Luscious babe aj applegate gets her anus ruined smalltits pornstars

Luscious babe aj applegate gets her anus ruined smalltits pornstars
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Correction the 5 way ebony way Sitting in a bar talking to friends. "You need to man up before it's too late," Tom suggested as I explained that Melissa had insisted that I take her mother shopping instead of going to the game. "Yeah, but she's beautiful," I sighed as I drank my seventh or eighth beer of the evening. "So's mount Fuji," Dan observed proving once again he couldn't hold his liquor. "What beautiful?" Tom asked. "No cold," Dan sighed. "Yeah pretty much," I agreed as I tried to remember the last time me and Melissa had actually made love.

"Things pretty slow in the fun department?" Tom asked. "Trying to remember," I admitted. "That bad huh?" he asked. "Yeah, but she's beautiful," I said. "And the boss's daughter," Dan reminded me.

"I guess," I said. "You need to put your foot down," Tom said, "Teach her a lesson, I know these guys, sort of do a correction service." "Right, what they do, turn her gay?" I asked. "Sort of," Tom said, "Guy I know had his wife corrected and now she can't get enough of him." "How come?" I asked.

Tom laughed, "He paid these guys who fucked her every which way but up when he was out of town and when he came home she was all over him." "Sure, so set it up, next weekend maybe?" I suggested and I sank another beer.

Things just sort of went a little woozy after that, I sort of remember Tom taking the number of my front door key but that's pretty much it. I don't remember driving home but there was another scrape on the Chrysler's fender when I found it parked on the front lawn next morning. I must have forgot all about it, I woke around eleven a.m.

Melissa had gone out, "Don't forget to take mother shopping." she wrote on an A4 sheet stuck to the inside of my bedroom door. Yes we had separate rooms, ever since little Matilda was born we had separate bedrooms. I went to Denver, on a business trip. Melissa arranged everything. She picked up the tab, she checked every cent I spent, she even chose my secretary, Jane.

Plain Jane. Gay Jane. Thank god for the internet. And beer. Ten pints and I'm happy. I just forgot about Tom, and sorting Melissa out. The trouble is Tom thought I was serious.

He knew I was out of town. He contacted the guys. Melissa left little Matilda with her mom, and went shopping with her friend Louise. They had dinner, they went to a movie, they had some drinks afterwards and Melissa got home around 10.30 pm. She was surprised to find the front door was unlocked, "Hello?" she called, "Henry?" "Are you home?" She went inside, flicked on the light.

Five men were sprawled on the easy chairs in her lounge. One leaned forward, he smiled, "Hi doll it's party time." Five beautiful fit Afro Carribean guys. White shirts. Blue jeans. Ebony skin. "Gee," Melissa gasped. "I must have drunk more than I thought.""Who are you?" "Your best dream.

Your worst nightmare. You want to get stripped down?" their leader said. "I need a coffee. Strong. Black, loads of sugar, am I dreaming?" Melissa asked. "Sure doll, you're dreaming. Strong. Black, maybe cream instead of sugar," he chuckled, "You want to wear dress that again or shall I tear it off your back?" "Er, it's designer," Melissa said, "I ought to hang it up." "Hey Sam, the bitch has hang ups!" a guy laughed.

"This ain't no bitch, this is prime grade A fuckmeat!" Sam replied, "You just take your time hon, we got thirty seconds or more before we need to start sweetening you up with our cream." "Are you going to rape me?" Melissa asked. "Hell no, Jesus I bet your cunt's running like a river already doll, we're just going to make your dreams come true." Sam laughed. he undid his zipper, "You got room in there for this?" Melissa stared at his monster cock.

Her eyes were like saucers as she stared at it. Maybe the ebony coloration made it look bigger. "Oh god it's huge!" she gasped.

"Sure," he gasped, "You wait till you see Dwain's" "W'what?" Melissa queried. "Dwain, so big he could fuck a drain," Sam laughed, "Come on guys, lets let the girl see what she's got coming. They stood up like they had rehearsed and dropped their matching pants all at the same time. Melissa stared at four more big black cocks. Her knees wobbled. Her crotch was suddenly moist. Her clit started throbbing. Her nipples tingled. She pinched herself to check if she was dreaming.

"Time to bang bors com mom son the fuck toy, you ever done five guys at one time before?" Sam asked. "No, only one." she admitted. "Just your husband huh?" he asked. "Er, no, no." she admitted. "You been fucking around?" Dwain asked. "You some kind of slut? Some kind of amateur whore?

Taking the bread out of the mouths of genuine working girls and their kids?" "No, no just the pool guy, and Harry, and Janie," she explained, "I don't anymore, not after Matilda. I can't face the pain again, giving birth." "Hell you're a stupid bitch, second time's easy," Sam explained, "Why Dwains cock's bigger than most babies!" Melissa grabbed on to a chair to keep from falling.

"My head's spinning," she admitted. Sam stepped forward and took hold of her by the shoulders, "Let's get you stripped down then we can start having fun doll." "You will be careful, use condoms?" she asked hopefully. "Hell no," Sam replied.

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"We gonna fuck you chock full of spunk doll, we gonna cream in your every hole!" "Except your nose and ears," Taylor added when he should really have kept his stupid mouth shut. "Hey Brooklyn give a hand," Sam ordered as he held Melissa's arms. Brooklyn kicked his trainers and pants off and stood up. He undid the buttons on Melissa's designer jacket.

He pulled her tight top up and over her breasts. He reached round and undid her bra strap. Her bra swung down releasing her pert C cup tits. Brooklyn knelt and took her left nipple in his mouth and began sucking. "Nooo," Melissa protested. It felt so good. No one else had sucked her tits since Mattie was born. She worried that milk might still flow, then she didn't care anymore.

Sam released her arms and slipped his hands to her waist. he lifted her skirt and tucked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and pantihose and pulled them down to her knees.

Then he pulled her jacket off her arms and handed it to Brooklyn who laid it carefully on a table. Next Sam lifted Melissa's top over her head and passed it to Chevvy before he pulled her pantihose to her ankles.

Brooklyn knelt down and gently lifted Melissa's feet in turn as Sam held her so he could remove her smart three inch heel shoes followed by her panties and pantihose.

He ran his hands up her legs. Up her thighs. Up to her shaven vagina. He brushed a finger around the groove between her legs. "She's hot guys," he laughed, "Hot and wet as a Cappuccino!" "Sweet," Chevvy laughed, "Who's first?" "I am," Sam laughed, "We cut cards remember?" "Oh no! Please!" Melissa pleaded. Melissa went to stand up, she wobbled and staggered. Was it fear, was it wine? She did not know.

"No you sit down doll, take it easy," Sam advised. Sam grabbed her and steadied her, "Hey lean on me doll," he advised. He helped her back to a chair. He eased her knees apart. "Noooo!" she protested. He knelt before her. He raised himself up and pulled her towards him. She slid along the red leather seat cushion. Her thighs spreading as he pulled her towards him.

He aimed his rampant straining cock at her moistening vagina and eased within her soft pink lips. He pressed firmly and eased himself into her hot tight love tunnel and then started humping her. He quickly found he could kiss her neck and cheek and squeeze her breasts while he fucked her.

He started counting, Two three," as he humped and at thirty he suddenly stopped. "Chevvy, Taylor, who's next, Sam asked. "Me I guess," Chevvy replied as he took Sam's place and started humping. Taylor took over and then there was a car outside. Taylor pulled out. "Upstairs. now!" Sam ordered. He pulled Melissa up out of the chair and guided her out the door and up the stairs. Two others followed as he helped her up the stairs a tread at a time and along and across to her bedroom.

The car drove on, Chevvy and Taylor went to look for some beer. Sam pushed Melissa into her bedroom and pushed her onto the bed. "Say why don't you get prettied up?" he asked. He motioned towards her dresser, "You sure have got some real swell lingerie in there," except he called it 'long jerry.' "You've been through my things?" she demanded. "Sure honey, your vibro and butt plug and everything!" he laughed and he pulled out her lace up corset, and a brand new pair of hidden cam drunk wife sex stockings still in their wrapper, "How's about that?" "Real classy, like a fifty dollar ho!" "No!" she said, "Look what else do you want from me?" He thought a moment, "More of the same except classier, now put it on!" Melissa took the corset, "You'll have to help with the laces," she said.

"Sure," Sam agreed and she took the corset and put it milky boobs suck by twold men dailymotion her middle and Sam began lacing it up. He pulled the laces tight and then she pulled on the shiny white stockings and attached the tapes.

"Now do you make up, real classy, real red lips," he whispered.

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He pulled open the top draw and selected the boldest most vivid red from among her collection of lip sticks. Melissa took the lurid red lipstick and ran it around her lips, her hand shook as she did it."Like that?" she asked.

"Sure doll," he said. "Now sit on the end of the bed and we can play all over again." Melissa looked for an escape, there was none. She had no choice. She sat on the end of the bed and Sam advanced towards her. His big ebony cock was absolutely rampant. Deep purple veins stood out against the brown shaft and purple helmet and it glistened with pre cum, or maybe cum, or maybe pussy juice.

Melissa just spread her legs wide and waited for the inevitable. A flashing red light caught Melissa's attention, "Hey, what's that?" she demanded, as she stared at the lens of a camcorder, "Are you filming me." Sam grinned, "Why sure honey, ain't you heard of "The famous Five, why we're number one porno stars on Lush Movies five times last year!" "But you can't!" Melissa protested.

Sam spread her knees wider. He bent his legs and engaged his cock in Melissa's sweet pussy counted to three and rammed his cock all the way inside her in one thrust. Melissa gasped, it felt so good to have a cock fill her. His flesh against her clit. His helmet nudging the neck of her womb. She knew she shouldn't but she grabbed his buttocks and pulled him even deeper inside her.

He held her head in his hands and kissed her lips as he fucked her cunt. Raped her mouth with his tongue for a long moment until she broke free to gasp for air. He kissed her neck leaving great red marks where he kissed her with such passion. Finally he pulled out of her vagina to shoot his load all over her breasts and neck.

"Hey you guys anyone want to take a turn?" Sam shouted as he stepped away from Melissa. "Sure!" Brooklyn hot amateur fuck at home brunette big tits, "You wanna fuck her ass this time?" "Sure do," Dwain laughed, "If Little girl bruatally rape movie can squeeze it right in there!" Melissa stared at Dwain's cock as he dropped his pants.

It was huge. It looked like it was fifteen inches long, it drooped down under its own weight even though it was real hard. She knew there was no way it could fit up her tight anus. Brooklyn had his latin teen dancing tube porn off already.

His cock was much like Sam's though smoother and more streamlined at the tip. Dwain sat on the end of the bed beside Melissa, "You want some lube?" he asked.

"Please," she said. "So use some of my cum off of your tits!" Sam laughed. Melissa saw the sense of it and started to wipe up Sam's cum with her fingers and smear it round her anus. "Now lick your fingers clean," Sam suggested. Melissa licked the cum off her fingers. She tried not to gag. Sam took her shoulders and raised her up. He moved her sideways so she was in front of Dwain as he sat on the bed end. He eased her down. Dwain aimed his monster cock at Melissa's tight brown anus.

The tip pressed into the shiny wet cum lubricated bud and started to ease it open. "Please!" Melissa gasped as it spread her ass wider than it had ever been spread before, "Oh god!" "She got a shit shute like a ten gallon barrel," Dwain said appreciatively as he pressed right on in. "Room for one more on top?" Sam asked. "Go on Brook, show the bitch a good time." Brooklyn didn't need any second bidding. He slid his cock deep in Melissa's pussy so it was just a membrane or two away from Dwain's cock as it filled her ass.

Melissa gasped, she was being torn in half. It felt so good, "Oh no. Yes, Please," she protested. "Hey you ain't cleaned my cock," Sam observed. He tried to figure out how to get his cock in Melissa's mouth but it was not too easy with Dwain underneath and Brooklyn on top of her. He figured it in the end and knelt on Melissa's right side and turned her head so she could suck his cock.

"Hey clean me up not turn me on!" Sam laughed as he started getting hard again. "Hey you guys get in here!" he added. Taylor and Chevvy came upstairs, "What gives?" one of them asked. Sam grinned, "Girls got tits and hands guys, how about we show her a famous five-way?" It was not easy, but they managed to get to a nipple each. Somehow. An untidy heap of ebony humanity almost completely covered Melissa. "Nnnggg," Melissa muttered two hungry black mouths started sucking her nipples as Sam's cock gradually swelled in her mouth while two huge humping cocks completely filled her vagina and anus.

"So wank the guys girl," Sam suggested, "Grab their cocks and start wanking, ok?" Somehow Melissa found the two cocks, she gripped them but with so much going on she could not really do anything and then the guys started to cum.

Brooklyn first. Shooting cum deep into her pussy. Dwain shot his load up her anus and Sam started to pump spunk down her throat.

"I guess three out of five ain't bad?" Sam suggested as his cock started to shrink, "You need practice girl!" Sam stepped away from Melissa as Brooklyn climbed off her. Melissa eased herself up off Dwain as Taylor and Chevvy stood aside. "Hey where you going," Sam asked her, "You just lay down and rest and let these two guys fuck you." "No please, no more!" Melissa pleaded but Chevvy pushed her back down on the bed and rammed his meat into her stretched and well lubricated cunt.

Taylor climbed over her and offered his cock for her to suck, " No!" she protested but she still opened her mouth wide and started sucking. Sam went to the bathroom, he turned the bath taps on and emptied a bottle of bath salts in it.

Chevvy was humping Melissa quite furiously when Sam returned while Taylor fucked her face. Brooklyn was getting cleaned up as was Dwain. Sam dressed and went downstairs to collect the mini cams from downstairs and packed them in his holdall. He came back upstairs to find Chevvy getting finished up, "You ok man?" Chevvy asked. "Sure," Taylor answered, "You set?" Chevvy nodded and he pulled out of Melissa, and knelt over her stroking his glistening tool.

Taylor pulled out too and they knelt each side of her making her kiss the tips of their cock in turn until they started cumming. Taylor shot his load all over Melissa's nose and face. Creamy cum slurped down her chin and dripped onto her chest and then Chevvy added his load, he aimed for her mouth but the first globs hit her left eye.

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Luckily it was closed so it hit her eyelid and slid down and joined Taylors cum. Sam waited while they climbed off and shut off the camcorder.

He collected two smaller minicams and put them all in his holdall. "Get cleaned up," he ordered, "Dwain, Brooklyn, get her in the bath and clean her up." Melissa stared, "W'what?" she demanded. They helped her up from the bed and through into the bathroom, Dwain wiped her face horny slut gets fisted and face fucked they lifted her into the warm bath and left her there.

Sam waited at the bottom of the stairs. He had latex gloves on and was wiping the door handles for prints. He checked that they had left nothing behind. He checked off all the mini cams and the camcorder. He waited until they were all downstairs and made sure they had everything. "Right, lets get gone!" he announced and they all slipped away out the front door.

It was the next evening before the edited video of "The famous five fuck Melissa," went on line. It got around twenty thousand hits right away. 90% positive reviews. I was out of town. Tom emailed me, "Hey check out The Famous Five fuck Melissa on Lush Movies." I emailed back, "Why?" It just hadn't registered. I was in my hotel room, the last thing I wanted was to watch porn, I had a date with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

He emailed back a link. I tried it. There was a grainy video. Melissa walking in the house, the five guys, all in grainy black and white. Shit! I remembered. I gave Tom my key number, Oh Christ what had I done.

I checked out Lush. There was Melissa in our bedroom entertaining five black guys and loving it. I dropped my coffee cup in shock.

I rang Tom, he wasn't home. I threw my stuff in my case and high tailed it out of the Hotel. It was three hundred fifty miles home and I did it in four hours dead including a stop for gas.

I skidded to a halt at the house around 2 am. I went inside. There was no one home. No note. No Melissa. I rang her folks, "What the hell?" her father said when answered the phone after a dozen attempts. "Where is Melissa?" I asked.

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"Here why?" he asked. "I better come over," I suggested, so I was back in the Mustang and heading for the far side of town. He was waiting for me, "Where have you been?" he asked. "Don't worry about me, why the hell is Melissa starring in a porn film?" I replied. He looked like he had been shot, "She was attacked!" he said, "We tried to ring you!" "Never heard of Email?" I asked, "Where is your computer because you really do need to see this." He fired up an ancient Dell computer with Vista stickers on it was so old and I went on my webmail and found Tom's original email.

Then we found Lush and the Famous Five fucks Melissa. He watched around a minute, Melissa naked. She was putting on sexy euro-brunette ass fucked facial tube porn corset and stockings.

A naked hung black guy was tightening the laces on the corset as she did her lipstick. "Melissa!" he shouted. "She's sleeping," her mother insisted as she hurried towards us. "Not for long she won't be!" her dad insisted, "Get down here now Melissa!" Melissa appeared. "What's wrong?" she asked. "This!" her father raged. Melissa was on her back as the video continued, a guy had his cock up her ass and her another guy was on top fucking her vagina.

"Oh god they filmed it Daddy, they filmed it!" Melissa complained. "That is not someone who is being raped Melissa!" her father said, "Gee you really stooped low this time." "But they raped me!" she insisted. "Melissa, women who get raped don't shout "Yes. Yes. Harder. Harder," as a general rule," her father said, "What were you thinking of?" "Oh well," I said, "I guess I been neglecting her, weekends away, work stress and everything but I can change Melissa." "They raped me!" she protested.

"You poor kid I had no idea how much you were suffering," I sympathised and I looked at the monitor, "There's five in the scene right now," I pointed out. "I guess you want a divorce?" "Er, don't be hasty, sleep on it, decide in the morning," her father suggested.

"Sure, we'll sleep on it," I agreed, "I'll get my stuff." They were arguing when I returned, "If you divorce he gets half your stuff Melissa, that's all your shares if you keep the house," he was whispering. "We are in my old room." Melissa explained, and I followed her upstairs. I pulled on my pyjamas and tucked a pack of 3 condoms in the top pocket. "Oh no, no way!" she protested. "Look, we have to get over this," I said as I lifted her nightdress over her head.

"You have to put these guys out of your mind," I added as I pulled a condom on. "Oh no, no way," she protested, but |I took her by the shoulders like Sam had earlier and I spread her silky smooth thighs apart.

I gently eased my straining cock into her sopping vagina. It was like fucking a bucket. That's when I decided maybe Tom was due a shooting accident.

"Oooh thats nice," Melissa said, "Kiss me, hold me." she said, "You won't leave me will you?" The clock said 4 am. The whore house would be shut. "No I won't leave you," I promised and lied at the same time. "I wish we could sleep like this," she lied as I fucked her.

I slept a while after that, I woke around dawn. She was out of bed. She was sore. Her vagina was all puffy and red and she was gently wanking herself with a well lubed thumb. I slipped on a condom and took her hand away and rammed my meat inside her. "Thanks," she said and she gripped me with her cunt muscles, "That's nice, just gently." "I'm moving back in your room," I said, "I've been neglecting you, I'll make love to you every slutty cheerleaders please a dude hardcore and bigtits and every night from now on." "Er, most nights maybe?" she said.

"Oh no, next trip I take out of town you're coming with me," I said, "I'm going to show you just how much I love you." "I love you," she said wistfully as she dreamed of having three big black cocks inside her at one time. "I love you too," I agreed as I enjoyed humping her. I had my wife back, or so I thought. To be continued All characters are fictitious. My apologies if there is any one or group sharing a name.