarrassed, "Well, a kind of…" "Good, then it's working," she said confidently and firmly grabbed my swollen crotch.

"Ho, hey!" I squirmed, "What do you mean, 'working'?" She smirked and batted her eyelashes and whispered, well, "I kind of spiked your and Megan's hot coco." "Wait, Rose got those," I started protesting. "Rose put in the pills I gave her." she started explaining. "What pills Abigail?," I said using her given name to show I was upset. "Well, I raided my parent's medicine cabinet today before you got here. Megan got one of mom's sleeping pills, and you got one of dad's Viagra," she said with a wry smile.

"Oh shit…" I sighed. That's why I had a boner that just wouldn't quit. "I've been a good girl and kept your secret," to which she rubbed her jutting belly. "Now Mama need a poking… real… bad…" she said slowly as she unbuttoned her pajama tops revealing the sexy pink split-cup nighty she had gotten as a present underneath.

"Can you help me remove my bottoms?," she then asked innocently as she turned away from me and pointed her ass my way. I smiled, gently grabbed the elastic waistband and pulled them down her smooth young legs, stopping to kiss her firm ass. Once she had stepped out of the bottoms completely I stuck my nose in between her legs and nuzzled her pussy between her matching split panties, making her giggle.

She backed up and turned to sit on her bed and crooked a finger at me to approach. I followed her and once in her reach she pushed my shirt up and I pulled it off while she went to work undoing my pants and pulled them down, along with my boxers. She wasn't wasting any time and immediately sank my rod past her tonsils, once more not letting my pants get past my knees before took my cock.

Oh boy it did feel good on my almost painfully hard cock.

Up and down she sucked on me and I groaned loudly. She let go and stoked me saying, "I've been practicing on bananas, lollypops, and popsicles all year until I had the chance to be alone with you again, but you never hung out here." She gave me a pouty face, "I was beginning to think you didn't like me anymore." "Oh Abby, you know that's cutie strokes big penis blowjob and amateur true," I rubbed her cute face, "We shared something very special and you're the mother of my child.

But you know my heart belongs to Megan." I groaned as she kept stroking me, "But THIS is exactly why I didn't come over." She nodded and smiled, "But this belongs to me first," she said deviously and resumed her oral attack on my manhood.

She'd been doing a bang-up job, but was still less experienced than her mother or Judy, but enthusiasm sure made up for actual practice. I was worried I might cum already, but she let me go and said, "My turn", and pulled me down onto my knees between her legs and offered her swollen breasts with her nipples poking out the slits of her nighty to me. I flicked her erect nipple in my mouth and traced around it before sucking it into my mouth.

After a few good sucks I got a little surprise as her mother's milk actually started to squirt into my mouth. She moaned as she must have felt it too, but I kept sucking and swallowed, gulping down the hot thick milky liquid that she was producing for our soon to be born child and drank deep and heavily.

The first breast only had a few good squirts, so I turned to her other breast and soon it was producing as well. I drank her dry, making three femdom babes wank pathetic tiny dick moan as her breasts seemed to have mini-orgasms.

Afterwards I kissed her and my milky tongue lashed with hers as we embraced passionately. "God that's so hot!" she moaned, "I came from you just sucking my tits." Then she dipped one hand to her crotch and pulled it back showing me the sticky wetness coating her fingers, "I'm leaking like a hose." I grabbed her hand and placed her wet fingers into my mouth and began sucking them clean of her womanly nectar, making her moan even more before I placed my other hand where hers had been, sliding one finger straight into honey pot between her split panties.

"You sure are," I laughed. She lay back on the bed and I went to town on her pussy and clit with my eager and roaming fingers and tongue. I licked up her pussy juice and sucked her little clit she almost instantly came with shuddering intensity.

"Oh… yea…ugh…" I looked up and saw her bulgy belly shaking along with her legs and I stood up so I could see her cute scrunched up orgasm face. I slowly pet her wet pussy and wiped my face a little on my shirt and dropped it back on the floor and waited until she came down from heaven. Then she whispered, "Please, I need to feel you inside me again… It's been so long…" I nodded and looked at her, "Um, how will be save for the baby?" She smiled and kissed me gently and rolled over on her side before awkwardly propping herself up on her elbows and knees.

I knelt behind her and easily slid my full length through the slit in her pink panties and deep inside her sexpot in one easy, yet tight gliding thrust. I went in a lot more gently than the last time I'd done sana lion ka xxxx story sex stories to her, mostly because she was pregnant now, but I'd remembered being an animal, desperate with lust to lose my virginity the first time. I was an insane monster back then, but now I'd had a lot more practice and patience.

I placed my hands on the silky nighty at her hips and rocked away behind her in a steady rhythm and poked her with my entire length as I pulled almost all the way out and then back in deeply with each thrust. She was really like it and actually came again a lot faster than I would have thought. "Oh! Oh yea! Mugrraa!" she buried her head in her pillow and groaned as she came. I was feeling great and sped up a bit.

She just moaned more and more, muffling her cries into her pillow and I was so turned on by this and the feel of the silky nighty on her that I thrust hard and erupted insider her. I squirted my man-juices hard and long and after she rolled to the side I collapsed forward to where she had been.

We breathed and rested for a bit until I was uncomfortable in finger banging teen best friends rebel lynn and sophia grace groin and rolled onto my back in place next to her and saw my cock was still rock hard and pointing up prominently.

I'd never been so hard still after cuming before. "Still hard I see… I guess that Viagra really works…" Abby giggled next to me with a teasing voice and traced her hand over my erection still sticky with our combined juices. Now I was worried, what if it didn't go down? Was I going to have to go to the emergency room? "Good," said a voice from the doorway and I looked to see Rose only wearing a similar nighty to Abby's, but hers was a stunning green that matched her eyes and made a stunning contrast with her pale freckled skin and striking red hair.

Her light brown nipples were hard and poking out her split-cups and a shock of red curls was easily visible through the split in her green panties. My eyes nearly bugged out of my sockets and I almost freaked out, but Abby firmly grasped my cock hard to bring my attention back to her as she whispered in my ear, "I told you I needed a little help to carry out my plan to seduce you again, and accidentally let slip how you had rocked my world as my first and only man.

So I have to give her something so she won't tell anyone our secret. Do you know what she asked for?" I had a pretty good idea. And while I saw this vision of beauty gliding towards us on the bed I knew it was so wrong and yet I wanted it to be true anyway. Rose now in front of me, climbed to straddle me, putting her knees on either side of my waist. I wanted Rose more than anything at that moment.

Then Rose grasped my drug hardened dick, still slimy with my and Abby's cum and poked it into her forest of red curls between her own legs and answered Abby's question that she had posed me in a soft whisper of her own, "I told her I wanted my first time to be just as amazing as she told me hers was." With the head of my dick at her opening she pushed it between her pussy lips and impaled herself onto it with a slight shriek.

Her right hand was still gripped around my lower shaft as she worked herself downward onto my pole as she was extremely tight and couldn't get it all the way in yet.

I saw her wince and stop, neither moving me deeper nor pulling off of me. "Take is slow and easy," Abby said to her, "It hurts a bit at first but once it's inside you'll never want to let it out again." Rose wiggled around after a moment, trying to get her positioning just right and build some more courage, and after what seemed an eternity she pushed herself further down onto me.

The grip of her pussy walls was incredible; the tightest pussy I'd ever penetrated and yet still velvety soft. "Oh, it hurts," she whispered to Abby, but didn't stop pushing herself down. When she had me halfway into her she pulled herself up and almost off, so just the head of my dick still inside and I could see the trail of blood going down my cock.

Then she lowered herself again down onto me, this time going even farther down my shaft, putting me almost all the way in. Abby held Rose's hand and sweetly talked her through it, "I know, but trust me, it'll be worth it," Rose nodded and repeated this process several more times slowlybut deliberately, until she eventually had me completely buried inside of her with her ass resting on my balls, then she just held me there, not moving at all and soaked in the full sensation of me filling her carnal cavity.

I closed my eyes and tried to just feel her as well.

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Her hot flesh wrapped completely around my throbbing rod of steel. I could actually feel her two lovely honeys lick each others pussies beat around my cock as her blood was flowing around me, pounding, trying to squeeze my dick gripped inside of her. I wondered if she was doing the same, thinking about how it felt. I pushed my midsection upwards lifting Rose upward slightly into the air and this seemed to bring her out of her misty thoughts and back to the task at hand of fucking me.

She began a steady rhythm of grinding upwards and then pushing back down, all the while still engulfing my shaft completely. It felt terrific, but didn't really do anything for me to get me closer to cuming.

I let her have her way as she scrunched her cute freckled face while she rode me. Then Abby reached up and tweaked Rose's nipples, causing her to shake and shudder. They continued this for several minutes straight when suddenly I climaxed. It came out of nowhere and I didn't even realize I was even getting close.

I had just been enjoying the incredible feeling of being fucked by Rose and the erotic sight of Abby pleasuring her when, bam, something clicked and I stated coating her virgin walls with its very first coating of sperm. That's when Rose's motions changed. When I began filling her with my cum she began to suddenly squeaked and began rocking hard on me in earnest, bouncing quickly up and down on my shaft like she was going out of control.

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I don't know if she was afraid I would go limp on her, but then I realized this was just how she came, in a thrashing of limbs and squeaks. I marveled again at how every girl acted a little differently as they came, and I didn't know if she had ever had an orgasm before but I thought that hers was insanely cute and erotic. It was weird having Abby as an active audience, but she contented herself now with holding Rose's hand silently kissing my shoulder gently.

I noticed her moving a bit and tore my eyes from Rose, no longer shaking as much and noticed Abby stretching to reach her own cum-filled cunt and rubbing her clit it while watching us. She saw me looking at her and said, "She's beautiful, isn't she?" I could only nod and return my gaze to the angel above me as she shuddered through last quakes of her orgasm.

Rose leaned back after a moment and kept rocking her hips forwards and backwards causing my still hard prick to slide around in her sticky cum soaked cunt. Still squeaking as she rocked, trying to milk every last bit of my cum out of me and into her.

Finally she put her hands back on the bed, leaning backwards but with me still inside, she let out a loud groan. She backed up and my still semi-firm cock sprung from her pussy and slapped against my belly wetly coated in cum and a bit of blood.

Rose just sat there on my lap breathing hard for a moment until Abby said, "I told you it would be mind-blowing didn't I." Rose just nodded vaguely and I eased her down to lie on my other side so I was surrounded by sexed up feminine flesh. They each snuggled up with me and I let them relax into my arms for a while. After they started to fall asleep I gently extracted myself from their embrace and crept our of the room, only to see Lacy there staring at me in the hallway.

"Did you have sex with my sister?" she asked innocently, not accusingly. "Um, well, yes… I did," I knew she knew and I had to find some way of making sure she wasn't going to tattle on me. So, like all little girls, they want to be treated as an adult, so I'd level with her and maybe find a way to make her see it's not a bad thing. "Was Abby in there with you?", again, just questions, not accusations.

"Er… Yes, she was." "Did you have sex with her too?" 'Oh, man I am so busted!' I knew I was caught red-handed and just had to brother rape her sleeping sister vedio the course and see what she wants. "Well." Then I thpought, maybe I can turn the tables a bit, "Were you peeping?" "I didn't mean too!

Honest!" Lacy started talking a mile a minute, "After you left with Abby, Rose told me to stay and finish the movie because she had to talk to Abby alone for a bit, but you never came back.

And the movie ended so I came to see what was going on and I saw Rose breathing hard just like Rose from the movie, and you were breathing hard too. Abby seemed to be also and then Rose started moving all funny sitting on your lap then I saw your penis come out of her.

I felt all funny and thought I was going to pee so I went to the bathroom, but didn't have to. Then I came back just as you came out. I didn't see anything else. I promise." Ok, so now she's on the defensive at least, "Ok, but you know it's wrong to peep into other people's bedrooms right?" I said in a semi-stern voice.

She looked at her feet and said quietly, "Yes…" Ok, this should be easy, "Then I promise not to tell anyone you were peeping if you don't promise not to tell anyone what you saw," Then I held out my pinky finger to her, "Pinky promise?" I hope kids still do this or I'm going to look stupid. She readily took my pinky with hers and happily agreed, "Pinky promise!" We each clenched and shock our hands connected only by our pinky fingers and nodded at each other.

"Good, now since I don't want you disturbing Rose and Abby, go sleep on the amateur webcam redhead facial penetration and handcuffs bed in Mr.

and Mrs. Reynolds's room." She started to go that way, and then turned, "But if I sleep there, where will you sleep? That was supposed to be your bed. If you want we can share it?" Oh no… there was no way I was getting into bed with a thirteen year old girl who was starting to become interested in sex and boys. I may have sinned against Megan already, but there was no way I was going to fuck up that badly, no matter how much Viagra I had.

"It's OK. Megan is my girlfriend and I'm going to sleep with her, so you run off to bed now," and she did. I quietly opened Megan's door and slid into the dark room. I knew she wouldn't have allowed me in her bed with her if she was awake, but I did it anyway since I was exhausted and she was sound asleep. I thought about what happened that night, and laid back to try and get some sleep.