Realtor nora wolf does bj and doggy for client pornstars hardcore

Realtor nora wolf does bj and doggy for client pornstars hardcore
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Elf! Elf! Where are you, half-breed?" That old familiar voice yells: that hateful old man calling his belongings, his slave. Scurrying quickly up the stairs from the basement, I get so his side as fast as I can, "Yes, master?" I ask in my most respectful voice, disinclined to provoke his anger. "Did you get yourself ready the way I told you?" He looks me up and down, his beady eyes scanning over my young, thin form. He motions for me to rotate, and I do, showing off the clothing I had been told to wear.

He looks over the scanty clothing I'm wearing, hardly covering my pale elven skin, and the thin gauze over top of that. "Looks like you managed to dress yourself properly, like a good little girl. Are you ready to go out there and help your new friends have a good evening?" He asked with a leer. "Friends? You said there was going to be just one!" I cry indignant. "Well, there's been a change of plans. They've paid a very fair sum of money, and they expect the amusement they deserve.

Do as I say, and fix your tone of voice before I fix it for you, child." "But I've never been with more than one client at one time, I don't know wh-" His sudden slap across my face cuts my plea off short. "Shut your mouth, little girl, until they give you something to put in there. Your job isn't to ask how or why, your responsibility as my property is to old girl xxx story small ebony as I say.

If I say there's going to be more than one client, then you'll service more than one client. Now go out there and make them want you. Who knows? You might even be able to earn a tip." Walking through the curtain that divides the hallway, I step into the waiting room, looking around. All eyes are on me, the young elven girl. Half elven, actually, but sex stories free cartoon porns ben 10 don't know that.

With pale, smooth skin; sensuous, well rounded hips; long, flowing hair the colour of flame; piercing green eyes; soft, supple, if a little petite, breasts. Sunny leone xxvi with boy was a sight to behold. All that topped off with the fact that my outfit didn't cover up much of the aforementioned traits, I was quite an eyeful.

My sharp eyes quickly pick out my clients from their descriptions; they're the only orcs in the room. Seated around a circular table, with drinks in front of them, they were a terrifying sight.

Each of them quite tall, probably over seven feet, with varying degrees of musculature. The one seated close to me, the biggest one of all and therefore clearly the leader, eyes me up and down.

His muscles ripple beneath his green skin, and his under-bite jaw cracks into a grin of anticipation. This, along with his large teeth that look capable of shredding flesh, makes him a ghastly creature. He stands up and lumbers towards me, blocking out all light. His humongous hand stretches forward, and one of his bulky fingers, the size of three of mine, trace my cheek.

Using all the training I had been given, I don't flinch away from his touch, and look him in the eyes, forming my facial features into a look of shyness and lust, like the clients love. "Well, brothers," the gnarly creature rumbles, "it looks like this nice young lady is going to keep us company tonight." The company behind him hoot and cheer, drawing stares from the other people in the waiting room.

"And let me tell you, she is a fine young creature." He wasn't kidding about the young part. Although I had already been alive for thirty summers, due to my elven parentage, I was yet only an adolescent, having hardly the physical maturity of a sixteen year old human.

While some of my body might pass for someone older, anyone looking at me would be able to guess at my youth. In a lawful area, sale of someone as young as me would be highly illegal, but this wasn't a lawful area, and these were certainly not a lawful group of people.

If you could even call them people. Tracing a hand down his muscled bicep, I say in my most seductive voice I can manage, given the circumstances, "I sure am, sweetie. If you and your friends would follow me, I can show you the room we'll be using tonight, for our 'entertainment'." His grin widening even further, showing me more of this teeth than I would ever want to see, he rumbles out "Lead on, little elfie girl. Make haste, the night is short and we have lots of plans for you." Trying to make my shudder of disgust look like one of anticipation, I coyly turn away and tell him and his friends, over my shoulder, to follow me.

I heard chairs being shifted and drinks being hastily finished as the shaved blonde masseuse kleio valentien rides eric mastersons cock of orcs follow me down the hallway. I led them up a flight of steps, then another, up to the 'penthouse' room. Stepping through the doorway, I turn and motion for them to follow me. The leader wastes no time lumbering into the largest room in our brothel, and he quickly surveys the room.

Noticing the largest bed we have, circular and covered in fine furs; several sitting-sofas; and a window with a view; he nods, satisfied. As all the orcs file into the room, I get my first good look at them, away from the dim lighting of the waiting room.

They are all massive, huge and powerful. A couple wear leather on their torsos, but the other two are dressed in only loincloths and a few accessories, typical of an orc. The leader stands tallest of all, easily seven-and-a-half feet, and probably three hundred pounds, his skin a dark green-brown. I can't help but notice the huge bulge in his loin cloth and shudder, wondering if what they say about orcs is true.

His three companions are all smaller than he, but not by much. All near the area of seven feet, and easily two-hundred-and-fifty pounds, their skin colours ranging from a grey colour to one who is a dark, bluish green.

The shapes in their crotches are less than his, but still quite impressive. And scary. Turning from them for a moment, I gesture with a sweep posing ebony model gets fucked in fishnets my arm at the bed, and ask them if they'd like to get more comfortable. Turning to face them once more, I see the leader swoop forward, encapsulating my face with his massive hands. I struggle briefly, for only a moment, before I remember that it is not my place to decide what happens.

Plummeting his face towards mine, he crushes his mouth into my lips, forcefully parting them with his tongue. Meeting no resistance from me, his tongue swirls around my mouth, touching and grazing my own as he explores his new domain. As this horrid kiss takes place, I can smell and taste his foul breath: rancid meat and souring milk. As he continues his incursion into my mouth, I feel myself begin to gag on the smell and taste flooding me, and have to force myself to stay calm.

Soon enough, he breaks out of the kiss. Looking down at me, he grins his appreciation of my reaction. Reaching one of his mighty hands around my back, he pulls me close, pressing his semi-stiff member up against my stomach, giving me a good idea of how huge he is. I was tall, four or five inches below six feet, but he still overshadowed me by nearly a foot and a half.

Both of his hands quickly travel down my back and start cupping my ass, rubbing and fondling my cheeks to his content. I feel his rod twitch against me in expectation and his deep voice booms forth once more. "Well, men, are we ready to see what this girl's capable of doing?" His inquiry is met with cheers and hoots behind him, which causes him to become even more bold. He grabs a hold of my thin, gauzy dress and pulls it over my head in one quick motion, leaving me feeling even more vulnerable, with only a revealing bodice over my chest.

"Lose the top, woman" he growls, and I comply, quickly stripping away my tight garment. Usually clients prefer slow and sensuous movements, but these didn't seem the type to enjoy such an art. His smirk widens, and he places a hand on my shoulder, then applies pressure.

"On your knees, whore." I fall to my knees in front of him, and he steps close, his crotch looming just in front of my face. Knowing what to do here, (it is my job, after all), I grab a hold of his loincloth and pull it down, finally freeing his appendage, allowing me to finally see it. It is a veritable monster, bigger than any I've ever worked with before. It's at least three hand-breadths long, maybe even four.

In imperial inches, it would be ten or eleven. A small sob escapes my throat as I realize what kind of damage a club like this could do. "What are you waiting for? Suck me like the whore you are!" he growls out, causing me to flinch. His words are harsh, harsher even than my Master's, but he isn't wrong. I have a job to do. I had worked with more penises than I could count, and this one would be no different. Placing my small hand around his wide shaft, I start slowly pumping him, feeling his size and shape.

It seems to barely fit in my hand. Each time I make it to the bottom, his coarse bush of pubic hair tickles and irritates my hand. Leaning forward, I stick out my tongue and slowly lick the underside of his thick shaft. Gradually working my way up, I get to the head and start circling it with my tongue, swirling around the tip. I look up at his face, and see that he's enjoying it, and feel more confident.

Placing my mouth against the very tip of his giant shaft, I give it a kiss, then spread my lips, getting ready for my mouth stretch. Pushing forward, I start gradually taking his swollen member into my mouth, sliding my lips slowly down over the head, taking more of him into my aperture.

As his head passes my tongue, I feel my jaws being forced apart. When his head gets to the back of my throat, just at my tonsils, I take time to adjust to his width. Then, again, I swallow more of his shaft. Taking a deep breath, I engulf as much of him as I can, feeling him slide deep down my throat, as deep as I've had someone, yet not even to his base. I gag a bit, not only at the sheer size, but also at the rancid taste. His phallus tastes of old sweat and unwashed skin.

While deep-throating him, I keep my hand moving up and down, assuring all of his penis has pleasure. After a moment I slide his member back out of my throat to allow myself to breathe. Grunting in impatience, he grabs the back of my head, and shoves himself deep into my throat. Gagging from the size and speed of it, I start twitching, and he pulls back out. After just a second to catch my breath, he shoves back in, viciously using my throat.

Struggling not to choke, I do my best to keep working him with my hand, thus keeping him from trying to shove in all the way. The group behind him cheers him on, but they make no move to join in. After what several moments, he pulls out of my mouth completely with a loud 'pop' sound, and steps back, his colossal penis glistening with my saliva, and he grunts, "get on the bed." I quickly scurry onto the bed, and lie down, watching as he approaches.

He grabs my extremely short shorts, and pulls them off in a swift motion, ripping them along the side. Suddenly I am fully revealed, as I had been told to wear nothing under the shorts, and his companions cheer at the sight. And what a sight it is. As usual before I see a client, I'm entirely shaven, not a pubic hair in sight.

My tight vagina lips are fresh, pink, and lightly glistening from the cream I had put on them before going out son force mom for eating her the clients. Even though I had been with more than my fair share of clients before, I was still as tight as a first-timer because of the wonders of restorative magic. He grunts his approval, then grabs my hips and pulls me towards the edge of the bed. I quickly spread my legs, fearfully inviting him into my warmth.

His comrades all surround the bed, watching as he lines himself up with my prize, his prize. They look extremely eager, but know not to try to touch me until their leader had had his fun, such was the orcish way. From his standing position he can see all of my body as I lay on my back. My lips that are just against the end of his shaft; my hips that are just above the bed; my breasts that, while small, are enough for most people, ending in my small nipples.

He presses his head against the lips of my opening, and rubs it up and down a few times, getting ready to start his excavation. "Hm. Our little concubine is wet! You like the idea of my huge orc dick splitting you open?" He demands in a deep rumble, and his desirable babe in knee socks gets nailed hoot. "Mm, yes. I can't wait to feel how huge you are. Shove your huge cock into my tiny little hole!" I say back, giving him my best look of lust.

In reality, I was actually terrified. I wonder if the pleasure from something that big can possibly overcome the pain that is to come. "You'll soon regret saying that, little tramp" he threatens, and begins to push his length into me.

It's as much as I can do to stop myself from crying out at the sudden stretching of my crevice, and his mammoth parcel slides bit by bit between my folds. He stops after he's several inches in, his head just inside of my warmth, so that he can savor the feeling. Then with a sudden motion, shoves in hard, pushing his way a few more inches into my tightness, stretching out my muscles. This time I do cry out at his merciless pressing, as the pain hits me like a knife.

As he pushes again and again, I feel like every ounce of me is being torn. His grotesquely large shaft is far larger than anything I was ever meant to handle. He finally meets resistance at my deepest wall, bumping into my cervix and causing me to cry out again.

He grunts in disappointment that he isn't even all the way in, but I'm relieved because I know it will only get easier from here. His gargantuan hands once more sweep over my body, exploring my chest this time. He cups one breast, then the other, feeling their weight, as if appraising them.

Then in one hand, he squeezes my breast until I cry out in pain, making him grin an evil grin. With his other hand he traces my left nipple, causing it to harden further.

Then he pinches it fiercely, causing me to flinch, and clench my muscles tightly, probably giving him even more pleasure. He repeats this process a few times, squeezing my breasts and nipples, causing me immense pain, and a tiny bit of pleasure. Seeming content at my reactions, he starts pulling out, slowly emptying me of his presence. And for a moment, I feel relieved at the feeling of emptiness. This is quickly remedied when he shoves back in brutally, this time stopping just before my cervix.

I cry out at this forceful intrusion, which stretches me even more. Again he pulls out until only his head is inside, then pushes his piece all the way into me, making my body rock from the force. Again and again, he slowly repeats this until he seems satisfied, then he reaches one hand under my butt and lifts the back end of my body up to get a better angle.

From this angle, he has even more control, and his thrusts get more forceful, each one making me feel like I'm going to split. Each time he pulls back, I feel like he's going to pull my insides out, and each time he pushes forward, I feel my insides get compressed. The pain with each thrust is still prominent, but slowly diminishes as over and over he pounds deep into me. Mercilessly he drives me forward with his vintage bestiality in the barn, only to hold me back against him.

Now and again he stops deep inside me, savoring the feeling, the tightness, warmth and wetness of me, and I start enjoying the feeling of him filling up every inch of me. Faster and faster he pushes into me, smashing his testicles into my soft rump.

A slopping sound is made as my juices are pushed aside by his thickness, pushing me towards an orgasm I didn't expect. Then suddenly he stops while inside of me, and unceremoniously pulls out. I look up at him, wondering if I had done something wrong and was going to be punished. He just leers down at me and says "Roll over, little elven whore." I quickly comply, going onto my stomach.

Looking back over my shoulder, I await further instructions. With a grin, he adds "On all fours, like the dog you are." Quickly and wordlessly, I bring my knees up on the bed, and plant my arms down for support. Spreading my legs I reveal myself entirely to him, and he takes a moment to enjoy the view.

My vagina is glistening with juices- this time real. He grunts in delight at his delicious prize. He grabs my hips and lines himself up with spermswap hotties share cumshots in this scene cum sharing sperm swap now-looser entrance, and pushes in again, stimulating all of my nerves. Assuring he has a good hold on me, he pulls out and slams back in, shaking my body, making my breasts jiggle.

He pulls out and slams all of his length that he can fit into me again, causing me to cry out in pleasure. As he gains speed, I start enjoying this more and more, surprised that the pain is gone and is replaced instead by pleasure. "Do you like that, little elven bitch? Tell me you like it!" He commands me.

"Mm, yes you great orcish brute. Crush my elven body with your mighty dick! I love it!" I purr back to him, almost forgetting how unpleasant he could be. His left hand lifts into the air and he holds it there for a second, then he brings it down in an arc that ends with a loud slap sound. I cry out as my ass starts stinging from the ferocious slap, and look back with pleading in my eyes. His grin is even wider than it airnnae hot sxe story mp4 before and he swings his hand again, hitting exactly where he had hit before, making me cry out again.

I feel tears stinging in my eyes, and can tell from the pain in my posterior that I was very red there. It would probably be a bruise by morning. I turn my head back to the bed for a moment, re-stabilizing myself under his powerful thrusts, and hear him spit. I feel a wetness splatter on my anus, and look back in confusion. To my confusion, I feel him begin inserting his pinkie finger into my butt. "Ah," I call out, "my ass? What would you want there?" I had heard of people having anal sex, but it had certainly never happened to me, and the idea disgusted me.

But there was very little I could do or say, as he was bigger than me, he owned me for the night, and most of all, I was heading to an orgasm. Again and again he thrust his member deep into me, pressing into me harder and harder.

Meanwhile, I could feel his smallest digit worming its way into my crack, just passing the seal of my anus. I moaned a bit as I felt it pass through and start working in deeper. He stopped his thrusting for a moment and focused on his pinkie, working it in and out of my barely-lubed anus, trying to stretch it out.

Again he spits in my ass, trying to add as much lubricant as he can. Then he removes his pinky, and I feel relieved, only to have him replace it with his index finger, even longer and wider. My precious anal ring stings from the stretching from this new intruder, and I open my mouth to object. Before I can, he uses his other hand to press my face down against the bed, which in turn causes my butt to raise to a higher angle.

With this new angle, starts his thrusting again. I feel his member smashing deep into me over and over, and feel my body sexy hot chick get fuck behind by her boyfriend its journey into the land of orgasm.

I release a moan of lust and he fucks me with his finger and his cock at the same speed, stimulating more nerves than I even knew I had, but my moan is lost into the blankets. Suddenly his other hand is off of my hips again, and I hear a loud 'smack!' as he slaps my other ass cheek, causing an instantaneous stinging sensation.

I cry out in pain and indignation, and he returns with another hard slap, and I know my ass is very red now. Both of my ass cheeks are in pain, and the hole between them feels wrong.

While the pain isn't minor, it is quickly overshadowed by the pleasure from his two forms of pleasuring as I feel myself nearing the edge. Fingers digging into the sheets, toes curling in the air, I break out into goosebumps as my first orgasm of the evening hits me.

I cry out my pleasure as my body is wracked with spasms of pleasure, starting in my stomach and radiating outward. I shudder and writhe beneath his hand that on my lower back, holding me down. As my vagina pulses and clenches around his member, he too approaches his climax. "Ah! Elven bitch! I'm about to cum! Are you ready for your first load of orcish semen?

I'm gonna fill you like a tankard of ale!" He yells as he comes to his orgasm. "Yes, oh yes! Fill me up! Pump your seed sunny leone guvk that manoffic pornksex fairy tales com my fertile crop!" I cry out as my orgasm goes on and on.

I wonder briefly how he'll possibly fit anything more in there, but milf banged by dirty policeman hardcore and reality have enough time to dwell on it.

As his company of followers cheer, the orc leader fucks me harder than ever before, and slams his head against my cervix repeatedly, bringing a surge of pain to me. Suddenly he bellows out and pulls back, then slams in. As his head bashes against my cervix again, making me whimper, I feel his huge rod twitch. With a throb, the first wave of his slimy warmth flies into me. As his cock pulsates inside of me, he pulls out and pushes in again, in time with he waves of ejaculate.

Again and again he fires deep into me, until I feel like my stomach is swelling from the amount of cum and my insides are sore from the juices stretching them, and yet still more comes out.

I'm suddenly reminded of the fact that orcs ejaculate a lot more at a time than the human clients I'm used to. He discharges a few last spurts into me, which spurt out around his shaft. As the calls of "Yeah, impregnate that maiden!" and "Fill 'er up" die down, the orcish leader pulls his long member out with a popping sound, and I feel his semen start to pour out of me.

"Hey, whore!" he bellows, "Don't let that cum go to waste, that's orcish gold! You better eat it." Lifting my head, I'm confused for just a moment, but his swift smack to my face reminds me of who's in control. I quickly start doing as I'm told for fear of him hurting me more.

I hastily dip a trembling finger into my own sopping vagina, getting a good amount of semen on it, then bringing it to my mouth, licking it off. I'm disgusted at the flavour, quite different from human semen.

While it's less salty than the human counterpart, orcish semen is much more earthy, with a hunt of blood. The taste is comparable to eating a mouthful of blood-stained dirt.

As soon as I've licked off my finger, I go naked waiters welcomes to fuck striptease and hardcore for more, quickly trying to clean myself out in front of the cheering orcs. Mouthful after mouthful, I try to swallow all of his filth, gagging all the while, but miss a lot of it as it oozes out of me onto the floor.

After a few minutes of me digging inside of myself and retrieving then eating his putrid seed, he nods to the others and says "Your turn, boys," and backs off. Wasting no time, they all rush in to where he was, their clothing having been removed sometime earlier. They stand in a semi-circle, and I'm quick to get off the bed and step towards them.

Obeying their unspoken commands, I fall to my knees once more. Surrounded by three long, swollen members, I'm confused as to where to start.

Turning to my right I see a long, blue-toned one. It's almost as long as the leaders, falling short by only an inch but it's a fair bit thinner. I wrap my fist around it and start pumping it, worrying whether I'd be able to take it. I don't want another repeat of the cervix bashing from earlier. To my left I see another impressive penis, this one grey and a bit shorter, maybe seven inches long. Short by orcish standards, but long in comparison to a human.

But it's also wide, easily wider than the leader's. Wrapping my left fist around it, I begin to pump it, fearing how bad this one would hurt when it stretched me.

Directly in front of me hangs another penis, this one a deep green. It's quite long two and a half hand-breadths, maybe eight imperial inches. With no more hands to spare, I lean forward and take him into my mouth. The taste is far better than that of the leader's, for which I'm thankful. I pump hard and fast with one hand, slowly with the other, interchanging the speeds periodically, and do my best to deep throat all of the penis in front of me, as it is far more manageable than the leader's was.

Releasing one penis from my mouth, I feel my head being clasped, and my head is twisted to the rod to my right and take it into my mouth. Moving my hand from that one to the one I was now neglecting, I transferred myself around, allowing each person to have some stimulation.

This one is quite long, and I gag on it as I try my best to get its blue tip all the way down my throat.

Alyx lance half life 2 futanari

After a moment the orc behind me turns me around so he can try my mouth, allowing me to sample the last of the penises.

This is the widest of the penises, and I can feel my lips stretching beyond belief as I try to take it in. He slides his log past my well-spread lips. I run my tongue around his huge head as best I can, still terrified of this thing's damage potential.

My fists are still working on the other two orcish members, which are slick with my saliva. I feel a set of hands running through my hair, and wonder which orc they belong to. After a while of masturbating and blowing more penises than I had ever seen at once before, one of them declares "Enough of this, I want to try out that whore's twat!" The other two grunt their agreement, and the orcs all step back, removing themselves from my grasp.

One of the orcs, the blue one with the longer shaft, lies down on the bed and growls at me to come forward. His erection sticking straight up in the air, it demands attention. I slip over to him, and climb up onto the bed around him, straddling his knees, and engulf his member with my mouth for a few seconds, making sure it's good and hard.

Then I slide forward, and lift myself up, hovering over top of his stiff rod. Lining myself up completely with him, I start gradually easing myself down. I'm certainly not as tight as I was before the orc leader had his way, but still quite tight in comparison to his width. His head comes into its first contact with my pink lips, and pushes through them. The going is much easier than it was earlier, as I'm now slick with my juices and the remainder of the leader's cum.

I gyrate my hips, slowly grinding his long shaft into me. He's much thinner than the leader, but his length is still daunting. Partway down his impressive rod, I pull back off until only his head is in me. Then once more I start easing down, letting myself slide all the way down. At last, I reach the bottom, and feel his pubic hair tickling against my mound.

I stop for a moment, getting ready to continue, then straighten my back and get to work. I slowly rock myself forward, allowing him to ease out, then push myself backwards, grinding back and forth on his pole, slowly working him.

The other two orcs quickly climb onto the bed on either side of him, and push their rods towards me. I grab a hold of the grey penis and pretty girl with sexy body gives a blow pumping it, and lean down to swallow the dark green shaft.

I pull myself all the way up, then down again, sliding the long shaft inside of me in and out, feeling his strong length sliding against my still-tender lips. I'm working my mouth hard on the green shaft, his pubic hair tickling my lips as I fully and properly deep throat him. I slide my full mouth up and down this dark green beast, rubbing his head with my tongue when he's mostly out, and working my throat around him when he's all the way in.

Leaning back, I let his slick member fall out of my latin cutie ashlynn taylor gets her pussy pumped hard into my deft hand, and turn my attention back to the grey penis. Once more taking him into my mouth, I relax my throat and manage to get all the way to the bottom of his shaft. My lips kiss his base, and I feel his pubic hair tickle my nose. I quickly pull up to get some more breath, before going back down. The two orcs who are enjoying my oral skills take the time to grope my curves.

I feel one hand sliding up and down my ass cheek, feeling the smoothness, clutching at the softness. The soft sensation stands in sharp contrast to the stinging that's left over from the spanks. Another hand is tracing my right breast, feeling the weight, while another hand tweaks my sensitive left nipple.

Yet another hand is playing with my clitoris, just above the dick that's going in and out of me, sending shivers up and down my being. The orc under me is running his hands up and down my thighs, reveling in the smoothness of an elf. All these sensations driving me mad, I start bouncing up and down harder on the appendage under me.

Sucking on the member in my mouth as hard as I can, I swirl my tongue like mad. I bounce up and down, jacking off the penis with my clenching vaginal muscles, fucking him in and out of me. Each time I drop down onto him, he pushes back up, lifting me with his strength. Suddenly, one of the orcs, the grey one, starts getting distressed. "It's my turn to feel her, Gran'ul, you've had long enough." The orc under me, apparently Gran'ul, grunts in annoyance, and lets go of my thighs.

He rumbles in a low voice, "You're going to love the feel of her soaking hole, Grak." The orc to my right, the grey orc with the thick cock, steps back. He sits at the end of the bed with his rod straight in the air, and beckons me over. I slide off Gran'ul's blue shaft, feeling it slowly slide out of me, and move over top of Grak's thick unit. Positioning myself once more, I ease down until I feel his head start pushing at my lips.

I push down a bit, and feel his bulbous head part my lips, german married women having sex me yet again. I have to pause here, as his thickness is more than anything I've ever felt.

Very, very slowly I slither down several inches, feeling him spreading out my cavity, making me accommodate around this new invader. I look up and see the blue orc's shaft directly in my face, and I grab a hold of it and start sensuously working the meat. I get partway down Grak's obese member, slide back up, then work myself back down again, this time making it a few inches further. I push down steadily, and feel him slowly part my insides, stretching me in ways I hadn't fathomed.

There's pain, but there's also a pleasure in the way he stimulates every part of me at once. At long last, I make it to the bottom. As I feel his long pubes brush against my ass, I take time to adjust to his size. He lies back, and I lean forward, my hair falling over his face, and I shift back and forth slightly. With each small movement, I feel his huge member push around in my insides. Each of his veins can be felt, rubbing against the sides of my tender walls. Removing my hand from Gran'ul's penis, I place my hands on either side of Grak.

I rotate forward, then thrust back, fucking him into me. I feel him slide in and out of me a few times, and I realized that it no longer hurts. Once more, a penis appears in front of my face, a blue one.

I turn towards it, open my mouth and the blue penis pushes his way into my warm mouth. As I suck on the long shaft in my mouth and ride back and forth on the strong dick inside of me, I wonder why there's only one zeskata pica na gospodja mica porn storys near my mouth.

I don't dwell on it for long. Gran'ul shoves his long penis deep into my mouth, right down my straightened throat, and pulls out just as quickly. He grabs a hold of my head and starts fucking my face like it was a pussy. Each time he slams forward, I feel his shaft drag along my throat, seemingly all the way to my stomach, and feel his testicles hit my chin.

Meanwhile, I feel a tickling at my anus, and I wonder what's going on, but can't turn my head. I feel something thin sliding between my ass cheeks, and realize it's a finger. It presses against my anus and enters without much trouble. In and open ended anal sauna invite the finger moves, making sure I'm open in the back.

It wiggles around, and I enjoy the sensation. I feel confusion as the orc back there, who must be the dark green one, spits on my ass, then inserts two fingers into me. His two fingers push into me, widening me again as he works them in and out. After I grow accustomed to the feeling of having two fingers in a hole where nothing is supposed to enter, and even begin to enjoy them, they are suddenly pulled out.

The gruff voice behind me declares "It's time to explore the windward passage, boys", and the other orcs cheer, even the chief.

For a moment I'm confused as to what he's talking about, but then understand as I feel his penis head press against my anus. Suddenly, I'm gripped with terror.

I start flailing, trying to get away, but Grak holds me down to him, and Gran'ul shoves his long blue dick into my throat to keep me from calling out.

"Relax, elven slut. If you clench, this will only hurt more." The voice informs me in a cooing voice. Realizing I was beaten, I go limp, awaiting the agony. The head pushes against my anal rim, and I feel pressure build up. Then with a pop, he pushes past, and I feel myself stretch to receive him.

There's a moment of tension before he can pass a bit deeper. Since this is my first time, the going is slow. Gran'ul periodically pulls his shaft out of my mouth to allow me to breath, and I do my best to keep him pleased with my tongue. Grak under me shifted back and forth, slowly working me, making the pain easier to deal with. I imagine he was quite enjoying my clenching. Inch by agonizing inch, he slides into my forbidden depths.

I realized that he's fairly well lubricated, and I suddenly understand why there is a jar of cream by each bed in our brothel. Slowly, ever so slowly, his organ sinks into my tight cavern, stretching me out in ways I hadn't imagined were possible.

I scream in pain, but around the penis in my mouth, a muffled cry is all that's heard. He stops for a moment, and I can feel every millimeter of his elongated penis, each groove, each vein, each bit of flesh. Again he starts pushing in, sometimes pulling out a bit before continuing.

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His cruel penis is crushing my intestines inwards, and I feel like I might pass out. Finally I feel his pubic hair against my cheeks, giving me the knowledge that he can go no further into me. His member twitches up inside of me, and I groan again from the pain. There was no pleasure in this, only agony. Each time his member twitches, it pulls at my stretched ring, sending another stab of pain into me. Slowly, he pulls his sword out of my anal sheathe, until just the head is inside, and my rectum tries to close up behind him.

He pushes back inside, forcing it open again, and I realize that with one penis stretching my slit, one deep in my anus, and another almost in my throat, I was completely full. With a grunt of satisfaction, the dark green orc behind me pulls out slightly faster than before, and pushes back in. I feel his veins slide along my anal cavities, and feel an odd sort of sensation As he slides out once more, the pain diminishes and starts being replaced by pleasure.

I'm full in the biggest way possible, and it has a certain satisfaction to it. Seeing that I was no longer putting up a fight, the orc under me lets go of me, and I start rocking back and forth on the meat that's under me, happy to feel the pleasure again, and the blue orc starts fucking my face again.

As the orc behind me pulls slowly out of my ass, I feel like he's pulling out all of my intestines with him, then he shoves back in, making me rock forward.

Each time I rock forward, I'm fucking the orc under me. The orc behind me grabs hold of my hips with both hands and starts really giving it to me. He speeds up his pace as the orc below me starts thrusting up into me, matching each other's pace. The green penis sliding in and out of my anus, stimulating the nerves of my ring, while the penis under me pushes deep into my wetness, filling me up.

As they both thrust into me at the same time, I moan around the cock in my mouth, and realize I'm rising towards yet another orgasm.

One set of hands coming from below starts rubbing my ass cheeks, clenching them and squeezing them, massaging them while they shake from the fucking I'm getting.

Meanwhile, the set from behind trace my sides, caressing my smooth navel, and a hand on the back of my head is wrapped in my hair, pulling my face towards the penis I'm working on with my mouth. I feel the green orcs testicles slap against my pussy while the penis I'm on top of pushes into there, each shaft driving me towards my orgasm.

Both sets of pubes tickle my nether regions, adding yet another stimulation to the list. The blue penis deep in my mouth goes deeper now, going all the way into my throat, while each shaft buries themselves into me over and over, driving me wild. The orc behind me places one of his hands on my back, just above my rump, and the other on my hip, and thrusts even faster.

I feel his large testicles slap into my pussy lips, and realize they are absolutely full of cum. The hands that are tracing my sides and my hips are bringing shivers from me as their owner's penis thrusts deep into my love canal, rolling up against the wall that is caught between two shafts. Horny babe dildo fucking her wet pussy the stimulation continues, I get closer and closer to orgasm, until finally I tremble, shake and writhe, coming to another climax.

The waves of pleasure pour out from my core, rocking my body back and forth as surely as the penises inside of me, causing me to clench and unclench all of my muscles, massaging their penises with my spasms. Their strong thrusts stimulate my over-sensitive holes, and add more to the orgasm. As my juices seeps out of my vagina, soaking the bottom orc's shaft, the orcs start grunting really hard, and I realize they are also close to finishing.

"Not inside of her, morons! We have a whole night with her and we're not going to have her sloppy the whole night!" The chief yells, and the orc behind me quickly pulls out with a popping sound. As he pulls out, the blue orc pulls away from me, his shaft leaving my mouth. A set of hands grasps my sides and lifts me off of Grak's thick shaft. For a moment I miss the feeling of fullness, and am left with only an emptiness. I am quickly laid down on the bed on my back, surrounded by all three orcs, who are furiously masturbating.

I follow suite and begin pleasing myself for their viewing pleasure. Sticking two fingers into my soaking depths, I finger myself hard and fast, keeping myself in an orgasmic state, as the three orcs begin grunting even louder. The nearest one to me, the grey orc, places his penis right by my mouth, and bellows out his impending climax.

I quickly open my mouth and take him in. As I suckle on the end of his shaft, I feel the first pulsations of his shaft, followed by his first spurt. He thick goo sprays out of his tip into my throat, more than I'd ever had shot into my mouth in one spurt before. It tastes less like blood than the leader's, and I swallow it as quickly as I can, trying to get it all before the next one.

Sure enough, another load flies into my mouth, refilling it with the sticky warmth. The earthy taste fills my mouth as I feel the cream dump down my throat. It is followed quickly by another, barely less than the first two. I swallow as quickly as I can, trying desperately to keep up. He keeps cumming and cumming, and some of it drizzles out the side of my mouth, a drop of white on my red pouting lips.

Finally his flow stops. I swallow all of the rest, and suck hard on his rod, getting the last of his juices out. Lastly, I lick up the drop from beside my mouth. Quickly sitting up, I get ready for the other two orcs, and just in time. The blue one puts his head right in front of my mouth, and I open wide, ready for him. As his fist furiously beats his shaft that is slick with my saliva and love juices, he groans. His first wave blasts into my mouth, dripping along my tongue, and filling me with more of the metallic flavour, which I've come to like.

I quickly close my mouth to swallow it down, and get ready for his next wave of delicious spunk, unaware of the climax of the last orc. As the blue penis looses another volley of his seed into my awaiting mouth, filling it almost full, I see the green penis pulse and fire its first load, landing right on my lower lip and splattering all down my chin and neck.

I quickly swallow the blue's most recent load, I turn towards the green penis. I was already struggling to keep up with the blue's heavy flow. The green orc moves his penis right beside the blue one over my waiting mouth, firing his next shot into my mouth also.

The two waves gush into my mouth, filling it faster than I can swallow. As I fall behind the flow of the two penises, I feel all the excess cum flow down my chin, splattering on my breasts. Several waves miss my busy mouth altogether, splattering on my face. The blue's climax comes to an end, and the green fires his last spurt onto my right breast, soaking it in his sickly warmth, and I rub it across my chest, smearing their semen on me.

As they step away, I see that the lead orc is hard again, and remember than orcs can have sex far more often than humans, and produce semen at a much faster rate.

Swallowing the last of the orcish semen, I lick my lips clean, getting ready for the next round. The lead orc steps forward, his hard member glistening with creme from the jar. He looks at me and grunts "Up". I stagger to my feet, swaying slightly, as I'm still recovering, and he lies upon the bed.

"Bring that tight little elven anus over here" he rumbles at me. Obligingly, I climb onto the bed, crawling until I'm over top of his body. From my position above him, I can smell the fumes off of his sweaty body and his fetid breath mixing into a noxious reek His hands race forward, lightning-quick, and snag me by my waist. With minimal effort he lifts me up, holding me just above his crotch. He lowers me down, and I prepare myself to be filled.

I grab his monstrous penis and guide it towards my ass, where I know he wants it, and lower myself downwards. Feeling his huge head press against my still-tender anus, I take a deep breath and push downwards. The tip presses against my hole and the pressure builds until his head pops into my anus, making me wince. I try to stop there to get hidden cam father and daughter sex to an even bigger penis inside of my rectum, but his great hands seize my hips and start pulling me down.

I cry out as my spread-apart cheeks slowly slide down his slick shaft. The pain isn't as bad as the first time, but it still feels like I'm being torn by this monster. Halfway down the colossal cock, I push up, sliding off of his penis until only the head remains in me. Then again I start back down, sliding his huge length into my ass.

His slick member slowly slithers its way into my once-sacred entrance, and I wince at the stretching. Reaching the bottom, ass cheeks on his testicles, I face him with my legs spread and my whole self exposed. A huge leer plays across his face and with a quick motion, he shoves his index finger into my vagina. The sudden entrance takes me by surprise, and he starts pumping it in and out rapidly, stimulating the nerves. I lift up slowly, struggling my way back up his thick shaft, until I reach the top, before sliding my way back down.

Gradually, I raise myself up again, riding him with my ass. "Work it faster, elf" he grunts, "before I lose my patience again." Taking his hint, I start riding on him even faster, pumping my ass up and down on his thick piece of meat. I lean back over his legs as I work my hips on him, and from my upside-down vantage point, I see three hard cocks approaching me. Damn these orcs I thought, they just keep coming and cumming.

The leader suddenly lifts me off of him, and takes to a kneeling position, placing his cockhead against my anus again. As I lay flat on my back, the three penises surround me, and I instinctively start reaching out to grasp at them. I seize the thick grey penis with my right hand, and slowly start pumping.

I grab the blue penis with my left hand, and the green penis is forced suddenly into my throat. As I'm struggling with my surprise at the sudden penis in my mouth, I feel the leader push his penis into my anus again.

It slowly slides its way in as the dark green one flies into my mouth. I pump vigorously with each hand, squeezing and massaging the two stiff penises, while the dark green orc starts fucking my throat. The leader's testicles press against my ass cheeks, and he pulls almost all the way out before pushing back in.

More sets of hands than I can keep track of start roaming my body. Hands are smearing the still-wet semen on my chest, one hand is tweaking one of my nipples, some hands are just roaming my body, feeling my smoothness. I feel several fingers, I don't know whose, enter my vagina, and start pushing in and out.

The penis in my throat pumps in and out quickly, making me feel like gagging. It is removed for a moment and I take a deep breath. I look over at it just in time to see the orc swing his penis and hit me in the face with it. I open my mouth to exclaim at this rudeness, but the penis is shoved back into my throat, and starts it's fucking again.

The leader's hands are on my hips and I can feel him thrusting deeply into my used anus, and I feel the precum of the orcs leaking into my hands and my throat. My back end is lifted up so the leader can position himself better, and he starts thrusting even faster. "Mmm," I mumble around the penis in my throat as the mixed sensations start to make me tingle. The fingers on my nipples are giving me goosebumps, the two fingers in my vagina have been replaced by three, and the sensations from my anal ring are driving me wild.

I commence writhing about as the sensations build, and I start pumping harder and faster with my fists and swirling my tongue around the sides of the cock in my mouth. A fourth finger is added to my vagina, and I can feel it stretch a bit as one of the orcs starts fucking me with almost his whole hand. The thick piece of meat in my ass continues it's furious pumping, in and out of my tired anal cavity. "The little slut really loves it, doesn't she?" one of the orcs asks in a contented voice.

I can only moan my reply around the cock in my throat, and I feel the penis in my ass pushing itself back in, the balls slapping against my cheeks. Another finger or two are added to my swollen pussy lips, and I feel myself being stretched around them and know that another hand is now involved. I would complain about how badly I'm being used and stretched, but I'm entirely lost in the moment. Then, quite suddenly, the fingers are pulled out, and for a moment, everyone goes still, except for my pumping hands.

Then, suddenly, I feel something huge against my loose pussy lips. I wonder furiously what it could be, but there's no hope of my seeing it from here. It starts pushing against my constance in stockings asshole rimmed by hard schlong, my lips are shunted aside. Slowly, it eases past my lips, and I try to scream, but can only make muffled cries around the penis in my throat.

As the thing pushes itself slowly past my vaginal lips and starts stretching my soaking wet passage, I realize it can only be one thing: a fist.

As one of the orcs (it must be the leader from the angle) slowly sinks his fist into my wet depths, the green orc starts fucking my face again.

The leader starts slowly fucking my ass, and the hands roam my body again, and I'm momentarily lost once more. The fist sinks in up to the thumb knuckle, and I feel him twist it back and forth, spearing open my depths. Then again he starts slowly pushing it deeper. Despite the agony of the log-sized fist inside of me, I feel the sensations building up like electricity in my nerves.

The fingers on my nipples, the penis in my ass, and even the fist in my love hole all contribute to my oncoming orgasm. In and out the penis and fist go, almost in unison, filling me up more than I ever thought possible. Deeper and deeper the fist goes, until he can get the whole fist in. Again and again he thrusts it in, fisting me for all he's worth.

Suddenly the grey cock is pulled from my right hand, and I feel Grak sexy mom or sun hot xxxxx onto the bed and position himself with his knees on either side of my stomach. He slaps his penis down between my breasts and grabs them, pressing them together. He then starts thrusting forward and back, fucking my boobs like a vagina! I hardly have time to notice this new stimulant on my chest because of the approaching orgasm.

Under the feelings of stimulation everywhere on my body, the charged up feelings build up and build up, until finally it bursts from my core. The penis is removed from my mouth suddenly and I cry out in ecstasy and pain, as a huge orgasm rocks my body.

My muscles clench and writhe with each wave of pleasure, and my anus squeezes tight around the thick penis pushing in and out. As my climax reaches its peak, I cry out again and drench the fist with a new wave of my fluids. The orcs around me start grunting low and deep, and I realize they're getting close again, but in my state I can do nothing about that.

The orc leader grunts something that I miss, and suddenly everyone steps away from me again, and the orc leader pulls out. As his long length slowly slides out my anus, I almost miss the fullness. Almost. Gran'ul grabs my hips and lifts me up, setting my down on the floor by his feet.

My thighs are soaked with my own juices, and my vagina is so loose that I can feel air almost on my cervix. I look up in confusion at the four orcs, three of which are furiously masturbating. The leader grabs my hips and lifts them so that my ass is in the air a bit above the floor and my head is pressed back.

"Spread your legs, bitch" he grunts. I do as he commands and spread my legs wide. "Now hold this position. Move, and I will break you." I stay completely still, butt in the air, as he lets go and steps back. The first orc, Grak it looks like, starts grunting and pounds his meat faster and faster. He steps up to me and puts his penis just outside of my loose vagina and yells out "ready for some half-orc babies!?" I gasp and realize what is about to happen, but too late.

I feel his cock head twitch against my lips and his first spurt flies out. His putrid slime hits my vaginal wall and splatters, dripping down with gravity into my depths. From my position with my lower body above my head, my hole is a perfect vertical hole for semen collecting.

I hardly even latina hoe violet starr enjoys neighbors huge dick pornstars and hardcore time to think about that before I feel another twitch, which is accompanied by another blast of his thick cum. The huge load flies into my vagina and I feel the warmth hit my insides and start dripping towards my ovaries. His hand furiously beats on his shaft and I feel another huge load drop into me, adding to the supply of orcish semen in there.

A smaller fourth and an even smaller fifth wave of man-juice join the pool inside of me and Grak, satisfied, steps back.

Before I can even have a chance to recover, Gran'ul steps forward and presses his swollen blue cock against my sloppy, used hole and grunts. I feel his cock give a mighty twitch, and the first spurt of his second round flies into me. I feel the goop splatter along the walls and drip down, landing in the puddle inside of me.

I feel the semen combination mom and son enjoy the fuking hard against my cervix and trying to drip through as his next wave flies from his twitching member, joining its brethren. The dark green orc, whose name I hadn't heard, steps up beside the blue orc, and beats his meat even faster.

As Gran'ul's third twitching of semen sprays into camgirl fills all holes more videos on sexycamsorg, the green orc's twitching meat leaps and fires onto me. As Gran'ul's load slaps along my innermost walls and slickens me further with orcish semen, the green orc's first volley of semen splatters on my outer lips, coating my lips and pubic area in a white smear.

Gran'ul's last wave drizzles breasts of the southern wild pleasure photorama into me, and I feel another huge load spray from the third orc, this time landing inside of me.

As my walls twitch naturally, the semen in me is pushed up, and some of it overflows, spilling down my stomach or landing on my breasts. A third and fourth spray from the green orc land in and around my soaking twat, splattering more of me with cum.

My vision goes blurry as he steps back, and the orc leader steps forward, furiously beating his meat and grunting. My vision deteriorates further and I feel a tear slide out of my eyes, as the shame of the whole situation crushes me.

As the cheers of the orc party starts up again, I feel the first gush of cum from the orc leader fly and land on my stretched anus, dripping down into there, and splattering all over pelvis.

He presses his cock head against my anus, and I feel his penis twitch moments before he sends a huge load of white filth into my anus, and I feel it drip down into my bowels. He quickly steps to the side and his third shot splatters all over my stomach and my breasts, coating their underside.

He stands right over my and, beating furiously, drops a load onto my face, mixing his semen with my tears of shame.

His last load splatters into my hair, soaking it with his stickiness. I lower my legs and lie there on the floor, covered in a thick layer of cum, weeping my tears of humiliation, anger and pain. I feel a bubbling feeling as the thick mixture starts drizzling out of my rug munch for oriental in stockings japanese hardcore genitals, splattering on the floor and pooling by my anus. "Look at her," the leader grunts in disdain.

"The little elven slut, covered in our seed and weeping like a deflowered child. Ha! So much for elven superiority." The other orcs laugh their agreement. "Her tears are a cherry on the sweetbread." Then I hear the door being opened and, a moment later, closed.

For a while there is only the sound of my sobs and the dripping of the orcs' fertile seed oozing out of me. After a while, the door is opened and one of the other slaves comes in. "Amariel? Amy?" She asks, and then she notices me on the floor. "Oh, Amy! You poor thing!" She reaches a hand under my head and props me up, wiping my face with a towel. "Come on, we'll get you cleaned up.

A nice bath. How does that sound, hmm?" I nod and try to look enthusiastic, but I know the filth will never really be washed off. I will forever be dirty. I will forever be marked as a whore. As we stagger down the hall towards the slave quarters, my arm around her shoulder, I pray to any god that can hear me for the chance to get out of here.

For the chance to avenge myself, and rid the world of the trash that christy mack dresses up for halloween then plays with herself it.