School girl sex with techer

School girl sex with techer
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We slept for about 20 minutes or so and I awoke to check on the big ass kitty bella fucked in her big tits tube porn. My watch said it was 9:00, we still had 2 and a half hours left before my parents made it home from the Martin's. That would leave me lots of time to teach my little cousin the finer points of love makin'.

I evidently had rolled off of her as I dozed and my once steel hard erection had deflated to a soft, limp fraction of its former self. She had followed me and was lying on my chest, curled up like a sleepin' kitten.

She had her legs on either side of my hips with her crotch still pressed against mine. It was an awful mess down there with the excess juices from both of us still wet and gooey. As I awoke, I felt her petite little body on top of mine and smiled to myself.

I waited for a minute and then moved my body purposely, wakin' her up. "Hey there Sleepy Head," I said, strokin' her cheek with my finger.

"Finally wakin' up?" She looked up into my eyes, smiled the deepest smile and turned her head back down into my chest once again. "Oh Randy, that was wonderful.

How bubble butt beauty gets a good pounding you know everything a girl wants? I mean, my gosh, you seemed to know what I wanted before I knew it. Where did you learn all this stuff?" "Oh, it is my vast amount of experience, that's all," I said jokingly. "Well, chalk one more up in the satisfied column," she added, snugglin' into my chest even more. She started movin' around a little, perched there on my chest, kissin' me and stuff as she ground her wide open crotch into me.

She looked up at me and stated, "Oh, I think I want to feel it back inside of me, all hard and straight. What do ya' think?" I told her, "Don't you think that we need to clean up from our last time before we venture off into another?" She laughed out loud as she scooted off of me and dug her fingers into my ribs, tryin' to tickle me in fun. I threw her off the bed and gave her the order, "Go on now and take a shower before you get all frisky and everything.

I want you clean on the inside as well as the outside, now go!" I swatted her on the rear as she walked towards the bath room and she turned and gave me this indignant look. Then, realizin' that she was drippin' from her openin', she cupped her pussy with her hand and scurried ahead. My parents designed our house with the guest bath having an entrance to the guest bed room and well as a hall entrance so that it could be used by both, but they didn't vision that it would be used by us both at the same time.

It was about to get its maiden usage in that regard. I heard the water runnin' as I made my way into the bath. She was standin' in the shower under the nozzle as the water was cascadin' down over her petite body.

As she stood there, I could see her through the clear shower door as the water flowed over her head, cleansin' her entire self. The shower was a larger than normal tiled stall, it was at least four feet square with a build-in, tile seat on the side. It had a massagin' nozzle in it but now she only had it on the spray mode.

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As I watched her as she showered, my cock came alive again. Her athletic little body told me that she was a runner. I knew from past conversations with her that she ran cross country for her high school and she was proud of the fact that she made the varsity team as a freshman. She also played soccer on the JV team and ran track in the spring.

All of this runnin' kept her trim and firm and she definitely showed it. As the water splashed off of her head, it rolled down in rivulets around and over her small but firm breasts. It would drip down from her nipples onto her tummy on its way down to the floor but not before it gathered again into two channels that went on either side of her junction. Comin' together there in the middle, the two became one channel directly on her pubic hair where it formed a little waterfall from her lips down to the drain in the floor.

As it left her pussy, it would straighten out her kinky pubic hair just before fallin' away. I watched and marveled at her beauty as I entered the shower. She knew when I entered because I saw the smile creep onto her beautiful, water soaked face. I asked in a low, soft voice, "Lonely?" "For you, of course," she said with a smile.

I retrieved a wash cloth, got it wet and applied a healthy portion of body soap on it and slowly started rubbin' it in all over her body. She cooed at the touch of the soft cloth but didn't take her head out of the spray.

I moved the cloth up to her neck and gently pulled the lather down over her breast area, rubbin' them tenderly as I applied the soap freely. She moaned a little as she kept her eyes closed and tilted her head back into the water. I washed her breasts thoroughly and the moved down to her tummy with the freshly lathered wash cloth. I rubbed the soap in and around her stomach and abdomen and then slowly moved it down to her horny hottie babe hope howell getting banged. Findin' her wet groin wantin' and needin' a lot of cleanin', I applied my skills to it and gave that general area more than enough attention.

I slid the warm wash cloth down between her legs as she attempted to spread them out for my scrubbin', all the while her head was buried in the spray of the shower and her eyes were tightly closed. She started breathin' a little loudly and I knew that I was turnin' her on again.

My cock began to grow also as I wild and racy pounding hardcore and blowjob to bath her crotch with the wash cloth. I slid my fingers off of the wash cloth and started playin' with her slit a little. I would slide it all the way up to touch her clitoris and then retreat back down and insert it up her vagina. This stimulus caused her to tighten her muscles down there and say out loud, "Randy, what are you doing anyway, trying to get me all excited?" "Yeah, is it workin'", I asked.

"Uh huh," is all she answered as a contented frown came over her face and she sucked in the air between her teeth. I got close to her and whispered, "Turn around. I want to clean all of you." She turned around to expose her rear end to my touch but kept her head beneath the spray. I guided her feet apart as she braced her stance against the wall with her hands. I rubbed the wash cloth all over her back for a minute or two and then I started to lower my sights.

I reached down to her waist and then her hips but finally settled on her thighs. I caressed them softly with the wash cloth and as I moved it upward, she sighed a little and stuck out her butt to me, encouragin' its inclusion in the party.

I ran the cloth up her crotch from best xstory real brother and sister blowjob rear and settled right on her clitoral area. She jerked a little as she pushed back with her hips. I suddenly dropped to my knees behind her, dropped the wash cloth to the floor and ran my hand up to her lips and pressed my finger into her slit. She cried out with pleasure as she opened her legs a little wider. I was rubbin' my finger on her entire slit, from her clitoris to her rose bud and she was startin' to moan with appreciation.

I started concentratin' my finger on her openings and I pressed it into them a little. She just moaned loudly and pressed her rear end back into my finger. Soon my pressure inserted itself into one hole and then the other as she cried out loudly, "Oh Randy, don't stop, it feels so good!" My face was right up there between her legs, watchin' my finger do the work of slidin' in and out of her orifices and my ears were tellin' me that she loved me playin' with her rose bud.

I decided that I needed to taste her down there so I slid down between her legs, stuck my chin straight upwards and inserted my tongue in the place of my finger. She went totally wild with excitement. She started groanin' and moanin', beggin' me not to stop. She pushed out her butt to my facial assault as her legs started to give way. I sat down on the tile floor and pulled her down on top of me, still facin' away towards the wall.

As school is out fat fur pie is in came down to sit on my lap, I guided my hard cock right into her hot little pussy and started to stick it in. "OH YES!" she cried as she sat down on my hard erection. "OH GOD RANDY, YES IT FEELS SO GOOD!" As she bounced down on it, her walls started to give way and it slid in a little at a time.

Slowly she bottomed out as I reached around and grabbed on to her breasts. She continued to bounce and rock up and down, back and forth until she started to tense up and with a cry of ecstasy she blew out her juices all over my hard cock that was impalin' her vagina. She strained to get every ounce of energy out of this latest orgasm as she continued to ride me like a bull.

Finally she came up off of me, twirled around and buried my cock in her mouth. She took my first instruction on cock suckin' to another level as she gagged on its size. She was tryin' to take too much of it in too fast and try as she might, she just kept gaggin' on it. I reluctantly told her to stand up and let me hug her and hold her until she could calm herself a little but she would have none of it. She continued slutty oriental beauteous teen pleasures with sextoy schoolgirl and japanese go down on me until I forcibly stood up and she threw herself into my arms.

"Oh Randy. Why don't you shoot your stuff into my mouth? Aren't I doing it right? Teach how to do it. I want you to shoot it in my mouth, please?" she begged. "All of the girls in high school say that their boyfriends shoot it in their mouths and they love it.

Why don't you want to do it to me?" I told her, "Peggy, is not that I don't want to cum in your mouth. It's that guys can only cum just so many times and I want to teach you many things. I don't want to waste it on that when there are things that I want to teach you." "Well, I don't think it would be a waste," she said, her voice trailin' off.

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"But what do I know?" I took her into my arms and gave her the longest hug. I held her that way and I suddenly could feel her breasts against my chest. I realized that through everything that just happened, I didn't make it and I still had desires that needed black guy gali sex xxx pron be fulfilled. I broke away from the hug and looked down into her eyes and said, "You know a great deal Peggy and I promise you'll get a chance to taste my cum.

I'll shoot it in your mouth so much that it will slide down your chin. But first I want to teach you some things." I reached down with both hands and picked her up into a standin' position.

Then I helped her stand up on the xxxxx sany levan sex com seat and she stood a foot over my height. I looked ahead and down and what I saw would make a guy almost wet his pants. She had a perfectly shaped pussy in the whole world. Her lips were tight together just like a clam shell but this clam had a beard.

It exuded tightness but I knew that it would allow my penetration if I gave it half a chance so I proceeded onward. I slid my hand in between her tight little legs and ran it up to her junction. There, I allowed it to grope, fondle and cup her pussy as my middle finger separated the two lips and found her vaginal openin'.

She slid her knees apart to allow my finger to penetrate as she cooed her encouragement. "Are you ready to learn lesson two?" I asked in a pantin' voice. "This isn't it?" she asked. "Well, not really. I wanted to teach you about makin' it great for the guy, not that it wasn't great before, but I want you to do it even better. You feel my finger up your vagina don't you?" I asked. "Oh yeah. It feels great up there," she responded.

"Well, I want you to squeeze with your vaginal walls and try to push it out of you," I explained.

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"How do I do that?" she asked. "I didn't even know that I had vaginal muscles until a few minutes ago." "Well, pretend that you are peein'. You have to push it out of you by tightenin' up down there. Try it," I told her. After several attempts, I could feel her walls start to tighten up and I could actually feel it pushin' my intrudin' finger out of her pussy.

She smiled and asked, "Like that?" "That's great, now I want you to squeeze with your muscles anything that I put in there, like this big thing," I said, grabbin' my thick, hard cock with one hand as I raised her leg with the other.

I tried a couple of times to get it in but the angle wasn't right so I let go of my erection, grabbed her other leg and sat her up on my crotch. "Take it and guide it into you Peggy," I instructed.

As she did what she was told, I felt the head slip through her lips and settle right at her openin'. She was holdin' her breath as it made its entrance into her canal and then it started to make its long journey through the stretchin' walls of her vagina.

She held her breath throughout the long ordeal but when it hit the end, she sighed deeply and gave me a big hug around my neck. "Now what?" she asked breathlessly. "I want you to squeeze it with your muscles the same as you did with my finger," I instructed.

She squeezed down hard with her already tight little cunt and I almost went crazy. The walls camped down on the intruder, forcin' it out of her wet hole like a bullet out of a gun. The feelin' was indescribable. It was a rush, far more than I ever thought it could be and gasped at the sensation. "OH MY GOD!" I yelled out loud. "What did you do to it?" "I just squeezed like you said," she cried apologetically.

"Oh my God I never knew you had that much power down there," I exclaimed. "This is goin' to be fun!" As I slid it all the way back in, I asked her to squeeze it again with the same results. I was wild with my discovery as I reinserted it again and again. Each time she would squeeze her walls around it and force it out of her vagina and as I would pump it into her again, I suddenly realized that we were fuckin' up a storm. I kept poundin' it into her as she would squeeze it out in rotation.

In and out, in and out, until soon we both were at the brink. Her legs were riding up on my back as her legs were cradled under my arms. Her exposed rear end was a blur, pumpin' up and down as I was rammin' it up into her hot little cunt. She shrieked into my ear so loud that I turned my head and then she exploded all over my juice soaked crotch.

"YES OH YES," she was screamin', "OH MY GOD, YES! OH RANDY, YOU MAKE ME…" her voice trailed off as she tightened her entire body around my pulsatin' cock mi amada novia y su hermoso vientre rode it like her life depended on it.

I passed the point of no return seconds before and through closed eyes and strained muscles, I gushed out a load that would fill an ocean. Jet after jet of my hot cum shot deep within her pussy and I knew that it had to splash all over and into her cervix, ricochetin' back against my spewin' member. I growled my greatest orgasm of the night and then settled down into a slower, rhythmic slide in kissable nympho is gaping tight twat in closeup and having orgasm out, bringin' the globs of cum slippin' out of her hole unto the tiled seat of the shower.

Somewhere along the line, I managed to turn off the shower, open the door and step out still drippin' wet. Peggy hadn't moved in awhile and I was still carryin' her on top of my pole. I grabbed a couple of towels and another clean wash cloth, slid down the light switch and waddled into her bedroom. With one hand, I managed to spread out the towel on the bed and lay her down on it without extractin' my cock from its place between her lips.

I lay down on top of her and went immediately to sleep, totally spent.

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We slept for what seemed like a short while, but when I awoke and looked at my watch, it said that we had been asleep for about 30 minutes and our time together alone was runnin' out. We had just about an hour before we needed to be back in our respective rooms and I had one more lesson to teach her and this was the most important one. It was a lesson on how to make her feel the best.

I rolled off of her, awakenin' the sleepin' beauty with a groan of disappointment at my removal of weight but then she smiled at me and gave me the biggest, deepest kiss imaginable.

"I love you Randy Joe," she said, grinin' up at me with those big eyes of hers. "I know Peggy, and I think I'm fallin' in love with you too.

How are you feelin?" I asked.

"Tired, a little sore, but I think I'm okay. Why?" she asked. "Well, I have one more lesson to teach you; that is if I can get it up one more time and if you want to learn it," I explained. "Oh my gosh Randy, I don't know. You've already made me make it, I don't know how many times. Do you think we can do it again?" she asked rubbing my groin with her hand slyly.

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"Well, I don't know if I can or not, but I'm almost positive that I can make you cum again," I told her, placin' my hand on her breast area. She closed her eyes and moved away a little, indicatin' that she was still sensitive there but it felt too good to jerk away. She got a big smile on her face as she asked, "What are you going to teach me that I haven't done already?" "I want to teach you to get your enjoyment out of makin' love, just like you gave enjoyment to me last time," I tried to explain.

"For example, what have we done tonight that turned you on the most?" "Everything turns me on the most," she said immediately. "No come on, answer it after thinkin' about your answer," I scolded her.

She thought about her response for a moment and then she said, "I liked it when you used your mouth down there; that was hot. You got me so turned on I thought I was going to explode." "Did you like watchin' yourself in the mirror?" I asked.

"Oh God yes, I thought…I think anything you do to me makes me want to explode, Randy," she said almost in a whinin' tone. "And I know you want to taste my cum," I said finally. Her rampage 5 dp fanny steel got wide as her hand went down to her pussy and a look of anticipation sprang over her face. "Oh yes, Randy, I got to taste your stuff. Can we do that first?" "I don't think so Peggy. I'll be lucky if I can make it shoot again at all," I told her and I was kiddin'.

"When can we start this lesson?" she asked enthusiastically. "How about right now?" I said. To be Continued in Part V