Big tits brunette guardian stole teen blonde lesbian pussy

Big tits brunette guardian stole teen blonde lesbian pussy
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Lessons in Punishment Part 1 It was finally the end of the school year and graduation was right around the corner. Then summer. A hot, sexy summer with Bob if she had anything to say about it.

Missy smiled at herself in the mirror and then went out the door. The man absolutely drove her crazy. He was the most patient person in the world, it was maddening.

Every time he had taken her it was wild and red hot, but then he wouldn't touch her for days on end, sometimes weeks. He never, ever talk about any of it and he certainly hadn't stopped spanking her.

Every day that Mother was gone he took her across his lap or bent her over the bed or dresser, side of the couch, counter and even once over the bar stool in the kitchen. She could just die every time he spanked her, his hands swatting and rubbing, until her juices were visible on her thighs. Then, he would help her stand and walk away from her or send her to her room.

She was frustrated and felt like she would go insane with wanting him. Missy didn't understand why he was doing hot uk model has a perfect pair of natural tits and a need to fuck, why he didn't want her anymore until two nights ago when he came into her room and sat on the side of her bed.

He reached up under the light sheet covering her legs and bottom and ran his fingers up her thigh, slowly tracing the space under each rounded cheek. "Get undressed and come into daddy's room, baby." He ran his finger under the leg band of her panties, caressing the little round globe of her ass. "I promised I would show you how to feel everything, remember?" He stood and went out her door, gently closing it behind him. She was trembling and smiling.

Quickly she undressed and went out her door and stood in front of his. Slowly she opened the door, the room was flickering in candlelight and there was a dining room chair in front of Mother's full length mirror. Bob sat there, wearing a pair of gray shorts. "Come here, baby, down over daddy's knee." Missy could see that he was already thick and getting hard under his shorts and she went to him eagerly.

She got down across one of his knees and he wrapped his other leg behind hers. She looked up and gasped, she could see herself over his knee in the mirror on the dresser, and her reflection in the full length mirror behind her.

Bob looked from one mirror to the other, smiling. "Ahhh, yes, baby girl." It was then she noticed the brush in his hand.

Mother's large sliver, antique brush. He raised it over her and she cried out at the first stinging smack. Missy watched entranced in the mirror as blow after blow became a light show. The flickering candlelight and the lightening silver flashes of the brush on her ever reddening skin. She thrashed and cried, the tears on her cheeks another glistening point, like crystal in the mirror.

Moaning loudly, groaning in an agony that made her burn for him to fill her. She shuddered in excitement as he dropped the brush and picked up a jar on the floor next to him. He scooped some fingers-full of gel from the jar and began to rub her burning skin. It was cool and her skin was burning hot, the gel melted and slid down her cheeks and the backs of her thighs. Missy writhed, squeezing her legs together in an effort to cum as his callused hand grated against the fire of her ass. His fingers pressed into the raised, candy apple red skin and moaned.

He rubbed and kneaded, lifting the globes of her ass and spreading them exposing the brown-pink pursed opening and Missy groaned loudly and tried squeezing her cheeks together. Hot wetness pearled out of her gasping pussy and her face turned as red as her bottom, and she looked away, trying to hide under her hair. Daddy moaned again as he looked from mirror to mirror and then slid a finger into her ass, which went in easily and smoothly, pushing cool gel into her.

Her head snapped back up and she caught his eyes in the mirror, her mouth hanging open as she wiggled and panted. He watched her face and stroked with that one finger while he squeezed and swatted at her ass cheeks with the other hand.

Missy moaned and rotated her hips, undulating against his finger. He slid another finger into her, stroking and spinning them; opening them wider and wider inside of her tight little hole.

She watched as he xx kajl agrvt porn hub xxx here, focusing on the thick strong fingers and wide knuckles as he worked them in and out of her. Her moan became keening and she tossed her head back and forth. "Look, Missy, look in the mirror, I want to see it." He practically growled at her as he stroked and stroked her while his other hand gripped her ass in a tight, tight grip. She looked in the mirror and their eyes locked.

Her face and chest were flushed and glistening, strands of her hair stuck to her cheeks, lips and neck. A tear ran down her cheek as she came. Her whole body trembled and her legs quivered and tightened, her ass gripped and squeezed at his fingers. He groaned loudly and took his fingers from her ass, pulling his rock hard cock out of his shorts.

In three quick strokes he was spurting cum all into the air and she came again as it struck her ass, burning hot on her hot skin. She moaned and wiggled as she watched it shoot out of him, fascinated and aching still to have him inside her. He sat rubbing her ass and thighs for a few seconds and then patted her. "Go clean up, baby. You have school tomorrow, get some sleep." Missy almost cried when he kissed the top of her head and sent her giving my stepbrother a blowjob lexi aaane. She had a great idea in the shower though, and tonight she would make sure he gave her what she needed.

Part 2 Missy didn't go home after school. She knew that she was going to be in trouble, but there was a party, and she really wanted to go. She went home with Nancy after school and they ate, watched videos and danced. They were both excited but had to kill some time before leaving.

A little later they 'borrowed' a couple skirts and tops from Nancy's older sister. They did each other's hair and make up, then posed together in the long mirror. They knew they looked ridiculous in the too tight, too short, outfits and heavy makeup, but Missy was feeling dangerous and Nance almost always did what Missy did. They smiled and posed like models in men's magazines, with their legs slightly spread and their bottoms pushed out, back arched and hair thrown back.

The flip-flops they wore threw the effect off completely. They laughed at each other and headed out to the last high school party ever. The party was down at the lake on the sand. There were bonfires and music, a lot of warm beer and big trash cans full of juice and fruit and whatever alcohol got poured in. A few hours later Missy was lost in the experience of the night. She had had too much of the punch and the music seemed to be inside her.

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The moon and stars were bright and the fires were warm and appeared to her to be pulsing. She danced around, sometimes with her eyes closed, sometimes looking at the shadow of the shifting water of the lake. Swaying her hips and shoulders, moving her bare feet subtly in the sand. She turned slowly at Nancy's tap on her shoulder and smiled at her friend.

Nancy wasn't smiling. She glanced over her shoulder and then gestured with her thumb, raising her eyebrows at Missy in exasperation. Missy looked where she was pointing and her heart started to thump wildly. Bob stood leaning against his truck, looking at her and she swore she could feel his eyes on her like hands. Her breasts swelled and her nipples hardened.

"Gotta go," she said quietly and walked slowly and a bit unsteadily toward him. The ride home was a familiar one. Silent and tension filled. The tension had Missy warm and tingly and the alcohol had her feeling brave.

She slid across the seat and pressed herself up against his side. She put her hand on his thigh and nasty adorable hottie makes out with stud horse her fingers into his muscles she ran it up, eager to grasp him in her hand. She could see that he was hard beneath his jeans. He grasped her wrist and held it, stopping her hand, holding it still where it was.

She pulled away from him and slid back over to her side of the truck and sighed. "Whatever, Bob." Glancing sideways at him she saw the vein in his jaw pulse.

At home he opened his door and then reached over and grasped her by the wrist. He pulled her out with him and dragged her stumbling into the house. He went directly to his chair and sat down, pulling her down onto the floor as he sat.

She was a bit shocked at this treatment and just made barely audible sounds of protest. He pulled the ottoman closer and pushed her down over it holding her down with one hand in the small of her back and immediately began to slap her ass.

The short skirt was quickly bunched up over her hips and he groaned at the site of her in white lacey thong panties. He spanked her, hard. She cried and thrashed. As he slowed down and laid his hand on her welted, steaming red bottom, she turned and looked at him with a tear streaked face.

"You want me, don't you, daddy?" Her words were teary and a bit slurred. He glared at her and she tightened and released her muscles, bouncing her ass in front of him.

"Come on, give it to me, daddy. You know you want to." He groaned and stood up grabbing her by the arms and pushing her along in front of him. He led her to his room and pushed her onto his bed, pulling at her shirt and skirt, leaving her just in the white lace thong. "You need to learn who's in control, Missy Anne." His voice was very firm, but calm and controlled.

He went to his closet and returned seconds later with long leather straps and to her astonishment, began to tie her spread-eagle onto his bed. Her arms were pulled taught above her head, but her legs were left with room to move some. She squirmed and struggled against the bonds, looking at him pleadingly.

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"Daddy?" Her voice came out in a frightened squeak, and she struggled more as he laughed a little and then straddled her. Looking down at her he rubbed her hair back from her face and traced his fingers down her cheeks over the streaks husband porn american gf sex her mascara. She looked into his eyes with all the pleading she could muster and he smiled at her, smiled such a sexy smile at her that she started to smile back.

Then, he leaned forward and wrapped a black silk scarf around her eyes. "No.

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Daddy, please, I want to see you." "Sssshhhhhh." He whispered in her ear and then took the lobe into his mouth, nibbling and sucking at it, then down her neck to her shoulder. She felt the bed shift as he got off of it and then he was gone. She lay there alone on the bed, squirming. Finally she stilled, listening. He was right next to her, she could hear him breathing and something else. A soft, rasping and she realized that he was rubbing himself, standing there looking at her and rubbing himself.

She moaned and squirmed again, wanting him to touch her so badly. Suddenly his hand was on her breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples. The bed dipped as he got back onto it. Rolling her hard, hard nipples between his thumb and fingers, then something warm and silky ran across them, thumping down against them.

Her breath sucked in as she realized what it was. He straddled her and ran his cock back and forth across her breasts, thumping at the nipples and then lying between them as he pushed them together to squeeze around his cock. She was arching and pressing against him, moaning. It felt so good before a tight burn snipped her left nipple and she opened her mouth to suck in a deep breath.

As the right nipple was clamped a cry cut off abruptly in her throat. Then he was off her again and she lay there writhing, rocking her shoulders, which made her breasts sway and bounce on her chest. Instead of easing the pain it made the clamps shift and tighten around her nipples. She made mewling sounds in her throat as she moved on the bed and cried out as she was struck by what felt like strands of a whip on her heaving breasts.

Next it came down on the outside of her left hip and thigh, then on the top of her right hip, licking up onto her side and stomach. She cried out and thrashed under the onslaught.

It was a delicious sting that lit her up everywhere it touched, a firm but easy whipping that wouldn't leave a mark. Just as suddenly as it began it stopped and she lay there panting and moving about, tossing her head, wanting to know where he was and what he was going to do. She felt him on the bed then coming up between her legs, pushing them up by the thighs as far as the straps would allow.

Her knees were bent and her ass was raised slightly up off the bed. His hands were pressed firmly against her thighs xxxx barzzers full story com she felt his breath at the mouth of her dripping wet pussy and then he clamped it down onto her. His mouth was hot and his tongue pushed into her, flicking, swirling and thrusting deep, his lips moved over hers as if in a long, hot French kiss. He turned his head and sucked her clit into his mouth and she cried out, feeling it build, knowing it was coming, it was so close.

He sucked once, twice more and then dropped her legs and was gone. "Nooooo, Daddy, please." She thrashed again in the bed, trying to press her legs together and then screamed as the tails of the whip came down across the top of her pubic bone. Her legs flew open and she raised her hips off the bed, thrusting at the air above her, begging for more. The whip came down rapidly onto her thighs and wet lips and she arched and spread herself as far as she could, flinching and near orgasm every time one of the tails hit her clit.

Again it stopped. She lay panting, the cool air heaven on her burning striped skin. He was at her head, his hand on one breast, lifting and squeezing the delicate skin. He gently pulled on the clamp that pinched onto her rock hard nub. He ran the tip of his hard cock against the side of her face and she turned, opening her mouth and moaning. His groan was deep and satisfying and she moaned again. He pushed his thick, hard cock into her mouth, stroked in and out a few times, she pressed her tongue and lips against him and sucked, swallowing when the head of him hit her throat, opening it slightly so he slid deeper still.

He groaned again and pulled away from her. Again she thrashed and groaned in protest. She was on fire, every part of her wanted him. Then she felt him back between her legs, and he was pushing and lifting her again jim slip french girl train the same wide open, lifted position as before.

This time, instead of his mouth pressing against her, it was the burgeoned mushroom head of him. She moaned excitedly and her swollen lips opened further and more hot honey pearled out onto his head. She wiggled and squirmed but he held her still there, just barely inside her. He reached down between them and grasped his shaft, stroking her warm cream over himself. She squeezed and tightened, trying desperately to pull him inside. He reached up with both hands and grasped the clamps on her nipples, pulling my friend hot mom forced me tfuck tugging at them, rocking his pelvis, going just the tiniest bit deeper into her.

He slapped at her breasts a bit causing them to bounce and sway and he bounced a bit sending his cock sliding a bit deeper, then pulling it out further, again just leaving it there at her opening, her lips stretched around him. "Please, please, Daddy. I need it, oohhhhhh, please. I'll be good." Her head moved back and forth, she was panting and moaning, her voice hoarse and raspy. He placed his hands on each side of her face, his fingers spread into her hair and the back of her neck and he thrust.

She screamed and tightened against him. His mouth covered hers in the same savage thrusts and she came against him over and over in a lightening orgasm. His chest pressed against her clamped nipples, he was thrusting deep and his hot cum squirted forcefully into her. She came again and struggled frantically against the straps wishing she could sink her nails into his skin and mark him.

After, he lay at her side, running his hands over her breasts and her quivering stomach.

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He caressed her and whispered that she should sleep, that he would wake her soon. Part 3 Missy had no idea how long she had slept. She woke to his hands running gently up her breast and then pulling at the clamp on her nipple. He held her breast pulled up taught by the little clamp and shook it lightly. She moaned and twisted on the bed. He dropped that one and treated the opposite breast to the same.

He ran his hands up one arm and untied it, then caressed each of her limbs in the same way and she was freed of her bonds. He helped her off the bed and led her to his bathroom. He stood close up behind her and lifted her hair, bringing his warm lips down onto her neck, sucking the skin into his mouth and then pressing his teeth lightly down. She shivered and rolled her head back onto his shoulder.

He reached up and removed her blindfold and then left her alone. A few minutes later he came back and turned on the shower. Pulling her with him, they stepped into the cool spray and Missy's body instantly tightened and pebbled in gooseflesh.

Her nipples under the clamps stood firmer and the clamps shifted and tightened around them. He adjusted the temperature and they stood together in the water, her back leaning snugly against his abdomen and chest.

Bitch stop horny czech bitch with hairy pussy gently washed her hair and then lathered her neck and shoulders. He ran his soapy hands down the front of her, around her breasts, under them, down her belly.

He pressed his fingers deeply into the skin of her hips, massaging. She felt him stirring behind her, his cock growing, pushing against one cheek kat cumsalot makes him cum so fast lol her ass. He bent a little and ran his hand down her hip and the inside of her thigh and she rose up on her tiptoes and spread her legs. His fingertips pressed against one lip, pulling her open and the soapy water poured down the front of her and into the open cleft he had made.

He stood up again and then bent again using the other hand on the opposite side. He pulled his fingers, slick with her wetness and soap up and pressed them against her throbbing, erect clit.

She moaned rotated her hips. Pushing her in front of him, he bent her and pressed her hands against the shower wall. He poured soap onto her back and began to massage it in. Firmly digging his fingers into her back and down lower to knead and lift her ass.

Missy opened her mouth and gasped aloud as he opened her with one hand and pressed his thumb against her.

She wiggled and lifted again onto her tiptoes and he grabbed one of her legs and lifted it, pressing himself quickly up against her, the head of him pushing against the tight opening of her ass. She threw her head back and rocked, and japanese gay sex english subtitles gripped her waist and one leg hard. "Be still," he ordered. Her hands pressed against the shower wall, she stood on one foot as he held her. He pushed the helmet of his head in slowly until it popped past her tight ring.

Missy moaned loudly and the muscles of her ass and legs quivered. He held himself there and then began to slowly push deeper. Telling her again to hold still, he gently stroked only about two inches in and out of her. He was quietly moaning as she began to tremble and groan. "Oh, please, more." She tossed her head again and started to move her hips.

"I'm cumming, Daddy." She tried to push back against him, wanting him, but he held her leg and waist tightly. "Come on, baby, cum for daddy." She shivered and moaned, bouncing as much as she could on his thick cock. When her breathing started to slow he backed away from her and washed himself.

She leaned against the wall watching him, taking deep breaths to calm the pounding of her heart. He finished quickly then pulled her to him once again, running his hands over her body with warm water, rinsing her.

Taking her from the shower, he dried both of them. She arched against him as the towel ran roughly over her clamped nipples. He turned her around and replaced the blindfold. She sighed in excited frustration as he led her once again to the bed. This time he maneuvered her onto the bed on her knees, her bottom on her heels and he sat in front of her. He ran his hands up her arms and then pushed them back behind her back and pressed her back until her hands rested on the bed.

She knelt there arched in front of him, blindfolded. She felt his hands on her stomach and sides, then under her breasts, running his thumbs over the clamps. She sucked in a breath of air as he released one clamp and then moaned deeply when his hot mouth covered the throbbing nipple.

He opened his mouth and the cool air rushed over her wet nipple. She felt the pink brown skin around it pebble and then his tongue rasped over her. He licked, flicking his tongue against her nipple and licking down and then sucked the bottom of her breast into his mouth.

She cried out when he bit down and then moved all over her breast, chewing, sucking and licking, finally taking the nipple once again into his mouth. She couldn't control the long "ahhhhhh" as he released the other nipple and fed on that breast. He used his hands to squeeze and knead them as he went from one to the other with his mouth, then pressed them together taking both nipples between his teeth, biting and then flicking them with his tongue before sucking them both between his lips.

Suddenly he rose up in front of her and pulled her back to the kneeling position and pushed in between her lips. Missy opened her mouth and has he pushed in deep with a grunt she felt her honey drip from her swollen lips. He pulled away from her and pressed her chest down onto the bed. Crawling around behind her he spread her legs. He pressed her knees apart as far as they would go and then tied the long straps to her knees and to the top posts of the bed above her head.

Her arms were free but little good it did her as she lay there spread wide open in front of him. She grasped two handfuls of sheet and wiggled her bottom, uncomfortable with how open she felt.

She could feel him on the bed behind her, but he wasn't touching her. She waited, feeling more and more uncomfortable and embarrassed. She felt one hand on the inside of her thigh rubbing gently up and down, and then a hard smack that brought her arching up.

Again he slapped the inside of her thigh, first one side and then the other. He used both hands, one and then the other, spanking her all over, ass, hips and thighs. As he slapped her ass his fingers came down onto the puffy wet lips of her pussy and then he was spanking her there too.

She wiggled and arched, moaning and pleading for him to fill her. The spanking stopped and she felt him behind her. He gripped her hips roughly and shoved himself to the hilt amateur massage parlor hidden camera uncensored her dripping wet pussy. He stroked her with long hard strokes until her voice came out in a near scream.

He knew she was about to cum and he yanked away. "Ohhhh, Daddy, please." She squirmed and bounced and then felt his face pressed against her. He sucked her thick lips into his mouth and licked at her pressing his tongue deeper and deeper into her.

He reached up and pushed his thick thumb into her ass and she bit her lip trying to keep from screaming as she came. Before she was even finished he pulled away from her again and filled her with his cock and this time she did scream. Again, only stroking her a few times he pulled away from her. Missy was writhing in front of him and he gripped her hips again then flogging a juicy poon tang pornstar hardcore against her pulsing ass.

They were both wet with her juices and his cock slid into her. He steadily pushed until she had all of him inside her hot, tight, tight ass. She gently rocked her hips back and forth as he stroked, long and slow, in and out of her ass, both of them moaning and panting. Her skin pebbled in goosebumps and her legs began to quiver.

Her moaning was deep and fast and he knew she was about to cum again. He pulled slowly from her ass and buried himself in her pussy just as she exploded. Her back was arched and she trembled stuffing lovely babes snatch with a wiener head to toe. He felt her clenching and then was awash in hot, thick cum. He stroked in fast, hard, hard strokes and roared as he shot into her his own thick, steaming hot cum.

She dropped down onto her chest again and he draped himself over her back, breathing heavily in her ear, his breath a heavy rasp. He untied her and they lay tangled together drifting to sleep. Her last thought before falling into a deep sleep was, "I know just how I'll wake him up."