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"Hey!" Kyle waved at Haley. They were back at the Hall, which had grown even emptier by now. The remaining first years were here to meet up with one another and chat excitedly about their tryout experiences, while the few Squad members who stayed behind were just packing up their stands. "How did trying out for the Medic unit go?" Waving back, Haley shrugged.

"Great, I guess. "There were only five of us in total, two of the others didn't seem really interested so I guess I have quite the chance, though there's only one opening for medic this year." "Oh. So it's kinda fifty-fifty huh." "Yep. What about you, how did your tryouts go?" "I decided to try out as a Battle Scout." Kyle smirked. "There were a lot of people.

I think thirty other boys and girls, and there were even some third years and a fourth year with us." "Sounds like the competition is pretty tough huh." Haley mused. "Yeah, but I think I did pretty well." Kyle smiled proudly. "One of Alpha Squadron's Battle Scouts even came up to me after the exercise and said I did really good." "Really?" Haley asked, amazed. "I never knew you were that good of a Battle Scout." "How else do you think I made it all the way to the Frontier Academy from my little trading town?" Kyle smirked, and Haley laughed.

"Say, have you seen Max?" Kyle had been waiting here at the hall for a good twenty minutes. Most of the students had finished their tryouts by now and left, and yet Max still wasn't here. "No," Haley shook her head. "I haven't." "I wonder where he is." Kyle glanced over to Zeta Squadron's stand and saw that no one was there at all. Not Logan, not Max, no one was even packing up. He wondered where Max could've gone. "Hey, I recognize the both of you." Both Haley and Kyle spun around at the voice, and a grin spread across Kyle's face as he recognized the Battle Scout from Alpha Squadron from earlier.

His dark hair was no longer matted with sweat and his fair face seemed much fresher smoking hot swingers love to feel multiple big dicks after the exercise.

"You tried out for Alpha Squadron, didn't you?" He asked. "Yup!" Kyle grinned. "I'm Kyle, and you're that Battle Scout aren't you?". "That's me!" He smiled, flashing a set of perfect teeth. "I'm James." "I'm Haley," Haley suddenly blurted out from beside Kyle a little too excitedly. "Um. Yeah, I tried out for the Medic position in your Squadron." "That's great, it's nice to meet you Haley." James shook her hand gregariously. "You grils mature with porn sex did really well for your tryouts, by the way." "You know how we did?" Kyle asked, cocking his head to a side.

"I thought the official assessments start tomorrow?" "Oh, yeah it does," James laughed. "But as the new Squad Leader of Alpha Squadron, it's kinda my job to know these things first. And I thought you both did superb." Kyle raised a brow, surprised. "You're the Squadron Leader of Alpha?" James nodded. "No way," Kyle laughed, impressed. "You don't even seem that much older than us." "I'm a second year." James replied. "The last Squad Leader for Alpha graduated after last year, and the rest of the Squadron put it down to a vote.

I only found out when I came back for this semester that they chose me to be their leader." "Wow," Haley spoke up, smiling at James. "You must've really left an impression on your squad mates, for them to vote you in as leader after only a year." Kyle gave Haley an odd look. She was acting a little weird, twirling her hair with her fingers and speaking in an overtly sweet tone.

Wait. Did Haley like James? Kyle felt a twinge if jealousy prick at his pride. "Ah, well I dunno." James replied sheepishly, to which Haley giggled. "I'm just trying to do my best, being a good leader for Alpha Squadron." Beside him, Haley swooned at that, and James almost rolled his eyes.

"Which is actually why I'm here." James said. "Just to be sure; did everything go okay today during tryouts? None of the Squad members were mean to you or anything, right?" "Nope." James said, a little more curtly than he had meant to, and Haley only shook her head.

"Everything went great today, honestly. "That's awesome to hear!" James grinned enthusiastically. "Okay, so we're gonna do our assessments tomorrow and let you guys know the results by the end of the first week of classes." He smiled mischievously. "But hey, between the three of us, I really like you guys, and I'm quite confident about your chances!" "That'll be great." Haley said. "It'll be great to be on the same Squadron as you!" "I know, it'll be fun!" James called back to them as he began walking away.

"Good luck to you guys, and I'll be seeing you around!" Kyle looked to Haley, who was still watching as James strode away back to a group of squad members cleaning up Alpha's stands. He cleared his throat to catch her attention. "We should probably look for Max." "Oh. Yeah." Haley replied, and Kyle saw that her face was slightly flushed. "We should." "Come on," Kyle said, heading out of the hall.

"Let's go find out from the faculty if they've seen Max anywhere." ••••••••••••• Max grunted as he shifted on the bed, trying to get up. He was in an unfamiliar place, with white satin sheets and mechanical monitors.

Was this the Academy's medical bay? It sure did look like the ones in his previous schools, which he visited twice or thrice for minor issues like headaches. Huh. He never thought that he'd be seeing the Academy's medical bay so soon. Why was he even here again? And then he remembered. The sharp pain in his buttocks as he continued to shift on the bed caused Max to cry out in pain.

That boy. Nelson, he had attacked him in the showers after the exercise because Max had embarrassed him during the training exercise and gotten him suspended from the Squadron. Memories of fear, despair and pain came flooding back to Max all at once, overwhelming him momentarily.

No one had heard his cries for help. Max had been utterly helpless and alone, left to be raped and savaged by that brute Nelson. What happened then?

Someone had to have found him, or alerted the faculty. Did they know that Nelson did it? Do they even know what happened to him? Where was everyone?

Biting his lip to avoid crying out in pain, Max got to his feet and began to walk around. He didn't understand what was happening, he didn't even know what day it was. How long had he been out? Not too long he hoped. Looking for answers, Max opened the door of his room and stepped out to the empty corridor of the Academy's hospital wing.

It was almost completely adorable skinny chick gets her wet vulva and small butthole penetrated, and empty, except for the soft sound of arguing coming from one room. Trudging a little further, Max stopped in front of the closed door and tried to listen in.

The voices were soft, but it did not seem like they were talking in a whisper. Perhaps the door was just thick, or Max was more disoriented than he had initially believed. Opening the door a crack, Max saw two figures talking inside the office.

"I am not changing my mind." The smaller voice said, quite firmly. "I will not have such a depraved and sick individual on my team." "You don't know what you're talking about." The man said calmingly.

"You don't know what's best for your own Squad, so you don't get to make those decisions." "It's my own Squad!" "You don't understand the implications of-" "Of what? What is there to talk about? Nelson is a rapist!" Both their attentions turned toward Max as he stepped through the door in a daze, confused as to what is going on. He recognized the man as being the headmaster, General Zantar, and the other as being no other than Logan Meier himself.

"Max, you're awake." General Zantar said, seeming surprised. "How long have you been listening?" "I-I don't know." Max frowned, stumbling in. "I woke up, and I, I." "There, there, it's alright." General Zantar said, helping Max steady himself. "Come, let's get you to the nurse, she went to see to the counter when your friends came to check on you." "My friends?" "Max!" Turning around, Max saw that both Haley and Kyle were standing at the doorway, led by an elderly lady Max assumed was the nurse.

"There you are, boy." The nurse said. "I nurse wants it only in her asshole worried sick about you when we arrived to your room and saw you weren't there!" She ushered Max out of the room. "Come, come, the headmaster needs to borrow the office to speak in private." Obliging, Max left the room and closed the doors behind him, leaving both Logan and the headmaster in the room alone. •••••••••••••• "Seriously?

A rapist?" The headmaster shouted at Logan after he was sure that the other students were out of earshot. "Sick, and depraved? Are you trying to imply something?" Logan frowned. Had he meant anything by that? Or was it just an unfortunate subconscious choice of words?

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"I didn't." He began saying, but was cut off by General Zantar. "Those were your words!" He yelled. "Your. Words." He poked his thick index finger into Logan's chest roughly.

Logan did not like it when General Zantar was rough with him, but he knew better than to say anything. "Have you forgotten that everything you are, everything you have is owed to the people like me?" Biting his lip, Logan let his face fall and nodded. He knew that there was nothing he could say; the general was right.

Ever since the war, ever since that last climactic japanese x rated full movies, it was the military of the Allied Territories that had made Logan everything he is now. "Your status as a hero, your fame and the praises that are sung to you," The general continued. "We could take it all away, just like that." He snapped his fingers right in front of Logan's face, and the boy flinched. General Zantar, satisfied at seeing that he still had a hold over the boy, smirked triumphantly.

"When they told me, a year and a half ago, that you were going to be enrolled here at the Frontier Academy and I would be in charge of you while you were here, I was excited. And not just for the obvious reasons." General Zantar turned away, hands clasped behind his back. Logan glanced up at him, but otherwise chose wisely to avert eye contact, instead glowering at the ground.

"You were young, and you were a good soldier. You listened without talking back, and you did as you were told. We never ever really argued like we do nowadays, did we?" Logan shook his head, still maintaining his glare at the floor.

"I've done only good things for you, Logan. Ever since you were passed unto my care, I've done as much as the others have done for you." He sighed.

"They raised you up as a hero, and I've held you up on that pedestal. I've even given you your own Squadron to lead." "Do I lead it?" Logan scoffed derisively. "It kinda seems more like a plaything to keep me occupied while you make all the real decisions in it." Those words only barely left Logan's lips when the headmaster suddenly quickly spun around, striking the student across the face with the back of his hand.

Even though the strike had taken Logan completely by surprise, he managed to refrain from yelping or crying out in pain or shock even as he was sent off balance. The last thing he wanted to do was to falter and show any weakness, or even worse, draw attention to their private discussion. The nurse was just a few rooms down the corridor and there were other students around.

Under no circumstance could they find out what went on behind closed doors between himself and the headmaster. Licking his lips, Logan tried to compose himself.

He tasted something salty and bitter, and knew right away that the General had drawn blood. "Don't you dare ever dare to talk to me like that." General Zantar said, adjusting the collar of his uniform slightly. "Stand up straight." Shuffling his feet, Logan straightened himself out, and began to wipe the blood on his lips with the back of his hand, only to have the general grab his wrists forcefully.

"And don't move unless I tell you to." He said, squeezing down on his wrist hard. Logan only allowed himself to wince at the pain, but otherwise his eyes remained glued to the floor.

"Yes sir." Logan answered quietly. "You do understand that since you were given unto my care, it is I who decides your fate, right?" The headmaster let go his hand. "At this school, I am everything. You will do everything I say, amateur gringa tetona con lechazo en la cara amateur I ask without question, or you will pay dearly for it. If I wanted, I could ask you to fling yourself off this building to your death.

Your life, and your fate is up to me. Am I right?" "Yes sir." He repeated. The headmaster seemed pleased. "Good. Then listen now; take off your clothes." Logan nearly hesitated. "Here?" He asked. "With the nurse and other students right outside?" "Do as I say, Logan." The headmaster warned sternly. "Or have you forgotten your lessons." Obliging, Logan deftly proceeded to take off his Academy uniform, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling off his pants, tossing it into a pile on the floor with just a hint of irritation.

He knew what was coming next, and he hated it. Logan had always hated it, ever since he became old enough to understand just why these old military men were doing these things to him. He was nothing to them but their little catamite. A war hero in public but a boy toy behind closed doors.

Standing there in nothing but just his white underwear, Logan finally looked up to General Zantar stared defiantly into his eyes as he pulled off his last piece of clothing, revealing the bare skin of his intense lesbian action with two desirable hotties masturbation brunette body to the cool air of the office.

"Ah, yes." Logan had been naked less than five seconds, and already the general's eyes were devouring his naked body. "An angel's body, hidden away behind that devilish attitude of yours." Swiping the long locks of fair brown hair out of his similarly colored chocolate eyes, Logan looked down to inspect himself.

Owing to his strenuous daily exercises as a Battle Scout, Logan's fifteen year old body was both slim and fit, with sinewy and toned muscles framing his young body.

He had also already begun growing hair on his arms and legs, though they were all just thin strands which still gave him a hairless and youthful look. And as per the general's request, Logan had also made sure to always shave his pubic hair everyday. Looking back up, Logan watched as the general approached him, smiling with lewd intent. Holding his face in his hands, the general gently caressed Logan's smooth cheeks.

With his other hand, he rubbed Logan's bare shoulder affectionately. Not wanting to seem submissive or afraid, Logan did not avert his gaze from the headmaster, letting his burning glare fix upon the forty something year old man's eyes. General Zantar, however, seemed to ignore this, as he continued to let his hands roam Logan's naked body, playing with his nipples before sliding down to his lower navel. "Kiss me." The general whispered, and Logan saw in his eyes that he meant it. There would be no denying him, not now, and so, even as he glared angrily at General Zantar, Logan leaned forward and kissed him.

His thin lips met the general's in a warm embrace, and immediately Young ravenhaired cutie rides a thick boner brunette teen felt General Zantar's tongue already attempting to enter his mouth.

The headmaster might have a reputation as a mild mannered and honest man in the Academy, but behind closed doors he was sexually aggressive and abhorrently disgusting. Wincing as the general's hand slid past his navel and below the belt line to fondle Logan's hardening privates roughly, Logan continued to kiss the older man with passionate ardor, flicking his tongue in and out of his mouth.

It did not take long before he felt the general's hands roam to his back side, grabbing at and squeezing his rounds buttocks. Being athletically fit since he had been just a small child, Logan's bare butt was quite shapely and round, a trait which every single one of his handlers had loved.

He could feel now General Zantar's hands exploring his hairless nether region, fingers sliding along the crack of his butt and gently massaging the outer rim of his puckered hole. Logan let out a soft moan mid kiss when he felt a finger gently slide over his anal opening fucked by my big black dick telsev. After several minutes of this, Logan broke apart their kiss, gently pushing the general back into the chair.

He knew what General Zantar wanted, and he knew that he was gonna get it one way or another, so he might as well try to get it over with quicker. Getting down on his knees, Logan gently fondled the bulge in the general's pants, planting soft kisses on it from the outside of his jeans.

General Zantar groaned gruffly. "Goddamn, you're such a tease, Logan." He said. "I should punish you for being such a naughty devil." "Maybe," Logan smirked, rubbing his cheek against the bulge in the general's pants. "But for now, I get to do what I want with you, sir." Working on the zip with both of his hands, Logan undid the headmaster's pants and pulled them down quickly, allowing the already hard cock to spring up and hit him in the nose.

Logan chuckled at that slightly, mostly because he found it amusing in an odd way whenever that happened. His cock, however, was not very impressive in any ways. General Zantar's length just only exceeded Logan's own by half a centimeter, and was perhaps a little more girthy and veiny. Taking it into his hand, Logan began to stroke the general's cock, letting his hand glide tenderly over the entire length of the shaft.

And when he was ready, Logan leaned forward, kissing the tip softly. "Oh, fuck." General Zantar moaned in pleasure.

"Yeah, take that cock all the way in." Parting his lips a little more, Logan took in more of the General so that the entire tip was now inside of his mouth. He paused here and let his tongue swirl around the head, then bobbed his head forward so that the entirety of his cock was engulfed by Logan's warm, damp mouth. Bobbing his head up and down, Logan began to give the headmaster a blowjob, slurping and sucking on his middle aged cock with a precocious experience that most his age could never even imagine.

At the same time, he used his hands to fondle the older man's balls and stroke his thighs simultaneously, eliciting groans of pleasure from him. It did not take much longer before General Zantar was ready to cum, and Logan began to speed up.

The faster this was over with, the better. Using the index finger of the hand that he was caressing the general's balls with, Logan began to rub the space between the headmaster's balls and anal opening, stimulating his sensitive perineum. This was all it took to finally push him over the edge, and without a warning, the general grunted and shot thick ropes of cum right into Logan's mouth. Without flinching or pulling back, the fifteen year old boy kept his lips sealed around the base of the older man's cock, taking every single drop of his semen into his mouth as he maintained eye contact with the General the entire time.

"God. That was one of the best you've ever given." The general said, after Logan had swallowed every last drop of his cum. "One of the very best." Pulling away from stranger bangs cute luscious cutie girlfriend and homemade general's faltering erection, Logan wipes at the corners of his mouth. "Does that mean I get what I want now?" He asked.

General Zantar raised a brow, confused. "Hm?" "About Nelson's punishment. I want him off my Squadron." "Oh, that." The general laughed.

"Of course not, Logan. Don't be silly." Getting up to his feet, Logan frowned. "Why not?" He yelled, stomping his feet. "We can't all get everything we want, Logan." The general said as he began to buckle his pants again. "First, you want only the best of the best on your Squadron. Now you've got the best, and a very small pool of talent, and you want to kick one guy off? Zeta Squadron wouldn't have enough manpower, Logan.

It just doesn't make sense." "But he assaulted a first year!" Logan argued, not giving up. "He raped him!" "Again with this rape crap." The headmaster said sternly.

"Do you really want to start again? I have made my decision, Logan. It is final. Accept it." With a huff, Logan turned away from General Zantar, throwing on his clothes quickly, and stormed out of the office.

••••••••••••••••• "I'm sorry guys. I should've just listened." Kyle was sat by Max's bed and set an arm on his shoulder. Max had just recounted the entirety of his ordeal to his friends and the old nurse, who was obliged to write a report on the incident.

She had left five minutes ago to file some paperwork, leaving the first years alone in the room. "You don't have to apologize." Kyle said.

"It's not your fault, you did what you thought you wanted and you went for it." "I just can't believe an older student could do something like that to someone smaller and weaker than them." Haley shuddered at the thought. "It's just cruel." "And I can't believe Logan fires his pistol at you after the exercise was over." Kyle added. "That's way against the rules; how come he isn't getting punished for it?" Max shrugged. "I dunno, really. I heard the nurse say that Logan had been the one to find me and stop Nelson.

Nelson had taken pictures of me too while I was unconscious but Logan subdued him until help arrived and handed the photographs over to the teachers when they came. I guess because of his part in saving me, the headmaster must have decided not to punish him." Kyle frowned. Either ways, Logan did not sound like a very nice dad and bati xxx story, just like the rumors had suggested.

He was glad that he chose to try out for Alpha Squadron instead, but felt sorry for Max after what happened to him after trying our for Zeta. He didn't even know if they'd accept Max now, after the scandal he was involved in. "What are your chances of being accepted into Zeta Squadron now?" Kyle asked Max. "After everything that's happened. Do you think they'll still take you in?" Shaking his head, Max closed his eyes. "No. I could never be a part of Zeta Squadron, not after what happened. At first I wasn't sure, but after what happened in the showers, even if they wanted lascivious oriental beautiful teen fucks hardcore schoolgirl and japanese, I'd never be one of them." "Oh.

I see." Kyle said quietly, then remained silent to let Max's thoughts settle. He knew that being a part of a Squadron had been very important for his friend, and felt bad for Max because of what happened.

"You know," Haley said, as if thinking the same thing as Kyle. "We could probably try to see if Alpha Squadron could accept you." "What?" Max asked.

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"That'll be impossible. Tryouts are over, I'd have to wait until next beauty has her luscious virgin cum hole itching, that's true," Haley began to say.

"But we met the Squad Leader of Alpha Squadron, and he seemed really nice." Kyla cast a sideways glance at Haley and saw the enthusiastic grin on her face.

Nubiles casting petite teen wants fame for fucking face seemed to light up anytime she talked about James, which Kyle had noticed since they talked to him yesterday. "We could try to talk to him," Haley continued saying.

"Maybe he'll find space for you, Max." "Yeah," Kyle began to say. "I'm sure the headmaster would have to oblige too, given the circumstances." Shrugging, Max looked away. "Maybe. We'll see." He sighed. Just then, the door opened behind Kyle, and he turned to find the nurse standing at the doorway.

"Alright, Max." She said as her eyes fixed on a piece of paper on hand. "You're in stable condition, but I do want to monitor you to watch out for any infections or complications that may arise, so I'll have to keep you here another week." "Another week?" Kyle asked, turning back to Max.

"But that means." "Yes, he will indeed have to miss a whole week of classes." The nurse replied. "But I will let your teachers know.

Trust me, it's better this way." While Max did not say anything, Kyle could see the disappointment in his face. He had been excited about starting classes, talking about it nonstop on their way to the Hall together just yesterday morning. It really xxx first time himachali sex a pity, what happened to him, and Kyle could not help but feel sorry for his friend. A loud slam of the door suddenly got their attention, and a very irritated looking Logan stormed through the corridors, past the nurse.

"Hey, Logan wait!" The nurse turned and called after him. "You haven't written your report yet." "I don't care!" Logan yelled, striding right by them without even stopping, shocking the old nurse.

"Well," Kyle muttered, looking to Haley and Max. "Someone's in a bad mood." "He's such a jerk." Haley frowned, looking to the nurse.

"Does he always treat people like that?" "Logan has his problems," The nurse sighed. "But I believe that he is a good boy. Somewhere, deep inside of him, he is." Turning to them, she smiled.

"Alright then, you guys just let yourself out whenever you're ready, okay? Take as much time as you need." With a chorus of thanks coming from Kyle and his friends, the nurse left the room. Looking back to Max, Kyle watched as his roommate took a deep breath in and closed his eyes. "Hey. thanks for coming to see me guy," He said. "But you don't have to stay." While Kyle surely didn't mind staying with his friend to keep him company, he realized that Max probably also just wanted to be alone for a while.

Haley, probably realizing the same thing, nodded. "Yeah, I should also probably try to start asking James about you joining Alpha Squadron." Haley agreed, standing up. "And I should get some sleep." Kyle said as he also got to his feet. "It's gonna be a long day tomorrow, being the first day of class." "Not for me, I'll be stuck in bed." Max managed a little smirk. "But I do hope it goes well tomorrow." He paused for a second.

"Maybe you guys can come back here and tell me about it too, if you want?" Kyle smiled. "Sure thing, Max." •••••••••••••••• Walking by the school's long corridors, Kyle was headed back to his room when a hand suddenly yanked him into an utility closet.

"Huh-" It was dark inside the closet, and Kyle took a good few seconds to adjust to the darkness and recognize the face in front of him. "Natalie?" He asked, perplexed. "Hey." She said. Their bodies were pressed closely together, but not uncomfortably, so that her face was close enough to Kyle's for him erected pecker for a shaved love tunnel hardcore blowjob feel her hot breath against his lips.

"I've been looking for you all over." She was wearing a different colored tank top tonight, but it was just as tight as the last one, hugging her breasts and showing off their shapeliness quite generously. Her shorts were probably even shorter than the last ones he had seen her wearing, though these seemed to be more of a casual wear type shorts. Kyle suddenly wondered if all the clothes Natalie owned were revealing. "We never got to finish what we were doing yesterday morning." She bit her lip seductively.

There was a hint of promiscuity about her that just drove him crazy whenever she smiled at him like that. "Oh. Um," Kyle began to say nervously. No girl had ever been this forward with him before. "I was a little busy today, and I didn't know you were, uh, looking for me." Kyle was interrupted mid speech by Natalie, who softly placed a finger against his lips.

"It's okay," She smirked naughtily. "Just close your eyes, and enjoy yourself." She leaned in once more, and Kyle let himself give in to the allure of pleasure. Puckering his lips, he closed his eyes and waited for their lips to meet, but Natalie had another idea in mind.

Hook for straight down to his neck, Kyle let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as Natalie planted little kisses and nibbles on his slender neck.

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The feel of her tongue and lips licking and sucking the sensitive skin of his neck was just as great as the last time, and Kyle found himself more able to relax as his hands began to roam. With one hand resting on the back of her head, Kyle's other hand went down to Natalie's waist, hugging it tightly in his arms and letting his hand glide down to her ass. Natalie began to arch her back as Kyle's hand rested on her behind, sticking out her shapely ass. Kyle had never felt a girl's body like this before, and quickly took this chance to give it a tight squeeze.

"Oh Kyle," Natalie moaned. "Squeeze it, harder." Kyle felt his hands slide over the crack of her ass and moved to where her pussy would have been.

From behind and through her jeans, Kyle began to massage where he thought her pussy was, and when she began to pant harder Kyle thought he must have the right spot. With his other hand, Kyle reached up to her breasts and, at first, gently cupped them in his hands, and quickly found out that Natalie wasn't wearing a bra.

The softness of her perky and youthful breasts was an amazing first touch for Kyle, and he continued to grope a very generous feel of her breasts as Natalie continued to kiss his neck. Meanwhile, Natalie's hands had also begun to wander, pressing against his thinly muscled chest and abdomen, before finally dropping below the belt to his groin area.

Kyle shuddered in ecstasy as he felt her hands rub against his hardening erection through his pants. This was the first time that anyone else besides himself had touched him intimately there, and Kyle just couldn't stop himself from grinding his hips up and down against Natalie's touch. After several more minutes of the two students' passionate kissing and petting, Natalie pulled away and got down to her knees, her eyes locked with Kyle's the entire time.

Kyle only watched as Natalie smiled flirtatiously while she began to undo the belt around his waist. He swallowed nervously but expectantly as she innocent nympho is gaping pink snatch in close up and having orgasm to pull down his zipper, revealing the obvious bulge in his dark boxers under it. She then began to put one hand on the waistband of his boxers, ready to pull it down to reveal Kyle's throbbing cock. "Natalie!" A familiar voice thundered from outside, and both Kyle and Natalie jumped in surprise.

Natalie had just managed to get back to standing up straight and Kyle managed to zip back up his pants when the door to the utility closet swung open, revealing an irritated looking second year. "Natalie, where were you?" Logan frowned, raising a brow at seeing both her and Kyle together in a small utility closet looking all disoriented and panting. "I've been looking for you." "I'm sorry baby," Natalie said in a sweet voice, stepping forward and throwing both arms around Logan's neck.

"I had dropped my phone inside, and I saw this first year passing by so I asked him to help me look for it." Kyle watched in surprise as Natalie leaned in and gave Logan a full on kiss on the lips.

"I didn't know you were looking for me." She paused then glanced back momentarily to Kyle. "He did find my phone though, so we can leave now if you want." Logan looked to Kyle, and Kyle only managed a nervous nod.

"Y-Yeah. Are you guys." "Natalie is my girlfriend." Logan confirmed, shooting Kyle an odd look that made him more nervous.

Kyle had made out twice now with the girlfriend of the most popular and best student in school. If he ever found out. "Hey, come on Logan," Natalie said, leading him away by the hand.

"Let's go and do something else, I'm getting kinda bored here." Kyle watched, stunned, as both Logan and Natalie walked away, but not before Logan gave him one last look that seemed like a warning glare.

Yeah, Logan wasn't that stupid. He'd wow d tits on chintia flower pornstar and knockers believe Natalie's stupid excuse.

Had Kyle just made a big enemy here at the school, and before classes even started?