Sweet babe katy riding large massive hard pole

Sweet babe katy riding large massive hard pole
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Heres my last story I'll ever make.

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Hope you guys enjoy!! Chapter Four I woke up the next morning, smiling as I felf Blake behind me. I pressed back against him. Feeling he had a hard-on. When doesn't he?

I rolled over, and smiled, studying his features.

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He was quite cute in his sleep. He looked peaceful and at ease. Yet knowing he had a hard-on, i decided to give him a little surprise. I gently pushed him onto his back. Careful not to wake him up. I slowly pulled his boxers down and took his hard cock in my hand and began jerking him off slowly and softly.

Earning faint moans from him. I slowly pumped my hand and bit my lip. Then I took in a deep breath and leaned down, taking his cock into my mouth and softly sucking.

I could feel how thick and hard he was. I slowly bobbend my head up and down, sucking softly. Carefully not to wake him. I at least wanted this to last for a moment or so. Slowly and softly was the key to sucking a sleeping guys cock. I took him in deeper and what I couldnt take in, I wrapped my hand around and softly jerked him off, while sucking. His body seemed to twitch and softly buck his hips up, into my mouth. I could only groan. Looking up at him I began to bob my head faster, needing him to cum.

My cock became hard its self, so i reached my free hand down and took a hold of it and began jerking myself off rather quickly, moaning and sucking. My cock was as semsitive as a females pussy.

Even at the slightest touch, I would moan. As I jacked him amd myself off, while sucking him off, I licked his pre-cum. I began thrusting into my hand roughly, and groaning against his cock. Soon a felt a hand push my head down, making me take in more.

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My hand quickend its pace as i kept jacking off. Fuck, it felt so good. I groaned and felt his cock throb and then cum shot into my mouth and i swallowed every bit of it. I pulled away and sat up, on my knees.

Thrusting my hips, fucking my hand. My grip tightend, causing me to moan slightly louder. Blake squirmed and his eyes opened, but I kept going. I was almost there. So damn close. Seeing the pre-cum, I rubbed it over the head and thrusted rapidly into my hand. Blake was watching intently. Listening to my moans of pleasure. I tilted my head back, running my other hand down my body and began rubbing my balls. "Ahh.fuck." I whispered softly. Blake was smirking and moved up onto his knees, watching me pleasure myself.

I grabbed my balls roughly, hissing out as I kept thrusting faster and faster. Feeling that tingle sensation, and before I knew it, I was shooting my cum everywhere. On the bed, on Blake, on my hand, it leaking down my thighs. Some on my stomach. I relaxed and slumped down. Blake was only smirking. "Thanks for the show babe." he whispered and cleaned the cum off himself, then me.

He got up, pulling his boxers back up and left the room. I heard something, movements. As if he was searching for something. He came back, and handed me my clothes to get dressed in so i got up and got dressed. For a few minuets i helped him clean around his parents room, and after awhile we made it look like no one was ever in it.

Of course we changed the sheets though since i came on them. But hey, I couldn't help myself. We went to his room and cuddled and talked for a bit. "If you dont mind, I'm having nicole oring silly blonde wig friend come over today " Blake had said. I looked up to him.

"Oh no, i dont mind at all." Why should I mind anyways? He smiled and kissed me softly, and I softly kissed him back. This week was so full of event I never imagined that would happen. But here i was, laying in his arms, in his bed, and cuddling. It was surely relaxing. "So, you seemed relaxed." He said softly and I nodded.

"Well thats good." milf stepmom played with a mature wet pussy for a camera guess so." I whispered and he nuzzled me.

I rested my head against his chest, thinking to myself. Thats when the door bell rang. He stood up, leaving the room and i followed him.

When he opened the door he let a lean, tall guy. He introduced me to Steven. And i could only wave. I found out Steven had just turned 18 and is now 6'2. Wow. Why is everyone taller then me? Well anyways, Steven had nice brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes and tanish skin. It looked like he must of been working outside. He looked muscular, so maybe lifting weights? I sat in a chair while Blake and Steven talked to eachother, sitting on the couch.

But their voices were hushed so I wondered what they were saying. But I didn't care. I looked around the livingroom with a soft sigh and i crossed my legs. I felt a bit awkward. Blake was so close to the other male, it made me jealous. But hey I was the one he was fucking.

So score 1 for me i guess. This was the best summer ever. As they talked i looked around. What could i do? Oh yea, maybe go upstairs and leave them alone. And thats exactly what I did.

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I went up to Blake's room and fell asleep. But i was soon brought out of my light slumber when i heard heavy breathing and someone grunting. I got a bad idea.I walked down stairs, part way. To find Blake in doggie style position, getting his ass rammed. Fuck.it was turning me on, yet i felt so heart broken. "Oh yes Steven, harder baby harder." Blake was moaning. His eyes were closed. Steven growled out and gripped his hips and pounded his ass roughly. His hips and balls slapping against his ass loudly.

I bit my lip, watching. My cock was growing hard. I bit my lip, rubbing myself against my jeans. As i watched, Blake was moaning for him. Moaning like a slut would to get ravaged. This reminded me of the time i caught my mum fucking her best friend.

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I came home from school. It was a Wednesday. I walked up stairs, and stopped at the top stair, hearing gurl moans. Oh, was my mum getting laid by my step father? I was gonna just go straight passed the room.but my mum and dads room was right next door to the stair case. So i walked up, and got down on my knees and peeked into the room, which the door was opened.

Geez.learn to close doors. I blinked and couldn't believe what i was watching. My mum was bouncing on the male. Her full breasts were bouncing.

Her moans were loud. Their bodies were slamming against eachother. But once i got a good look at the guy, I noticed it wasnt my step father. It was her best friend Mike. She kept bouncing as his hands held her hips and he thrusted upwards inside her. Damn i know this was wrong to watch, but I couldn't help it. I blinked once Mike pinned her down, her head at pinay filipinsex student scandal in makati bottom of the bed. She looked up at him as he pounded her.

She was crying in pleasure. The hed was squeaking loudly. It was one of those old fashioned beds where the head board you could like tie your hands to, it had rungs. "Oh Mike! Yes, fuck my pussy baby." She was moaning loudly, almost a scream. He grabbed her legs and threw them up, onto his shoulders, pounding her. Her breasts bouncing with each thrust. My eyes were drawn to them. I just couldn't help but watch them bounce. Mike was groaning and smacked the side of her face. Well I will admitt, my mum was one of those kinky gurls you see in porn movies where the gurls like being tied down and fucked rather roughly and slapped around.

Maybe thats were i got this all from.

I have no clue. "Mmm yes baby, you slutty pussy is so wet. Your husband is so lucky." Mike smirked and wrapped his hand around her neck and slightly choked her, as he pounded her pussy.but soon i had to move away. Yea watching Blake get fucked surely was a turn on for me. Steven seemed quite rough at it too.

Blake was practically screaming. My hard-on strained against my jeans and i groaned slightly. I couldn't take it anymore. This was getting to me. I hated the fact that this was happening.

So those rumors were true. He was a whore. Tears filled my eyes and i ran down the steps and out the front door, crying. I heard my name being shout by Blake.

I ran over to my house and locked the door behind me. I'm done, thats it. I knew this was to good to be true