Horny babe ambika gold blows hung photographer

Horny babe ambika gold blows hung photographer
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My name is Mike Allen. I'm Seventeen, about 5' 9" with dark hair and dark eyes. I'm tanned from lifeguarding and pretty muscular from swimming. My dick is only six inches long, but my girlfriend, Jenna, A few days ago, I went over to Jenna's, house, and we decided to go to the pool. We just sat with our feet in the water, watching the clouds roll by and waiting for everyone else to leave.

It started raining, and everyone cleared out pretty quickly. Jenna is about 5' 3'' and 110 pounds. She's pretty curvy and her long, wavy dark hot vixen eva lovia gets her pussy serviced has a hint of red when the sun hits it.

Her eyes are deep brown, and one of her teeth is a little crooked. i thing its cute. She was wearing a tight little black bikini botton and black and white polka-dotted top over her b cup breasts. I was trying to teach her to do the basic strokes (insert inevitable breast stroke quip here), but she seemed more interested in clinging on to me.

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I pulled her close so i could feel her pressing against my erection through my swimsuit. As the sun set, we started getting cold, so we shivered over to the girls bathroom. we both went inside and i locked the door. The shower stalls weren't built for two, but we made do. The water was steaming hot as we soaped each other up. I pulled out by cock let she rubbed soap all over it, and started jacking me off.

Were kissing so enthusiastically that one of us would occasionally hit the lever and turn the water ice cold. Water was running down my face and her tongue was in my mouth. i reached behind her, un-hooked her bra, and slid the straps down her shoulders. I took her breast in my hand and kissed my way down to her nipple. i took it into my mouth, and sucked; My tongue flicked her hard nipple back and forth, but with the water rushing past my ears, i couldn't hear the sighs of pleasure that would normally accompany my mouth on her breast.

I stood up, squeezed her ass, and turned off the water. We dried ourselves, put on fresh clothes, and walked to my car. "Hey," I said, "I have a dare." "Ok, shoot." Jenna replied with a grin.

"Alright, once we get in the car, you have to take off your clothes, and ride naked." The grin slipped off her face a little. "won't people see us?" she asked, her voice shaky with shivers of cold teen slut anastasia knight gets her pussy drilled hard incredulity. I reassured her, "no way, the windows are tinted, and out headlights are so bright nobody could possibly see in." "Alright, I'll do it.

But you have to be naked too." We climbed into my car, shut the doors, and shed our clothing. The destination we both had in mind was an almost permanently deserted parking lot near her house. I pulled away from the pool, and drove up the drive way towards the street.

when i turned left, she looked at me in surprise. She had expected me to drive down the dark, empty roads of her neighborhood, but i had turned onto the crowded main road. their was a fair amount of traffic, even though it was nine at night. She had her skirt in her hands, but she nervously held it over her pussy. i pulled out when the road was relatively empty. With no cars nearby, she started to relax.

"I wonder how often people drive naked," she said thoughtfully. "I don't know, but it would suck to get pulled over" We pulled up to a red light and a truck pulled up beside us, and could see right into the cab. The driver did a huge double take and stared right at Jenna's boobs.

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She ducked down, and just hunkered until the light turned green. I mashed the gas pedal and we left the guy in a daze.

I cruised into the parking lot and pulled into the farthest corner from the road. i turned off the car and we climbed into the back. I drive a brown station wagon. It isn't much to look at, but if you fold down the back seat, there is plenty of room to lay down.

i rolled out a foam pad and laid some sheets down on it. We laid down, and took turns massaging each other's backs and feet as we thought up more dares. "i dare you to go outside the car and twerk," said jenna. I pushed the side door open and climbed outside. my twerk was rudimentary at best, but she applauded politely. i climbed back into the car with a dare in mind. "i dare you to do a strip tease out there," i challenged. She barely hesitated. she pulled on a few articles of clothing and i pumped some rap music on the car stereo.

she took the clothes right of again, but in a notably more sensual manner. she was shaking her boobs and ass, and throwing each piece of clothing at me as she shed it.

finally, she was naked again, so she climbed back inside the car. We got back into the grove of kissing. I switched from her lips, to her cute lesbians like to satisfy one another, to her neck, to her excited nipples. But I didn't stop there. i finished sucking wer nipples and kissed my way down her stomach. I reached her close cropped bush took a whiff of her scent. she smelled sweet and wet.

i kissed and licked delicately at her outer labia; already they were soaked with her juices. without warning, i sent my tongue deep into her dripping pussy, and dragged it all the way up past her clit. she gasped, and as i kept licking, an occasional moan would escape her lips. Her pussy had a taste that i can only describe as tangy, with a hint of sweetness. i sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue back and forth over it.

she was still moaning, but i wanted to take her all the way. i stuck out my tongue and held it in place as i alternated between dragging in roughly up her clit and shaking my head with my tongue dragging left to right across her slit. She was humping my head and holding me in place with her hands. As i kept working her without letting up, her legs started shaking, and she was constantly dragging in ragged breaths between her gasps and moans. I must have kept that up for several minutes (my tongue felt like it was going sexy gorgeous virgin body slammed hard hardcore russian fall off) when she finally dragged my head away.

Still breathing heavily, she said "I can't feel my fingers, and i'm dizzy. i need a break." I smiled with my sodden face. If she hadn't pulled me up, I probably would have made her faint. I held her tight, and we held each other quietly as her breathing slowed to a normal pace. she reached down to my pants and unzipped them. she took out my hard dick, and started rubbing it. "Jenna, i have to get you home by eleven," I said, doing my best to ignore her hand sneaking down to play with my balls.

"But i want to make you cum, too," she pouted. I kissed her and and slid her hand out of my pants. "Next time. I promise," I said, "now lets find our clothes." We began the process of clothes hunting. I enjoyed the sight of per ass in the air ass she dug for her panties.

Once we were dressed, i drove her back to her house, kissed her goodbye. As i drove home, i thought about making good on my promise of letting her make me cum. It wasn't a promise i had any intention of breaking. I could not wait for out next chance to meet.

This is my first story here, and It is almost completely true. The only thing i added was the guy spotting us at the stop light, and the only things i changed were the names. Otherwise, this is a genuine account. I would love comments and ratings, and if you guys like it, there are plenty more stories like this from my time with "jenna" that I will try to get around to writing down. -jpl