Hard mom and sun sex

Hard mom and sun sex
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My first sexual experience was with my older sister. m/f I was just thinking back to my first sexual experience and thought it might pornstar sex kitten gets her butt hole shagged with massive pecker an interesting story to tell. I was in my room playing a video game. They were not as good back then as they are now. My sister, Donna, who was two years older than me came in and shut the door behind her. "Turn that off", she said in sort of a commanding voice.

I paused my game and looked at her. "What?", I asked. We got along pretty well but I was annoyed that she had interrupted my game. "My boyfriend wants me to suck his cock and I have never done it before. I watched it on the internet and know what to do but I'm going to practice on you so I can do it good for him. Get over here." I was shocked. She took my hand and pulled me up out of my chair and pushed me down onto my bed on my back.

Donna grabbed my belt and opened it, unzipped my jeans and pulled on them. "Lift your butt." I did and she pulled my jeans and shorts down to my knees.

I could tell from her voice that she was nervous. Donna sat on the side of my bed. For a minute she just looked at my cock. I was already hard as a baseball bat. My five inches stood there up above my belly pointing at my head. It was not as big then as it is now but I very easily and often got an erection. Just looking at a sexy girl would get it hard. I had not yet fucked a girl but I jerked off frequently. A couple of my guy friends and I sometimes jerked off together but we never touched each other.

Donna reached out and wrapped her hand around my shaft. "Oh, it's so hot, and so hard." She started to stroke it, sliding the loose outer skin up and down over the hard inner shaft. It felt much better that when I did it myself. I moaned. "Did I hurt you?", she asked. "No, it feels great", I replied.

A small amount of pre-cum appeared at the tip and ran down the shaft onto her hand. Then she quickly dropped her head to my crotch, taking her hand away and taking the full length of my virgin cock into her mouth.

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She gagged and almost threw up. Donna pulled off and fought to regain her composure. "Too much, too soon I guess", she almost laughed. After she swallowed a couple of times and cleared her throat, she leaned back down and more slowly took about half of me in her mouth and closed her lips tightly around my throbbing penis.

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Donna started bobbing her head up and down my prick. Her tongue rubbed along the underside of my cock head.

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I didn't think I would last thirty seconds it felt so good. I lay there with my eyes closed trying to control my breath. I was disappointed when she stopped and pulled her head off. She asked, "Am I doing it right?" "Oh God yes, I've never felt anything so good", I replied.

She smiled and put me back in her hot wet mouth. She was going up and down at a fast pace and now she was taking all of my five inches in her mouth.

My ball sack tightened and my prick swelled a little more and I moaned and grabbed her head as I shot rope after rope of my sauce into my sister's mouth. I saw my spunk dripping out of the sides of her mouth and she gagged again. Donna showed me that her mouth was empty.

"They said that I should swallow it. It's sure is slimy and salty but not as bad as I thought it would be and I party sluts gangbanging lucky black guy in a afterparty orgy know there would be so much.

On the internet it said that after a few times I will come to like it. I guess I will have to practice on you some more, Little Brother, so I will like it when I do it for Jeff.

How long till you can do it again?" I was still breathing hard but I told her that it didn't take long and that if she would let me play with her tits while she sucked me some more I should get hard again really quick. Donna got up and pulled her shirt over her head and unhooked and dropped her bra and then got back on my bed. I reached out and gave her B-cup breasts that stood out firmly from her chest a squeeze as her lips slid back over my prick. I never thought of my sister as beautiful but she was OK.

She was 5'5" and weighed about 120 pounds. It had not been all that long since she got her tits. I really liked her big, dark brown nipples and I wanted to suck them. I had often seen the dark spots and bumps thru her tee shirts when she walked around the house without a bra on. They were the first pair of tits that I had ever touched or even gotten a good look at other that the ones I saw on the internet or in magazines.

I did see Mom's one time when her swim suit top came off in our swimming pool but she quickly covered them back up, smiled and apologized.

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Mom's were a lot bigger. I quickly got hard again and Donna sucked slower this time. She made long strokes up and down the length of my shaft and licked the head with her tongue while I played with her boobs. I started pushing up each time her mouth came down.

We were both moaning with pleasure. I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples and she sucked hard on my cock. I had lasted almost three minutes this time when she pulled off and told me that her jaw was starting to get sore and asked me how much longer it would be before I shot again.

I told her that I didn't know but that I always lasted longer the second time. Then I pushed down on the back of her head. She got the idea and went back to face fucking me. It took her another minute to get me off and I again filled her mouth with cum.

She quickly swallowed my load. Donna looked at me, "It was better that time." She shifted position and brought one of her boobs to my mouth.

"Suck it, Little Brother." I had been hoping to be able to do that and quickly and happily took it in my mouth and nursed on it like I was a baby. I think I brought her to an orgasm because she moaned loudly and jerked before taking it away from my sexy big ass anal first time talent ho. I saw that her hand was down inside her pants while I sucked her boob.

My sister gave me a quick little peck of a kiss on the lips and then she got up. She put on her shirt but not her bra. I'll come back tomorrow and we can practice some more.

I said, "Sure, and when you are ready to fuck Jeff, we can practice that first too." Donna smiled at me, I'm not ready for that yet but next time I will let you lick my pussy if you want." Then she left and went to her bedroom.

I jerked off one more time thinking about what had just happened before going to sleep. That was my first sexual experience and it was with my older sister. I had more fun with her several times before I got another girl to let me have sex with her. The practice was good for me as well as for Donna.

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