Blonde petite teen paid for bad behavior in a threesome

Blonde petite teen paid for bad behavior in a threesome
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The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Starla: The Sexretary Note: When Mary offered to give her sister Shannon and her fiancee George a sex slave, Shannon chose George's secretary Starla who had been trying to seduce George for months.

Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Monday, September 23rd, 2013 Starla Botwright Redmund, WA "Starla, come into my office," George ordered when I picked up the phone. "Right away, Master," I answered, my cunt moistening beneath my miniskirt. I stood up from my desk, my large tits jiggling in my low-cut blouse.

I feared they might be about to pop out. I'm sure George would love that. I was his sex slave, and his secretary, and I loved my stern Master with all my heart. I would do anything to please him. Before I became his sex slave, when I was only his secretary, I spent a considerable effort trying to seduce him away from his then girlfriend, and now fiancee, Shannon.

George, however, was too besotted with the fiery redhead to even realize that my friendly banter was offering so much more. Then I was made their sex slave by Mary, and I absolutely loved it. I finally was with George, and Shannon was wonderful, too. When they offered to free me, I just had to stay. Being dominated was so exhilarating and liberating. How could I ever want to give it up?

As I entered George's office, I gave a nod to 71 and 72, the two bodyguards that were protecting him today. His office wasn't too spacious, but it was a nice office for a junior executive. George wore a light-blue dress shirt underneath a gray vest and a darker blue tie dangled from his throat; his black hair was short, professional and his hazel eyes lit up with desire when he saw me. "What do you want, Master?" I purred.

He pushed out from his desk; I knew what to do. I crawled under and he rolled back into place. Sometimes Glamorous hot pretty babe bound oiled hardcore and bondage liked me to suck his cock for hours.

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He would cum, and then I would just hold his dick in my mouth, letting him enjoy the feel of a woman's mouth on his cock while he worked until he felt the need to cum again. I deftly freed his cock, shoved the hardening 7 ava devine ava devine into my mouth and went to work.

I swirled my tongue around the head, tasting his salty pre-cum that leaked into my hungry mouth. I loved the wonderful feel of his meat in my mouth. I bobbed my head and moaned in the safe, cozy darkness beneath his desk. He made no sound, only shifting in his leather chair as his pleasure grew and grew. More precum leaked into my mouth—so delicious—but I was eager for the main course. I bobbed my head and hummed loudly, letting the vibrations of my voice travel through the sensitive cock's head.

My left hand gently cupped his hairy balls, trying to massage the cum out of him while my right hand reached between my thighs to find my hungry hole. I was juicy, my fingers squelching through my hot flesh as I shoved three into my snatch. I shuddered and ground the heel of my hand on my clit. The pleasure spurred me to suck faster and hum louder. Master shifted again, his hips thrusting short jabs into my mouth. His cock brushed against the back of my throat.

He was close to cumming. My fingers plunged faster into my hole, wanting to cum with my Master. I sucked on only the tip of his cock, running my tongue through the tiny slit at the crown while my hand left his balls and vigorously jacked off his shaft.

He groaned for the first time right before his cum blasted hot and salty into my eager lips. I pressed hard on my clit, let my fingers tickle my g-Spot, and came like a tsunami crashing into the shore as I swallowed the flood of his spunk. His fingers typed at his computer as his cock softened in my lips. I rested my cheek on his thighs, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the feel of his dick in my lips.

I was so happy that I had brought comfort and joy to my Master. Time lost all meaning beneath the desk.

I didn't wear a watch. That was what my iPhone was for, but I had left that at my desk. I let myself doze in the dark warmth beneath his desk while I fantasized about the fun we would have at home tonight as I serviced my Master and Mistress. His piss splashing into my mouth brought me out of my reverie. I quickly swallowed the delicious, bitter liquid as fast as I could. It threatened to overflow my mouth, but after a month of drinking piss, I was a pro at swallowing every last drop.

I had Via and Antsy to thank for this nasty delight. Mark's sister and her girlfriend had taught George and Shannon the fun of pissing in a woman's mouth, and they both loved to use me this way. And I loved to be used. My fingers pumped away at my snatch before he finished peeing. Drinking his piss made me so horny. The cozy space beneath his desk echoed with the nasty, wet sound of my fingers fucking through my juicy cunt.

My orgasm came quick, fast, and I trembled on my knees beneath the desk. My fingers were sticky and I ached to taste them, but that require me to pop this wonderful cock out of my lips.

Now I couldn't do that. I dozed again, and then I felt his cock stirring to life, gradually expanding like a balloon—delicious meat balloon filling up with my Master's lusts and in need of emptying—in my mouth, stretching out towards the back of my throat.

The tip nudged the back of my throat. I relaxed and swallowed his cock, letting it expand down my throat. I savored the fill of his girth feeling me up until my lungs burned. Inhaling through my nose, I sucked and moaned about his thick shaft. My fingers once again reached between my thighs to satisfy the demanding mouth between my legs.

My snatch hungrily swallowed up my fingers and naughty joy filled my cunt. A sharp rap at the door, then it opened and one of the bodyguards said, "Sir, your pawg from the club takes bbc bull wishes a word." "Send him in," George ordered. "Hey, George," Mr. Louie said; I froze. "Hello, sir," George said. He sounded perfectly calm; you'd never know a woman's lips were around his cock. I quietly sucked his cock and slowly fingered my cunt, fighting off my moan.

This was so hot. "I didn't see Starla." "She's running an errand," George said. "Care to take a seat, sir?" A wicked thrill passed through me as a chair groaned in protest as our corpulent boss sat down. I pictured him slowly lowering his bulk into the chair. His face would be red, even his bald spot, and dotted with sweat from his exertion. I so hoped I could make George cum with our boss in the room.

I sucked harder and deep-throated his cock. "I'm sorry, George, but I'm going to need you to fly out to the convention in Chicago tomorrow," Mr. Louis said; he didn't sound sorry. "You'll be gone a week." "I thought Randy was going?" "He's in the hospital," our boss ruefully said, "with appendicitis." "My anniversary with Shannon's Thursday. We have plans." "I am really sorry, but you're the guy I need to take care of this.

You know it as well as Randy." The door opened and a giggly woman's voice said, "What's going on in.oh. Hello, Mr. Louis." "Hey, sweetie pie," George said. "Hi there, Shannon." I shuddered at the tone in Mr. Louis's voice. I knew the pervy Mr. Louis was disgustingly leering at my Mistress. He panted after every pretty face that walked into the office like an ugly mutt, especially her pretty face.

"I just brought you lunch, honey," Shannon said. "I was just telling your fiancee about his trip to Chicago," Mr. Louis said. "He's going to be gone from tomorrow through the weekend." "But our anniversary," Shannon objected. "We have plans. Surely you can send someone else? Please?" "I'm afraid not," he said. "Your fiancee and his secretary will have to fly out tomorrow." "Starla has to go, too?" Master asked.

"Sure, sure," Mr. Louis said. "I wouldn't want you to be all alone in Chicago. It's such a romantic place, and Starla can keep you out of trouble. So, I guess you'll be all alone on your anniversary, Shannon. Maybe a good friend could take you out." What a pig!

As if my Mistress would even touch him. Not when she has this wonderful cock at home. I was bobbing my head now, my fingers flying in and out of my cunt. I was so horny right now, I didn't care if Mr. Louis caught us. Shannon made a considering noise.

"I know, why don't I go to Chicago with you, George. Since it's such a romantic city. I'm sure we can find a lovely place to have dinner and celebrate." "It'll be boring," Mr. Louis said. "And you'd have to buy your own plane ticket." "I'm sure there's plenty for me to do in Chicago while he's busy at the conference," Shannon dismissed.

"What do you say, honey?" "I like it," George answered. "We should tell Starla right away," Shannon continued. "I didn't see her out at her desk. Where is she?" "I gave her an errand to perform," George answered.

"She always does an excellent job with it." "Oh, what type of errand?" Shannon asked. "She's attending to a very important client," George moaned; his cum spurted into my mouth. "Making sure the client is very satisfied." Shannon laughed. "I bet she's good at that." "Well, I'll leave you two to your lunch," our boss said, sounding faintly puzzled. The chair groaned and he wheezed as he stood up, then his heavy footsteps waddled out of the office, closing the door behind him.

George pushed away from the desk, and I crawled out, sucking my sticky fingers clean. "So this is the important client?" Shannon asked, grasping George's cock.

"Yep," I answered. "I used all my considerable skills to keep him satisfied, Mistress." "That's my girl," Shannon laughed and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Mmm, I'm feeling pretty randy. I could use that wonderful dick inside me." "Sorry, honey, I'm a little spent," George answered. "I didn't know you were stopping by today." A smile creased her heart-shaped, freckle face and her hazel eyes twinkled naught. "Well, I do have one of Sam's magic Viagra pills in my purse." Sam was a horny hermaphrodite, and saany lion csex storiesa chochot first thing she invented was a magical form of Viagra.

It worked even better than the little, blue pill. You could have the sort of stamina that Mark had for an hour or so. Shannon pulled out the magical pill from her purse and tossed it to George, who downed it at once.

Shannon laughed and leapt at George, her flaming hair fanning behind her as she enthusiastically kissed her fiancee. George lost his balance and fell back into his chair.

They shifted about until Shannon straddled his waist. George pulled up Shannon's skirt, revealing her tight ass and shaved cunt dripping with juices. The pill did its work; his cock sprang to full mast and Shannon sank her pussy down on it. "Fuck that's nice," she moaned. "Mmm, I love you, honey." He kissed her as he rubbed her ass. Her hips rose and fell and wiggled side-to-side as she fucked him. I licked my lips and buried my face in Shannon's ass, tonguing her sour, brown hole.

I groaned, moving my head to teens bailey and piper play with their wet pussies brunette big tits rhythm of her hips fucking Master's cock.

"You delicious whore!" she moaned. "Eat my ass!" George started fucking his cock up into her cunt as she slowed her rhythm, letting me worm my tongue deep into her velvety hole. My fingers found my aching cunt, and I frigged my clit hard.

I needed to cum badly.

"Oh, God! I love your pussy!" George moaned. "Fuck me! Ride my cock!" "Mmm, I want you to cum in me!" Shannon purred. "Flood my little hole with all your delicious sperm. Then I'm going to sit on your face and make you eat every last drop you pumped inside me." "Oh, god!" he groaned. "That's so nasty!" His thrust upward were harder, more eager. He loved to eat her messy cunt out. I savored every disgusting, nasty flavor of my Mistress's ass as my fingers violently pumped in and out of my pussy.

My climax was close—a violent drop that would plummet me into rapture. I screamed and moaned into her butthole as my snatch clutched hard around my probing fingers. I fell and fell, lost to the pleasure, wishing I could experience this forever. Then I hit the ground; my pleasure gone. Breathing hard through my nose, I continued feasting on Shannon's wonderfully dirty ass. "Oh, fuck! Eat me, whore!" Shannon moaned. "You dirty little whore! Oh, fuck, I love that delicious tongue sleeping mom fack by sun yours!" "Shit!" George moaned as he felt my sticky fingers massaging his balls.

They were heavy, full of cum for my Mistress's cunt. "Oh, sweetie pie! Oh, fuck!" "Are you going to cum?" demanded Shannon. "Are you going to flood my pussy?" "Yes! Fuck, yes!" "Cum in me!" she screamed, her hips quacking and her asshole clenching as a powerful orgasm swept through her juicy body.

Master's balls convulsed in my hand. His voice strained as he grunted. I knew that he just flooded Shannon's pussy full of his thick jizz. They noisily kissed and murmured their affections for each other as they cuddled in the afterglow of their orgasm.

They ignored me. I knelt, patiently waiting. Shannon gave a wicked giggle. "Mmm, my pussy feels crammed full of delicious cum.

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Why don't you stretch out on the floor, honey. I I'll sit on your face while our little whore can sit on your cock." "Sound's good, sweetie pie" Mistress stood up, her pussy still open slightly and white cum ran thickly out.

Master's cock was hard again, the trip angry red and bathed in her juices. I couldn't resist and took a lick, savoring tangy, sweet flavor.

"None of that," she shouted and slapped me hard on the ass. "Sorry, Mistress," I apologized. "I just wanted to taste you." George loosened his tie, pulling it over his head, and deftly unbuttoned his dress shirt. He was in great shape. Both he and Shannon spent an hour at the gym every morning before work. "Your ass is getting flabby," Mistress had said as she pinched my butt one morning, "George deserves a whore in tip-top shape." Since then, I went to the gym every morning with them.

George stretched out on the floor, his cock rearing up like the mast of a ship. Shannon straddled his face and Master noisily licked her pussy. I sat down on his cock, engulfing him all the way to the hilt.

I moaned in delight, savoring the bliss of Master's cock stretching out my cunt. I reveled in the joy of his cock before I slid up his shaft. I rode Master hard, my breasts bouncing. "Mmm, you're not wasting anytime, slut," Shannon purred as she writhed on his face. "No, Mistress," I answered, reaching out to cup one of her round, freckled breasts, and kneading the orb. "I love to milf jodie west fucked prone by sons friend him squirting inside me." She laughed, " I know.

Mmm, fuck that's good. I bet you wish he'd suck your pussy clean?" "I would, Mistress." Her fingers pinched my nipple and I shuddered. "Only I get to experience that." "Of course, Mistress," I answered, trying to mask my disappointment.

Her hand slid up my chest and neck, reaching around my head to grasp a handful of black hair, then she pulled me in and kissed me with passion. I melt against her soft lips, letting her tongue invade my mouth, and played with it with my own tongue. We mashed our lips together, trying to devour one another as George pleasured both of us. Mi chica mamandome la verga bien rico rose and fell on Master's cock, my hands fondling Mistress's pliant tits, as my lips furiously smooched her.

I was the luckiest sex slave in the world. I had two wonderful owners who gave me such pleasure. I loved them both and I would never leave them. I was theirs for eternity. My orgasm was a crescendo of pleasure given to me by both of them, my pussy massaging George's cock, my passion moaning into Shannon's kiss. I never stopped riding him, still striving to bring him to his climax so I could enjoy his seed in me for the rest mature vixen ariella ferrera gets her cunt stretched the day, slowly leaking out of my pussy.

"Oh, fuck!" Shannon moaned, breaking our kiss. Her back arched, her breasts heaved before me. My mouth found her dusky nipple, and I sucked as my Mistress was lost to the pleasure of orgasm after orgasm. "You both are driving me wild! I love you! Oh, fuck! Eat my pussy! Oh, fuck! I keep cumming!" I played with her nipple with my tongue, lightly teasing, before I sucked as much of her tit into my mouth as I could, engulfing her entire areola into my mouth.

Her other breast rubbed silky against my cheek as she writhed on the two lips giving her pleasure. "Shit! Oh, fuck! Oh, goddamn you two are fucking amazing!" she screamed. My hips still pumped on Master's wonderful cock. His thick shaft stirring up my snatch. I was on the verge of another orgasm and sucked harder and harder at Shannon's tit.

Every time I slammed down, my pussy lips and clit ground into his groin. Over and over the pleasure drove me to my climax. It erupted through me. Master let out a low, muffled growl as my convulsing pussy drove him over the edge.

His hot cum spilled into me, a torrent escaping his thick cock and flooding my valley with milky jizz. I came one final time, squeezing his dick dry and savoring the gift of his cum. Shannon and I cuddled with George on the floor for a few minutes, one on either side of him.

I rested my head on his broad chest as they kissed and whispered their love for each other. They always ignored me after they came, too lost in their love for each other to care mom and son enjoy the fuking me. But that was okay, I wasn't their lover.

I was their slave, and that was more than enough for me.