Perfect teen footjob i trusted him and he d his priesthood authority

Perfect teen footjob i trusted him and he d his priesthood authority
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Moments in Time from My Life: Chapter One, the Ugly Duckling This is a story taken from moments in my life. My name is Betsy and I was inspired to write my life story after reading of the life of another. You know him as Sgt. J here, he is the author of "The Swinging in the Neighborhood," series. His writing overwhelmed me as I read about the hardships he had faced through his life as well as over coming those hardships. His story touched my heart with each chapter I read.

If you get a chance check his story out, as I am sure, the emotions I felt in his story will also tug at your heart. His writing has given me the courage to write about my own hardships. While a war was not one of my hardships, one did happen to touch my life. The love, romance, abuse and family trials Sgt.

J faced are similar to those of my own. My story starts with me being born to two wonderful parents in 1975, William and Esther, my mom and dad. I had a normal early childhood and grew up happy.

That ended when I entered the second grade around eight years old. My mom and dad decided that they no longer wanted to be man and wife. I was too young to understand the reasons behind it however; I always thought I was to blame for their divorce.

I had turned into a troubled child back then mainly because it seemed like I did not fit in with the other kids in school. For one thing, everyone in my class their parents were still married. The second reason was I was a little awkward thing during that age. I seemed to be smaller than most of the kids in my class and I had been wearing glasses since I was in first grade. The other kids always teased me in school. When we read "The Ugly Duckling," in school the other kids stuck that name on me.

They would call me short stuff and little misses four eyes. They were always asking me when I was going to grow up and be somebody. Kids can be so cruel to other kids just because they think they are better than the person they are belittling.

By the fourth grade, I had grown tired of the teasing by the other kids. I flunked fourth grade on purpose just to go to school with a different group of kids. If I had known that the kids younger than I were to be just as cruel I would not have done that. In doing so, I had also given them the opportunity to add to their lists of names for me.

I was now dumb or stupid for having flunked fourth grade. I lived with my mom during school and I spent each summer with my dad. I never told either of them about how the other kids at school picked on me. My mom worked hard and I did not want to add to her problems. I was somewhat closer to my dad and I was able to talk to him.

However, he always told me to ignore the other kids, as they were just jealous of me. Which made no sense to me for it was I who was jealous of them. They were normal and I was just a misfit and an ugly duckling. My mom and dad were still friends and I believed that my dad still loved my mom very much as he was always asking me about her.

Both of them dated but neither ever brought their date's home with them. I always figured it was because they did not want them to know they had a daughter like me, the ugly duckling. The years went on and I just tried to keep a low profile during school. Sometimes it worked and other times it only drew attention to me. My growing into a young woman also gave them reason to make fun of me as well. I had tits growing when I was eleven and I had shot cut story sweet girl school first period at age twelve.

By the time I was in Jr. High, I had a full bush covering my pussy. Every thing started to change when I turned fifteen. I was no longer small as I was now 5' 3" average weight; my breasts sunny leone ass fuck download almost 36 c.

I had brunette curly hair down to my shoulders. I had what I considered a big fat ass. However, I had heard older boys at school claim "I would love to pound that from behind." There was still one fact about myself that I did not like. That being that I still wore glasses. I know your saying just take them off or wear contacts. I could not go without my glasses, as I was blind as a bat little brother sex big sister play game them.

I could see close up but anything a foot away was nothing but a blur to me. As to contacts, I could amateur teen filmed fucking hatefuck my hippie asshole wear them as I had something wrong with my eyes and they caused me problems when I wore them.

I also wench gets banged cruely interracial and hardcore from what they called Nystagmus that is an involuntary rhythmic shaking or wobbling of the eyes. I have had it since I was a child and it really acts up when I get nervous or I am under a lot of stress.

This only added to all my problems as when I get nervous my eyes tend to bounce wildly. I was also still awkward and I did not make friends well. Through the years, I had grown shy and I had very low self-esteem toward myself. After all, to myself I was still the ugly duckling.

As to sex, I learned it all from Janet. She had been having sex with her brother since she was thirteen. I watched them while they had sex but I never left her brother have me. However, Janet and I had sex all the time when we were able too. Janet had also started to turn into a woman at fifteen. She was about 5' 2" skinny but was starting to gain weight. She had perfect 34 c tits and a great fucking ass.

She had long blonde hair down to the middle of her back. She only had a few hairs on her pussy and they were blonde ones. Janet and I learned about sex from her brother and his magazines. Anytime that my mom was not home she would bring a few over and we would look through them. We fingered ourselves as we checked out the men's big cocks.

Any girl-to-girl sex we saw or read about we tried it. However when I was in eighth grade my boobs were close to 36c and still growing.

Boys at my school started to notice them and some were always brushing up against them. A couple boys would even reach out and just grab them sometimes.

Those boys never did it around their friends for they did not want them to know they were feeling up the class misfit. I once had a boy come up to me as I walked home from school. His name was Kevin and while he never really called me names through school, he never stopped the others from calling me names.

The other kids in school got along great with Kevin and he was popular. Therefore, I was shocked when he horny chick plays with her bfs dick up to me on the way home that day.

"Hi Janet mind if I walk with you home?" Kevin asked as he came up to me.

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"I guess if you want too," I replied as I started to walk with him beside me. Kevin did not say much as we walked nor did I. However, his eyes were all over my bouncing tits with each step we took.

I had been noticing that all males were checking out my breasts as of lately. Older males were always staring at my boobs especially when I wore a tank top or a low cut shirt. I never wore anything like that to school at the time in fact we had school uniforms that today one would wear as a school girls outfit when you play dress up or when role-playing. The white shirt I had on that day was a little small on me and fit a little tighter than it should have.

Each step I took my big boobs tucked in their bra rubbed against the shirt. That only caused my nipples to get hard and as they poked through my bra and my shirt it caused a couple buttons to come undid. Kevin almost tripped a few times trying to look down my shirt as we walked.

I finally stopped dead in my tracks and I turned to him. "Kevin, just what do you really want and why would you want to walk me home?" I asked knowing something was going on here.

Kevin looked me in my face then looked at my big tits as he roos mother sin xxx com, "I was wondering if you would show me your tits." I stood there just looking at him as he added, "Please I won't tell anyone you did," as he looked around. I thought for a few seconds before I replied, "Not here lets walk into the woods," as I pointed to the near by woods.

I cannot tell you why I agreed to show them to him. Maybe it was to reward him for walking me home or just the fact he had never teased me before. It could have been that I was starting to realize my tits could work to my own advantage. Kevin and I walked into the woods, which were right behind my house. I figured if something was to happen that I did not like or want too I could run to my house.

I had become a fast runner by that time in my life and could just about out run anyone in my class. I turned and I stood in front of Kevin. He stared at my boobs as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I opened my shirt exposing my breasts covered by my bra. Kevin's eyes got big as he stared at the tops of my breasts that heaved up from my bra. I placed my hands under the front of my bra and I lifted it over my tits. My breast fell with a bounce and a jiggle. "Damn they are bigger than my mom's," Kevin cried out.

"May I touch them?" Kevin asked. I should have told him no however I was getting this tingling down between my legs. I noticed my nipples seemed to have become the hardest I had ever felt or seen them. I also noticed that Kevin had something hard causing his pants to tent out in front of him.

I knew from seeing Janet brother's cock that Kevin had a boner in his pants. "Only if I can touch yours," I replied pointing to his boner in his pants. Kevin did not reply he just stepped toward me with his hands out in front of him. His hand cupped around each of my breasts. He lifted them up almost as if he was trying to weigh them. My own hand went down to his pants. I rubbed then squeezed at his cock through the pants he wore. Kevin was now rubbing his hands around my breasts as his thumbs rubbed against my nipples.

My nipples tingled and my pussy seemed to be twitching as Kevin played with my tits. Kevin started to pull at my nipples by taking them between his thumb and forefinger.

"Ahhhh," I moaned out softly as I felt my pussy starting to get wet. "Can I suck on your tits like my baby brother does my mom's?" Kevin asked. I was to far gone now to stop him. I just shook my head yes, as I grabbed at his cock through his pants. Kevin leaned down and he took one of my tits into his mouth.

He started to suckle on it just as a newborn baby would. Kevin went from breasts to breasts sucking at each of my nipples. I felt very strange down below as it felt like I had to go pee. "Stop Kevin, I have to pee," I said to him pushing his face from my tits. Kevin stepped back from me as I raised my skirt and I said, "Turn around you can't watch me." "I will show you mine if you show me yours," Kevin replied reaching for his pants buckle.

"OK," I replied as I pulled my panties down my legs. Kevin dropped his pants and I saw his hard cock dancing in front of him. It was stuffing lovely babes snatch with a wiener a huge cock maybe only five inches but it was the first one I had seen other than Janet brother's cock.

Kevin was staring at my pussy as I stood there. "Your pussy is so hairy," Kevin rather yelled. I just smiled as I squatted down right in front of him. I parted my legs as Kevin stood there. His hand went to his cock and he started to pull at it. I had seen Janet's brother jacking his cock off before so it did not surprise me.

I just smiled at him as he stood over me stroking his cock. I reached down and opened my pussy some more pulling my pussy lips apart. My pussy throbbed then I started to pee. It only trickled out at first but then it shot out like water from a garden hose. "AHHHHHh JANET," Kevin screamed loudly as his hand moved fast on his cock.

I was still peeing when I watched his cock sort of throb as he shot cum from his cock. His cum was whitish clear not solid white as cum I had seen in magazines.

His cock danced up and down as it fired two or three shots from vicki chase the perfect hostess dick head. The first shot of cum landed at my shoes however, the next two splashed right onto my tits. I jumped to my feet when that happened. I used both my hands to wipe it from my tits. "Kevin gave a little laugh as he said, "It won't burn you." I gave a little laugh back as I started to pull my panties back up over my legs.

Kevin put his now small limp cock away as well. I tucked my tits back into my bra and I buttoned my shirt back up as I looked to Kevin. "Thanks Janet, you're not so bad really," Kevin said as he ran from the woods. I stood amateur babe fucked by nasty pawn man at the pawnshop alone in the woods.

For the first time in my life, someone had given me a compliment I think. The fact that it was a popular boy in my class made me feel good as well. However as I made my way home my mood changed as I thought about how he will probably tell everyone at school want we had done. I went straight to my room and flopped down onto my bed crying. I had once again given the others a reason to make fun of lively and wild some hardcore and blowjob I thought.

They will think of me as being a slut. However, my mind went back to want had happened and as I thought about it, my pussy started to tingle once again. I beautiful busty blonde bbw christina enjoys a facial cumshot all my clothes off and I lie onto my back in my bed. I rubbed and played with my tits just as Kevin had. I lifted them one at a time to my mouth and sucked on my nipples as he had done. I drew my knees up to my chest spreading them open as I pinched at my nipples.

My other hand went down to my pussy. I started to rub my whole hand against my pussy. I slip one then two fingers up inside of my hairy pussy. My fingers grew wetter as I plunged them in and out of my pussy. I pinched my nipples harder as I thought about watching Kevin pulling at his cock.

"AHHhhh," I moaned out loudly as my body shook. My thighs opened and closed as a wave raced through my body. My pussy suddenly became very wet and juices dripped from it as my fingers raced in and out. I believe I was having my first true orgasm as I flopped around on my bed.

"Janet, are you alright," I heard my mom ask through my door. With a winded voice, I replied, "Yes. I am OK." Thank god, I had locked my door or she might have caught me. My fingers were soaking wet and I brought them up to my mouth where I cleaned the liquid from them.

I looked down at my bed sheet to see there was a huge wet spot on it. I covered it with the stuffed bears from my bed as I grabbed some clothes and went off to shower.

I did not sleep well that night as my mind raced with thoughts of what would happen at school tomorrow. I felt sick to my stomach and my eyes bounced wildly as I walked to school. When I got there, Janet asked me what was wrong. I just told her I did not feel well. I hurried off to my homeroom where I took my seat. As always, I was the first in the class. The other kids started to filter into the class. As always, a few had some smart remark as they walked by me.

A girl by the name of Mary came walking over and she teased me about my curly hair and making fun of my glasses. Kevin walked into the room and he walked by Mary never even looking at me. I just sat there with my head looking down. Suddenly I heard Kevin as he said, "Leave her alone Mary she has never done anything to you." Mary got quiet, busty mature kerala mallu aunty dirty nude sex did the whole class.

Mary did not say anything else as she took her seat. I turned to look at Kevin and he just smiled to me when I did. I did not know what to think as no body had ever stuck up for me before when someone teased me. All through school that day, not a soul teased me or poked fun at me.

I felt strange all day long, as that had never happened until now. I was always checking behind me, as I was afraid something was going to happen. When the final bell rang, I was glad the day was over.

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I hurried from the school and I was walking fast down the street. "Betsy, wait up," Kevin yelled at me from behind. I stopped as I turned toward him. I waited until he got up to me before I started to walk again very fast. Kevin finally grabbed me by my arm. "Slow down Betsy," "Why the rush?" Kevin asked me as I stopped in my tracks. "I don't want the other kids to start making fun of you," I rather just blurted out from my mouth. "Why would they?" Kevin asked.

"You came to my aid today," I replied. "You let me worry about that it does not concern you," Kevin said as he started to walk away. I had to catch up with him this time and as I did I asked, "Kevin, why did you do that today?" Kevin stopped and he looked me in my face then down at my tits as he replied, "Because I owned you," as he smiled while still staring at my breasts.

I figured he was talking about what we had done in the woods yesterday on the way home. I was not for sure just what he had in mind as we walked. We started to walk again with neither of us saying anything. As we neared the woods by my house, I stopped. "Care to join me in the woods?" I asked. "I was hoping you would ask," Kevin replied.

Kevin grabbed my hand and we ran into the woods. We found a grassy spot under a tree where we both sat down. Kevin did not say anything other than just staring at my tits. I unbuttoned my shirt removing it then I unhooked my bra letting my big tits spill out as I did. Kevin's eyes went from my tits up to my face as he asked, "May I kiss you Betsy?" "If you want too," I replied.

Kevin reached up toward my face and I thought he was going to pull mine toward his. However, his sexy mom or sun hot xxxxx went to my glasses removing them.

His features rather blurred as he removed them. He laid them upon my shirt as he said, "There that is better." Kevin's lips touched mine as he kissed me lightly. His one hand wrapped around me as his other went to my tit. He kissed me deeply and squeezed at my tit as he slipped sexy gf anal rammed and caught on camera tongue into my mouth.

His tongue roamed in my mouth as my own tongue explored his. I left my hand slip down to the front of his pants feeling his hard cock pressing against them. Kevin broke our kiss as he said, "You can take it out and touch it if you want too." I undid his pants and pulled his zipper down.

Kevin rose up a bit as he pulled his pants and underwear down. His cock sprang out standing straight up into the air. I stared at it as I could barely see it really. Kevin grabbed my hand and placed it onto his cock. I squeezed and pulled at it as he kissed me once more.

I felt his hand leaving my breasts. His hand went up under my skirt as his fingers rubbed against my panties. I started to get that feeling down in my pussy as he rubbed his finger against it. I rubbed my hand over the head of his cock. I felt something wet and sticky as I did. I knew it was pre-cum leaking from his cock. I also knew Janet had told me it tasted lovely. I broke our kiss and as I pulled on his cock I moved leaning my head down into his lap. I was closer to his cock and I could see his dickhead all covered with clear stuff.

I stuck my tongue out as I started to lick at the head of his cock.

"AHhhh Betsy," Kevin moaned out as he rested back against the tree. I licked at his cock head getting my tongue covered with his pre-cum. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth tasting it. It did taste good I thought as I took the head of his cock into my mouth. I had practiced sucking a cock with Janet before using a hot dog. I had also watched her giving her brother head many times.

I only hoped that I was doing it right. I sucked at the head of his cock as I worked his cock into my mouth. I worked my mouth down his cock until I felt the hair he had down there. I pulled my head back up his cock as I sucked hard at it. "Damn that feels good," Kevin moaned out as he started to stroke my hair. I felt Kevin's hand hiking my skirt up from behind. His hand slipped down the back of my panties. Kevin was rubbing his hands over my butt cheeks as I bobbed my head up and down his cock.

I felt Kevin's finger slipping into the crack between my butt cheeks. Kevin started to rub his finger up and down the crack of my ass. Kevin started to move his cock upward each time I moved my mouth down on it. I started to work my mouth faster on his cock. I felt his finger pressing against my asshole. Suddenly he pressed his finger up into my ass.

I jerked as he did and I started to pull my head and mouth from his cock. "NO, don't stop," Kevin yelled as his other hand pressed my head back down on his cock. I went back to sucking on his cock as he started to work his finger in and out of my asshole. I felt my pussy sucking at air as he fingered my butt. I did not know it felt that good or I would have been finger fucking my asshole as well as my pussy. "AHHHHHhh Betsy," Kevin yelled out loudly. His cock suddenly throbbed and then jerked in my mouth.

His cock twitched as it blew his load into my mouth. I started to gag and I removed my mouth from his cock. Cum dripped and ran from my mouth as I did. I coughed a couple of times but I licked at some cum running from my mouth. "Sorry Betsy I should have warned you I was going to shoot," Kevin said with a little laugh. I wiped at his cum at my mouth as I replied, "That's OK it was not that bad." Kevin stood up and he pulled his quickie in the park with broke blonde up as he did.

I was rather hoping he would at least finger my ass or my pussy some more but it was getting late. I stood up and I put my bra and shirt back on along with my glasses.

Kevin removed them again before he kissed me on my lips. Kevin pulled back from me as soon as his lips touched mine as he cried out, "Damn forgot where your mouth had been." We both gave a little laugh and he kissed me on my cheek instead.

Kevin once again ran off leaving me standing in the woods. I walked from the woods feeling happy as I did. I went into my house thinking about just how his finger up my ass had made my pussy so wet. In fact, my panties were soaking wet when I removed them. Later that weekend Janet spent Friday night at my house and as we played with each other pussies.

I slipped my finger up into her butt. She jerked but I told her to relax it would soon feel good. I fingered both of her holes at once and she had a strong powerful orgasm flopping all around the bed. "Where did you learn that at?" Janet asked me. I broke down and I told her about what Kevin and I have been doing after school. She wanted to know if I had left him fuck me yet with his cock. I told her no I was too scared to let him do that.

Janet also wanted to know if she could join us sometime. I told her I would think about it. By doing what I have done with Kevin, he had become my friend. We walked home together whenever he did not have football or basketball practice. By Kevin being my friend I started to become friend with friends of his as well. Rumors even started that Kevin and Anal interracial porn for blonde teen and big black dick were girlfriend and boyfriend.

It was not like that however, I did start to fall in love with him but I was not sure if he felt the same way. A few months later Janet and I were riding our bikes through the park.

We happen to run into Kevin while we were there. I asked Kevin if he wanted to go back to the woods and play. "What about your friend Janet?" Kevin asked. "She can watch," I replied smiling. That brought a smile to his face as well as to Janet's face. The three of us rode our bikes to the woods by my house.

We walked into the woods and found our spot under that tree. In no time, I had all my clothes off, as did Janet and Kevin. Janet watched as Kevin suckled on my breasts as he fingered my pussy. I played and pulled on his cock as he did. "Can I suck his cock while he gets you off?" Janet asked.

I was going to say no but Kevin yelled, "Sure you can," as he made room for her. Kevin fingered my pussy with one then two fingers as Janet went to work on his cock. I really started to get off when Kevin slipped a third finger into my pussy. Between his fingering me and watching Janet sucking on his cock, I lost control. My pussy throbbed and twitched as wetness poured from between my legs. I was not for sure but I think I might have been pissing.

My orgasm was just ending when I heard Janet. "Fuck me slip your cock into my pussy," Janet screamed as she flipped onto her back in the grass. Kevin rolled from me and onto top of her. I saw him grab his cock and he shoved it up inside of Janet.

I felt sick to my stomach as I watched Kevin going up and down on top of Janet. They started kissing as Kevin fucked her. "AHHHHH Janet," Kevin yelled, as he grew stiff as a board and collapsed on top of Janet. They had only been fucking for a few minutes and now he was shooting his load into her.

I jumped up grabbed my clothes and I was putting them on as I ran from the woods to my bike. I rode home and ran into the house. I ran into my room and lay on my bed. I was crying with my face buried in the pillow. I felt betrayed and hurt. Kevin had fucked Janet before he had me. I would hot sexy amateur cam babe masturbating hard left him however, he never asked. I had been such a fool to have left Janet join us.

I heard a knock at the door and I looked out to see that it was Janet standing there. I left her in and she asked me why I had run away. I told her because Kevin had fucked her. Janet told me she was sorry she just got to horny. "I thought you were my friend," I screamed at Janet. "I am," Janet yelled back at me. "Yeah a true friend would not have fucked my boyfriend," I yelled out as I flopped down onto the sofa crying into my hands.

"Betsy, I did not know that you felt that way toward Kevin," Janet replied. "I am sorry if I had known I won't have," she added. "Just get out Janet," Just fucking leave," I cried out as I opened the door. "Fine it that is how you want it then fine," Janet replied as she stormed from the house. I cried the rest of the weekend over what had happened.

I blamed myself for allowing it to happen. I also felt sick to my stomach as well as nervous because I knew I was going to have to face both Kevin and Janet come Monday at school. Monday came and I told my mom I was too sick to go to school.

I did the same on Tuesday and she told me if I were not better, I would have to go see the doctor. I walked slowly to school Wednesday and the hall was full with kids when I walked in through the door.

I only took three or four steps down the hall when what do I see, Janet and Kevin walking down the hall hand in hand. I went to my locker and as I was closing it, Kevin walked up to me.

"I'm sorry Betsy," "I hope we still can be friends," Kevin said. I did not even look at him as I replied, "There is nothing to be sorry about Kevin," "It was not like I was your girlfriend or anything," as I hurried to class.

I felt sad that I had never told him just how I felt. I felt even sadder knowing that without Kevin I would probably go back to being the class misfit again. However, I was wrong about that as I had people telling me they were sorry for me over what Kevin had done to me. Even Mary had something nice to say to me. "That was low of Kevin dumping you and taking up with your girlfriend," "You don't need them both as friends anyways you have others who like you," Mary said to me as she hugged me.

I ran to the girls restroom crying. Because Kevin had dumped me for Janet and because of what Mary had said to me. I never had any one comfort me as she had. In the coming days, I had many of the other kids telling me the same thing. I even had plenty of boys who wanted to walk me home after school. However, I told them all NO, as I was not going through something like that again.

I rather withdrew away from others during the next few months. I went back to being by myself. I was alone once more, as I just did not want to become friends with anyone ever again. I also told people to leave me alone, which was wrong of me as they were only trying to help me. I once again became the class misfit only this time it was by my own doing. By the time eight grade ended and the summer began I was a total loner again.

I had concluded that Kevin had only seen me for my big tits and nothing more. I was not even sure whether I like boys any longer and I thought that maybe I should become a lesbian. Boys just did not turn me on anymore. Mainly because most of them I did not like as they all used to make fun of me before I grew my big tits.

I had never seen a man's cock other than Janet's brothers and Kevin's and to be honest they were not that fucking big to begin with.

I had my fingers if I wanted sex and that was enough for me. That was about to change this coming summer. As soon as school ended, my dad was at my mom's to pick me up after school. I already had my bags packed and was waiting for him. I was sitting in the front room in a tank top and jean shorts. Daddy had not seen me for almost ten months, as he never comes around when mom has me.

Daddy knocked on the door and I opened it. Daddy's eyes got big cute teen fucked by big cock grandpa cums in her mouth with cumplay he checked me out from my head down to my toes.

He looked away then back to me. "Betsy, is that you?" Daddy asked smiling. "Daddy, you know it is me," I replied letting him into the house.

"Damn girl you have done some growing this year," Daddy said. I glanced over my shoulder to see that daddy was looking at my ass. I seemed to have been getting a lot of that lately.

Older men would follow me in the stores sometimes checking my butt as well as my tits out as they did. Once Janet was with me and she pulled my tank top down which caused both my big tits to spill out in front of that man.

I even had that tingle in my pussy as the man stared at my tits. I only ever had that feeling around Janet or another girl up to then. Janet and I took it as a game when we went to the store together. Sometimes we would sneak out of our house with a short skirt on and give them a look at our butts and even our pussies. One time we were in a department store and this older man was following us. I had a short skirt on so I squatted down in front of him letting him see my hairy pussy and pussy lips hanging.

The man rubbed at his cock and I ran away. I went to my bags where I bent down in front of daddy. His eyes went right to my tits. They were hanging freely in my tank top as it had a built in bra, which did very little especially when I bent over. I gave my tits a little shake back and forth, as he stared at them. "It's not nice to tease young lady," Daddy said before he grabbed my bags.

I told mom good-bye and ran out to daddy's car. I got in and we drove to his house. Along the way, we talked mostly about how I was doing in school, as my mom was concerned with me not having many friends.

That and she had recently found out why Janet and I were no longer friends. "Your mom is worried about you and Janet," Daddy said as we drove. "Daddy can we please not talk about it," "I am just an awkward ugly duckling and no boy will ever want me," I replied turning my head to hide my tears as I looked out the window.

"Betsy, your not, your starting to grow into that lovely swan whether you know it or not," daddy said patting my hand with his. I knew daddy was just telling me that. Kind words to live by from your father. We soon got to his place and as he helped me unpack, we talked about this and that. Daddy told me that his family reunion was later in the summer out at the lake.

"I am sure everyone would love to see you as it has been some years since they have," daddy said. "I guess I will come along I can at least scare the young ones," I replied. "BETSY, you stop talking like that there is nothing wrong with you," daddy yelled as he shook his head and walked from my room.

I sat down onto the bed and cried into my hands. Because of the others belittling me and calling me names. I did not know how truly lovely I had become.

I knew the boys like my big tits as that was all they ever looked at. They never looked me in my eyes, well into my four eyes. Janet was the only moms walks in on son taboincest who ever looked into my eyes. I loved it when she would take me into her arms and tell me how lovely I was. She would whisper sweet things into my ear as she fingered my pussy. That girl could eat some pussy as well for she had a snake's tongue in her mouth.

I missed having Janet around she was always there for me to talk too. She was always there when I need someone to comfort me when I was feeling like the freak I was. I missed her and the fun we always had together especially our girl-to-girl fun.

It is pretty boring around my dad's neighborhood everyone that lived near him are older with no kids or their kids no longer live at home. I would sit at home doing nothing when daddy went to work, as there was nothing to do. One day there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find Janet standing there. "Betsy can we please talk," Janet said with tears in her eyes. It seems that Janet felt the same way about not having me around.

Janet told me Kevin had broken up with her. She told me he found another girl who would fuck him and he no longer needed her. Janet told me she had been a fool have him. She told she only did it to get even with me. Janet and I made our peace with each other and we agreed never to let a boy come between us ever again.

Janet was like me as she felt she did not need any boy as long as she had me. Janet and I became lovers that summer. Thankfully, Janet was still only a bike ride away. It was a long bike ride but delicious redhead performs an amazing blowjob facials cumshot worth the trips we took turns making. Daddy did not seem to mind that Janet came over and he even would leave her spend Friday or Saturday nights with me. Janet and I always made sure he never saw what we were doing together or heard us during the night together.

It was a couple days before the reunion at the lake. Thursday night over dinner daddy said, "Here is some money how about you go buy yourself a new swim suit for the reunion at the lake." I took his money as I replied, "Thanks daddy I will find a full one piece so not to scare anyone." "Young LADY make it a two piece or don't get one at all," Daddy said as he got up from the table.

Daddy turned as he neared the sink and he added, "With boobs like those a red bikini would work just fine." I was shocked to hear my dad say that. However, I took it as only more kind words from ones father. Later that night I fell asleep on the sofa and when I woke up, I heard my dad talking to someone on the phone. It was my mom. "The girl will be fine she is just shy give her a chance to find out for herself," I heard my dad saying into the phone. I knew they were talking about their hopeless daughter me.

I ran upstairs into my bedroom closing the door behind. I stood in front of the mirror taking my clothes off. I stood before the mirror in just my panties. I was looking into a full-length mirror. I checked my legs; they seemed to look OK shapely and smooth. I turned to the side checking on my thighs as I turned my ass to the mirror. My thighs and ass looked OK other than maybe my butt stuck out a little but it did look shapely.

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I turned back to see the front of my panties. I could see the dark bush sticking out the sides of my panties as well as a dark patch showing thru the tight white panties.

I ran my hand down to my pussy rubbing at it through my panties. I pulled my panties off tossing them as I slipped a finger up inside of my pussy. My finger grew wet with my juices as I slowly fingered myself while watching myself in the mirror. I ran my other hand up the front of my body until my hand touched my breast. I cupped it in my hand bringing my mouth down to it as I raised it with my hand. I stuck my tongue out and gave my nipple a licking with my tongue.

"Ahhh," I moaned softly to myself. I licked at my nipple while I ran my finger in and out of my hairy wet pussy. I removed my wet finger and rubbed it on my other nipple before I slipped it back into my pussy. I moved my hand to my other breast lifting it to taste my juices from my nipples. I had a short sweet orgasm as my tongue licked at my nipple.

I removed my finger from my pussy and my hand from my breasts. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. I saw that my breasts were full and round with hard nipples poking from them. To be truthful my tits looked great. Better than some, Blondies love edging the d pornstars handjob had seen in the magazines Janet and I had looked at.

My eyes followed my body up the mirror to my face. My happiness ended there as I saw my glasses looking back at myself. I removed them and stepped back from the mirror. If only everyone saw me as the blur, I see now instead of that ugly duckling I thought as I stood there. I put my glasses back on and slipped my nightshirt on and climbed into bed. I placed my glasses onto the nightstand beside the bed just to keep them handy. If I did not and if I got up, I would most likely fall down the steps for I could not find the steps without my glasses.

I closed my eyes with hopes of dreaming about someone seeing me for me and not Miss four eyes the ugly duckling. I had no lovely dreams that night only nightmares of children tormenting me. In my nightmare, children ran from me and my own parents turned their heads in shame of their ugly daughter. The only nice parts were seeing Janet there with her arms out and open as she said, "Come to me my love." I awoke the next morning to find daddy had already left for work.

He had left me a note telling me once again to buy a swimsuit that showed just what I had. I called Janet and asked her if she wanted to go shopping for a new swimsuit. Janet came over and we rode our bikes over to the local mall. Janet and I were dressed alike that day. We both had on an orange chinese fuck girl in crowded bus top with black shorts.

Neither of us had worn any panties that day.

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We went from store to store checking out swimsuits. Janet was just trying hers on, as she did not have any money to buy one. I had found a few I liked but I was looking for one, which did not take all the money so Janet could get one as well. I cannot remember if it was Dot's or Penny's but I saw a bright red two-piece bikini.

Janet saw a black one the same style in her size so we tried them on to see if they fit. I thought mine fitted me a little tight as I looked at myself in the mirror. I turned to show Janet and to see how hers fit. "Damn girl that is so sexy looking on you," Janet said as I turned to her. "You really think so?" I asked thinking she was joking. "Hell yeah," "Look at the tops of your breasts," Janet replied as her hands ran over the tops of my breasts.

My nipples hardened instantly as her hands caress the tops of my breasts. Her hands encircled my breasts as she gently caressed them through the red bikini top. Janet took my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and lightly pinched them making them poke even more from the top.

"You better stop you getting me horny," I said smiling at her. Janet wrapped her arms around me and she started to kiss me passionately on my lips. I kissed her back slipping my tongue into her mouth. Here we were standing just behind pulled curtains kissing passionately as other walked by the dressing room.

I felt Janet running her hand down to my pussy. She rubbed at it petting it through the red bikini bottom. Janet ran her hand up to the waist on them and then stuck her hand down the front of them. Janet used her middle finger rubbing at my pussy and at my clit as we stood there kissing. "Mmmmm your pussy is already wet," "I want to taste it," Janet whispered into my ear breaking our kiss.

Janet pulled the bottoms from me as she guided me to the wall seat in the changing room. Janet pushed me down into the seat as she dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached up and parted my legs with her hands.

Janet started by kissing her way along my thigh to my pussy. "AHHhh Janet," I moaned softly as her tongue gently licked at my pussy. Janet only gave it a quick lick before she kissed along my other thigh. She then parted my pussy hair with her hands until she had my pussy lips showing. Janet kissed and licked at my lips as they hung from my pussy. My hands went to the back of her head pulling her face into my horny box. Janet started to lick wildly at my pussy lips as I moved her head on my pussy.

Janet then shot her snake like tongue up into my pussy. "AHHhhhh," I moaned loudly out. Janet drove her tongue in and out of my pussy. Her tongue felt just like a cock would I thought as I felt it rubbing against the walls of my pussy. Janet moved her tongue from my pussy to my clit. She started to lap at it with her tongue. I felt it swelling as it grew bigger. Janet clamped her mouth over my clit and started to suck on it.

"AHHhhhhhh SHIT," I screamed out as an orgasm came over me. "You girls OK in there?" I heard an older woman's voice ask. "Yes, we are just fine," Janet, replied removing her face from between my thighs. "I owe you," I said to Janet as I kissed at her lips tasting my own juices. Janet and I both got dressed again and as we did, she told me I should buy that suit as I looked so hot and sexy in it. I told her I would buy them both the red one for me and the black one for her.

Janet and I walked up to the check out counter and we tossed the swimsuits to the woman behind the counter. She picked up the red one and rang it up then folded it nicely and placed it into a bag.

She grabbed the black one Janet had worn next. She rang it up and then folded the top nicely and placed it into the bag. The woman grabbed for the black bottoms and her hand touched the crotch of them. She ran her hand around the crotch of the black bottoms.

The woman smiled at us as she said, "So that was what you two were up to in there." We both were a little embarrassed and we just smiled back to her. I paid her and she handed us the bag. As we were leaving the store, the woman smiled at us. "You girls come back anytime you like," she said as she winked at us.

Janet and I busted up laughing when we got out of the store. I told Janet that was fun and we will definitely have to do that again someday. I also reached into the bag to see just what had caught the woman's attention.

I felt the crotch of the black bottoms Janet had on they were soaking wet. "You came while you were eating me," I said to Janet as I looked to her. "I always orgasm when I eat your tasty pussy," Janet replied smiling at me.

We rode back to my place and Janet told me she had to be going but would see me after the weekend as she was going away with her parents. I had told her about my dad's family reunion and that I was going to it. I gave her a long loving good-bye kiss before she audrey bitoni in my dad short girlfriend away on her bike. I told her I would see her on the following Monday as she rode away. I was up stairs trying my new bikini on when my day came home from work.

I really did like how I looked in it. The top made my tits look even bigger than they were and the red bottoms seemed to hold my fat ass just right. The only problem was the hair that stuck out around the front of my bottoms. I figured no one would notice, as they had to almost stick they face down there to see it.

I heard sex stories xnxx and big boobs knock at my door. "Can I come in Betsy?" My dad asked. I yelled, "Yeah I am dressed." Dad opened the door and he just stood there staring at me from head to toe.

I turned around a few times for him. I then asked him what he thought. "The new you will drive the boys wild at the lake," Daddy replied smiling as he stared at my tits. I actually believe him as I turned to look at myself in sunny leone gange sex pron mirror.

That red bikini did show off my body and I was starting to see just how I had turned from the ugly duckling into that lovely swan. I smiled to myself in the mirror as I watched daddy eyeing my body up head to toe as a smile came to his face.

I was nervous Saturday morning as I dressed. I was going to just wear my bikini but decide to cover it up with a tank top and a pair of jean shorts. The tank top was white so you could still see the tops of my breasts through it. I wore the jean short just to hide the hair sticking out, as I was afraid to shave it from down there. Daddy and I jumped into his car and off to the reunion we went. I turned shyly away from most of the people who told me I had grown so much since the last time they saw me.

I knew everyone one there however I had not seen them for a few years. I have a cousin by the name of Danny however his goes by his nickname, which was Turtle. Turtle used to tease me a lot and I really was not looking forward to seeing him. I was standing by my dad when Turtle came over.

He talked to my dad about how he would be off to the army in a couple of weeks. After they were through talking Turtle started to walk away but then turned back suddenly toward me. "Betsy, is that you?" Turtle asked staring at my tits. "Yes, it is me," I replied smiling at him. "Damn girl you aren't so ugly anymore," Turtle said smiling at me. Turtle was eighteen years old six foot tall with a rather muscular build on him. I stared at his big biceps as well as at his well form chest.

I checked him out from head to toe. I also noticed he was checking me out as well. Turtle finally took his eyes off my tits as he asked, "Care to go play volleyball?" "Sure why not," I replied. Turtle and I joined the others in a game of volleyball. His eyes were feasting on my big tits as the tank top was showing a fair amount of cleavage during our game. He would brush up against me from time to time feeling my tits and my ass as we played.

He would bump into me every now and then and when he did his hands always seemed to brush against my tits. When I fell over trying to go for the ball Turtle always helped me up and more than a few times his hands brushed against my ass.

When our game was over Turtle came over to me. "Would you like to go out onto the lake in the rowboat?" He asked me. "Sure I would," I replied not thinking anything of it at the time. "I hope you brought your swim suit as you might fall out of the boat," Turtle said. "I have it on," I replied as I pulled my tank top over my head. My full set of tits came into his view. He stared at them with his mouth hanging open as I removed my shorts next.

His eyes went to my crotch as I pulled down my jean shorts. His eyes fixed on my pussy as he stared. I looked down to see just what he was looking at. I saw that my pussy hair was sticking out one side of my bottom. I tucked my hair back inside my suit as I said, "I am ready if you are." Turtle and I got into the rowboat and he rowed us around the lake. I was checking out the muscles in his arms as he rowed.

His biceps would bulge each time he pulled the oars toward himself. We talked as he rowed us around the lake. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I told him no. Turtle rather smiled when I told him that. He stopped rowing and he removed his shirt. His chest muscles matched the muscles in his arms. I felt my pussy starting to tingle as it does sometimes looking at naked men in magazines. I had to close my legs and tighten them when I felt my pussy start to get warm and drip with my juices.

Turtle rowed us to a back cove on the lake and he jumped from the boat into the water. I followed him in after I did the swim band around my glasses. We swam around splashing each other as we did. Turtle came over to me and he grabbed me from behind to dunk my head under water. When he did, his big hands were all over my tits. "Opps sorry girlfriend with sexy feet gives nice footjob that," Turtle said when I came back above the water.

"It's OK they do get in the way sometimes," I replied smiling at him. Turtle wrapped his arms around me pulling me toward him as he asked, "If I kissed you would you scream?" I smiled, as I replied, "Probably not." Turtle's lips met mine as we were soon kissing deeply.

I felt his tongue entering my mouth. As his tongue explored my mouth, I felt something big and hard pressing up between us and against my pussy under the water. I moved my hand down between us thinking something had floated between us. My hand touched something big and round. I grabbed at it as I took it into my hand.

I realized that it was his hard cock poking against my pussy. I broke our kiss when my hand felt his hard cock. I stared into his eyes as I backed away from him letting go of his huge cock. "Sorry about that sometimes he gets in the way also," Turtle said with a little laugh.

Turtle swam back to the boat and I followed him. He pulled himself up into the boat. He turned toward me looking down at me in the water. I was looking up right into his hard cock that was tenting the front of his shorts. I had seen some big cocks in magazines before and now I was seeing one right in front of me.

I wiped the water from my glasses as I thought that maybe it was making it look bigger than it really was. It did not change, as his huge cock seemed to dance in his shorts. Turtle held out his hand as he said, "Let me help you into the boat." His hand grabbed mine and he pulled me up into the boat.

He took me into his arms and started to kiss me fully on my lips. I kissed him back as well. I felt his hands grabbing at my butt pulling me into his cock. Turtle moved his lips from mine and started to kiss at my neck slowing working his way down.

My body had a strange and wonderful feeling running through it as he did; my pussy was tingling as he kissed the tops of my breasts. I did not fight him as he pulled my top under my tits. Turtle licked and kissed his way around my breasts. "Ahhh," I moaned softly as he started to suckle at one of my nipples. Turtle moved his mouth to my other breast as I felt his hand slipping down the front of my bikini bottom.

His finger ran through the hair of my pussy pulling at my hair as they did. I felt his finger touch against my pussy lips. I pushed myself away from him removing my tit from his mouth and removing his hand from my pussy as well. "We better stop," I said as I put my tits back into my bikini. Turtle came toward me as he yelled, "I don't think so." The next thing I knew Turtle had me across the bench seat in the rowboat.

His hands pulled roughly at my top. My tits were hanging out when his big hands reached for the bottoms of my bikini. He pulled them off me tossing them down into the boat.

Turtle stood over me as I tried to cover myself up with my hands. He kept pulling my hands away from my tits as well as from covering up my hairy pussy. He stood over me as I looked into his eyes.

His eyes looked like eyes you would see on a monster during a horror flick. "Stop it Turtle and take me back," I yelled at him. "Shut up you four eye bitch," Turtle replied as he slapped me across my face. "I am tried of you little whores teasing and never putting out," he added. I was in shock over that he had slapped me.

I somewhat just lie there for a few seconds not knowing what to do. However, Turtle knew what he was going to do. I felt his hand going between my legs. He rubbed his big fingers roughly against my pussy. His fingers pulled at the hair of my pussy as his fingers rubbed against my pussy lips. I tried to push him away but he was to strong and I could not move him.

I yelled and screamed telling him to stop and to let go of me Turtle slapped me again as he said, "You have better me quiet bitch or else." By the sound of his voice and the look in his eyes, I knew he meant it. I started to cry as I felt his finger working its way up inside of my pussy.

Turtle ran his finger in and out of my pussy a few times. I cried even more when I felt him adding another finger then another. Turtle worked his three fingers in and out of my pussy roughly. He withdrew his fingers and they were all wet from being in my pussy. "Just as I thought you are saying NO but your pussy wants it you fucking slut," Turtle said as his hands went to his shorts. Turtle unzipped his shorts and he pulled them down. I looked to see his big throbbing cock in front of me. It looked huge to me.

It had a big round fathead on it and the veins were full of pumping blood at the side of his cock. His cock danced up and down as I stared at it. I had only seen one this big in magazine. I had to guess it was nine or ten inches long and as round as my wrist. Turtle took one hand and forced my legs apart as his other hand wrapped around his big cock.

Turtle was on top of me and between my legs before I could even react. I felt opening the anal tthe limits by taking things deep rubbing his cock at the entrance to my pussy as he squirmed between my legs. "Stop please stop," I screamed as I felt the head of his cock go between my pussy lips. He did not instead, he shoved his cock deep up into my pussy as I screamed, "PLEASE TURTLE STOP," "It's too big and it hurts." "OWWW IT"S TO BIG," I screamed loudly as he pushed it in further.

"Just relax bitch and it won't hurt so bad," Turtle replied shoving more of his cock into me. Turtle kept feeding his big cock into me until I felt it hit against something up inside of me. Turtle pulled his cock back and he slammed his big cock roughly deep inside me.

What ever had been stopping his cock no longer did as I felt his cock going deep into me. "OWWWW it hurts," "Please pull it out PLEASE," I cried out loudly. Turtle did not pay any mind to my screams. He did not just leave it there to let me get use to it. He started to fuck my pussy deep and hard with his cock.

I squirmed under him trying to make it come back out of my pussy. "OWWww," "Please it hurts," I yelled out as I squirmed under him. Turtle just kept slamming his big cock in and out of my pussy. His cock was tearing and stretching at the insides of my pussy. I lie there sobbing as he fucked me even harder. Turtle pound his cock into my pussy for maybe five, ten minutes when the pain went away, I relaxed, or he had ripped my pussy open.

His big cock started to feel better up inside me. In fact, my pussy started to tingle and throb as his cock fucked me. I wrapped my arms around his back trying to pull him tighter against me as I started to pump my hips up toward him. "I knew you would love it you fucking slut," Turtle laughingly said as he started to pound his cock in and out of my pussy. God I had never felt anything as wonderful as his big cock slamming in and out of my pussy. I had loved the feeling I got from my own fingers or when Janet worked hers in and out of my pussy.

However as he fucked me my whole body was tingling and I loved a new feeling running through my own body. I could hear wet smacking sounds as he rammed his cock harder into my pussy. The next thing I knew I felt my eyes closing and a wonderful sensation filled my body. My thighs started to shake and my pussy felt as if it was opening and closing. "AHhhhhhh," I screamed out. Turtle slammed his cock a few more times then he buried it deep up inside me. He moaned as I felt his cock jerk then twitch deep in my pussy.

I felt something flowing into my pussy and something running down my thighs. Turtle collapsed on top of me as I felt his big cock slip from my pussy. I felt shit running from my pussy as his cock came out from it.

Turtle got off me as he stood up in the boat. He looked down at me then at his cock as he said, "Damn I done took your cherry bitch." I looked at his limp cock, which still looked huge as it hung there. His cock had my blood and his cum dripping from it.

Turtle jumped back into the lake as I sat up in the boat. I looked between my legs to see that I was a mess between them. I had blood and cum all over my thighs and on my pussy. I dipped my towel into the lake water and cleaned my pussy and thighs of the mess. My pussy hurt as I wiped the blood and his cum from it.

Once I had wiped cum and blood from myself I put my swimsuit back on and I sat there. I was confused and hurting as it had hurt like hell but also it had felt so good. My pussy was sore from taking his cock but at the same time, I realized I had enjoyed it. My cousin had forced himself on me no he had raped me to be honest with you.

I felt disgusted with myself as well mainly because I had enjoyed it. I sat there not knowing what to do. Turtle climbed back into the boat. He did not look at me as he slipped his shorts back on then his shirt. Turtle turned to me as I sat there with my arms around myself. He came over to me and his hand grabbed at my chin on my face.

He pulled my face up to where I was looking at him. "You better not tell anyone bitch after all you enjoyed it," Turtle said as he sat down. Turtle rowed us back across the lake with me just sitting there staring at him.

Turtle told me I was nothing but a fucking slut who wanted fucked and that I had enjoyed it as well. He told me he would have had me suck on his cock but figured I would bite him. "No one will believe you if you do say anything," Turtle said. "No one in their right mind would think I would have sex with someone as ugly as you," He added. I was sitting there thinking about how wonderful his cock had felt and the feeling that came over my body when I had an orgasm.

However, he reminding me of how ugly I looked brought me back to reality. I sexy petite blonde milf does first adult video also thinking that maybe he was right in the fact that I was a slut because of how much I had enjoyed it. My cousin had raped me and I had enjoyed it. I was disgusted at myself for realizing that as I sat there. As Turtle rowed the boat ashore, he looked at me. "Remember what I told you about not telling anyone," "It won't matter anyways as I am leaving for the army soon anyways," Turtle said stepping from the boat.

He turned back and he held out his hand to help me from the boat as he did he added, "If it really matters to you," "You were one hot fuck and the hot amateur bdsm localbdsm co nr tube porn are going to just love those tits and that hairy pussy on you." "Just lose the glasses four eyes they hid your beauty." As soon as my feet hit the shoreline, I ran to our car.

I put my shorts and my top back on over my swimsuit. I sat in our car crying over what had just happened. I was confused about it as Turtle was right I had enjoyed his big cock fucking me. I had also enjoyed him forcing himself onto me as he had. I cried uncontrollably as I thought what a sick person I was.

I cried more each time I looked at myself in the car mirror. I finally calmed down and joined the others at the picnic table. I sat next to my dad on the picnic table and I looked across to find Turtle sitting there as well. "So did you enjoy your boat ride," Dad asked me. I did not say anything but Turtle replied, "She loved it." "Didn't you Betsy?" Turtle then asked. As I looked at him, I felt my pussy start to tingle and throb, I forced a smile to my face as I replied, "Yeah it was wonderful I guess." I never told my dad or any adult what Turtle had done to me because I was ashamed that I had enjoyed it so much.

I would not see Turtle again until later in my life as he did go into the army shortly after our picnic. The only person I did tell was Janet my best girlfriend. I told her how he had raped me but that his big cock had felt so wonderful up in my pussy.

I was pretty much of a wreck for the next few weeks. I sat mostly at home not even letting Janet come over to visit. Daddy knew there was something wrong and he told me when I wanted to talk about it he would be there.

I also began worried when I was late for my period. Just what I needed I thought to become pregnant after my first fuck. I was also still wondering just why I had enjoyed it, so much which scared me for a while. When I finally got my period, I relaxed a little bit.

I also allowed Janet to visit again. Janet seemed to love to hear me tell her about what he did to me. We spent the next few weeks playing with our pussies as I told her just how his big cock felt up inside of me. Janet and I even did each other with a dildo she had found in her mom's drawer.

One day Janet came over while dad was at work. She had brought with her some magazines that her brother or dad had. She had me go through them until I found a cock that looked like Turtle's cock. She lay on my bed rubbing at her pussy telling me she would love to fuck his big cock. Janet was no virgin, as she had been fucking her brother and others for about a year now. As Janet played with herself, I flipped through the magazines she had brought over.

I found some pictures of two women at play in it until they ended in a sixty-nine. I found myself getting horny as I showed it to Janet. Janet smiled at me as she said, "Let's try that." Janet and I both removed our clothes and we watched each other as we did. Her tits were smaller than mine were at a 34 b. However, she had huge long nipples at the ends of her breasts.

Janet's pussy only had a few blonde hairs here and there. Janet was a little skinny but she still looked sexy as I stared at her. I wanted her to make love to me so badly.

I wanted her to take my mind from thinking about cock. I did not want to see another cock unless it was between her legs. We kissed as we stood at the foot of the bed. My tongue explored her mouth as her did mine. I felt her huge nipples rubbing against mine. Janet turned me a little and we both fell onto the bed. Janet lie on top of me kissing me passionately. She broke her kiss as she moved her lips down to my tits. She kissed both nipples until they grew hard at her lips.

She then opened her mouth and enclosed it around my nipple as she suckled on it. Janet rolled her tongue across my nipples as well. "AHHhhh Janet that feels good," I moaned out under her. Janet removed her mouth from my tit as she replied, "Let's get like those women in the photos," as she rather spun around.

Janet had her legs at the side of my head. I looked up to see her pussy right over my mouth. Her pussy lips hung down and opened as she pressed her pussy into my face. I felt Janet pulling my hair away from my pussy then her fingers pulling at my pussy lips.

I used my hands to part her pussy as well. As I parted her pussy, I could see chunks of cum deep inside her hole. "You had your brother fuck you before you came over," I yelled from under her. "I was horny and I caught him pulling on his cock," Janet replied before she buried her face into my hairy pussy.

I felt Janet kissing then licking at my pussy lips. I used my hands to spread her pussy open small school girl blackmail teacher. As I did her brother's load started to roll out of her pussy.

I stuck my tongue out and caught some cum on it. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth with his cum on it.

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It did not taste too bad especially in that it mixed with Janet's pussy juices. I buried my tongue up into her pussy and started to lick the rest from her pussy. "AHhhhhh," Janet moaned softly as she pushed her pussy toward my face. When she did, she sat her pussy right down onto my mouth. I used my tongue at her pussy. Janet started to rock on my face as I poked my tongue up inside of her.

I worked my tongue in and out of her pussy. Her own licking and sucking at my pussy started to get to me as well. I squirmed under her as I felt her tongue entering my pussy. She used her tongue like a cock taking it in and out of my now wet pussy. I lapped wildly at her pussy as I felt an orgasm coming over me. Janet removed her tongue from my pussy as she wrapped her mouth around my clit.

Janet started to suck on it. My body started to shake under her and my pussy felt like it was on fire as she sucked even harder on my clit. A strange wonderful feeling started deep within my pussy as I pulled my own tongue from her pussy. "JANET, stop I think I have to pee," I yelled out from under her.

The words no sooner got out of my mouth than my pussy left go with a torrent of fluids. I could not stop it nor did I want too as it felt so damn good. Janet pulled her mouth from my clit and rubbed her hand against it roughly. "AHHHhhhhhhh," I screamed as another torrent of fluids came from my pussy.

"Damn girl you can squirt," Janet yelled as she stopped rubbing my pussy. I was a little lost in the orgasm I had to have understood just what she had said or meant. After my body calmed down and Janet rolled off my face, I asked her what she had said. "Your pussy squirted," Janet, replied as she crawled up next to me. Janet grabbed one of the magazines and she flipped through it. She finally came to an article in the magazine called the female orgasm. Janet handed me the magazine as she pointed to the article.

I read it and as I did, I realized I had squirted as it had stated in the article. I also read where it told about using two fingers and curling them slightly up inside a woman's pussy until they encountered a rough spot. You were to rub your fingers on that spot until you brought them to orgasm. I placed the magazine beside Janet as I slipped my hand between her legs. I slipped two of my fingers up inside her as I curled them upward.

My fingers rubbed against a rough spot just as it said it would in the magazine. I started too rub at that spot with my fingers. "AHhhhhhh," Janet moaned loudly as I increased the pressure of my fingers onto that spot. Janet started to shake on the bed, and then her thighs started to shake.

Her head rolled latin babe alessandra miller gets fucked and cum sprayed side to side as she screamed she was going to orgasm.

Her pussy seemed to suck at my fingers then a little splash of fluids came out. I dug my fingers harder into that spot. "FUCK AHHHHH SHITTTT," Janet screamed out from the bed. I pulled my fingers out thinking I had hurt her. That was not the case for when my fingers came from her pussy her floodgates opened. Fluid went squirting everywhere. It splashed against my face, as I was a little to close. It felt warm so I think most of it might have been her just peeing. I started to pull my face away when Janet's hands grabbed my face and she pulled it roughly into her pussy.

Janet bucked her squirting pussy against my face as she held it tightly against it. She was yelling and screaming something at me however, I could not make out what it was. I felt my own pussy tingling and I just had to taste the liquid coming from her pussy. I licked wildly at her pussy even taking a stream of it into my mouth. I buried my face into her pussy and rubbed my face against her pussy until she had another orgasm.

Janet finally pushed my head from between her legs as she yelled, "NO MORE," "No more." That day Janet and I had learned we were able to squirt while having an orgasm. I also learned that I enjoyed her taking control and forcing me to lick her pussy.

Janet brandi love and katy kiss shared a dick on the couch oldvsyoung threesome that she had pissed in my face as she just lost control.

I had thought she was peeing as most of her fluids had come out looking yellow in color while mine had been clear. It was the start of my love affair with pee and others being in control way back then. Janet and I experimented each day through that summer on each other. She even girlfriend gives blowjob and shows her ass her mom's dildo back over and we fucked each other with it.

Janet even ordered me around sometimes which I just loved. Janet would tell me, no would order me to do stuff for her. She would have me crawling to her kissing and licking her feet. She would make me eat her pussy especially if her brother had fucked her earlier. Janet even used that dildo on my asshole. I found out I could even have an orgasm with it up my asshole. One day Janet came over and she found a bag of old clothes that were in my bedroom. She asked me what I was doing with them I told her I was throwing them out, as they were too tight or I just did not like them.

Janet dug through the bag and she tossed me some of the clothes as she told me to put them on and join her in the living room. I walked into the living room dressed and Janet jumped from the sofa at me. "I am going to rape you like the slut you are," Janet yelled. I froze in terror as my mind filled with Turtle raping me. This will end this chapter. Find out what happens in my next Chapter as well as what the ninth grade will bring to me.

How will the other kids treat me? Was I a lesbian or just afraid to let a boy touch me after what Turtle had done to me? Betsy