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Busty babe jin a skin tight pencil skirt bondage
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March 21st, 2002 "Master Petrovksy, there is a guest for you by the name of Nesbit. Would you like me to send him in?" Mistress Demi asked, cracking open Petrovsky's door ever-so-slightly. "Nesbit, you say? Yes, send him to my evelin stone and alena croft hot some sex on the couch. I will meet him momentarily." Petrovsky replied, tugging on his tie. After studying himself in the mirror, and adjusting his tie and cuffs, Petrovsky left his room and in the direction of his personal study and office, where Nesbit was no doubt waiting.

"Ah, Petrovsky! Pleasure to see you once more." Nesbit was a short man, with a rolling gut. He was a lower Master from London, England. "I just want to say that your Benefit Dinner was absolutely delightful.

That blonde, Pink I think, was an absolute beauty! I do hope she will be in your auction." Petrovsky laughed, taking the other man's hand. "I'm afraid that is very unlikely, Nesbit. But let's get down to business. What brings you here?" He asked, gesturing to a chair so the man could sit down. He made his way around the desk and took a seat across from the other. "I have a lovely donation for you." Nesbit exclaimed, reaching into his pocket.

Petrovsky expected a check, or at the very least a wad of cash. What he did not expect was a picture. Nesbit handed it over, smiling from ear to ear. Petrovsky eagerly took the picture, studying the young girl. Her skin was a light olive tone, with red, pouty lips and bright, green eyes. Her ebony hair fell to the middle of her back, draping over her naked shoulder and covering much of her small breasts.

The master was pleased with what he saw. "How old?" He asked. "Sixteen." "Her name?" Petrovsky asked, eying Nesbit suspiciously.

No master in his right mind gave away a woman in her prime without a reason. "Viper." "Is she clean?" "Of course!" "What's wrong with her?" "What do you mean?" "She is young, beautiful, disease-free, but has the name of a snake. Why?" Nesbit looked nervous, attempting to avoid Petrovsky's gaze. "W-well. she." "Spit it out, Nesbit!" "She's uncontrollable!" The fat man blurted. "What?" Petrovsky asked, stunned. "Is that all?" "She is incapable of being broken, I swear!

The girl- she bit a man's penis, almost severing it!" Petrovsky laughed, "Bring her on the 24th. I will have her broken in a week.

Thank you, Nesbit." He looked at the weak man, unable to believe the man couldn't train one, little girl. Nesbit and Petrovsky shook hands, and then the man was on his way. He had left the picture, and Petrovsky couldn't stop staring at the wide-eyed, stunning girl named Viper.

XXX Jack walked into Winter's cell, nudging the sleeping boy with his foot. "Wake up, time to go." Winter stirred, slowly opening his eyes and sitting up. "Stand, slave!" Jack shouted, kicking Winter.

The slave gasped and made his way to his feet, taking hold of the wall so he would not fall. "Turn around." Jack ordered.

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As much as Winter wanted to take a swing as Jack he was too weak and sluggish to do much more than what Jack was asking now. Jack pulled out a set of cuffs and locked Winter's wrists together. Soon he was leading him out of the room and into another room on the left.

It was a bathroom. Jack removed the cuffs. "Do your business, take a shower, and put on the set of clothes beneath the sink. Be ready in twenty minutes." And with that Jack exited the restroom. Jack came back twenty minutes later, on the dot. Winter had just slipped on the crocs and was officially clean and ready for the physician. "Up the stairs. Make a run for it and I will shoot you." Winter glanced at Jack's hand and took notice of the small revolver.

"I won't." Jack smacked him in the side of the head. "Won't what?!" "I won't make a run for it," Winter saw Jack raise his hand again. "Master." He finished.

Jack put the cuffs back on, this time not pulling Winter's hands behind his back. "Good, now up the stairs. Time to see the doc." XXX "Hey, Fauna." Lotus muttered as he prepared dinner. Fauna was supposed to help, but she tended to be useless when it came puremature blonde milf alena croft takes a cock in her perfect ass cooking.

"Yeah?" She asked, sitting on the edge ayu azhari scenes frang zagarino the kitchen counter, flipping through an issue of Italian Vogue. "Did a family member sell you?" Lotus asked quietly, not quite daring to look at her.

"What?" She asked, glancing up from her magazine. "Where the Hell did this come from?" "Pink wanted to know." He said quickly. "Then why are you the one asking?" Fauna asked, studying him curiously.

"Nevermind." He replied, cutting up some parsley and sprinkling it over the roasted potatoes. Fauna watched him for a few seconds longer, finally ignoring the previous conversation and returning to her magazine.

The silence was awkward but if he wasn't going to speak what was on his mind instead of Pink's she refused to participate. "Damn it, Fauna." Lotus mumbled, turning to her with a fire in his eyes. "Can't you just answer a question without looking too far into it?" Fauna seemed to really think over his question, pondering it. "No. Remember, I am Fauna." She smiled at him.

Lotus' shoulders fell, and a smile broke out onto his face as well. "Sometimes you really piss me off." "That's okay." Fauna replied, swaying her legs back and forth. "Because half the time I want to he came on my belly omg his cum is so hot you." "And the other half of the time you want to lay me out on the floor and fuck me." Lotus said casually. Fauna blushed, staring at him in shock and rage. "H-how dare you say that!" She screeched, hopping from the counter.

"That was uncalled for, I was joking around!" Lotus turned to her, looking down into her beautiful eyes. "So was I… kinda." He smiled sheepishly before returning to the potatoes and beef.

"You think about it too." Fauna said a few moments later.

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"About what?" "About fucking me. I know you want to. Gorgeous blonde babe madelyn monroe fucks her boyfriend pornstars and big dick bet you pretend every woman you have been with is me. Whether they are beneath you, or on t-" "Stop it, Fauna." He said, freezing.

"Top. Or sucking your dick. You want it to be me, and it kills you that Master Petrovsky has never allowed us to do a show together. Turn around." Lotus stood stock still, his dick harder than ever. Everything she said was right, but he didn't want to face it. He couldn't. "Look at me, Lotus." Against his will, or better judgment, Lotus turned to her. She was on his knees, her face just inches from his crotch. Fauna took hold of his jeans, not allowing him to move. She nuzzled his crotch, and felt his cock through the thick material.

"Do you want me to, Lotus? Do you want me to put you in my mouth. to suck you dry and even more? Tell me, Lotus. Tell me what you want me to do to you, and I will." She moaned out, beginning to unzip his jeans.

Lotus gripped the counter's edge behind him, breathing heavily. He wanted this. He wanted her, more than anything else, he wanted to be in her mouth. Lotus looked away, gritted his teeth, and mentally kicked himself in the ass.

"Get the fuck away from me, Fauna." Fauna was taken aback, unsure how to react or proceed. Rejection was the farthest thing from her mind, and it stuck like a knife in her heart.

She stood up, holding back the tears that were sure to come. She rushed to the kitchen door, wanting to escape his cold gaze. As she opened it Fauna looked back, glaring at him. "My family did not sell me. I refused my boyfriend a blow job and he broke up with me.

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I ran off, and was kidnapped." With those last words she turned away, leaving the room and never looking back. If Lotus wanted to kick himself in the ass before, he really wanted to bust his face against the marble counter now.

He really fucked up this time, and he wasn't sure there was any way Fauna would ever forgive him for it. XXX Winter's physical sluts found tiny dick in club striptease and hardcore to drawl on and on. The doctor asked him numerous questions and had a variety of tests performed. He even took two vials of blood.

Winter hadn't realized it until he arrived at the clinic, but this was no normal physician. By the look of the patients in the waiting room, they were all slaves as well.

Each had a master or mistress with them, were dressed in skimpy clothing, and cuffed. None spoke, and most didn't even glance around the room. Winter felt out of place, but also relieved to know he wasn't the only person in this unusual predicament.

He also felt better with his torso bandaged up, allowing the ribs to heal properly. On the way back to his new home Jack kept staring at him, eying him up and down. Winter knew it wasn't a good sign. And he was right. Within a few minutes of coming to that conclusion Jack unzipped his pants, pulling out his flaccid cock.

"Suck me." Winter looked at him, not moving. "Did you hear me, slave?! I said suck me!" Jack grabbed Winter's shoulder, pushing him onto the limousine's floor. Winter found it hard to move with the cuffs but he made his way over to Jack, getting in between the man's legs. His hands were out of commission so all he had to work the cock was his mouth, which Jack seemed to find entertaining.

Winter licked the hot amateur couple having great sex homemade webcam, circling it several times before bobbing up and down, going only a little ways down the shaft. Jack put his hand on the back of Winter's head, moaning out his pleasure.

"Deeper, slave." He demanded. Winter did as he was ordered, forcing the cock down his throat, causing him to gag repeatedly. "Ah, ah!" Jack groaned, shooting cum into the back of Winter's throat, forcing him to swallow. Winter ignored it, only thinking of two things. One: How much trouble would I get in if I bite it off?

Two: I need to escape, and soon. March 24th, 2002 "This is her?" Petrovsky asked, looking down at the petite, semi-naked girl. She was truly beautiful, and once broken he had no doubt she would sell for hundreds of thousands. Perhaps millions if he could transform her into an enchanting seductress before the last Benefit Dinner.

"Ye-yes, sir." Nesbit said, breathing heavily as he tried to keep her arms back. "She's a bit of a rascal, as I said before." "No problem, I will whip that out of her quickly." Petrovsky grinned, taking a step forward.

"Viper." He said calmly, looking down at the struggling, whimpering girl. "Viper!" He shouted, back handing her and forcing the slave to fly from Nesbit's arms. "You may leave, Nesbit. Thank you." The other master wasted no time in scurrying out of Petrovsky's home. Viper's new master walked toward her, making a tsk tsk tsk sound as he neared the fallen angel. "On your knees, Viper." The slave girl just glared at him from her place on the floor.

"Viper…" He warned, noticing a rekindled spark in her eyes as the girl rose to her knees, then to her feet, facing off with him. "Are you going to obey, Viper?" He asked, almost casually. "Fucking die, asshole." She growled, rushing at him.

Viper made it no more than two feet before a searing pain whipped across her back, forcing her to fall. She cried out, archer her back at an unbelievable angle. "At least she's flexible, that's a plus." Jack said from behind her. In his hand he held a whip with metal ball bearings sewn from end to end. The masters laughed together as they stood up the heaving and crying Viper. "How about now, Viper. Will you submit?" Petrovsky asked, almost curious. "No." She replied, instantly receiving the whip again.

Trails of welts licked their way acrossed her chest, arms, and neck. Viper sobbed. "How about now?" Petrovsky asked. "No." Viper cried out again as the whip yo maria de brunoymaria otra madura y dos nintildeas nos follamos a dos jovencitos contact with her skin.

"How about now?" "No." Another hit, and a new flurry of tears and sobs. "What about now?" "Go to Hell!" Viper screamed out as a metal ball bearing hit her nipple. "Take her to the basement. Break her." Petrovsky ordered, agitated by the girl. XXX "So, I guess the new guy is coming up from the basement today." Rusty muttered as he line up with stick with the ball.

"Solid green, corner pocket." Rusty missed. "Seems so. Master Petrovsky has been down there a lot, apparently teaching him English in between training." Pink replied, taking her turn at billiards. "Uh, that blue striped one. in the opposite corner pocket." Despite not knowing the proper terminology for this game she effortlessly hit it in, giving her partner, Basil, a high five. "Oh, yeah? Where's he from?" Rusty asked as Pink took another turn, obviously very good at this particular game.

"Germany." Rusty's partner, Dazzle, replied as he took his turn. This time he made the solid green into the corner pocket Rusty went after beforehand. "Anyone hear a name yet?" Basil asked. "Breeze said his original name was Patrick, but no slave name was mentioned yet." Pink responded.

"Maybe they should call him Blue." Dazzle suggested. "Blue?" Pink asked, perplexed. "Yeah," Dazzle took his second shot, also making it. "Because of his eyes. Then we'd have Pink and Blue. Clever, isn't it?" He joked, brushing back his long, blonde locks as he took a third shot, this time barely missing. "That isis love behind the scenes be easy on Master, just name each of us after a color." Basil murmured, a smile lighting up his face.

The four all shared in a laugh at the insanity of that idea. It was quickly cut short as Mistress Demi entered the room, with an air of superiority.

"Come, slaves. It is time to meet your new housemate." "Yes, mistress." They said in unison and without hesitation, set down their sticks and followed Demi orderly down the hall. They entered the living area, joining Breeze, Fauna, and Lotus against the far wall. Across from them was the basement door, where they could easily hear the thud of two sets of footsteps making their way up. XXX Winter's last few days in the basement were a blur. He remembered Petrovsky being there a lot.

Sometimes he would be teaching him English while the next he would have his dick working in and out of his ass, sometimes pissing deep inside the slave, causing Winter much discomfort. Then, just like that, Demi entered the room. "You are leaving the basement today, Winter. I am going to release you. Will you obey?" "Yes, Mistress." He whispered, too weak to fight. "That's a good boy." Mistress Demi lower him to the floor, helping him up slowly, and moving him from the room.

"You have twenty minutes in the bathroom. Clothes are beneath the sink." Winter could only nod as he entered the restroom, closing the door behind him. Only minutes later he heard a loud scream, followed by frantic crying and several loud thuds as a struggle ensued. He could hear the whimpers of a girl outside the bathroom, and then she was muffled, presumably being taken is his previous room.

He could hear her shouting, begging someone to stop and asking to just die. Then a laugh rang out, and he knew it was Jack with another slave. Winter quickly showered and dressed, wanting to escape those heart wrenching screams. Five minutes later Winter left the bathroom, clean, and dress in a pair of blues jeans and white T-shirt.

"You look impeccable, doll." Mistress Demi commented, almost purring as her eyes lusted after him. "Hands." She ordered, putting a set of cuffs around his wrists. "Lead the way, dear. Time to meet your fellow slaves." XXX All the slaves were nervous with excitement. There hadn't been a new slave since Rusty, and that was well over eleven months ago. They knew this slave wouldn't be around for long, but to have something different occur than their standard schedule caused a stir among the house.

Lotus looked over at Fauna, desperately wanting to reach out and stroke her hand, to apologize for his earlier screw up. She still wasn't speaking to him, and he hadn't stopped kicking himself in the ass since that night in the kitchen. Rusty wasn't looking at no one in particular, just elegant bookworm gets seduced and pounded by her senior lecturer for the new slave to present himself.

He stood next to Pink, who was eying the basement door eagerly. Breeze didn't want to be here at all. She hated what she did to Patrick, and had no desire to face him.

She felt great shame, and had no clue how to make it right. Dazzle wasn't paying attention to what was going on at all. He was watching Basil with great jealously. Basil had only one person on his mind, and that was Petrovsky.

He couldn't help but love his master, he had saved him once upon a time, and despite his feelings for Dazzle, Petrovsky was his one true love. Hearing the knob turned, all looked at the door, holding their breath.

Mistress Demi walked out first, followed by the blue-eyed Winter. Everyone agreed with Dazzle, his eyes were stunning. Demi led Winter to the middle of the room, having him face the slaves. "This is Winter." The mistress said clearly. "Introduce yourselves, slaves." They began with the one on the end, Basil.

Basil stepped forward.

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"I am Basil, welcome to Master Petrovsky's home." "I am Dazzle, it is great to finally meet you." "I am Rusty, nice to have you join us." "I am Pink, glad to meet you Winter." Breeze stepped forward, preparing herself. "I am Breeze," she paused. "It is great to see you again." "I am Fauna, I hope we get to know one another." Lotus glanced at Fauna, curious about her statement. Was she trying to make him jealous?

"I am Lotus, welcome to our family." He muttered, stepping back. "Say thank you, Winter." Master Petrovsky ordered. "Th-thank you. all of you." He said to the slaves, looking directly in Breeze's direction. XXX "So. what did you do for fun, y'know, before last week?" Basil asked cautiously as the slaves all sat in the dining room, eating a meal of steamed vegetables and ham.

Winter chew on the ham, looking Basil up and down before proceeding. "Walked around Munich, stole shit, went to the arcade, and didn't get kidnapped." The room fell silent, uncomfortable with the rage radiating from Winter. Lotus set down his fork, staring at Winter intently. Winter looked at him, frowning. "What the Hell do you want?" "Talking like that can get yourself in deep shit, Winter. Might be best if you keep your mouth shut." Lotus warned, taking a bite of broccoli.

"Lotus is top slave, Winter." Pink said softly, looking down. surprise blowjob he starts to splay hime making her eyes spin into the back of her head is allowed to punish us for our indiscretions." "Are you serious?" Winter said, looking from Pink to Lotus.

"You fucking serious? Ever heard of standing you ground and uniting? There are eight of us, three of them!" "Stand up, Dazzle." Lotus murmured, pushing his chair back and walking around the table to Dazzle. "Drop your pants and bend over." Lotus grabbed a large wooden spoon from the counter and aligned it with Dazzle's ass. In one swift move he had shoved it in, deep, causing the blonde boy to grunt loudly. Lotus looked over at Winter as he worked the instrument in and out of the other boy.

"Do not think I am on your side, do not think any of them are on your side. And do not ever consider fighting against Master Petrovsky. When they aren't around I am in charge, and I can force you to fuck or be fucked. Do you understand?" Winter looked at him, and then around the table. They were all eating their dinner, unphased by Dazzle's upturned ass and the spoon which was being stroked in and out of him.

He looked down, nodding. "Yes," He replied. "I understand."