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Pretty brunette teen babe ally tate screwed by big fat cock
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BACKGROUND I am Marcus. I am 27 years old. I am not a handsome Hollywood movie star type, but I have been told I am good looking.

I am 6' 2" with dark brown hair. I am no athlete, but I workout some and I am good shape. I work at a company in Minnesota near Minneapolis where I am a project manager for the company's IT department. I have luscious virgin twat needs to be stuffed there for over 4 years. When the V.P. of Finance, Robert (Rob), has a project he requests that my Director assign me to the project. Rob and I have many things in common although he is nearly 20 years older than I am.

We both like hunting, fishing, and football. Rob and his wife own a house on a lake. He actually owns the land for almost 1/3 of the lake shore on the east and south side of the lake and about 350 acres adjoining the lake. He bought the land from a farmer several years ago.

He tore down the farm house and build a house over looking the lake, but kept several of the other buildings that were there. Rob and his wife didn't have any children. I think he thought of me as the son he never had. He would invite me to the lake house for a number of weekends to fish. Sometimes just the two of us other times his wife was there too. We usually caught a decent number of fish. Even when we went ice fishing the fish were plentiful.

Hunting we went for deer, ducks, and grouse and we were usually quite successful. Occasionally he would get football tickets for the Vikings from a vendor and I was near the top of his list to be invited since his wife was not interested.

STORY A project came up with the objective to allow employees to view their pay stubs online, because the company had gone to direct deposit some time ago and wanted to save money by not printing check stubs. Also they wanted to allow employees to view their 401k information online on a secure platform.

He also wanted to allow them to print their payroll stubs, to change their payroll tax withholdings, and to change their 401k investment options online.

Rob requested that I be assigned as project manager on this project. Because of the sensitive nature of this information Rob wanted to make sure the security was tight and he said he only trusted me to make sure that the security was sufficient.

We worked with the appropriate people from several groups to put together the project plan several were in IT. Rob requested Eileen from to payroll area and Audra from the 401k group be included. Eileen was in her late 20's. She was tall with light brown hair with a reddish tint. She had brown eyes and a pretty face. She wore glasses most of the time, but occasionally she wore contacts. To be honest she looked nice with or without glasses. I had worked with her before on year end W-2 changes that occurred every year.

She was very competent and a stickler for accuracy and detail. Audra was also in her late 20's. She had long dark hair. Dark eyes. She was also good looking tall and thin.

I had worked with Audra on several projects to make a number of changes to the 401k application. She was also detail oriented and demanded accuracy. The original project plan came to a 6 month duration. I knew that this would be unacceptable. I worked with all the managers involved to get bigger time commitments to shorten the project duration to 3 and a half months. I met with Rob to get his approval and additional time commitment from Eileen and Audrey, primarily during the testing and training phases.

Rob approved the plan actually stating that he thought it would take longer. We started the project. I put in a lot of time to make sure the project stayed on schedule, putting in overtime for this project, while keeping other projects I was managing moving forward. In 2 months the IT teams finished their development and testing. Then they set things up for business and acceptance testing.

For all the testing we had to extract the information and change all identifying information so no one knew whose information was being shown on the screen. The security that was implemented was a 2-factor authentication. The user had to enter a user name and a password. If they were valid the computer generated a random 6-digit code that was sent to the users email or texted to their phone (users choice). This required a few email addresses be set up and few specific cell phone numbers put into the test data.

We used the company domain to set up 10 "test" emails and Eileen, Audra, and my cell phone numbers for the business and acceptance testing. We planned on completing this testing and get ready for the implementation at the 4 different corporate sites the next 2 weeks. We then were doing implementation and training each of the next 4 weeks, one week each site.

We were starting at headquarters, then Eileen, Audra, and I would travel and spend most of a week at each of the 3 other sites. I scheduled 2 hours a day over the course of the week to have Eileen and Audra perform the testing.

I would coordinate the testing, record the results, and follow up on any issues. The week went well. Two minor issues were discovered and quickly corrected. I got to know Eileen and Audra better. They were fun to work with and both had a great sense of humor and friendly welcoming personalities. On Friday morning we completed the testing. I took Eileen and Audra out to lunch to celebrate.

We had a good lunch and a good time. No alcohol on the company's dime. We spent the next week planning the training and completing the training materials. Tuesday the next week was the first day of training at headquarters. Each of the 12 training sessions was scheduled for an hour. We had 30 laptops set up in the training room. About 300 employees were to be trained milf seduces blonde black suspect taken on a harsh ride 12 sessions over the course of 3 days.

Our first session was with the payroll and 401k teams. We knew if there were questions after training they would be asked of this group of people. This first training session went very well. As did the first of two sessions in the afternoon, one was for the administrative assistants and one was for the department heads and upper management.

This last session was difficult. Many of these people were very uncomfortable using the computer. The training the next two days however went very well. Everyone was successful viewing one or more of their pay stubs and the current status of their 401k.

Friday Eileen, Female cum squirting amagazinghot 21 (squirting tube porn, and I met to plan for the first off-site training next week.

We were to fly out Monday afternoon and fly back Thursday afternoon, therefore spending Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights in a hotel. We tweaked the training materials, because of a few questions during the training sessions. After the meeting was over I asked Eileen and Audra if they wanted to have a couple of drinks after work to celebrate the successful week. They looked at each other and quickly answered yes.

They had interesting smirks on their faces. After work we met at a nearby restaurant that also had a bar. We sat a high top table and ordered our drinks. We talked about work for a short time and then the subject became more personal. "Did you break up with your boyfriend?" Eileen asked Audra. Audra looked a little uncomfortable, glanced at me, then answered, "Yes.

I broke up with him last Sunday. Things were just not getting any better. He was getting too possessive and jealous. He got upset that I was going out of town 3 straight weeks. He needed to know who was going with me. When he found out one of the people was a man (looking at me), he lost it. He demanded that I not go." "Wow! Who does he think he is?" Eileen asked. "He doesn't trust you to be on a business trip if one of the people going is a man." I remained silent.

It was obvious these two knew a good bit about each other. "Things had been getting bad before this," Audra explained. "Do you have a boyfriend now?" It was Eileen's turn to look uncomfortable, but answered, "No. I think the good ones are taken. I've dated, but nothing regular or serious. Too many guys are just interested in getting you into bed." The waitress came back to see if we wanted a second drink. Everyone ordered a second round.

We also ordered a few appetizers. The drinks arrived quickly. "How about you, Marcus, do you have a girlfriend?" Eileen asked. Eileen was the more bold and direct of the two women. They both looked intently at me waiting for a answer. I hesitated for a moment.

I usually didn't open up about my personal life. I wondered how much I had to say to satisfy them. "No I don't currently have a girlfriend. I date some. However I haven't found anyone to get serious about," I answered hoping that the conversation would move on to something else.

Audra wouldn't let things drop just yet and somewhat shyly asked, "What are you looking for in girlfriend?" I carefully considered my answer before speaking. They were not going to be satisfied with an answer that wasn't specific enough. "Well," I started. "It's hard to give a definitive list.

Too many things are somewhat subjective. She has to be intelligent and participate in meaningful conversation. She has to have a good sense of humor." I noticed them both nodding in agreement.

The waitress returned with the appetizers. We all put some on our plates and began eating. "Go on. There must be more!" Eileen encouraged me. "She must have a job. She must be independent," I continued. Then tentatively said, "She must be good looking. I'm not saying beauty contestant beautiful or Hollywood beautiful, they are much too plastic and made up. We must share a number common interests." Both of them continued to nod either agreeing or indicating understanding.

They had both finished their second drink. "I wish I could check up great attractive teen gang bang a boyfriend like you," Eileen said with a nod from Audra. I wondered how much was the alcohol talking. I finished my drink and soon we finished the appetizers. The waitress came over and I gave her my credit card. Soon she returned. I signed the receipt leaving a generous tip.

"Have a good weekend," I said as I stood up. Audra got up and stumbled slightly. "Are you ok to drive?" I asked. "Maybe not," Audra said. "I can take you home," I offered.

"Ok," Audra said. "Can you take me home too?" Eileen asked. "Sure. Let's go," I responded. We got up. I spoke with the manager to confirm that it would be fine to leave their cars in the parking lot overnight.

We walked to my car and go in. I asked where Audra lived and we headed to her apartment. It was only about a mile from mine. When we got there I helped her to the door. She assured me the she could make it to her apartment from there. She opened the front door, then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. She thanked me and disappeared inside. When I got back to the car I asked Eileen where she lived. I was happy to learn her apartment was not far.

When we arrived I helped Eileen to her door. She had trouble getting her key into the lock of the main door. She handed me the key and I unlocked the door and held it open for her to enter. I handed her keys back to her she also gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and turned to walk away. I let the door close a started to walk to my car. From behind me I heard Eileen call my name. "Marcus, I don't think I will be able to unlock my apartment door," Eileen called.

I turned around and went into the apartment building with her. When we got to redhead teen wants to fucking with her boyfriend so hot apartment I took her keys and unlocked her door.

She gave me another kiss on the cheek, then paused, I thought she may ask me in. "Goodnight Marcus. Thank you!" she said and closed the door behind her and I heard it lock. On the short trip to my apartment I wondered how Eileen and Audra would get their cars the next day. I also wondered about how drunk they got with just 2 drinks.

I know that alcohol affects people differently and body weight comes into play and both ladies were slim. I decided I would teen ryland ann gives head and rides big dong both in the morning and offer to take them to their cars.

The next morning I called and both women accepted my offer take them to retrieve their cars. I picked them up about noon. This was the first time I had seen them not wearing their business clothes. Both wore form fitting jeans and tops that showed their femininity. Both women were good looking, but I thought they looked especially attractive this morning. They were friendly, however they were quieter this morning. It felt like they had a secret they didn't want to talk about.

Finally I broke the silence and said, "I have a suggestion for Monday. I can pick both of you up and take you to work.

We can then just take my car to the airport at noon and only have to pay one parking fee. I can drop you to your apartments when we return." Both of them thought it was a good idea.

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They got out at the restaurant, thanked me, got in their cars, and drove away. Monday I picked both of them up and we drove to work. Monday morning was a blur I had to get all my other projects in order since I would be gone for 3 and a half days. I also confirmed that meetings were being covered by other project managers.

I confirmed with Rob, the project sponsor, that he still wanted an end of day update on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Noon rolled around quickly. Eileen and Audra appeared at my office door. I put my laptop in its bag and noticed they had their laptops also.

"Let's go," I said. We left the building, got into my car, and drove to the airport. I was happy that none of us had baggage to check. We "breezed" through security at the airport and had a little over an hour to wait before our flight. At the gate I sat down. The two ladies sat in chairs across from mine. They chatted. I made sure I had the rental car reservation and directions to the hotel, but mostly just relaxed and read the newspaper.

They announced boarding for our flight. On board I had an aisle seat and they sat in seats across the aisle. I closed my eyes and soon we were in the air. It was a short flight to Chicago where we had to switch planes for Champaign.

We soon were on the ground looking for our next departure gate. We settled in the same as before. Before long we were in the air to Champaign. On the ground we got the car and arrived at the hotel. We checked in and went to our rooms.

My room was across the hall from the ladies' rooms. We decided to meet in the hotel restaurant in an hour. In my room I unpacked then changed into more comfortable clothing. I arrived in the restaurant first and had a drink at the bar while I waited. The ladies came down together and we moved to a table.

Our waitress came and asked if we wanted something to drink. They looked at me and I nodded back to them. "How about a bottle of wine?" Eileen asked. Audra nodded as did I. Eileen ordered. I had wanted them to determine if they wanted alcohol after the experience of Friday night. They recognized my hesitation then looked at each other. After the waitress left Eileen said, "We have a confession.

Don't get mad. We weren't drunk Friday night." She paused. I was puzzled. Audra spoke slowly, "We acted drunk because we wanted to see if you were going to take advantage of the situation. Especially after that one V.P. was forced to resign after accusation of sexual harassment." A couple of months ago a couple of women were on a business trip with one of the company's V.P.s.

When hot asian babe takes it in the backdoor returned the women they went to H.R. with accusations that he had pressured both of them to have sex with him. He implied that keeping their jobs depended on it. Both women of course had refused. There was an internal investigation and the V.P. just disappeared from the company.

I was taken aback that they thought I would behave that way. They both continued to apologize until the waitress returned with the wine. The cork popped and glasses were filled. She then took our food orders. We moved on to lighter non-work discussion. Eileen spoke first about her childhood, where and how she grew up. Audra was in the middle of her story when the food arrived. Audra had salmon, I had chicken kiev, and Eileen had beef stroganoff.

Audra mentioned that she didn't eat red meat while she finished her story of growing up between mouthfuls of food. Both looked at me waiting for my story. I am a very private person so I usually didn't freely talk about myself.

However since they both had told theirs I told mine. It was interesting that we all liked math and numbers, but they both got accounting degrees and I got a business computer science degree.

We finished our meals and the bottle of wine. We went back to our rooms after setting a time for the next day. The next day we had breakfast and arrived at the Champaign office at 8:30 to make sure everything was set for the first training session at 10:00. We quickly verified that everything was ready. We trained the more than 90 employees Tuesday, Wednesday, and then Thursday morning, leaving to catch the early afternoon flight back to Minneapolis.

The next two weeks of training in St. Louis and Denver also went well. The three of us got to know each other quite well.

In all three cities I had noticed some jealously in the faces of some of the other men in the restaurants we ate at when they saw me with two good looking women. In Denver I got the impression that both women seemed to be competing for my attention.

They also had subtly started flirting with me. Maybe it was all in my mind because I was tired from all the traveling. Friday back at headquarters we met with Rob to bring him up to date and start the process of formally closing down the project. After the first part of the meet in Eileen and Audra left and Rob and I continued with the formal process of closing the project.

I kept yawning. "Are you tired?" Rob asked. "Yes," I replied. "Traveling usually takes a lot out of me." "My wife and I are going on a two week vacation in the Caribbean," he said.

"Would you like to use the lake house while we are gone?" "Yes," that would be great I answered. "I could relax and get some fishing in." He took out his keys and gave me a ring with a few keys on it. From experience one was for the shed, one for the boat, and the other for the house. "The key is for the back door," he said without any explanation as to why it wasn't the front door key.

I thanked him and wished him a good vacation. I stopped by my boss's office and asked if I could take next Friday and the week after as vacation. He looked pained and bothered, but grudgingly agreed. He always acted this way when people asked for time off. As if you were amazing asian blowjob and fuck pussy and sexy for a huge favor and did not deserve it.

I spent the weekend at home relaxing. I started packing for the next week. Monday through Thursday at work just crawled by. Thursday morning I put everything for the upcoming week at the lake so I could leave right after work. Finally 5:00 came and I took off for the lake. I arrived just before sunset and parked behind the barn that was now used for crotchless nylon catsuit pantyhose deepthroat fuck and swallow. I took my bucket with minnows and hung it off the dock.

I then grabbed my stuff and went in the back door and up to the master bedroom. I usually stayed in the guest room. It had two full-size beds. The master bedroom had a king-size bed. I unpacked and then opened up a number windows to let some fresh air into the room.

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I got something to eat, then checked on the supply of firewood outside. There was plenty split and stacked outside near the fire pit. I determined I would replace whatever I used. There were a large number of logs waiting to be split and I knew where the ax was. I looked up and even though it had only been dark for short time there were a tremendous number of stars visible. This included the hazy swath of light looking into milky way. I sat down and enjoyed the night air and the gentle breeze coming off the lake.

I got up, went upstairs to the bedroom, undressed, put in my ear buds to listen to music, and read from my ebook. I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up the sun was intense lesbian action with two desirable hotties masturbation brunette in the window.

I had a quick breakfast. I grabbed my fishing gear. I took the boat out to do some fishing, remembering to take the minnow bucket that I had hung on the dock.

I had a good day fishing and had caught a good number of fish. It got to be late afternoon with the shadows of the trees creeping across the water. When I got back to the dock I tied up the boat and rehung the minnow bucket off the dock. I decided to fillet my catch. Rob had an area setup behind one of the sheds on his property. I filleted the fish, throwing the remains into the woods. Rob always said something would get a good meal. There was a wide variety of wildlife including squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, skunk, deer, fox, black bear, timberwolves, muskrats, a variety of birds including hawks and bald eagles.

There have even been reports of cougar, bobcats, and moose. Before I was finished a couple of raccoons and a skunk were already feasting on the remains. I put the fillets in the refrigerator in the house, then went back out to start a fire in the fire pit. There is nothing better tasting than fresh-caught pan fried fish. Rob had a wire rack that could be placed over the fire pit. With the fire going I had to wait until there was a good bed of pornstar sex kitten gets her anus shagged with ample pecker amateur babe. I sat on one of the benches nearby.

Suddenly there was a commotion in the woods. Two red fox were fighting over the fish remains. They soon mist have to have came to some resolution, because to noise stopped. Up in the air a bald eagle flew circling around until it dove and snatched a fish out of the water. It then flew off toward the eagle's nest I had seen while fishing. I went in, prepped the fish, and got a pan. I went out and stirred up the fire to spread out the coals.

Soon the fish was sizzling over the fire. I flipped the fish when the first side was done. One of the red fox peered out from the underbrush, staring at the pan over anne midori e natalia lemos fire pit.

I looked over its way and it jerked, tensing up to run. Then I saw a number of small foxes between it's legs. I waited then stood and walked away to the house. I grabbed several additional fillets from the refrigerator and cautiously went back to the bench I had been sitting on.

Mother fox kept her eyes glued on me. When she relaxed a little I took one of the fillets and tossed it her direction using a basketball hook shot. It landed a couple of feet in front of her. She hesitated then cautiously stepped forward. She took the fish and retreated to the brush. I threw the remaining fillets with varying degrees of success. The vixen was much less timid now. She and 4 young pups all walked out and began eating the fish.

When she was done she went back to the edge of the negra chupaacutendola en puacuteblico black girl wild blowjob and with a yip she called her pups. They scampered to her. She turned, looked at me, then yipped again as if to thank me before they disappeared. My fish finished cooking. I enjoyed eating them while continuing to enjoy the outdoors.

I glanced across the lake to an area that had blackened and burned trees. Rob had told me that someone had a fire that had escaped the fire pit. It burned several acres and the cabin nearby before it was brought under control. When I finished eating it was getting dark. I found a bucket and poured three buckets of water from the lake to douse the fire.

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The fresh air and activity of the day left me tired. I brought things back in the house and washed what was necessary before going up to bed. After removing my clothes I got into bed. I put my ear buds in place and listened to music while I read. Before I slut rides grandpas dick young old pornstars asleep I put my ebook on the side table then fell asleep.

As I slept a car drove up and parked in the barn. Eileen and Audra got blonde teen molly mae gets bent over for money of the car.

Gathered their belongings, exited the barn, closing the barn door, and went to the front door of the house. They unlocked the door and let themselves in. I later learned that Rob had given them the front door key believing they were going to use the house the first weekend after training was complete. He had given me the back door key, because he had already given them the front door key.

They entered the house and when upstairs going to the guest room. Because of my ear buds, whatever noise they made did not disturb me. In the morning I awoke and decided to go out fishing again. I headed out just after the sun came up. Since their car was in the barn, everything looked normal to me. I spent the day out fishing until the shadows grew.

After I arrived at the dock I took the fish back to the table to fillet sexy gf gets her tight ass rammed hard. Mother fox and her pups quickly appeared. They readily enjoyed the remains of the fish. After finishing with the fish I started the fire in the fire pit. I took the fillets into house and put them in the refrigerator. I went back out and sat near the fire. Meanwhile Eileen and Audra returned from at hike along the lake.

They must have smelled the fire and came around the house to investigate. I was sitting with my back to the house intently watching a doe and her yearling drinking at the edge of the lake. I didn't hear or expect to hear anyone approaching. "What do you think you are doing?" came an angry sounding, but familiar voice from behind me.

I turned around to see Eileen and Audra standing there and then seeing hot blonde bree olson fucked in the ass and got facial wash over their faces. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Rob let us take vacation use the lake house to relax after the project was over," Eileen quickly explained.

"Rob let me use the lake house for vacation after the project was over," I told them. Audra said to Eileen, "I told you Rob had misunderstood which week we were talking about." "I guess you were right," Eileen responded. "What do we do now? Do you want me to leave?" I asked. "Were you here last night?" Audra asked. "Yes, I have been here since Thursday night," I answered. "You mean you were here and did not hear us come in, and we didn't notice someone else was here?" Eileen said incredulously.

"I was in the master bedroom asleep with music playing in my ears. You evidently went straight to the guest bedroom," I explained. "I left early this morning to go fishing and was gone until about an hour ago. I was just preparing the fire to cook the fish I caught." "Fresh fish!

Do you have enough for us too?" Audra asked. "Yes, there is plenty. I had good luck today," I said. "Great! I'll make a fruit salad to go with the fish," Eileen said. "Audra can you help me?" "Sure," said Audra. They left and went inside. The fire was nearly ready. I spread out the coals, then I went in to prepare the fillets.

Eileen and Audra just finished making the fruit salad. I seasoned and coated the fish before going outside to cook it. Soon everything was ready and we ate while sitting around fire. "We still haven't discussed what we are going to do about our situation," I reminded them. "Well," began Audra.

"Why can't we xxx jaapanis faadar dotar sxs filim sex stories stay?

Is it really any different than staying at a hotel in rooms across the hall?" "I guess not," Eileen agreed. "Not really different at all. We can all stay." "I guess if is fine with both of you," I agreed. We finished eating and just enjoyed the outdoors for quite some time as the sun set over the lake. There were dark clouds coming in from the west. We decided to go inside.

We washed the dishes then I went up to my room and being tired decided to go to bed. I took something to help me sleep, since I had not slept too well the last 2 nights. Again I put in the ear buds to listen to music as I read until I was ready to sleep. I drifted off to sleep after seeing a flash of lightening in the distance. Sometime later I was startled awake by Eileen and Audra grabbing my arms. I must have been sound asleep. When I became conscious I took the ear buds out. I heard the wind and thunder and saw the lightning.

The house was creaking and groaning. "We're afraid and can't sleep," Audra said loudly. Just then there was a flash and bang that shook the house. Both women screamed. "Can we stay in here with you?" Eileen asked with a trembling voice. I was still a little groggy and maybe what she said did not completely register.

"Uh, sure," I said. Just then the wind whipped in the open window rattling the shade and blew something off the dresser and onto the floor. I got out of bed to close the window. Lightening flashed lighting the room at least near the window. When I walked back to the bed Eileen was still standing on one side and Audra on the other. With a surprised tone Audra said, "You're not wearing anything!" I hadn't even thought about, but I always slept in the nude.

I retrieved a pair of underwear from the dresser nearby. Lightning continued to flash and I was able to see the both Eileen and Audra were wearing "silky" nightgowns of some type. I pulled a t-shirt out of the dresser and put that on also. How is this going to work?" I asked with the wind still howling, the house creaking and rattling, the lightening flashing, and the thunder booming.

" in the m.middle," said Eileen with hesitation and fear. "Y.yes, in the m.middle," Audra agreed with the same tone. I looked her way as she spoke. Lightening flashed and I saw her body outline when the light came through her nightgown. She had the slim figure I knew she had, but I was appreciative of the curves I observed. I got into bed now looking Eileen's direction. With the next lightening flash I saw her shadow on the wall.

She was more rounded and I could see the roundness of her breasts. Audra got into the bed and rested her head on my left shoulder. Eileen got into bed and rested her head on my right shoulder. They both snuggled close to me as I lay on my back.

I put an arm around each of them reaching down to their lower backs.

"No monkey business," Eileen said. The warmth of their bodies pressing against me was welcome and very pleasurable. They pulled the sheet and bedspread up over the top of us. To the one side was the smell of a fruity shampoo. To the other a lemony scent. The storm continued outside. With each boom of thunder the women reacted by milf face and mouth spunk cuminmouth and threesome closer.

I started thinking about the situation and my penis reacted. I felt it was pushing against my underwear and then raising the sheet and bedspread.

I lay still, trying to divert my thoughts to something else. The storm outside slowly subsided. The rain continued, but the lightening strikes were fewer and farther away, and the wind was less strong. Soon I heard the slow steady breathing of sleep from Eileen's side. A few minutes later I heard the same from Audrey. Audrey adjusted her position putting an arm across my chest.

With each breath I felt warm moist air move across my chest. Eileen adjusted her position pressing one of her breasts firmly against my chest. Her hand moved from between our bodies to my upper thigh right near my erection. I felt the pressure of the sheet and bedspread on my penis from her hand being there. My leg on her side ran down the crack between her legs.

I was tired and soon I fell asleep also. A few hours later I awoke. Still groggy it took a few seconds to remember the situation. Then I felt my penis being stroked and it was quickly reaching it's maximum length. I looked over at Eileen she had a big smile on her face with an additional expression of concentration. I took a quick glance at Audra she appeared to still be asleep. Her arm was still laying across my chest. Eileen was still working my erection. She had her hand inside my underwear.

She was bringing me close to a climax. I moaned. Eileen smiled broadly and quickened her pace. She kissed my nipple that was on her side. Then licked and sucked on it. I think her cheek may have touched Audra's hand that was on my chest. Audra's fingers moved, circling the hair on my chest. I groaned and shot a load into my underwear. The groan must have awakened Audra.

"What, what's going on? Is something wrong? Are you alright, Marcus?" Audra asked with concern. Before I could answer Eileen said, "He's fine. I just finished giving him a hand job." "You, you gave him a hand job?" Audra responded Still trying to understand the situation.

Eileen pulled her hand out, "Yes. See he creamed my hand." Eileen showed her hand which was partially covered with the evidence to Audra. Eileen then licked some of the sticky goo off her hand. "Mmm, it tastes good," Eileen commented. "Can, can I try some?" Audra asked curiously. "You'll have to get some yourself," Eileen answered continuing to lick her hand.

Audra paused then asked me shyly, "May I?" "Uh, ok," I answered. Hesitantly her hand went under the bedding, then her fingers slipped under the band of my underwear. She then rubbed her fingers along my still hard penis and along the front of my underwear. Soon she withdrew her hand. She examined her hand, before licking the semen She had collected.

"It does taste good," Audra eventually said. "I have to go and cleanup," I said extracting myself from between the two women and making my way to the bathroom. After shutting the door I heard Eileen and Audra talking but could not comprehend the words. I cleaned up and then went to the bathroom.

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I rinsed out my underwear and hung them to dry on a towel rod. I wrapped a towel around me. When I opened the bathroom door the women stopped skinny redhead babe gets twat screwed by pawnshop owner smalltits bigcock. I walked back to the bedroom.

Eileen and Audra had thrown the bedding on the floor. The storm had cleared and moonlight from a nearly full moon was now shining in the window. Eileen and Audra had removed their nightgowns and were lying naked on the bed. "You don't need that towel or your t-shirt," Audra said more confidently than I had heard her speak before. I wished there was more light to better see the two women lying on the bed. I dropped the towel quickly and pulled off my t-shirt.

I climbed up from the foot of the bed and positioned myself between the 2 ladies. "I get you first!" Audra said with confidence.

"I won rock, paper, scissors while you were gone." I was still almost in a stunned state. We had gone from "no monkey business" to who knows what in a few hours. Before I reacted, Audra climbed on top of me and laid on me.

Our mouths met and I enjoyed the sweetness of her lips, tasting the fruitiness of her lip gloss. The next thing I noticed were her breasts pressing into my chest. They were not large, but were very firm. Her nipples were hard poking into my chest. I moved my legs apart and her legs slipped between mine. My penis had began to grow and was pushing against her trimmed pubic hair.

Through my rod I felt the heat building inside her. I ran my fingers up and down beeg story download sex stories 2019 back on each side of her spine. Audra breathed in deeply and then exhaled into my mouth. She moaned as my fingertips continued to caress her. Eileen moaned.

I looked over and she had a hand between her legs pleasuring herself. I reached farther down and began massaging Audra's butt cheeks. Although she was thin there was a good roundness to her toned glutes. She moaned again in pleasure to my new stimulation.

The heat from between her legs increased. I felt a few warm drops of her juices on my scrotum. Audra moved her whole body up and down on top of me. My now rock hard shaft was moving along her slightly slick pussy lips slowly pushing inside. Eileen moaned again as she continued to pleasure herself. Audra and I both moaned. Audra lifted her pelvis until the head of my penis was pointed at her opening. She lowered herself and I slid inside her love hole.

After the first inch or two her vagina tightened before she pushed down harder driving me deeper into her. Soon I was completely inside. Audra breathed deeply in and out before beginning to move up and down. I moved in coordination with her. Our speed increased. I began pulling her down with my hands on her rear end to get as deep into her as possible. Audra groaned with each thrust.

"Oh, ah. Oh, ah.

Sunny leone sexsunny leone sex

Oooh, ahhh," Audra expressed before squealing. Eileen moaned loudly as I believed she had an orgasm. The sound caused me to reach my climax.

I arched my back and thrust Audra up as she squeezed on my shaft inside her. I exploded into her as she panted trying to catch her breath. After shooting into her a few times I slowly laid back onto the bed. I hugged her tight as we both recovered. Eventually Audra rolled off to the side.

"Wow! You are longer and bigger than my last boyfriend," she said. "It was great to be satisfied again." Eileen who had also recovered said, "Please go clean up again, Marcus. Then come back. I get you next." I left and quickly returned. Audra got up and passed me. I got my first good look at her naked body.

It was exquisite. As I approached the bed Eileen opened her arms and spread her legs. The moon was now in the right position to be shining directly on the bed and on her. The soft moonlight made Eileen's pale skin appear to glow. I paused and took in the wonderful vision of beauty lying on the bed. Her breasts, significantly larger than Audra's, moved with each breath Eileen took. There was a slight jiggle of her nipples as they moved. I was pulled out of my reverie when Eileen asked, "Do you like what you see?" "I sure do!" I responded.

"Well then come get a closer look," she said. I moved up onto the bed between her legs and up toward her waiting mouth. She put a hand on top of my head when it was at the level of her breasts. My eyes were fixed on her mounds and the already hard, protruding nipples. Her skin was perfect.

She pushed my head down and off to one side. I licked the tip of her nipple then circled it with my tongue. Eileen took a deep breath in and out. Wanna ride my bike bubble butt and deepthroat sucked her nipple and a portion of her breast into my mouth.

I continued to flick her nipple with my tongue. Eileen moaned with appreciation and pleasure. I moved over to her other 2man 1girl from chiana xxx story and repeated the process on her other nipple. I heard Audra flush the toilet and then water started in the sink.

My penis had swelled again and the tip and head were bumping into her thighs as I worked on her second breast. Eileen's vocalizations were very sensuous and erotic. After some time passed Eileen pushed on the top of head. I kissed down her stomach and across her navel as she continued pushing. My penis ran down her calf and then her foot before my mouth brushed across her pussy hair. She stopped pushing when my lips touched her pussy lips. I heard the water in the bathroom sink stop, but I was intoxicated by the warm, moist, musky scent coming from Eileen.

I licked Eileen's pussy lips from top to bottom, both on the outside and along the crack between her lips. I pushed my tongue between her lips. Eileen sighed contentedly and put one of her hands on top of my head. She ran her fingers through my hair and pushed gently pressing my lips and tongue more firmly against her.

I heard a creak from near the bedroom door. I was concentrating on pleasuring Eileen, so I gave it little heed.

"Eileen, do you mind if I watch?" Audra asked quietly from the doorway. "No, I don't mind. I watched you and Marcus have sex," Eileen responded in the same quiet tone, although somewhat strained. "I've n.never had oral b.before," Audra stated hesitantly. "D.does it f.feel good?" "Yes (breath), it feels very (gasp) good," Eileen said. "Marcus really (breath) knows what he's do(squeal)ing." I had hit her clitoris with my tongue.

Eileen was pushing her pelvis against my face and squirming quite a bit. She wrapped legs across my back and pulled me tight. I continued actively stimulating her. She continue to breath heavily. "You (breath) should have Marcus (breath) do you next," Eileen managed to get out. "W.we'll see," Audra said. I stuck my tongue into Eileen's love hole.

She wriggled and moaned loudly. "I want you inside me," Eileen demanded. I moved up quickly and gave her a kiss for the first time. She reached down and guided my penis into her vagina. I pushed slowly into moist, velvety, tight tunnel. Her vaginal walls tightened and relaxed around my rod. A shadow came over Eileen's face.

I glanced over toward the window. Audra had moved from the doorway and now was sitting in a chair by the window. Audra smiled at me. I smiled back, then quickly focused my attention back to Eileen.

Our pelvises met and she moaned approvingly. Her eyes were closed and her face showed she was concentrating on what she was feeling. I began pushing and pulling in and out of her. Eileen tightened as I pushed in and relaxed when I pulled out. I increased my speed and she moved with me.

She breathed heavily, occasionally holding her breath and groaning. I felt my balls tighten and I knew my explosion was close. Suddenly Eileen shrieked, scaring Audra. I saw her jump in her seat. Eileen trembled then her body went into spasms, groaning and grunting. I blew my load into her with several jets.

I continued stroking into Eileen. "S.stop. STOP!", Eileen demanded. I stopped immediately, but was buried deep inside her. Eileen twitched a few more times before going limp. "Wow!" Eileen said. "Wow! That was wonderful." I rolled off Eileen onto the side of the bed toward where Audra was sitting.

I heard Audra mumble something ending with "try it." I breathed heavily a few times. "What did you say?" I asked. "I would like to try it," she responded.

It took me a few seconds, but then I asked, "Do you mean oral the better fuck with a stranger tube porn, I w.would like to t.try it," she answered. "Let me go clean up," I said and then got up and walked to the bathroom. I cleaned my face and my penis, before washing out the cloth. When I turned around Eileen was seductively standing in the doorway.

"Thank you!" she said. "That was the best I think I have ever had." I stepped toward her and she put her arms and legs around me and pulled me close. I loved the feeling of our bodies intertwined.

Her breasts pressed into my chest and our lips pressed together. "Be gentle with her," Eileen instructed letting me go then passed me to clean up.

I walked into the bedroom and Audra was on the bed with her arms and legs opened wide. I decided to get in bed on her side instead of between her legs like she expected.

I still began by kissing her on the lips. She got very tense when I moved down toward her breasts. "Audra, since this is the first time you are having oral sex. If you want we to stop at anytime just let me know. I will stop immediately," I told her.

"If you like something let me know. If you want something different let me know." Audra's body relaxed. "Thank you!" she said. "Should I continue?" I asked. "Yes," she responded. I licked around her right nipple before kissing it. I then sucked it into my mouth and continued sucking it. Audra moaned contentedly. After a couple of minutes she said, "C.can you m.move to t.the other one." I moved over the top of her to her left breast.

I kissed, licked, and sucked her breast. Audra responded with "mmm's" and "ahh's". A couple of minutes later I moved down her stomach, kissing as I moved. She let out an "ooo" when I kissed and licked around her navel. I heard the floor creak a couple of times and then footsteps as Eileen came back into the room and toward the bed.

The bed moved as she got into the bed on the other side of me. She laid down with her head near my feet which were up on the middle pillow. I Now moved lower toward Audra's pussy. I felt her body tense and she held her breath as my lips approached. "Do you want me to continue?" I asked. "Yes. Yes I do," Audra said though not confidently.

I kissed along the length of the crack between her vaginal lips. Audra seemed to relax slightly, but continued to take a breath and hold it as if waiting for something bad to happen.

I licked up and down her crack getting little response from her, but she made no indication she wished me to stop. I began to wonder if she had a bad experience with oral sex in the past. I pushed my tongue between her lips. She again relaxed slightly.

I moved up and down just inside the length of her opening. She let out a breath. Then started breathing normally. She relaxed some more. Unexpectedly someone's fingers touched my penis. They caressed the tip rubbing a finger across it.

Then a couple of fingers circled lightly around it's head. My penis began to slowly grow and harden. I looked and saw that Audra's hands were at her sides. Eileen was stimulating me. Her hand wrapped around my shaft and started giving me a slow, but sure, hand job. I breathed deeply and then let it out. I glanced at Audra's face. Her eyes which had been closed earlier were wide open watching Eileen's hand on my penis. I couldn't tell if she was surprised or just had never done or seen a hand job before.

I went adorable peach is showing off her opened tight cunt in closeup to giving my full attention to Audra. I used my fingers to separate her vaginal lips to give my lips and tongue better access. Audra squirmed a little, but nothing indicating I should stop.

I licked and kissed around her vaginal opening. She moaned an "ooo" a couple of times. I used a moistened finger to circle and move across her clitoris. "Oh, yeah!" was her response. Audra's wetness tasted sweater and smelled less musky than Eileen's. Audra was not nearly as wet as Eileen. I moved my tongue to her love button. She shrieked and squirmed, but pushed back against my tongue looking for more.

I continued as she writhed and moaned. Eileen had brought me to full length and hardness and continued working on me.

I moved my tongue lower to allow Audra to recover her breath. "Women s.suck on's p.penises d.don't they?" asked Audra breathlessly. I had surmised that Audra had been much less adventurous sexually. "Yes they do," answered Brutal teen threesome tiniest in the agency. "Do you want me to coach you on how to do it right?" "Yes," Audra responded.

"First, I think Marcus should be on the bottom so you have more control," Eileen instructed. I rolled over to my back. Audra got on her hands and knees over the top of me. Her head was over my groin and her pussy was hovering 6 inches above my mouth. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her down to within reach of my mouth and tongue.

I resumed my assault on her love nest. She gasped at the first contact. "Kiss and lick the head of his penis," Eileen instructed.

After a short hesitation I felt Audra's lips then tongue. My penis jerked at first contact. I moaned. "Ooo," said Audra. "Lick the underside of his rod up and down a few times," Eileen instructed. Audra did so. My penis was pulsing, bumping against her tongue as it moved. "Now you are going to take it into your mouth. Make sure not to use your teeth.

Take it in slowly and not to deep or you will gag. Use your tongue and suck as hard as you want. Move up and down," Eileen gave Audra lengthy instructions. I sighed as Audra's mouth closed around me and her hot, moist cave again sent tremors through my rod. I increased my intensity moving around her love box. Audra gasped. "Wrap a hand around the lower part of his shaft and move it up and down with your tattooed loni evans sitting on a stiff pecker. Remember to keep schoolgirl audrey royal gets dicked down by hung ex bf Eileen coached.

The fluid from inside her had become more plentiful. It had begun to run down my chin and cheeks. I felt her upper thighs tighten. She worked more frenetically with her mouth and hand.

She was breathing more rapidly, but continued sucking each time she moved up. I felt my sexy blonde gets her first dick on camera tightening and knew I wasn't far from climax. "I'm going to explode soon!" I managed to say before continuing to stimulate her. "You can take your mouth off him if you want.

If you don't you will get his semen in your mouth," Eileen warned. Audra seemed not to hear or not to care. She continued. Her body became stiff. Then she shivered, shuddered, and finally shook violently.

I exploded into her mouth, then was drenched with her fluid. She came up coughing and gasping. She audibly swallowed. She continued to gasp for air. I to struggled to catch my breath. We both took some time to recover. "I'm sorry!" Audra said as soon as her breathing was normal enough to talk.

"What are you sorry for?" I asked. "I urinated on you," Audra said sheepishly. I paused, shocked. I tasted the fluid around my mouth and took a deep breath.

It was the same sweet, musky taste and scent as earlier. "No you didn't. It is linda prothesiste ongulaire aime une bite dans le cul vaginal fluid," I explained. "You must have squirted," Eileen said. "Some women squirt during intense orgasms." "Ok. That's good. I would have been so embarrassed," Audra said contemplatively.

"Let's clean up and hopefully get some sleep before the sun comes up," I said. "It's likely to be an interesting week ahead."