Miya khalifa sex stories new x story

Miya khalifa sex stories new x story
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They drag me violently through the white halls of some building, their hands bruising my poor arms. I guess it might be partly my own fault, the bruising I mean, since I am trying to groin the two men as they heft me through the hall and into a room that has two sets of pressurized doors.

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They throw me on the floor, and I fire a wad of spit onto one of their boots. Baring his teeth, he raises his hand to backhand me across the face, but a speaker in the corner of the room crackles to life just in time. "Enough.

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Please secure the prisoner and leave the room." The man looks at me with hatred in his eyes, then none too gently lifts me onto a table, restraining my arms and legs with belts.

Before he leaves however, he grabs my breast roughly, then rips my shirt off, tearing it into stupid russian teen nastja enjoy deep hard anal fuck, then leaves through the door. "You little pecker!!!" I scream after him. "Come back and fight like a man, you bitch!" I throw myself against the tight Velcro belts, but they don't budge. The door opens again, but this time a man in a white doctors gown, the tail of which flows out behind him like a cape.

Behind him appear to be two lap assistants. "I hope I find you in good condition Kit," smiles the man. "It would be a shame if you were to die, I hope to exercise many new ideas on you before you break. Do you still refuse to give us the information" I answer with the most ferocious scream I can manage, my hair falling over my face as spittle flies from my mouth. The doctor is standing at a safe distance from my fit.

"Good, victoria summers shakes her attractive tits good. The first I want to try I think is my favorite." He lifts up a tiny black seed, and one of the lab assistants rotates the table until I'm standing up.

Then both assistants take a long rope from both walls to my right and left, and attach them to the cuffs on my wrists. After cranking them so tight that I'm nearly on my toes, they undo all the other restraints.

I look down and see that I'm standing in a large patch of rich, soft, dark soil. Looking back up at the doctor I bark out a laugh. "What are you going to do Eh Force me to watch grass grow" I laugh and dance on the ropes, yanking hard on them.

"No," he answers, and smiling broadly tosses the black seed onto the soil. It lands right between my legs. A sprinkler thumps on above me, and wonderful, warm water quickly drenches me.

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I toss my wet hair back onto my back and, still laughing, look down. The seed is already sprouting roots, and a tendril is snaking up into the air. "This, Kit, is a new species never before seen by civilized humans. It was found deep in Africa, and the tribes there call it the sinful plant. It traps animals, and that includes humans, and forms a symbiotic relationship with them.

It's quite something to watch." The tendril from the plant has split in two while the Doctor was talking and wrapped around my ankles tightly. My feet are now solidly rooted to the ground, and the tendril spirals up my legs.

I now have a good idea about what's going to happen, and start thrashing about more violently than I ever had before. The now thick vines are all the way up my thighs, and have slid up my shorts, and now my underwear. I feel one up my front, and the other now hot teen small tits big ass gets fucked the way it should be p two my rear, then I feel the very tips of the plant touch my two holes down there.

The tendrils are slightly fuzzy, and very hard feeling, like wood, and in a few moments the front one slides into my pussy hole, and the rear one into my ass. "Oh shit!" I exclaim, as the fast growing vine grows right up into me, the little hairs lengthening and gripping me tight. It goes deeper and deeper into my ass and vagina. I moan out in pleasure, and the bonds on my wrists are removed. "I don't think we'll be needing these any more," he says.

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I reach down and grip the thick vine at the base of where it enters me, and pull hard, but I only get pain. The hairs on it are now becoming painful as they starts to actually dig into my vagina, rooting themselves deep into me, and the vine continues to grow wider and deeper into me, and my pussy fills with heat, swelling with pleasure.

The vine in my ass seems to be growing much faster, and it too is rooting itself to me. I can feel the one in my ass go farther into me than anything ever has before, and when it hits the first bend in my large intestine, it just follows the path deeper, seeming to absorb all my fecal mater.

The one in my vagina is now stretching me tight, and is the width of a baseball bat at the thickest, but tapers to a point at the end. The point touches the very back of my vagina, but doesn't stop. I feel a sharp prick, and it pokes through my cervix with the ease that tree roots penetrate slate, but in fast forward, and then stops.

It continues to thicken inside of me, but at the end of the vine in my vagina, deep in my womb, a bulb begins growing, and I can feel many long, thick roots sticking out of it. The roots dig into me painfully, and I grit my teeth to keep from screaming. The one in my ass has reached my small intestine, and is still growing just as fast. My belly seems alive with snakes, and my womb is expanding as if I were pregnant, and going through the nine months at break-neck speed.

The pain starts to dull now, as the plant seems to be injecting me with some kind of medicine to let me stretch like this, but it still hurts to watch, and the feeling in my pussy is still 100%. The vine in my ass is now stretching me wide as well, and is racing through my small intestine until it enters my stomach, where it too stops and forms a bulb. The lee dia fucks for a facial brunette and cumshot of this one start to take hold as well, digging deep into me while the plant grows thicker.

"OH Jesus!" I pant over and over. I'm going to orgasm soon just from the feeling of being so full. The vines are moving in a slight waving motion inside of me, and still thickening. My pussy stretches wider and wider, giving me no end of pleasure, even through the pain of stretching flesh. Somehow, my ass and pussy seem to be able to stretch to accomodate, which I blame on the plant, and soon both of my holes are stretched to nearly four inches in diameter.

Looking down I see that my slit is completely filled with the vine. I try to sit down, but the vines support me and keep me standing. All the while the doctor and his assistants are taking notes on clipboards. "Please," I groan, my hand drifting to my clit, "make it stop." "You know how to make it stop, just tell us what you know." The plant beats me to my clit. What looks like a flower buds up right next to my clit, opens up, then clamps down hard on my love button.

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My knees buckle as the plant plays with my clit mercilessly, rubbing and twisting my clit while lubing it up with some hot liquid.

I scream as an orgasm hits me, my pussy clasping the vine and my entire body becoming weak. The plant doesn't stop though, and I start crying as my now tired pussy is still stretched, and my sensitive clit flicked and rubbed and twisted.

I want so badly to lay down. Then, the plant starts pulling me down. The vines outside me seem to be shortening, absorbing themselves into me, and I am pulled mercilessly to the ground until my butt and cunt lay nearly flat. Then, the roots disentangle themselves from the dirt and pull themselves up into me, and shakily I can stand again. The roots wrap themselves around my waist, forming a strong, and very tight, pair of living panties.

"Now, will you start cooperating, or should I continue" "Eat shit and die." I spit, unable to get up. The plant is still teasing my clit, and the vines in my ass and pussy are alia bhat and sunny leone fucked moving. Shouting out and arching my back, another orgasm hits me, and I realize that my cum is being completely absorbed by the plant.

It's feeding off my cum. The doctor laughs, an evil, demented laugh that chills my bones. "Very good, I have quite the battery of tests that, well, lets say no one ever volunteers for. This is just the first, and I think I rather like this plant, don't you Let me tell you what this plant will continue doing to you. It will make you cum over and over until you need to eat. Then, it will let you eat and after you've eaten it will make you cum again and again until you need to eat and drink widowmaker anal hard fuck by black doomfist. You won't need to use the restroom, and any predators will be dealt with by the plant.

It's a beautiful relationship, don't you think" He's met by my moaning and gasping, unable to answer. The plant is picking up its movements, and I'm left twisting on the ground, clutching at my pussy hole filled with the plant.