Fakeagent innocent blonde gets ride of life

Fakeagent innocent blonde gets ride of life
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About two weeks into my fuck-buddy relationship with Hailey and my sporadic trysts with Jasmin they made me a Godfather offer: Me and a friend to double team each of them in turn. Then a personal threesome later.

They delivered this deal to me with such business-like nonchalance it was incredible. I hastily agreed and put the gears in my head to turning. Mick had been on a dry spell recently, and he was in on the details so I didn't need to start from the beginning. I also seemed to remember from somewhere that his dick was smaller than mine.

Which is actually pretty important criteria in a threesome. When I asked him he almost peed himself in sheer joy.

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"Jake you are the best friend someone could ever have," he practically sang. "Whatever, at least this might stop you from punching me whenever I bring them up," I joked. "Ha! Now you'll be lucky if I even care any more!" We made a date and headed over to Hailey and Jasmin's dorm at around 10. They greeted us at the door in lingerie and hurried us in. Jasmin had on the matching red thong and bra combo that I was sure she was wearing when I first fucked her. She looked great in it, but she was nothing compared to Hailey.

Certain lingerie company commercials have the power to make every guy in the room perk up and watch immediately, this could have come straight out of that. It was a shimmery green kimono style robe that had just the right amount of fabric in all the right places. The top was held up by spaghetti straps and only covered right to her nipples. They stood out against the satin teasingly. The hem of it came to upper thigh and long slits ran up either side almost to the bottom of each breast.

My cock almost immediately sprang to attention, and I was sure Mick's was doing the same. Before we could say anything they closed the door and pushed us against the wall.

Jasmin stood in front of Mick and Hailey in all her full-breasted glory in front of me. Simultaneously they dropped to their knees and pulled our pants down to our ankles, exposing our hot year old receives drilled hard hardcore massage dicks.

Jasimin gave Mick a few rubs before beginning to engulf it all the way like she'd done with me. Hailey licked my base a couple times then took my rod balls deep. Mick groaned with hands around Jasmin's head as she slid his member down her throat rhythmically. "I will never ever ever be able to pay you back for this," he said. I just smiled and put my hands behind my head. Hailey was the best sucking artist I'd ever experienced, and I didn't want to think about replying.

In a lot less time then I was expecting Mick let out a huge groan. "Here it is," he said and grabbed Jasmin's head, pulling it towards him and giving short halting thrusts into her mouth with every blast of semen down her neck. Jasmin mostly stayed still and took it, her throat swallowing furiously to accommodate all of Mick's cum, though some oozed out and collected around his shaft. Right as Mick was finished fucking Jasmin's face I blew into Hailey.

She felt my balls tightening and managed to prepare herself. My legs went week and my hips spasmed with ever gush of cum that came spurting out of me.

Hailey gently massaged my balls to get every last drop. When I was done she took her mouth off and kissed me right on the tip. I said the first words. "Well. Who's first?" Jasmin stood up and licked around her lips, gazing at Mick hungrily. "I am," She said and said and sat down on the left bed in playful teen megan rain pounded by massive hard schlong room.

"Make me proud," Hailey whispered into my ear. She then sat down in the sole desk chair and began to slowly finger herself. I turned my attention back to Jasmin.

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Mick and I moved over and took off her bra and panties, caressing her body as we did so. Jasmin got on all fours and we moved into position. Mick started pounding her tight hole from behind while she sucked me softly in front, moving up and down on my cock to the rhythms of Mick thrusting. It was impossible to tell from where I was if she came, her mouth was full after all, but she seemed to be enjoying herself if the muffled noises and eye flutters where any indication.

I came almost without warning, blasting a few ropes into Jasmin's mouth as she gagged on my cum. Trails dripped out of her mouth and pooled onto the sheets as she tried to swallow what I kept shooting out.

I felt my hips spasm as I lost control of my muscles, enraptured by the softness of Jasmin's mouth. Mick blew not long after, grabbing Jasmin's ass and rocketing pearly trails of goo into her. "Don't come in me, I'm not protected." she started to gasp out when she felt Mick's stuff fill her pussy, but it was too late, he'd already spent his seed into her hot and waiting pussy.

"Too late, take it bitch," Mick smiled back as he smacked Jasmin's ass enthusiastically, shoving his cock even deeper to eject the last few spurts of baby-batter. Jasmin took her mouth off my cock and just panted, then she rolled over and groaned. "Oh GOD that felt good," she said, playing with her stiff, dark nipples. "I wish I could always be fucked like that, but cum in me like that again," she glared at Mick.

"If I get pregnant it's your fault." I thought back to the numerous times I'd gave Jasmin shots of semen directly into her cunt and thanked God she never did get a baby in her.

Mick just smiled. "Can't help it babe, your pussy's so good I just had to give it dakota skye takes from ass mouth jessy jones mark wood carter cruise chris strokes natural tits ass blast of Mick sperm. I'd do it again too, felt better than any hole I've ever had." "Well maybe we can do it again some time," I said with a roguish grin. "But now it's Hailey's turn." "Damn right it is," She said from the side of the room, standing up.

"And I am horny." She reached behind her head and undid some hidden clasp, causing her whole ensemble to fall away from her.

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Her nips were at full erectness, and her freshly shaved pussy was ready for fucking. Jasmin got up, rolled her eyes and replaced Hailey on the chair. Hailey was more experienced, so we'd planned out a few more things to do. "Okay, now I'm going to eat you out like you've never been before," I said, and Hailey complied eagerly, kneeling with her pussy fully exposed half an inch from my mouth, facing away from me.

"I like this already," she said, as I probed at her slit softly with my tongue. "We've got more. Now Mick is big mambos guarantee hot sex for awesome babe to fuck those nice titties of yours." Mick stepped up on the bed in front of her, cock fully stiff.

Hailey rubbed her boobs eagerly and put on a come hither look. She took the pair and totally wrapped them around Mick's member, rubbing them up and down slowly, bringing her cunt closer to my mouth as she did so.

I licked and sucked at her lips vigorously, as she bounced up and down to stimulate Mick. The poor guy never stood a chance, Hailey's sexy tits brought him to orgasm in no time, and he shot his wad up against her neck and throat giving her a beautiful pearl necklace.

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I quickly finished Hailey off to her orgasmic groans, and we all regrouped for part two. Mick pulled Hailey onto him to sit on his lap. He took his cock and rubbed it against her soaking pussy, picking up juices. Then he lifted her spandex angel sexy see through leggings outside slowly let her back down, sliding his dick into her ass instead of her pussy.

Hailey gasped slowly and then hummed. "I've never done anal." she said quietly as Mick slid her up and down. I came over and spread apart her legs from the front, putting my sizable junk into her pulsing slit. She gave almost a scream at the sensation of being fucked from both holes, then started giggling at how dirty it all was. We managed to keep this up for a while, until finally the situation and the pleasure got to us.

"I can't hold it- UGH!" Mick cried and squirted into Hailey's ass. This brought her one more time to orgasm, and she flung her head back, sending her tits bouncing. The gushing of her cave got to me, and I too came, filling her hole with all of my juices.

When us guys finished filling her with our cream we all disentangled and lay on the bed trying to catch our breath. Jasmin on the chair had fingered herself into another orgasm, and she was similarly winded. Mick looked at his watch. "Oh shit I have a term paper to write," he remembered, hastily redressing and practically sprinted out the door as we said goodbyes and just lay. It was good that he'd left, bang gonzo petite goth veruca james gets her abang gonzo petite goth tube porn the rest of us could get down to our business.

Jasmin bent over and took my cock in her mouth and sucked me. "Jazzy you suck like a cheap whore!" Hailey teased. Jasmin took my dick out of her mouth briefly to retort. "Well you take dick like a slut." "I am a slut." Hailey said back without missing a beat We all laughed. Already oozing pre-cum, which Jasmin licked up eagerly, I took control of the situation.

I pulled her off and pushed her gently on to her back. I told Hailey to start giving Jasmin oral, she complied hungrily. With Hailey bent over on all fours, I eased my cock into her vag.

She hummed with delight. As she ate out Jasmin with gusto, I fucked her with the endurance of having cum recently. I kept up my furious penetration for almost 15 minutes. At that point, Jasmin had came multiple times, now only gasping wordlessly at the ceiling as Hailey dutifully kept up her probing, licking, and sucking.

Hailey herself had came all over my dick twice now. She had stopped her pleasure of Jasmin to scream exclamations of ecstasy like "My pussy's flooding with juices for you!" and "Never. Stop. Fucking. MEEEAAAAAAAHHH OH GOD IT'S SO GOOD!" I finally conceded that my incredible performance was near its end, and warned the girls accordingly.

"Prepare to get another pump of jizz, babe." I grunted out as my sack tightened and jets of hot semen once again drained out of me and into their waiting cavern. "Oh God I love when you fill me with your cum." Hailey said when it was all finished. Jasmin lay in a state of euphoric shock, and I was rubbing Hailey's firm ass.

"Let's get cleaned up, together." She suggested suddenly, this seamed to bring Jasmin closer to consciousness as she gave a slight "mmhm" of approval. We moved our mess of limbs and fluids to the shower the two had in their suite and turned french teen girl flashing body in public clip 16 the hot water.

Within a few minutes the girls began getting into a heavy make-out session, fingering each other under the jets of water, I lay back against the back wall and slowly stroked myself back into one last erection. "You bitches ready for one last shot?" I asked and they both turned to me, nodding eagerly. I told them both to bend over and put their hands against the wall. With two waiting pussy's, I pondered my options before deciding on a battle plan. I thrust into Hailey first, penetrating easily into her slick slit and giving her all almost all I had left in the energy department.

Again and Again I bottomed out against her and she screamed with euphoria at this dicking. Then I turned to Jasmin's cunt. I rammed my cock into her's even harder. Feeling her shake beneath me and beg for an even harder thrust, I gave it to her. When I finally had my fill, I told them both to turn around and get on their knees. They knew what to do next, grabbing my dick and jerking me off until I blew one final load.

My seed covered their smiling faces and rapturous breasts. They turned and licked it off each other almost immediately, finally spent. I relaxed and fell into a trance like daydream of living forever in this room, fucking these two girls like this forever.