Horny babe screwed by horny pawn keeper

Horny babe screwed by horny pawn keeper
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Anger problems. I'd been to therapy and psychiatrists. I'm on a plethora of psychiatric medication to help alleviate those nasty mental illness symptoms that make the general public feel uncomfortable around me. I have fits sometimes. I come unhinged. A few days passed, class was like normal and Mr. Wolfe didn't pay me any special attention, he didn't give me the satisfaction of even a second glance and he knew it drove me nuts.

It must have been punishment in a sense. I really fucked it up and made things awkward for myself to say the least and I was a wreck. Around school I was known notoriously as the guy who always had the booze and the drugs, the guy who threw the best fucking parties. I even paid the cops in this tiny ass hick town to stay the fuck away when the campus was rocking. But right now I was the guy staring in the boy's dorm bathroom mirror, wiping blood from under my nose and licking the excessive cocaine off of my flushed fingertips.

Everything fired off at the same time as a result of the powder in my nose, energy rushed through me and I walked in a jerky motion back to my room. The dorms were alive with voices behind doors, littered with toilet paper tossed, magazines torn and tossed askew through the short L shaped hallway that supported 10 rooms and no one had to share. I entered my room, everything had been set up for me at the start of the year, a fancy overhead projector with warm cum inside the pussy makes her sex good of my art pieces on a slideshow display, a wall of DVDs, my computer a couch and bed with hardly any room to walk around- but it was workable.

I existed here when I didn't feel like facing reality, or going to class. I found myself pacing back and forth as a familiar vibration caught my attention and I looked down at my phone.

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Eyes deborah francois les femmes de ombre 2008 tube porn the small LED screen. Victoria. I guess pacing around my dorm would have to wait, she had the afternoon to herself and as far as I was concerned that meant she was definitely down to fuck. Or she wouldn't have mentioned it. I'd need to freshen up a bit, brush my teeth and shower. I'd been running around all day and most chicks hated that sweaty nutsack smell.

--- Later --- I carefully walked through the halls, not wanting to be stopped by the security officers in the dorm rooms, so I thought it would be best for me not to knock on Vic's door. I pushed it open, and the scent of her perfume and clean laundry wafted through my nose, dizzying in a good way that kind of made me a bit more excited about being there.

She looked at me, her eyes were a light brown color and her hair was more blond than mine, a bit shorter too. I really liked that look on her. She dressed like a preppy good girl, but she damn well wasn't.

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It made me smile thinking about everything I loved about her. We were a lot more than best friends, and the benefits went a lot deeper than sexual contact. She's my soul mate, but we're not really dating. "Hey, gorgeous." I say, shutting her door and locking it behind me. "What's up?" Victoria rose to her feet and snaked both of her slender arms around me. We're nearly the same height and size, so it felt like we fit together quite nicely. I hugged her back and again, became dizzied and intoxicated by the scent of her.

"I missed you today, Alex. Where did you go after you left the class like that?" I huffed. My arms fell to my sides and it took her's a moment longer to do so as well. "I don't really wanna talk about that right now. Can we just cuddle or watch a movie?" Her head cocked to one side and she looked at me with a sigh, almost dramatically and it made me laugh a bit inappropriately.

"You're a pain in the ass, Alex. But get into my bed alright?" "You don't have to ask me that more than once." I said with a chuckle, and she rolled her eyes as I peeled off my shirt and stripped down to a pair of plain red boxers, and felt a sudden slap xxx story 12 agh girls sex my ass.

Her hand squeezed and I looked over my shoulder at Victoria snickering at me.

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"Hurry up." She urged. "Well what about you?" I countered. "Let me worry about that." She said easing me back with her fingertips pressed against my bare skin, it almost tickled and it did make me squirm a bit, getting under the covers and stretching out so I took up most of the single bed we shared sometimes.

"Yawn." I made a teasing comment as she walked to the side of the bed. "Shut up!" She responded, grasping my face in between her slender fingers, and sunnyleone sunny leone in sexy purple lingerie just a bit to get my attention. I could feel her shiny painted nails push against my skin and I kind of liked it a lot. More than I'd mention out loud. I just smiled at her, managing to muster up every bit of charm I could, but of course- we'd been friends for so long that it had little to no effect on her sensibilities and she kind of laughed at me a bit cruel sounding.

One of my hands slid under the covers, and I was covertly starting to touch myself through those lululemon boxershorts of mine, and Victoria wasn't paying attention to that immediately as she was starting to take off her clothes right in front of me. Agile hands moving about to undo buttons and pull off her shirt.

her bra. I groaned softly and grasped my stiffening neediness and it caught her attention. "Alex did I fucking say you could touch yourself?" She hissed, and I stopped dead, smirking at her, challenging the authority she took in the bedroom because I was a god damn natural at that by now. I started to jerk myself off before Victoria yanked the covers down and grabbed my wrists tightly. I loved that, too. I let her do it. I stared at her pert breasts, they weren't overly large, just a small palmful on each side and I was leaning toward them when I felt something cold around my wrists.

Clicking sound, metallic clinks. She cuffed me to the bed.

"Holy fuck, you freak." I said to her with a very half-hearted anger in my voice. I tested the bonds around each wrist, tugging and pulling- it delighted her into giggling at my struggle and the erection piyanka cupra xxx story downlod a tent in my undergarments. "I guess if you wanted to be less colorful than normal, freak might be a good descriptive word." She teased me, a firecracker and she was damn smart, the second highest GPA in our entire school and it showed in everything she did.

Victoria's fingers hooked under the elastic waistband and she tugged them down, my erection bounced up- standing at a near perfect 90 degree angle from my torso. I grunted and squirmed a bit more.

Her fingers trace invisible patterns across my skin, circles, lines, teasing me more and more with fleeting touches that made me squirm to try and get her to touch me.

"Come on." I protest a bit, my solid seven inches twitching. "T-take off the rest of your clothes.please." I practically whined at her and she obliged, showing off her nicely formed body, very nicely proportioned and in shape.

She was shaved completely like I was and I couldn't help myself. I was staring again.

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Then I feel it, a gentle grace of soft skin against my balls as she rubbed them, marveling at the smooth hairlessness as they were shaved clean and I moaned, not shy to show her I liked it. "Only because you said please." Vic said airily.

I feel her rubbing just my sac for a bit, keeping me hard as she was standing at the side of the bed touching me, feeling my body to her own discretion as I relinquished control and let her have me.

I always got what I wanted anyway. She squeezed my nuts, firmly enough to make me a bit nervous- but does it in successions that feel like a nice massage until it doesn't, she's starting to squeeze too hard, kneading my poor balls and making me whine in discomfort.

But it only makes her want to hear more. Because no one said we were particularly vanilla with our relationship. "AHH!" Another squeeze makes me cry out as Victoria grabs my shaft in one hand and my boys in the other and tugs at them in separate directions, letting go and doing this again a few times, I felt like she wanted to pull off my cock and make my nuts burst as both were starting to turn purple.

"Shut up, someone's going to hear you." She hisses, slapping the head of my swollen purple cock a few times. "V-vic!" My voice cracks and I stutter. My hips trying to jerk away- but she would find this a punishable offense.

"Shh!" She commands again, jabbing her finger, dry, into my ass. I whimper at this and close my eyes filling with tears. She's roughly fucking me with a finger being pushed into the spongy prostate, rubbing it a bit too hard and squeezing my dick like she wanted to break it, my hips straponfucked les facialed through gloryhole cocksucking sunglasses in spite of all of this, tempting her onward with the subservience of my entire self, letting her do this to my body, command me.

My eyes were mom and stepdaughter share a big cock on the table and I only opened them again when I felt empty, and the pressure was off of my stiff prick. I saw it, then I caught an even better scent, she had crawled onto the bed, pushing herself closer to my face, my eager lips parting a bit as Victoria took her throne as queen of Whitewall and sat with her sweet pussy right on my mouth.

I went to work because I loved curvy babe stephanie west enjoys big mean cocks she tasted. My lips gently easing her labia back so I could lick babe is bestowing divine pleasures with her moist mouth around the clitorial nub, applying pressure with just the tip of my writhing tongue- so eager to please her even if it meant she might be done with me.

I moaned again before she did. Loving the taste of her slick folds as I started to get a bit messy, lapping and kissing as she rocks back and forth to help herself against my tongue. "Mmm. good boy." The girl on my face purred out as I did my best to please her.

Thighs squeezing around my head, fingers raking through my strawberry hair. Her nails digging in so nicely to my scalp as Victoria's breathing became heavy through her chest, head lulled back and she repositioned herself a bit higher. "Here it comes baby." She managed to whisper shakily, hoarse with pleasure wracking her body. Oh fuck. My cock twitched so hard as she came, squirting. A mess in my mouth, filling with sweet nectar as I drank her down greedily, wave after wave that seemed to die out after the third so only a few drops dribbled onto my tongue.

I was so hard now and my hands were useless. I looked at her with pleading in my eyes and she decided to take pity on me, rummaging through her drawer with that lovely shaven pussy still against my face, a bit of a distraction from her actual intentions. Her dildo pulled out and being covered in lubricant.

"Oh. Vic come on. it's a little big don't you think?" I pleaded with her, and was almost immediately ignored. Getting up off of me, Victoria got between my thighs and started to try to ease that thing into my tight hole.

"N-no come on." "No isn't the safety word, Alex~" The goddess who had invited me to her shrine, giggled again, so melodic and almost like a chime on the wind. A distraction temporarily, but it was quickly dissipated by the head of her silicone cock, grinding into my ass as I grunted in a way that did not sound pleasured and could not have been misconstrued as such.

More lube was poured on, thank god. She wasn't being nice about it, stretching my ass around her dildo and pushing it in deeper. Soon she started fucking me with it, and I could hear the ridges of the veiny surface making wet sounds as they brushed back and forth through my puckered hole. She had a way with this, making me squirm in pleasure and lose myself, dribbling precum from my neglected dick. She went on like this for quite a while until I squirted a nice load of cum all across my somewhat toned chest.

Swearing in my hazy pleasure filled throes of orgasm, hips jerking, riding myself down onto her dildo relentlessly pounding my ass until I was hypersensitive and she pulled it out of me. I panted for a while, and then we just cuddled a bit naked until she fell asleep.

I left after to finish a few of my assignments while I still had insomnia from the coke.