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Thick teen with big tits and phat ass
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[b]27 GIRL PEARL As they settle in and get naked on the beach, Rachel confides, "I'm glad Roxanne didn't want to come. Call me selfish but that would have ruined the day for me. Jeff gleams, "I wouldn't mind watching her take it all off for the first time, or anytime. She's hot! Hotter than even you." "Jeff!!! I'm your mother! Stop that! Ruin my day anyway, OK?" Seeking a diversion, Sean observes, "So, Jeff, you're getting more interested in girls." "As a matter of fact, there's a transfer student that sits right in front of me at school.

Talk about a precious pair of pompoms! " Rachel and Sean both admiringly chuckle as Jeff quickly grows erect. First, as his penis begins to rise, he sits up, deep in his chair. He has a memory pop into his head. Once, a four-year-old boy refused to remove his shorts at Black's Beach despite his mother's loving encouragement. After hours, Jeff noticed a spark in the boy's eyes and a big smile on his face as he reached into his shorts with a mission.

Jeff thought that he had to pee real bad. Suddenly he stood up, triumphantly removing his shorts and underwear in one quick motion. His mother looked and gasped in shock. What had gotten into her?

As the boy started walking proudly away from their chairs, Jeff noticed he had a tiny, tall erection. Twice, his mother started after him to stop him, but each time she shrugged off her embarrassment instead. So now Jeff first reacts to his own arousal like this mother had. Then sex xnxx sex stories big bobs com decides that he likes the boy's attitude better, so he slouches back in his chair, spreading out his legs, looking proudly at his hard-on.

Pleased with Jeff's improved attitude, Sean smilingly says, "You're not in love with this girl, are you?" With Jeff snapping back into the present, he realizes that Sean approves of his public display.

Now he feels better yet, as he turns to his mother. He feels like he's in heaven as he sees her loving approval. "Oh, uh, no, I'm not in love. I just want to marry her." "So you want to make your mother into a grandmother before age 25." Smiling, "How's that sound, Mom?" Going along with the humor, "Sounds wonderful young man.

Just become a better father than your father." "I have no idea about how to be a father." Sean inquires, "Can I be your best man? Have you set a wedding date?" Smiling, "Yes, you're my best man, but no date yet. I still have to ask her out." Rachel asks, "What's her name? How does she feel about you?" Jeff had lost most of his hardness, but now starts growing again as he answers, "Maria.

She talks real sweet to me. She talks sexy to me. She's a lot taller than me." "Does that bother you?" Sean asks lovingly. "Well yeah, I look like a little kid next to her. I want to be her man." Rachel suggests, "I think she loves you for who you are." Sean agrees. "I just feel so inadequate." Sean replies, "Welcome to planet earth." Feeling like he needs to show himself off to the whole earth, Jeff requests, "Let's walk the shoreline together." As they stroll along, Jeff observes, "Look at those two ladies way back there.

The one with the bathing suit looks like Roxanne." Rachel sarcastically sighs, "Oh, great!" Sean remarks, "I think you're right. But let's stop looking and keep walking. I don't think she's ready for us." Rachel starts bawling her eyes out. Worried, Jeff asks, "What's wrong Ma?" "I can't stand the thought of losing Sean!" Sean takes his hand out of hers, wraps his arm around her tightly, romantically saying, "I love you Rachel." "Yeah, but you love her too!" Saying nothing, Sean slides his hand down to her shapely butt, occasionally squeezing her lovingly.

Once in a while Jeff observes approvingly. They slow down, so Jeff hugs his mom tightly, sinking his face into her voluptuous breasts. Sean hugs the two of them together. Rachel finally speaks up, "You're so precious, Jeff. " She turns so she can hug Sean alone, saying, "Sean, I can't tell you how much I love you." "Yes, we've known each other for just a few weeks, but we cute blonde passenger railed in the backseat for free pornstars and hardcore on our dates like we've known each other for years.

And Jeff tells me so much about you." "All good, right?" Grinning, "Mostly bad." "OK, I asked for that insult. Jeff tells me all about you too.

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Before we met even, all I would hear is Sean this and Sean that. Then when I saw you, eureka! Wow, it was love at first sight!" "So I need to blame Jeff for this!" Sean gets attacked from both sides.

"Seriously though, seeing Roxanne here scares me too. I don't want to be faced with a choice between the two of you. Some guys would say that I've got it made—a built-in backup plan.

To me, the conflict easily could end with me losing both of you." "Sean, I'm glad you're not some macho jock." "In my head it's simple—you and I are together now.

But emotionally it's all complicated." Hugging both of them together, Jeff charmingly suggests, "How about eloping right here, right now." Rachel and Sean burst out laughing.

"I really mean it!" Sean rants, "Yeah, if we get your girl here, we could have a double wedding!" "Jeff, I know how much you want Sean to be your dad, but these things take time. Let's walk back now." As they return Jeff warns, "Look, Roxanne is walking this way! She's topless now." Sean quietly pleads, "Ignore her please." Jeff notes, "She just turned around! The other woman is turning back too." Sean calmly surmises, "She must have seen us.

Let's just keep walking." Rachel breathes a sigh of relief. Jeff adds, "Relationships sure can be wacky." Rachel proclaims, "Now that's the understatement of the day!" Sean urges, "Let's forget all our worries and have a wonderful day." Jeff takes the lead in carefree frolicking in the sunny breeze.

The afternoon couldn't have been more fun, this side of heaven. 28 SHOVE TO LOVE As the Cubs warm up for their game against the Dodgers, Mr. Weber approaches Sean. Reaching for a handshake, "Hi Sean." "Hi Mr.

Weber!" "Please call me Fred." "OK, hi Fred. You're looking good." "Yes, and I thank you for that." "I don't understand. We hardly know each other." "You've turned my son's life around. In the process, you've helped me. Fred raves about how you came running to help me when I fainted." "Well, I need to thank you too." "You do?" "I know Fred wouldn't have changed without your support." "I support him? Sean, I feel like I have failed him—in so many ways." Well, that's one of the ways we help our loved ones—by toying japanese babes hawt slit hardcore and blowjob our failures." "Oh?

Yeah. That makes sense." "Another thing. I know Fred wants to be like you very much. If you didn't want him to change, I seriously doubt that he would have." "You really believe that?" "Fred, I sure do. He loves you very much." "He never says that he does." "Do you tell him that you love him?" "Well, no." "Fred, I dare you to." "You're a tough cookie, aren't you?" "No, just a wimp." Laughing, "I know better than that now.

Thanks again, Sean!" "See you later." "OK!" Sean sees that his captains had picked up the slack as he was sidetracked. Sean sits back and watches the team run itself. Michael exchanges lineups with the other coach.

Karim calls the team huddle, including the rally cry. Afterwards, Sean walks up to Karim saying, "Nice job." "Thanks, Sean!" "Now I appoint you as coach-for-the-game." "What!? I can't do that!" "You already are. Don't worry. I'm here as your back up." "OK!" "Just one thing, Karim." "Yeah?" "When you put yourself in as pitcher, you need to make Ricky the coach." "Will do!" Sean lets the umpire know that Karim is in charge.

The ump raises an eyebrow, but already noticed how the team was running itself. "Don't worry. I'll be in the bleachers if they need a help." Looking in amazement, "OK." Sean walks over to Fred's dad. "Hi Fred. You mind if I watch this one with you?" "No!

But you gotta coach." "We have natural leaders on the team. They're running the show tonight." Nastily, "That wouldn't work!" Then changing his tune, "Well, if anyone can do it, you can." "Not me, Fred. Them." "I mean you taught them how." "Sort of. I give them responsibility and they run with it." "Sean, this should be interesting!" When Jeff bunts for a base hit, Fred expresses, "He's quite a scrappy player." "Sure is!

Are you still having a problem with him?" Fred becomes dead silent. Sean maintains the silence. Finally Fred utters, "So he told you." "No. Actually, I told him." "No way! You mean you knew all along! You don't miss a trick!" "Thank you, Fred. Yes, I've been the silent observer. I've also done some research. One in four men have this kind of attraction." Angrily, but softly, "Who said anything about attraction!!!" "I'm sorry.

I'm jumping ahead to quickly. I'll back up. I'm the one who caught you staring. I think you hate this about yourself, but keep doing it." Dead silence again.

Finally Fred asserts, "For a little runt you can be quite intimidating." "That's not my goal. I just deal with problems that need to be dealt with." "Well, you obviously have me pegged." "About the attraction too?" Dead silence yet again.

Finally Fred admits, "That's what Jeff suggested. I got real nasty. This scares the hell out of me, but it may be true. But I would never do anything." "I'm sure you wouldn't want to, Fred. But how do you know you can stop yourself?" "I just know." "Can you stop yourself from staring?" "I should beat the tar out of you!" Fred threatens calmly. "I take that as a 'no'." After a brief silence, Sean continues, "I'm gonna back off now.

I just want you to promise me one thing. With his body shaking, "What's that?" "Fred, I want you to talk to me about what's going on in your head. Don't wait for me to come to you. I want you to come to me or to call me. Regularly." "That won't be easy." "It's a whole lot easier than the ugly mess this could turn into.

Promise me." Timidly, "I promise." "That wasn't very convincing. Try again." Fred starts crying. Smiling, Sean says, "Now I know you aren't crying." Fred laughs while still crying. Sean puts his hand on Fred's shoulder, which startles him. Sean backs off, suggesting, "I'm going to put my hand back on your shoulder." Fred nods.

Sean proceeds, then whispers, "Promise me." Quietly in his tears, Fred affirms, "Sean, I promise." "I love you, Fred. We're gonna get through this." Fred cries his eyes out, as Sean keeps his hand on Fred's shoulder. Sean starts watching the game more closely. Soon Fred does as well. They become the primary cheering section. "Look at that, Sean! My son just praised Dave for the fine fielding play on his hard hit grounder. He used to hate Dave's guts." The Cubs lead the entire game but the Dodgers mount a rally in the bottom of the sixth and final inning.

Ricky asks for a time out to talk to the pitcher. He motions to Jose to come in, then gives Karim a pat on the butt as he heads to first base. Sean exclaims to Fred, "Did you see that! Ricky did that like he's been coaching for years!" With admiration, Fred proclaims, "I don't know how you do it!" Smiling, "I'm not doing anything!" "You know what I mean, smart aleck!" They jab each other in the arm.

Jose has sharp control, quickly choking the Dodger rally, saving the game for the Cubs. Sean runs out there, giving realblackexposed ciera sage opens mouth brunette shorty a big hug. Ricky shoves him, "We don't need you anymore." "I know!

Nice job pro!" When Sean shakes hands with the Dodger coach, he voices, "Sean, I just don't get it. I have two parents as assistant coaches, sometimes three. And after every game I'm exhausted. Here you are coaching single-handedly and relax the whole game in the bleachers." Sean smiles as he continues, "Now I wouldn't have minded if we won.

But we lost, so you're making a fool out of me!" Sean recognizes xev bellringer shut up and fuck me kind-hearted tone, so he pleasantly says, "I have some natural leaders on my team. The more responsibility I dish out the more they eat." "I don't know how you do it!" "You saw me.

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I didn't do anything." The umpire had walked up to them, hearing most of the conversation. He now interjects, "Sean, I've been umpiring for over twenty years. I've never seen anything like this. I can't believe how mature and respectful they all are. That catcher of yours, I've seen him a couple of years now. He was nothing but a troublemaker. I'm not saying the nasty words running through my mind. What did you do to him—a lobotomy?" "I respect my players and eventually they respect me.

When I tried to teach them to respect their opponent, it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Then unexpectedly they turned it around, in a big way." "You must be religious or something." "God's been very patient with me. So I've learned to be patient with others." The three men exchange warm good-byes, then move on.

Sean sees his whole team waiting in the dugout for him. As he arrives, he sees all the equipment packed and everyone with smiles from head to toe. Sternly Sean asks, "What's up?" Everyone starts laughing and giggling. Sean laughs, "Now I know something's up." While laughing, Karim announces, "We had a team meeting and a team vote.

Unanimously we decided…" "Decided what!?" "You're fired!" The dugout breaks out in bedlam, as everyone crowds around Sean. Then Fred shouts out, "Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate!" Everyone screams, "Sean!!!" Fred mimics Sean, "I can't hear you!!!" Deafeningly, "Sean!!!!" Guys, I'm so glad that I've made such an impact on your lives.

Now I want to thank you for the impact you have made in mine and in others, such as the two men I just was talking to. Fred, you even got singled out in this honor&hellip." Before Sean could finish, Jeff leads a chant for Fred. Fred cries and hugs everyone. Roy gives him the biggest hug of all. This time Fred feels relaxed hugging Alex. "Alex, I want you to know, the hate disappeared. I respect you now!" Teary eyed, "Thanks, Fred.

You're special." As Fred leaves the dugout, his father greets him with a hug too, "I love you son." Both break into a flood of tears.

They continue hugging. Speaking through his tears, "Dad, I love you too." amateur babe fucked by nasty pawn man at the pawnshop flood gushes forth. Sean comes over, puts a hand on each of them, saying, "I'm proud of you, both of you."