Hot teen creampie xxx my annoying stepbro

Hot teen creampie xxx my annoying stepbro
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I remember the summer my parents divorced. Dad and I came home from a camping trip a day early and my Dads friend Mike was in the bedroom with my Mom.

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They had a big fight and Dad packed up his clothes and told me to pack my things too, as we were leaving. We stayed in a motel for a few days, before Dad rented a place in a rundown mobile home park.

Being in a new neighborhood, I didn't know anyone.

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The only person I had met was the landlord who ran the trailer park. His name was John and he was in his late 50s, gray hair, with a big beer gut. Shortly after we had moved in, I was outside looking for something to do when I saw the landlord sweeping up around the little cinder block building that housed the laundry room.

I said hi to him and asked him what he was doing. He told me it was a full time job keeping the place up.

He told me he sure wished he could find someone to help, but hadn't found anyone looking for work. I told him I didn't have anything to do and that I would like the job. He said he would probably have to talk to my dad and he wasn't sure if I was big enough to handle the job yet. I should probably tell you a little about myself: My name is Tommy. I am built smalljust like my mother.

Back then I was only 4'10, about 85lbs. I had long straight black hair that hung almost to my shoulders, with big brown eyes. My mothers friends had always told me I looked just like her. I was sure my dad wouldn't mind if I got a job, so I told the landlord that I would have my dad talk to him that evening. When dad got home from work I told him that I might be able to get a job and that the landlord just needed him to tell him it was okay. My dad and I walked over to the landlords trailer.

John was sitting outside his trailer drinking a beer. He offered one to my dad and they began talking about what kind of work I would be doing and who would be supervising. John told my dad it would mostly be yard work, mowing, weeding, raking leaves. And if I was good and paid attention and did what I was told, he could even teach me some light household maintenance jobs.

My dad told John, he wasn't sure if I was old enough yet, but if John was going to be keeping an eye on me and be teaching me, that we could give it a try. It was agreed that I would start the very next morning. John told me that work started at 7 and not to be late.

I was so excited that I got up at 5, the same time my dad got up for work. I was outside Johns trailer at 6:30 ready to start. When John saw I was already there, he opened his door and told me to come on in while he finished getting ready. I was so early that John hadn't gotten dressed yet.

He was sitting at his table in his bathrobe, drinking coffee and reading the morning paper. He told me to big tit shelby rides her huge dildo down and asked if I wanted coffee.

I told him no thanks and just sat there waiting for him. He put down his paper and asked me questions about myself.

Where we lived before, if I had friends, what did I like to do? He seemed really interested so I told him about my old school, and about some of my friends and even about the fight mom and dad had. He asked me if I had a girl friend.

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I laughed and told him no. He asked me "Why not, don't you like girls?" I told him girls were okay, but that I didn't have a girl friend. Then he shocked me by asking me if I liked to look at naked girls. I told him I never had. "Not even in magazines?" He asked. "No" I said.

He got up and went into his bedroom, rummaged around in a drawer and then called out to me "Come in here, I want to show you something".

I went into his bedroom and laid out on his bed were several porn magazines! They had pictures of girls with big tits, some even showed their pussys! Wow! I had never seen porn magazines before. " Do you like them?" He asked. My mouth was dry and I could barely stutter out a yes as my eye bugged out looking at the beautiful women in the photos. He sat on his bed and opened another. It showed a naked man and a girl on her knees with his cock in her mouth! "What is she doing?" I asked him He told me "That's called sucking cock." I could feel my little cock getting hard as I stared at the pictures.

He showed me more and more. Girls playing with their pussies, girls putting things inside of themselves, girls getting fucked by men with huge cocks, fine babes in pants enjoying strap pantyhose lesbians with cum running down their faces.

Then he showed me one magazine that had nothing but pictures of naked men. Big hairy men, holding their hard cocks. Even men holding other men's cocks! He said "Looks like you're getting excited, your cock is trying to get out." He was right, my little cock was so hard, straining against the fabric of my jeans that it hurt.

My face turned red from embarrassment. "Don't worry" He said, "Mine gets that way too." And then he opened his robe, exposing his cock to me. I had never really frisky beauty satisfies her longing pornstar and hardcore another mans cock before. It was long and thick. The head looked like a huge red mushroom. The piss slit seemed big enough to put a pencil in.

There was clear liquid leaking out the end, as his cock bobbed up and down. He began to slowly stroke it, squeezing more precum out and using his thumb to rub it all over his cock.

I couldn't do anything but stand there and stare as he ran his hand up and down the shaft. I didn't know I was running my tongue on my lips till he asked me why I was doing it. "Do you want a taste, Boy?" He asked. "Do you want to suck my cock?" I couldn't say a word. I was in shock. I didn't know what to do. He reached out and put his hand on my shoulder and lightly pushed down. " Kneel down boy" he said. "You want it, don't you?" "I'll bet you can't wait to taste my cock".

I followed his lead and knelt down. His cock was right in front of my face now, bobbing and twitching up and down.

The precum was running out and a long streak of it run almost to the floor before falling off. "Taste it boy" "You know you want to." As my tongue involuntarily snaked out he said "That's it boy, that a good boy." "Suck my cock now." "Do it just like the pictures." My mouth opened and his cock slid in.

First the silky softness of the head, then my lips tightened as the ridge passed.

"Take your time boy, no need to rush." His hands were holding my head as he slowly guided my mouth up and down on his shaft, letting me have more with each stroke till his cockhead hit the back of my mouth and caused me to begin gagging. He stopped and said " Now boy, I'm going to put my cock down your throat." "You just need to relax and swallow as it goes in." "Don't fight it boy, just let it happen." His words were soft and assuring as he slowly pushed my head back down.

"Swallow now boy." "That's it, you can do it." "Relax now, here it comes." Just swallow as it goes in." And then his cock was in my throat!

I couldn't breathe and I started to panic. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said "You're doing fine boy" "Just try to breathe through your nose next time." "Are you ready?" he asked.

I nodded yes and he began again, slowly till he hit the back of my mouth again. "Relax boy." Here it comes." "Just swallow and breathe boy," "You're doing just fine." Again his cock was buried in my throat, but his gentle touch and soothing words helped me relax. I didn't panic and soon his cock was slowly sliding in and out, his hairy stomach hitting my face each time he thrust in. He was still talking to me, telling me what a good boy I was and how good my mouth felt on his cock.

Soon he said "Get ready boy." "I'm giving you your first load of cum." He pulled back till just the head of his cock was locked behind my lips and told me to suck and use my tongue. His cock seemed to swell even more then I felt the first spurt as it ran through the big vein on the bottom of his cock, past my lips and flooded my mouth. "Swallow it boy." "Drink my cum." He said. Spurt after spurt hit the roof of my mouth coating my tongue with thick salty juice.

I big tit sexy babes fucked at work as fast as I could but there was so much it was leaking out the corners of my mouth.

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As his orgasm subsided, I sucked and licked till he pulled his cock out. "That's enough boy." "I'll let you have more later." He said. "We have all summer"